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Chapter Table Of Contents 1257 Sneak Into
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The bloody meat grinder in Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave has become more terrifying step by step with the passage of time. There are casualties between the two sides almost every day, and as the battle situation further expands, those on both sides have been The hidden expert is also beginning to join the battlefield gradually.
    This undoubtedly caused the battle to become even more brutal, and the rich Bloody Qi almost spread throughout the Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave.
    Even the sky was gradually rendered dark red.
    Ai Tuanzi sat cross-legged on a mountain. She stared at this vast battlefield. Many tragic fights fell in her eyes, which made her lips squeeze lightly. It took about a month to fight, then Evil Beast Clan. The displayed strength also made her a little frightened.
    When their generation was born, Evil Beast Clan had already retired to Saint Race Four Heavens, so they didn't face the toughness of Evil Beast Clan's directly. They could only learn some Evil Beast Clan's information from some ancestors and the oral traditions of their ancestors.
    This time she was ordered to enter the Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave. In fact, she didn't care much at first, but as the time came in contact with her, she quickly extinguished this thought.
    Because of Evil Beast Clan's strength, she was beyond her expectation.

    In this month, the two sides have met countless times, but they did not have the slightest advantage. Some time ago, even Ai Zhi and Jiang Hongying, the top figures in Nascent Origin Realm, joined the battlefield, but they were very He was quickly blocked by the top experts dispatched by Evil Beast Clan.
    Obviously, Evil Beast Clan is really prepared.
    "This Evil Beast Clan, what on earth do you want to do?" Ai Tuanzi frowned. The opportunity of Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave is indeed very good for Nascent Origin Realm, but I really want to enlarge it, just that time. It's totally incomparable with the previous dispute of Ancient Origin Heaven.
    Because even the Law Domain seed born in Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave is a good treasure, but it is only useful for Nascent Origin Realm that has not evolved Law Domain, and for people like her who have evolved Pseudo Law Domain. , But the effect is not too great.
    But why did Saint Race spend such a high price to send Evil Beast Clan's Nascent Origin elite into Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave?
    Is it just to compete for some Law Domain seeds? Saint Race's vision, isn't it so shallow?

    But if it weren't for the Law Domain seed, what else in this Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave is worth thinking about by Saint Race? Ai Tuanzi small head lifted slightly, looking at the dim distance between Heaven and Earth. Until now, the real top figure in Evil Beast Clan has not taken action yet, but she can perceive the dangerous aura, Perhaps at this time the top experts in Evil Beast Clan are also secretly spying on their depth.
    Ai Tuanzi sighed, and then couldn't help taking out the small cloth bag from her arms. She looked around at pupil light. When she didn't see Ai Qing's figure, she just took out the treasured jerky from it with joy. Eaten up.
    Anyway, even if it's a big thing, it can't stop the wreak havoc of the greedy worm in her belly.
    And just as Ai Tuanzi was enjoying the delicious jerky meat, a loud noise suddenly rang out in this battlefield under her care, and the ground there was torn apart, and a giant beast covered in darkness came out. As soon as the giant beast appeared, it transformed into a nether black figure, but on its body, there were hideous black bone spurs extending out, revealing a strong tyrannical air.
    precisely Evil Beast Clan's expert!
    And judging from the amazing Origin Qi bursting out of this human body, it is amazingly the top strength of the 7th Rank!

    Ai Tuanzi charming face changed abruptly, because the place where the guy appeared was behind the front, where some of the wounded of Myriad Beasts Heaven were healed!
    And this person came from the ground, obviously wanting to open the Kill Discipline here.
    "court death!"
    Ai Tuanzi's eyes are surging with cold light. At this time, the other Pseudo Law Domains are scattered to look after the war zones, and here is the only one who is overseeing.
    As soon as she moved, she wanted to go away.
    But at the moment when her figure moved, a pair of scarlet pupils suddenly rose up between Heaven and Earth, which was almost dark(ness) far away, and a tyrannical and heart-palpiting Origin Qi burst into the air. Ai Tuanzi was locked remotely.
    Ai Tuanzi's figure froze fiercely, and she also raised her charming face, staring coldly in that direction.
    That aura, precisely the extremely dangerous target she had faintly perceived before.
    "It turned out to be directed at me!" Ai Tuanzi's eyes became colder and colder. The other party was obviously trying to force her to expose her flaws, and then waited for the opportunity to move.
    "Stop him!" Ai Tuanzi couldn't move easily when he was stared at by such a powerful enemy, so he shouted loudly.
    In this battlefield, dozens of powerful Origin Qi waves broke out, and one after another figure rushed toward the infiltrating 7th Rank evil beast.

    The personnel who stayed behind were slightly weaker, at least inferior to the 7th Rank top evil beasts that sneaked in, but the figures that threw out were fearless, because there were their companions in the injured camp behind.
    "Hahaha, get out of here!"
    Seeing this, the hideous beast expert with spurs on his body suddenly laughed out loud, and saw his hands suddenly closed. The next moment, a huge Origin Qi ring of light suddenly swept centered on it.
    pēng pēng!
    A dozen figures that rushed out were suddenly shocked and flew out, each of the complexions appeared pale.
    "Appear the body!" But not only did they not fear, but there was a fierce light flashing in their eyes, and there was a loud roar, all of which revealed a huge body, and for a time, the monstrous fierceness swept through.
    But the evil beast expert didn't entangle them anymore, and cast his fierce gaze straight at the injury camp behind, stomped the sole of his foot, and violently shoots out.
    His mission is to destroy as much as possible and force the strongest person in Myriad Beasts Heaven to take action!
    His speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye he shook off the chasing troops behind him and shot directly at the wounded camp.

    When Ai Tuanzi in the distance saw this scene, his heart suddenly sank. During this time, both sides were constantly testing, and just a few days ago, Evil Beast Clan's offensive intensified, which directly led to their side. The various races of the Pseudo Law Domain are scattered, overseeing battlefields everywhere.
    Before thinking about it, she felt a little uneasy. Looking at it now, the other party obviously perceives that she is the most threatening person on Myriad Beasts Heaven, and that's why this plan was made.
    Rack one's brains for schemes broke the 7th Rank top evil beast expert through the front line of defense and sent it outside the rear injury camp. At the same time, it led away other Pseudo Law Domains and the terrifying Origin Qi that locked her aura. ..
    Ai Tuanzi eyes is as cold as ice. It seems that this Evil Beast Clan shot in advance, and this shot is to directly obliterate her, Myriad Beasts Heaven's strongest combat power in Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave. ..
    If something happens to her, then Myriad Beasts Heaven will undoubtedly suffer an unimaginable heavy injury.
    At that time, perhaps before Ancestral Soul Mountain's appeared, they had to start routed on Myriad Beasts Heaven.
    The current situation is a little bit uncomfortable.
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