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Chapter Table Of Contents 1281 No Way To Go
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Ancestral Soul Mountain was moved, the entire Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave shook crazily at this moment, and Heaven and Earth Origin Qi roared with wreak havoc, which stirred up an endless gust of wind.
    Zhou Yuan, Ai Tuanzi and others are all discolored. Ancestral Soul Mountain is connected to the Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave, which can be regarded as the core of this space. Once Ancestral Soul Mountain is really moved away, I am afraid that the entire Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave will be Will be destroyed and collapsed with it.
    The most important thing is that they are still in Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave now! If the space is destroyed, it will be difficult for them to escape if they are in it.
    "Everyone, take action together and stop him!" Ai Tuanzi was trembling all over, clenching her silver teeth, and mustered the courage to shout.
    Obviously, the courage needed to challenge a Saint is unimaginable.
    When the voice fell, Ai Tuanzi took the lead. She used the full power of Origin Qi to form a strong offensive, and went straight to Shi Ying.
    Behind it, Myriad Beasts Heaven's other 7th Rank expert, also condensed Origin Qi in the trembling, and launched an offensive.
    Many Origin Qi torrents roared past, obviously imposing manner is magnificent, and its target of fire is only a baby the size of two palms, but the feeling that exudes is full of tragic feeling.

    Shi Ying raised her eyes and looked at the Origin Qi offensive that was howling, a smile seemed to appear on her immature face, thinking that he hadn't seen Nascent Origin Realm who dared to make a move in front of him for many years...
    "It's sad."
    Shi Ying stretched out her small hand, volleyed a little.
    With the tap of his fingertips, the void seemed to fluctuate, and a ripple spread out.
    And where the ripples passed, the Roaring Origin Qi torrent was directly solidified in the void, like a mosquito trapped in amber.
    No matter how violent those Origin Qi torrents are, there can be no more changes.
    Shi Ying waved casually.
    Many Origin Qi torrents burst into pieces at this moment, turning into bright spots in the sky.
    Ai Tuanzi and others have changed their complexion. An indescribable force descended from the void, and severely pressed on them.
    Puff Chī!
    Ai Tuanzi and many other Pseudo Law Domain experts all spurted blood, retreated in embarrassment, and instantly languished in the imposing manner.
    This kind of confrontation is not one level at all.

    All the forces present at Myriad Beasts Heaven had powerlessness and despair in their eyes. They knew that if it weren’t for the Sacred Infant’s most power on Ancestral Soul Mountain, I’m afraid they would not just be seriously injured .
    Zhuang Xiaoming, Jin Qingtian and other Pseudo Law Domain experts all dragged heavy bodies to the side of Ai Tuanzi.
    Even the 7th Rank tops like Ai Zhi, Jiang Hongying, and Meng Chong came together. They are the most elite forces in the Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave of Myriad Beasts Heaven, but at this time they are all panicked.
    "What should I do now?" Zhuang Xiaoming asked hoarsely.
    Ai Tuanzi doesn't know how to answer. Now Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave is facing destruction, and judging from the heaven shaking movement from Heavenly Cave, I am afraid that even Myriad Beasts Heaven's Saint has been restrained.
    Now they have nowhere to go.
    Ai Tuanzi whispered: "Now I can only hope that Myriad Beasts Heaven's Saint can make a timely move. We have nothing to do."
    In the words, there is a deep weakness.
    Everyone fell silent, with a look of sorrow on their faces. At this time, they realized how small their 7th Rank strength was in the eyes of Saint Realm.

    And when Myriad Beasts Heaven's forces are weak, Zhou Yuan's brows are also frowning at this time, because he also understands that if this Shi Ying moves Ancestral Soul Mountain away, and Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave is destroyed as a result , I'm afraid he will also be in a very troublesome situation.
    "This old guy shouldn't be Saint's real body, right? Is it possible for us to join forces to kill him?" Zhou Yuan asked Tun Tun in his heart.
    "There is a chance." Tun Tun's thoughts sounded in his heart.
    Zhou Yuan was a little surprised.
    "But there is still ninety-nine points, maybe we were killed by him."
    But when Tun Tun's next thought came, Zhou Yuan's froze in surprise, and immediately gritted his teeth and said: "You are quite humorous."
    Tun Tun sneered: "Zhou Yuan, you are too floating, you dare to think about things like killing Saint!"
    Zhou Yuan curled his lips and said, "Otherwise, what can I do? Sit and watch him destroy the Dragon Spirit Heavenly Cave? I don't think this guy will kindly let us go when he succeeds."
    Now that guy doesn't make a move because he needs to use all his power to move Ancestral Soul Mountain. Once he waits for him to vacate his hands, Zhou Yuan believes that he will eliminate all the people they are present without hesitation.
    After all, this is for him, it's just a matter of raising his hand.

    Tun Tun hearing this, I also fell silent. The current situation is indeed very troublesome. What you do is to die, and what you don't do is to be waiting for death.
    After all, Saint is too strong.
    Even though the Saint in front of him is not the real body, its power still cannot be shaken by it and Zhou Yuan. "Or, let's ask the eldest sister for help." Tun Tun thought of an idea.
    Zhou Yuan suddenly hate iron for not becoming steel said: "Are you promising? Do you always want to rely on Yao Yao? Can't we rely on our own strength?"
    After a pause, he asked: "Then can you contact her now?"
    "I thought you could." Tun Tun said.
    Zhou Yuan sighed a little sadly: "You can shut up."
    He looked anxious, and a moment later, his heart suddenly moved and said, "Actually, it's not completely impossible...I have a means, saying that it can't pose a threat to him."
    "Oh?" Tun Tun expressed shock at this, Zhou Yuan's strength, can it be a threat to Sacred Infant? Where are you silly beasts?
    "But my Origin Qi background is far from enough. If you can help me increase the Origin Qi background by another six to seven hundred billion, maybe it will be enough." Zhou Yuan said.

    Tun Tun was silent for a few breaths, and then roared with intentions: "Add six or seven hundred billion to you? Zhou Yuan, you are thinking of fart!"
    This guy, can't you say something reliable!
    To know that the two of them combined together, only 300 billion, plus six to seven hundred billion? It's just a dream.
    Zhou Yuan helplessly said: "The cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice."
    On his shoulder, Origin Qi surged, and finally turned into a Tun Tun's phantom.
    It seemed to hesitate a little, and then came the thought and asked: "Do you really have the means?"
    Zhou Yuan stared at the Sacred Infant who was in control of Ancestral Soul Mountain and pulled it up from the depths of the earth little by little, and said slowly: "It can be seen that he and Ancestral Soul Mountain should be in a stalemate at this time. , Otherwise the speed of moving the mountain will not be so slow, and as long as my shot can break the balance between this, or to loosen the vortex barrier, then his plan will not be so easy to succeed."
    "At that time, maybe Ancestral Soul Mountain will get rid of the restraint, and it will be able to cause backlash."
    He never thought that he could directly hurt the Sacred Infant. It was a background of hundreds of billions. Even giving him a trillion of Origin Qi background was probably not enough, so his purpose was to do it from beginning to end Out of interference.

    Tun Tun saw Zhou Yuan's look serious, and the color of thought flashed in the beast's eyes: "It is actually not impossible to make your Origin Qi skyrocket to an astonishing level in an instant."
    "Are you really good?" Zhou Yuan was surprised.
    Tun Tun's beast pupil turned to Ai Tuanzi and others in the distance, and there seemed to be some malicious luster flashing in the beast pupil.
    "Of course the premise is that we need a lot of tool people... but looking at their desperate look, they should not refuse."
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