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Chapter Table Of Contents 1280 Move Away
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The void was slowly torn apart at this time, and the terrifying aura swept out like a torrent, causing Chaos Void here to be in violent turmoil.
    The five Saints of Myriad Beasts Heaven stood in the void, looking at the sacred picture scroll emerging from the cracks in the space, their faces looked a little cold, gloomy.
    The sacred picture scroll is called Saint Realm's Divine Chart, which is the super Sacred Relic in Saint Race. In the World Extinguishing Great War that year, this picture once suppressed and killed all Heavens Saint, so it was very famous.
    Today, Saint Race not only sent five Saints, but also brought out these super Sacred Relics, which shows that they are well prepared.
    What does Saint Race want to do?
    The five Saints looked at each other, and all saw their doubts and dignity from each other's eyes.
    "No matter what they want to do, they dare not really want to move. Now they don't even dare to step out of this void. They came with Saint Realm's Divine Chart, but only to cover up their aura." Among the five Saints, a familiar figure said in a deep voice, precisely Golden Lion Clan Patriarch, Jin Yanhuang.
    At all Heavens world's wall, there is a great formation called "Primordial Punishing Saint Formation". This is the barrier that all Heavens has put all of its strength into, and it is considered one of the greatest defenses against Saint Race's.
    If you want to force this battle, even Saint will inevitably pay a great price.

    At the moment these five Saint Race Saints seem to be visible, but in fact they are connected to Myriad Beasts Heaven by special means. Strictly speaking, they are just projections by some means.
    This is because they dare not really step into Myriad Beasts Heaven, because once they enter, Primordial Punishing Saint Formation will react.
    The other four Saint hearing this, the tight body is also slightly relaxed, indeed, Jin Yanhuang is right, the other party seems to have broken the boundary, but actually did not truly step into Myriad Beasts Heaven.
    Today, here, the only one who has broken through the boundary may be Shi Ying of Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave, but that is the latter who has cut down the Sacred Infant transformed by Saint Lotus, and is not considered the arrival of the real Saint.
    "Hehe, Jin Yanhuang, your eyesight is pretty good."
    In the void, the terrifying aura was surging, and the five Saint Race Saints on Saint Realm's Divine Chart also laughed, and did not deny what Jin Yanhuang said.
    "But I am not waiting to fight you across the border. Our purpose is just to entangle you a little."
    "When Shi Ying succeeds, I will be considered as mission perfection." Jin Yanhuang's eyes condensed and said, "What are you plotting for Ancestral Soul Mountain?!"

    When Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave appeared, they naturally explored Myriad Beasts Heaven's Saint. In their exploration, Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave was transformed by a subtle remnant soul of Ancestral Dragon, and Ancestral Soul Mountain was born. Special Law Domain seeds can be bred, so Myriad Beasts Heaven's Saint locates this place where Myriad Beasts Heaven's 7th Rank is experienced, so as to cultivate more 8th Rank Law Domains.
    But apart from this, there is nothing else to discover, so in the eyes of Myriad Beasts Heaven's Saint, this Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave is just a training ground, but now that Saint Race has a lot of plans for this, it is obvious that they have never Insight.
    However, facing Jin Yanhuang's yelling question, this time, the answer to him was the infinite mighty force that swept out of the void and fissures. The mighty force was indescribable, and the mighty force surged across the place, and there seemed to be a seat. The small space collapsed, and many tiny fireworks were formed in the chaos.
    The battle of Saint is truly destroying the Heaven and exterminate the Earth. It exists like the Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave. A slight collision is a game of destruction.
    Seeing Saint Race Saint's shot, Jin Yanhuang's five Myriad Beasts Heaven Saints also made a deep and cold snort. The next moment, there was also boundless mighty force coming out, as if it caused the galaxy to turn upside down, and the sun and moon floated in the air.

    Ten Saints from both sides played against each other in this Chaos Void. For a while, I didn't know how much movement it caused. Under the impact of the aftermath, I didn't know how many empty spaces where no creatures existed were wiped out.
    And ten Saints challenged in Chaos Void outside Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave, which also caused the entire Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave to be in violent shocks.
    That feeling is like a flat boat in a storm, which will be torn apart by the violent waves at any time.
    In Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave, everyone is shivering. Although they are all 7th Rank elites, these strengths are in front of Saint's, and they are not much better than ants.
    "Saint Race really came prepared." Zhou Yuan raised one's head and looked at the trembling sky, the complexion also became extremely solemn.
    Although he couldn't see the Saint battle in Chaos Void, he was able to feel the horrible waves erupting there. Obviously, Myriad Beasts Heaven's Saint was blocked.
    "Return to Ruin Divine Hall monitors all Heavens. Such a big movement here should be detected soon, but looking like this, I am afraid that Saint Race will not give Return to Ruin Divine Hall time to intervene."
    And when Zhou Yuan frowned, the Sacred Infant standing on Chi Xuan's head was also looking at the sky, and immediately sneered: "It seems that no one can interrupt this One."

    For Zhou Yuan not far away and the elite experts of Myriad Beasts Heaven's 7th Rank, he almost never saw it. In his eyes, no matter how provocative these ants are, they can't shake him the slightest.
    "Aren't you wondering what Saint Race has planned? Look at it and you'll know."
    Sacred Infant named Shi Ying smiled, and then he looked down at Chi Xuan, who was crawling under his feet, and said: "Next, it's time to dedicate your flesh and blood to Saint Race."
    Chi Xuan trembled, the complexion changed, and finally he deeply worshipped: "This is the glory of my Evil Beast Clan!"
    Shi Ying nodded, his immature face was full of indifference. He stretched out his finger to Chi Xuan and tapped it lightly, only to see the latter scream, and then the flesh and blood all over his body separated and flowed like liquid Come down.
    In just a few breaths, Chi Xuan's body turned into a white bone, and flesh and blood formed a pool of blood under his feet.
    In the eye sockets of Chi Xuan's head, the vigorous flames trembled, and finally dimmed until completely dissipated.
    Zhou Yuan watched this scene, his eyelids twitched. In the eyes of Saint Race's, this Evil Beast Clan seemed to be just a servant, able to sacrifice at will.
    It's sad.

    And when Zhou Yuan flashed this, Shi Ying waved her small hand and saw that the flesh and blood in that place were squirming, and finally a weird blood-red rune seemed to be formed, which quickly got in. ground.
    hōng hōng!
    At this moment, everyone felt that Ancestral Soul Mountain was shaking violently.
    I saw one after another blood-red vortex directly from the battle platform. In each vortex, there are beams of light erupting, and the beams of light are intertwined, and finally form one after another blood. -red colored chains.
    The chains are constantly intertwined, and finally inserted into Ancestral Soul Mountain, continuously spreading.
    Shi Ying's mouth turned into a cold arc, and then her little hand suddenly lifted.
    "Get me up!"
    With the sound of his violent drink, Zhou Yuan, Ai Tuanzi and others were all shocked to see that the entire Ancestral Soul Mountain was slowly rising at this moment, as if being moved by the countless blood-red chain. Moving in general.
    Zhou Yuan's scalp is numb.
    Is this Saint Race's Saint really planning to move Ancestral Soul Mountain directly? !
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