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Chapter Table Of Contents 1205 Divide The Main Vein
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Nascent Origin, six inches three.
    Looking at the little man floating above Zhou Yuan, the Five Great Heaven Territories' forces are all in a long silence, which shows the shock in the heart.
    Generally speaking, from the moment they step into Nascent Origin, all Nascent Origin Realm experts are doing their best to make their Nascent Origin grow. This is really like cultivating a son. However, the growth of this son is more difficult than raising a real son.
    Within an inch, countless hardships can be described as hard to explain in a few words.
    Nascent Origin is five inches, it is Great Nascent Origin.
    And from this Nascent Origin formed to five inches, some people may even have to make countless efforts, or even hard to reach in their lifetime.
    But right now, when Zhou Yuan just stepped into the Nascent Origin Realm, his Nascent Origin size reached six inches three.
    Step into the Great Nascent Origin Realm, and this size, even in the Great Nascent Origin Realm, should be considered a first-line level.
    Those Five Great Heaven Territories experts who broke through to Nascent Origin Realm took advantage of this opportunity. They all have complex expressions. When the gap between them is too big to catch up, then they really have to look up. Up.
    No way, this six-inch three is too scary.
    Perhaps they will not be able to reach this level with all their efforts in the future.

    Of course not only them, but even Bai Xiaolu and Guan Qinglong were sluggish for a while. Under the size of six inches three, they were determined to have a strong mind, but they couldn't help but curse a monster...
    Although they had faintly guessed that Zhou Yuan could achieve Great Nascent Origin in one step, the current Zhou Yuan not only barely broke through to five inches, but directly reached the point of six inches three.
    If this is more than an inch, wouldn't it be necessary to step into the Nascent Origin Realm grand perfection? !
    Going up, isn't it going to be Law Domain? !
    This kind of cross-border promotion is really unreasonable.
    However, they also understand that Zhou Yuan's ability to achieve this step is almost a collection of many opportunities. Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun only gave him the opportunity to cross the border and step into the Great Nascent Origin Realm, and that from the nine Ancestral Qi main lineage is almost a The majestic Ancestral Qi blessing of steady flow, coupled with the endurance of Saint Glazed Body, is even more important.
    And the addition of these items finally achieved Zhou Yuan, which is a gasp in amazement of six inches three.
    Simply put, this can be regarded as an unprecedented explosion accumulated by Zhou Yuan for so many years of painstaking practice.
    In the countless gaze between Heaven and Earth, Zhou Yuan did not show off his Nascent Origin too much. With a thought, Nascent Origin fell into the Divine Palace and disappeared from everyone's sight.

    He felt his own state at this time. First of all, he was aware of the closer connection between himself and Heaven and Earth. He just stood here and didn’t move, nor did he run the cultivation art, Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth. It is a steady flow pouring into the body.
    After these Origin Qi enter the body, they also do not need to be controlled by him. Nascent Origin in the Divine Palace will automatically refine these Origin Qi and finally absorb it. It can be said that Nascent Origin is 10%, even if it is not actively cultivation, then its Origin Qi background will slowly increase.
    Speaking of Origin Qi background, Zhou Yuan's eyes closed slightly, and the next moment, his brows are uncontrollable.
    70 billion Origin Qi background...
    This is ten times stronger than the previous Heavenly Sun Realm late stage!
    If he meets Jia Tu now, he might be blown to death by blowing his breath...
    The transformation of Nascent Origin Realm is truly terrifying.
    Now he should be considered a first-class level in Nascent Origin Realm. If he relies on his many methods, even if he meets the expert of Nascent Origin Realm grand perfection, he should be able to touch him.
    Even if you meet Law Domain Realm... it is still impossible to fight, but if you want to escape, there is still a high probability of getting away.

