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Chapter Table Of Contents 1189 Fight Each Other
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Bai Xiaolu was burning flesh and blood at the same time.
    The battlefield where Guan Qinglong is located.
    At this time, he was covered with blood, his upper body was naked, and there was one after another fist mark on his body. The fist mark seemed to be burned into flesh and blood, and it lasted for a long time.
    But even with such an injury, Guan Qinglong still never fell. He held the azure dragon knife in his palm, and the blood flowed down his palm, turning the blade into a blood-red color.
    In front of it, a tall figure wearing heavy armor stands. At this time, the heavy armor is also covered with one after another deep knife marks, but obviously, compared to Guan Qinglong, his injuries are Too much better.
    Guan Qinglong stared at that horrible imposing manner, his eyes suddenly moved, and his expression changed a little.
    "Even Jiang Jinlin and Li Fu have died in battle..."
    Guan Qinglong complexion is complicated. This is the battle of Ancient Origin Heaven till now. For the first time, news of the death of a leader in the major Heaven Territory has appeared.
    Obviously, the power that Saint Race gathers here is very formidable.
    Even here, he is at a disadvantage. If this situation continues, perhaps he will also be killed in battle.
    But... it's too pointless to die like that.

    Guan Qinglong slowly gripped the handle of the knife in his palm, muttering: "Even if it's dead, it should have some effect before you die, right?"
    "Captain Zhou Yuan, you are stronger than me, Primordial Heaven's hope, it depends on you."
    "I will use my life to clear the way for you."
    "For all Heavens!"
    The blood flowing down the palm of Guan Qinglong's hand formed an ancient rune on the knife at this time, and Guan Qinglong's original tall figure gradually became withered at this time, behind it, Three rounds of Heavenly Sun emerged, and then...burned.
    "This technique is called Heaven Sealing Technique!"
    The azure light lingered in his eyes, and the next moment, he cut it off with a knife.
    The azure light passes by, as if Heaven and Earth one divides into two sides.
    "It's really hard..."
    Chu Qing sighed slightly. He also received Zhou Yuan's sound transmission. Soon he raised one's head and looked at the two figures in front of him. The Mi Shan Mi Shi's Origin Qi background was slightly inferior to him, but when the two joined hands, Still holding him tightly.
    The two sides can be described as impossible to distinguish the difference.
    But this kind of delay is extremely unfavorable to Chu Qing, after all, the opponent is the defender.
    As long as they hold the node, it is considered a victory.

    "Although I am lazy... but I don't want to hold back."
    Chu Qing smiled, holding his palm, a golden shuttle appeared.
    In the next instant, his eyes suddenly became sharp, and his figure turned into afterimage.
    And that Mi Shan Mi Shi also roared, bursting out an astonishing Origin Qi fluctuation, and greeted him without fear.
    The golden shuttle in Chu Qing's hand cuts through the void, and a slightly familiar seven-colored light emerges faintly on it.
    Wu Yao is in a thick pink fog. The thick fog is so strange that it can even shield perception. In that thick fog, a pinnacle's cold light pierces through the space from time to time.
    It is a slender silver needle. Wu Yao's flawless cheeks, like white jade, are full of coldness.
    Her bright red dress was cut open one after another crack at this time, and her fair skin was exposed, which made her at this time more charming than usual.
    "Giggle, don't worry, I won't hurt your pretty face, because then I will feel distressed." In the dense fog, there was a laughter, but it was difficult to tell the direction.

    Wu Yao's body and mind are tense, and he is always on guard. This thick fog is caused by Saint Pupil of the other party. It not only shields the perception, but also can continuously induce the Origin Qi in her body to pass. As time goes on, it will be more and more for her. unfavorable.
    But she is not sitting and wait for death.
    At this time, there was a vision brewing in her Divine Palace, which seemed to be a product between substance and nothingness. It was like a light ball, with Saint Dragon Qi on the surface of the light ball.
    It seems to be gestating.
    However, this always seems to be missing something.
    And when Wu Yao frowned slightly, Zhou Yuan's sound transmission rang.
    "Zhou Yuan?"
    Wu Yao's mood like an ice lake swayed slightly, and Zhou Yuan's face was swept across his mind unconsciously.
    And at this moment, there seemed to be a slight change in Divine Palace.
    Wu Yao phoenix eyes are suddenly bright, the red skirt is slightly raised, and there is a golden flame blazing from its body, and the flame is like a clear cry with a subtle phoenix.
    The golden flame formed a ring of fire and exploded, and wherever it passed, the thick pink fog was burned out.

