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Chapter Table Of Contents 1251 Dilong Baitian
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    crimson Origin Qi wreak havoc Skyrim, the whole piece of Heaven and Earth is like a burning cloud, the steam is evaporating, and even the line of sight is blurred.
    Jiang Hongying, whose body is covered in close-fitting battle armor, is holding a dragon scales long spear. On the long spear there is a crimson flame rising, and her sharp eyes locked Zhou Yuan. In the next instant, she moved violently.
    Her speed was too fast, and the many experts onlookers could only see a vague red light passing by.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes also appeared cold, and he held his palm, the Heaven Primal Brush flashed out, and the platinum origin qi roared, shaking the void, and then violently thrusting away in the direction on the right.
    The space there was torn apart, and the tip of a flaming gun swept through the surging crimson Origin Qi. The hot wind seemed to burn the sky and burn everything, extremely overbearing.
    The tip of the gun and the nib violently collided.
    The two terrifying Origin Qi erupted like a volcano at this time, and the space where they collided was like fragile glass, constantly bursting apart, and sharp space fragments rolled out.

    Zhou Yuan's complexion appears more solemn in the collision, because only in the real fight can he know how thorny this female tyrannosaurus is. This female dragon is not only the Origin Qi fierce and violent, but the key is that the fleshly body is also exceptionally powerful. , Looks like a slender and slender body, but the power contained in it, even Zhou Yuan, who has some accomplishments in fleshly body cultivation, is shocked.
    This Origin Beast race does have innate advantages in these aspects.
    The Heaven Primal Brush in his hand was trembling violently. If it hadn't been for Zhou Yuan fleshly body's strength, it would have been picked up by the opponent directly in the collision.
    Zhou Yuan was surprised at Jiang Hongying's power, and the latter also made a cold snort, and felt a little dissatisfied, because this thunderous blow seemed simple, but in fact, she instantly combined the strength of Origin Qi and fleshly body. A sudden eruption, this shot, even if it was replaced by the onlooker Meng Chong who came to pick it up, I am afraid that it would fall into the wind in an instant.
    But Zhou Yuan was firmly resisted here.
    "It's a bit capable, not a silver wax gun tip!"
    Jiang Hongying's wrist flicked, and the scarlet light was surging all over the sky, as if a sea of fire swept across the void. In the sea of fire, there were countless crimson points of light erupting violently, like a rainstorm, pouring directly at Zhou Yuan.

    And in every crimson light spot, there is a delicate mini fire dragon roaring, seemingly small, but with extremely violent fluctuations.
    Such a pouring of numbers is even more violent.
    "Scarlet Dragon Rain!"
    Countless crimson's light spot was enlarged in Zhou Yuan's pupils, his palm gripped Heaven Primal Brush tightly, and suddenly lifted.
    "Myriad Whale!"
    With the mottled black brush smashed down, only the sound of the ancient whale roars can be heard. In the void and broken, an ancient whale phantom with a huge body emerges, and then it is like a huge meteorite wrapped in infinite power, and The countless crimson spots of light collided.
    pēng pēng!
    The two collided, bright radiance wreak havoc, loud roar.
    The violent shock wave shook Jiang Hongying's figure back again and again. Her face was cold, and the crimson long spear in her palm suddenly dropped out of her hands. A Dragon's roar burst out, and then the scarlet light turned into a crimson light during the surge. The dragon broke through the air directly, and severely grabbed another figure in the impact of Origin Qi.
    However, the light dragon transformed by the long spear just came out, and a black light was also seen violently piercing through the void.
    It is a pure black giant beast.

    The giant beast is transformed by countless black brush bristles. It is extremely tough. If you look through the countless brush bristles, you can see a mottled black brush vibrating in the depths, maintaining this change.
    The black giant beast is roaring, it is actually breathing Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, and it is also possessing extremely powerful mighty energy.
    Moreover, if you look closely, you can find that the black giant beast... actually exactly the same as Tun Tun's battle form.
    Down there, Tun Tun watched this scene, curled his lips, Zhou Yuan, this guy, dare to plagiarize his image!
    The crimson light dragon collided with the black giant beast in the void, and then frantically bite and attacked. The mighty energy that burst out also made many onlookers awe-inspiring the expert complexion.
    The weapons of these two people are probably close to the level of Sacred Relic, otherwise they would not be transformed to this degree.
    However, in their capacity, there is such a treasure, it is right.
    And many experts in this area looked at the confrontation between the two, they all felt a little be dazzled and stunned. They could feel that the two of them did not show restraint, and they were extremely harsh in their attacks. If you change to the top of the 7th Rank in general, I am afraid that it will not be able to withstand it long ago.

