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Chapter Table Of Contents 1290 Youshen
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Finally see the light again..."
    Under Ancestral Soul Mountain, the young man with head and face filthy with grime raised the head, took a deep breath of the fresh air, and then let out a long sigh.
    At his feet, the little gray beast nodded his head with the same sympathy, as if he couldn't bear to look back at the past two years.
    This a man and a beast is naturally Zhou Yuan and Tun Tun who were honed in Ancestral Soul Mountain by Yao Yao town two years ago.
    After two years of special training, a man and a beast has also undergone tremendous changes in terms of appearance and temperament.
    Zhou Yuan's face is still handsome, with a smile on his face, but his temperament seems to have become a lot more moisturized. The sense of vigor in the past is also gone. That feeling is like a sword in a box, sharp Collect all points.
    A pair of his eyes are now unusually bright, and if you look closely, you can find that the pupil light is deep, which makes people feel difficult to extricate themselves. It seems that even the mind will be sucked in, which is quite mystical. .
    Tun Tun at his feet is also extremely changing. The power of Saint Beast that used to be photographed seems to have completely disappeared. At first glance, it is really like an ordinary little beast, except for its cuteness. It has nothing to do with it.

    But only people with extremely keen perception can faintly feel what kind of terrifying power swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth is hidden under that lovely appearance.
    "Tun Tun, you are going further and further on this shameful road of selling cuteness, can you remember your identity as innate Saint Beast?" Zhou Yuan looked down at Tun Tun, who blinked with big eyes, and then unemotionally said.
    How could he not know the sinister intentions of this little bastard, nothing more than trying to win Yao Yao's favor by selling cuteness.
    It's just a scheming little bitch.
    Facing Zhou Yuan's sarcasm, Tun Tun just showed a disdainful expression, and then its paws slapped the ground, and a black light spread out, and in just a few breaths, it formed a huge black Law Domain.
    Law Domain enveloped Zhou Yuan, and the ubiquitous devouring power made the latter's eyes constricted slightly.
    "This is...Devouring Law Domain?"
    "Have you been promoted to the 8th Rank?" Zhou Yuan asked in surprise.
    Tun Tun's eyes showed the color of proud, and the thought came: "Zhou Yuan, you stupid got such a big opportunity, you haven't stepped into the Law Domain Realm?" Yes, in its perception, Zhou Yuan today is still just Nascent Origin Realm.
    However, Zhou Yuan, Nascent Origin Realm, for some reason, even Tun Tun, who is now in the 8th Rank, feels a bit dangerous.

    In the black Law Domain, devouring power surged around Zhou Yuan, constantly devouring the latter's Origin Qi.
    Zhou Yuan was naturally aware of this situation, and immediately smiled: "It's true that it's still a bit short to be promoted to Law Domain, but..."
    With a light wave of his sleeves, the dark(ness) of his whole body suddenly faded away. An invisible circle was formed around him. The scope of this circle is even Tun Tun's Devouring Law Domain, unable to invade it. That feeling seemed to be cut off by an invisible and formidable force.
    Zhou Yuan stretched out his finger and tapped it lightly.
    The space is shattered at this time, countless space fragments are glittering, and under the cover of an invisible force, they turn into long space thorns, densely packed around Tun Tun, locking its body without dead ends.
    A surprise finally emerged in the Tun Tun beast pupil. It opened its mouth fiercely, black light wreak havoc, and devouring vortex took shape. It swallowed those space fragments into the body in one bite, and then shook its head to collect the Devouring Law Domain. Up.
    "Power of Divine Soul?" It gave a surprised thought.
    "Zhou Yuan, your Divine Soul, has stepped into the Roaming Spirit Realm?!"
    Roaming Spirit Realm, that is the realm of Divine Soul, according to the comparison, it is equivalent to Law Domain Realm!

    Tun Tun was a little shocked. It didn't expect it. Zhou Yuan's own Origin Qi cultivation base has not yet entered the Law Domain Realm, but his Divine Soul attainments have come to a shocking skyrocket, but it is beyond After arriving at the Origin Qi cultivation base, it is the first to arrive at the Roaming Spirit Realm!
    Only the power of Divine Soul of Roaming Spirit Realm can isolate the influence of Law Domain!
    Zhou Yuan nodded, he was also a little helpless about this: "Yes, although I didn't expect."
    To be honest, this breakthrough of Divine Soul was indeed unexpected by Zhou Yuan's. After all, his Divine Soul realm only broke through soon. Originally, he thought that it would take a lot of time to enter the Roaming Spirit Realm, but who I can imagine that the training in Ancestral Soul Mountain will make his Divine Soul improve so much.
    "This is because you have absorbed the Ancestral Dragon remnant soul. Although the remnant soul in Ancestral Soul Mountain may be insignificant compared to Ancestral Dragon, it is vast and endless to you. Originally, according to normal circumstances, you should be It is impossible to absorb it. After all, the remnant soul is not you. Even Law Domain Realm would not dare to try to absorb it easily, but now you have succeeded. It should be the credit of your cultivation Ancestral Dragon Scripture."
    When Zhou Yuan was amazed, suddenly there was an old laughter, and a familiar figure slowly appeared in front of him.
    "Master Cang Yuan."

    Zhou Yuan saw the figure of the old man in front of him, and suddenly shouted surprisedly.
    The one who showed up was naturally Cang Yuan. He looked at Zhou Yuan in front of him with a smile, with a sense of relief in his eyes.
    He still remembers that when Zhou Yuan came to the refuge space where he was through the teleportation array of Ancestral Land, he was just a youngster with no Eight Veins opened. However, many years later, Zhou Yuan has also set foot in the Roaming Spirit Realm. This shows that he already has the qualifications to enter the top level of all Heavens.
    "Once you step into the Roaming Spirit Realm, you are enough to travel all Heavens with Divine Soul to control myriad things. Congratulations, Zhou Yuan. From now on, you can also be counted as a party authority."
    Roaming Spirit Realm is equivalent to Law Domain Realm. This level of strength, even in Primordial Heaven Nine Territories, can become a top-notch figure and can no longer be underestimated.
    If you return to the Heaven Abyss Territory, even if Zhou Yuan does not have the status of direct disciple, he is also qualified to sit on an equal footing with honored elders. This time, it is not the honor brought by the status, but by his own power.
    Zhou Yuan is also a little bit emotional, Roaming Spirit Realm...this was also his realm of the year for sth even in one's dreams, he didn't expect, the two years of the Closure this time will allow him to complete this leap .

    Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan, and there was divine light glittering in those deep and wise eyes. After a while, his eyes narrowed and said: "Your Origin Qi background today seems to be extremely strong, this level of Origin Qi background, Even I have never seen it in the Nascent Origin Realm level."
    With Cang Yuan's eyesight, it is natural to see at a glance that Zhou Yuan has not set foot in Law Domain Realm on the Origin Qi cultivation base, and even he seems to have not even opened Pseudo Law Domain.
    But the weird thing is that it seems that Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi background is extraordinarily amazing.
    "How many inches is your Nascent Origin now?" Cang Yuan asked.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, frowned head, said a little dissatisfied: "Nascent Origin...only nine inches seven."
    However, as soon as his words fell, Rao was suddenly lost in Cang Yuan's experience and experienced and knowledgeable.
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