    The cold light flashed in Wu Yao phoenix eyes, and her figure was shot out like an electric light. The golden flames entangled on the snow white jade's hand, like a golden flame blade, facing the self-emptiness like a bolt of thunder. The figure that flashed by in the middle was cut down.
    The violent Origin Qi collision erupted.
    Su Youwei's shadow shot backwards, making a long trace on the ground.
    There was a trace of blood on the corner of her lips.
    In front of it, the figure entwined with chains, his eyes looked coldly: "You have great potential, but unfortunately, this is your place of death."
    He took a step.
    But immediately the complexion changed suddenly.
    Because he saw that on the ground, a pair of yin and yang light wheels suddenly appeared, and at this moment, he just stepped on the yang eye, and Su Youwei's feet was stepping on a yin eye.
    Although it felt bad, he didn't dare to make any changes, because he felt that the yin and yang light wheel contained extremely terrifying power.
    "This power is not the enemy or the enemy, are you sure you want to provoke it?" The chain Saint supreme talent said sternly.
    "If you really want to provoke, the probability of your death is probably greater than mine."
    Su Youwei indifferently said: "I am not afraid of death, I am afraid that Your Highness is not happy."

    "He wants to go forward, so even if the cost is my life, I will be behind him and give him a push."
    When the voice fell, her seal changed.
    The terrifying power burst out in the discolored gaze of the supreme talent in the chain, and directly swallowed all the figures of the two of them.
    The saint supreme talent complexion named Yuan Ying is extremely gloomy, he constantly blasted one after another powerful Origin Qi offensive, blasting away the figure that violently shoots like a demon.
    That Real Taoist shadow is naturally Zhao Mushen.
    At this time, the latter's flesh and blood are blurred, but the pair of eyes are locked in Yuan Ying with extreme coldness and coveting.
    In the confrontation between the two, Yuan Ying had the absolute upper hand.
    But from the current battle, it was Yuan Ying who was restrained.
    The reason... Yuan Ying glanced at her palm. There were three missing fingers on it. It was during the previous confrontation that Zhao Mushen swallowed her fingers with a stubborn attack.

    What made Yuan Ying's heart frigid was that where he was bitten by this guy, flesh and blood disappeared out of thin air. No matter how he urged Origin Qi to restore flesh and blood, it would be difficult to recover his fingers.
    "This pervert..."
    Yuan Ying was a little bit aggrieved. This guy's offensive was completely desperate, just to bite him, no matter what kind of price he paid, but this guy's life force was tenacious to a bit terrifying, and he hadn't died after being bombarded by him for a long time.
    In Yuan Ying's view, this Zhao Mushen is even more fierce than their Saint Race.
    Although they also eat all kinds of creatures, they are all refined into Blood Pill, but this bastard swallows it alive, not cold!
    Sometimes Yuan Ying is a little confused. Is this guy Saint Race or is he Saint Race?
    Yuan Ying thought, a fierce light flashed across her eyes.
    He looked at the figure coming from violently shoots, his five fingers clasped suddenly.
    "It doesn't matter what you are, you can kill you!"
    The void is distorted, as if a black liquid is flowing out, like a moving shadow, directly at a certain moment, it is firmly tied to Zhao Mushen's body, and half of his body is tightly entangled.

    Zhao Mushen stared at Yuan Ying coldly. There was a black light stream in his mouth, like a small black hole, capable of swallowing everything. In fact, the things he swallowed were not really made by him. Swallow it, but as soon as those substances enter his mouth, they will be transformed into pure Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.
    Zhao Mushen broke away severely, but those black liquids were so strong that he couldn't get away.
    And at this moment, his expression suddenly condensed.
    "Jiang Jinlin, Li Fu are all dead?"
    "Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, now you also have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it?"
    Zhao Mushen's eyes glittering, and finally turned into decisive and cruel.
    "Zhou Yuan, this is for my Myriad Ancestors Territory's forces, it has nothing to do with your life or death!"
    In the next instant, Zhao Mushen's body below the chest suddenly burst into pieces, splashing flesh and blood.
    Yuan Ying's pupils shrank, and he was obviously taken aback by Zhao Mushen's horror, but immediately afterwards, he felt the chill coming and raised one's head fiercely. Only one of his heads burst into the air and opened his mouth. The black light surged, and there seemed to be an ancient beast shadow faintly discernible on the head.
    Before he could react, the black light was already covered.
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