    "This Zhou Yuan is really a freak. With the strength of Great Nascent Origin Realm, it can compete with Jiang Hongying, who has been famous for many years. No wonder even Saint Race suffered a loss in his hands." Meng Chong also sighed and said.
    He is also considered top in the Myriad Beasts Heaven's 7th Rank, but he understands that he will not have the upper hand against either of these two.
    "Which one of them can win?" Meng Chong behind, a Divine Tiger Clan's expert asked curiously.
    Meng Chong thought for a while and said, "That should be Jiang Hongying. Although this female tyrannosaurus is unreasonable, the means should not be underestimated."
    He touched his chest, there was a hideous scar, which was left when he fought Jiang Hongying.
    This woman is really difficult to entangle.
    When Meng Chong was talking, there was a flash of glittering silver light that broke the terrifying Origin Qi shock wave. It shot Jiang Hongying directly, the shadow of the fist fell, the void trembled, and there was a huge heaven shaking sound.
    "Dare to take the initiative to attack?"
    Jiang Hongying's eyes also suddenly chilled at this time, and he directly bullied himself up, and the terrifying power contained in his slender body moved with it.
    The two ray of light shadows collided hundreds of times in the void like lightning.
    Every collision is like a thunder blast, and the momentum is amazing.

    However, with this fierce confrontation, Jiang Hongying’s complexion was faintly difficult to look at, because she was a little shocked to discover that Zhou Yuan's power seemed to have suddenly increased in some way. At this time, it made her some qi and blood surge.
    Jiang Hongying pupil light swept away, and suddenly saw Zhou Yuan's body surface with some silver lines spreading. Those light patterns exuded a sense of magic, like a living thing. She found that whenever her power invaded Zhou Yuan's body At times, those silver light patterns will be glittering violently, as if they were broken down.
    "Did you find it?"
    At this moment, Zhou Yuan grinned at Jiang Hongying, but that smile was full of chills.
    The silver light patterns on him are naturally transformed by the silver shadow!
    With the help of the silver shadow, he is naturally able to gradually suppress Jiang Hongying at the moment.
    "Silver shadow!"
    When Zhou Yuan’s palm was swayed, the void was trembling, and the platinum origin qi roared directly into a huge Origin Qi palm seal, and on the palm seal, there was also a countless silver light pattern spreading, and then the palm was right. Photographed with Jiang Hongying severely.
    The platinum palm seal whizzed down, like a platinum giant pagoda town.

    Jiang Hongying screamed and punched out the fist wrapped in the battle armor. The dragon roar resounded, and a huge dragon claw emerged. The dragon claw was vigorous, and even the void was crushed.
    The two collided violently, and the billowing air wreak havoc directly spread thousands of miles away.
    And in that one after another shocked gaze, Jiang Hongying's body trembled violently. He was hit by the palm of the platinum palm seal, and his figure fell like a meteorite, hitting a bottomless on the ground. Of the giant pit.
    With such firm resists, Zhou Yuan turned out to have the upper hand!
    The sound of one after another inhaling air-conditioning sounded around.
    "Tch tch, it's amazing, it can beat this female tyrannosaurus back." Meng Chong couldn't help sighing when he saw this scene.
    But immediately he shook his head again and said: "But now, the female tyrannosaurus is going to run away..."
    He cast his gaze on Jiang Ba and other Profound Dragon Clan's people standing in the distance in the air. At this time, they also looked at this scene indifferently, and even looked at Zhou Yuan's with some jokes.
    hōng hōng!
    In the pit of the earth, a strange sound suddenly sounded.
    After that, everyone saw a shadow slowly rising, and that shadow was naturally Jiang Hongying.

    At this time, her battle armor on her delicate body was a bit damaged, and her delicate skin was even more scarred, but her face was cold, and the pair of crimson's eyes seemed to be filled with monstrous flames. Burning blazingly.
    Anyone can feel the rage in the female tyrannosaurus at this time.
    She raised the head, staring at Zhou Yuan's figure with cold eyes.
    Then, in those shocked gazes, she slowly knelt down on one knee in front of Zhou Yuan, her hands formed a seal, and from a distance, she seemed to be some kind of sacrificial ceremony.
    No one thought that Jiang Hongying was kneeling and surrendering, because at this moment, they felt the riot of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.
    Meng Chong touched his face, staring at Jiang Hongying steadily, and said, "This lady is really angry."
    "This is?" someone beside him couldn't help asking.
    Meng Chong's voice is deep and full of fear of the consequences.
    "Profound Dragon Clan's Great Saint Origin Technique..."
    "Dragon Emperor Worship the Heaven!"
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