    Zhou Yuan couldn't help being a little bit fascinated. When he left Blue Profound Heaven, he just broke through to Divine Palace Realm. Now, he has come to this step unknowingly...
    With his current strength, if he returns to Blue Profound Heaven, I am afraid that his strength in Blue Profound Sect should also be able to rank.
    Just to deal with the old Sheng Yuan dog, there is still a gap.
    But it doesn't matter, now he is Great Nascent Origin Realm, not too far from Law Domain Realm. When he enters Law Domain Realm one day, he should be able to go back to Blue Profound Heaven to make clear those old accounts.
    Depressing many emotions, Zhou Yuan looked at the Five Great Heaven Territories' countless people horse below, and his voice resounded in everyone's ears: "Everyone, after enjoying the Ancestral Qi baptism, it's time to do business."
    Everyone's expressions were stunned, and their eyes were full of solemnity.
    The so-called business is naturally to collect the nine Ancestral Qi main lineage.
    If these nine main lineages can be introduced into Five Heavens, then Five Great Heaven Territories will benefit from this in the future. This is a creative trend and will have a profound impact on Five Great Heaven Territories. I don’t know how many supreme in the future. Talent will rise as a result.
    Who can conclude that there can be no Saint among them?

    As long as there is a Saint, the top power of All Heavens' will be enhanced, and that is the most useful power against Saint Race.
    Otherwise, in that level of confrontation, under Saint, all are cannon fodder ants.
    Under the gaze of Zhou Yuan's, Bai Xiaolu, Chu Qing, Guan Qinglong and others also came in the air.
    Myriad Beasts Heaven came from Ai Qing, because Jiang Jinlin was dead, and Five Elements Heaven also came to a new leader, that was a Nascent Origin Realm, which was obviously a breakthrough before.
    However, the Five Elements Heaven's Nascent Origin Realm did not have any arrogance. He was quite polite to Zhou Yuan and showed enough respect. After all, the latter, in a sense, saved them all. As for Li Fu's die, obviously can't blame Zhou Yuan's for coming up.
    When Ai Qing looked at Zhou Yuan, the pair of long and narrow eyes was extremely complicated. You must know that when she first met, she didn't even pay too much attention to this young man who was hidden under Guan Qinglong radiance, but who would have thought , This guy who not showing the mountain and not revealing the water is the giant crocodile who really hides.
    The leaders of Five Great Heaven Territories' all met, and then there was a fierce discussion about how to distribute the nine Ancestral Qi main lineage.
    Zhou Yuan never participated, but waited for the result of the discussion.

    After so close to a stick of incense, Bai Xiaolu breathed out and ended the controversy.
    The final result is the strongest 1st vein and 6th vein exclusively owned by Primordial Heaven.
    Universe Heaven got 2nd vein.
    Myriad Beasts Heaven 3rd vein.
    Five Elements Heaven 4th vein.
    Blue Profound Heaven 5th vein.
    And the last remaining seventh, eighth, ninety-nine veins are shared by the four heaven territories, Universe Heaven, Myriad Beasts Heaven, Five Elements Heaven, and Blue Profound Heaven.
    Obviously Primordial Heaven is the biggest winner, but other Heaven Territory can't dispute this. After all, Zhou Yuan represents Primordial Heaven, and his accomplishments are almost pull strongly against a crazy tide...
    But no matter what, this result is much better than before.
    In the information they knew, in the past Ancient Origin Heaven disputes, the first few main lineages were almost exclusively owned by Saint Race, and the remaining Five Veins were theirs. This time, Saint Race's was even more ruthless. I planned not to leave it to them, but who knew that they would eventually be trapped by themselves.
    Chu Qing was very satisfied with this result, after all, their initial goal was very low, as long as a guaranteed ninth vein! But now it can be replaced with the 5th vein, and it can also divide the three main lineage, this kind of performance is too much too much.

    Of course, he also understands that other Heaven Territory will allow them Blue Profound Heaven to do the final share, and more depends on Zhou Yuan's face.
    Because of the cooperation of the major Heaven Territory, it is basically over until now, and in order to compete for the share of the main lineage, there is no lack of some civil wars.
    Blue Profound Heaven is considered to be the weakest among Five Heavens, so if they are to be exploited, they are the best targets. This kind of thing has not happened before.
    This is not too much, and fist is the last word.
    But this conflict that would have erupted, because of Zhou Yuan's existence, has become extremely peaceful instead.
    When Zhou Yuan knew the result, he also nods lightly, expressing his approval.
    He raised his head and stared at the nine Ancestral Qi main lineage in the depths of the black hole. He exhaled deeply. The tight shoulders finally became loosen a little bit at this time.
    At this point, the battle for Ancient Origin Heaven is truly over.
    As for this result, he was also very surprised, but no matter what, he succeeded.
    After the dragon blood of the ancestor is in his hands, he will be able to wake Yao Yao!
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