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Chapter Table Of Contents 1293 Goodbye
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Yao Yao's figure walked out of the alchemy hall, the many eyes outside the hall almost focused on her for the first time. In this moment, it seemed that even the air had stagnated.
    Those Nascent Origin and Law Domain experts, who are considered supreme talents in their respective forces, actually felt ashamed of one's inferiority when facing the cold and perfect jade face, and then in their hearts. The awe and respect for the latter has become even greater.
    Such a person deserves the name of a goddess.
    It’s just that they often have some understanding of Yao Yao’s character in All Heavens City. This perhaps is extremely cold because of his transcendent identity. In general, except for some occasional situations during alchemy, he rarely communicates with outsiders. .
    So they were shocked when they saw that Yao Yao took the initiative to leave the alchemy hall today.
    Some people who knew something couldn’t help but cast their eyes on the man playing the ink flute in the corner of the temple. His eyes were a little surprised. After all, Xu Beiyan hadn’t concealed his admiration for the goddess in the past two years, even though he didn’t. I didn't really bluntly clarify, but all those actions were expressing his intentions.
    Many people admire Xu Beiyan's courage, because in this All Heavens City, there are countless men who truly admire Goddess.

    But in the end, he really dared to show his admiration. Up to now, Xu Beiyan is the only one.
    Of course, Xu Beiyan's excellence cannot be denied. Whether it is in terms of appearance, talent, own strength and future potential, in this All Heavens City, he is absolutely reckoned to be first or second best, perhaps, also Only this kind of person dared to reveal the admiration in his heart.
    But now, is this Xu Beiyan's persistence finally getting the effect?
    With the cold heart of the goddess, was moved by his two years of persistence?
    As soon as I thought of this, many Law Domain experts felt sourness. Although Xu Beiyan is excellent, but if you really want to see the goddess fall into the world, the coldness will fade for someone, it is really unbearable. Jealous.
    And when the hearts of the many people were tumbling and they were performing a big show in their hearts, Yao Yao stepped out of the hall and stood in front of the hall with a slender and slender body.
    The melodious flute sound also stopped at this time.
    When Xu Beiyan looked at the beautiful shadow walking out of the main hall, there were ripples in his eyes. Even in his state of mind, there were some surprises at this time.

    Because his thoughts are the same as those of others, the goddess never stepped out of the alchemy hall on weekdays, and suddenly made an exception today. There must be a reason, and now outside the temple, it seems that he is the only one who has something. Attractive.
    Could it be that the persistence over the past two years is really effective?
    Xu Beiyan's handsome face is still calm and calm, but there is one climax follows another in his heart, and the palm of his hand is slightly hard, and the ink flute is held tightly.
    For the woman in front of him, he is indeed full of admiration from his heart. He never knew before that he would keep in mind constantly from a woman one day, thinking about that day and night, it is really like a worm. Turning to the other side, sometimes he still laughs at himself, maybe this is a kind of retribution that he used to be too cold on the women who liked him.
    Xu Beiyan is a very confident person and has always been like this, so when he discovered his emotions, he revealed it directly, and did not deliberately be secretive.
    But he is also very smart. He knows the indifferent personality of the goddess, so in two years, he did not disturb him even once, at most he was accompanied by playing the flute outside the temple. He believed that one day, he Your efforts will be effective.
    Xu Beiyan put down the ink flute in his hand, then smiled at the beautiful shadow, and wanted to muster the courage to step forward.

    However, when he first moved, the goddess on the steps cast pupil light towards the square in front of the hall, and then did not even look at him, she just stepped forward and walked down.
    Xu Beiyan's expression was slightly stiff, and his eyes were a little surprised.
    On the square, many experts who came and went were looking at this scene in a bit of astonishment. The appearance of the goddess was not because of Xu Beiyan?
    But then, it brought more doubts. It was not Xu Beiyan. What was it because of?
    Under the gaze of so many eyes, the goddess walked through the square where the people came and went, evading the flow of people everywhere.
    In the end, her footsteps finally stopped amidst those gazes.
    She stopped in front of a young man holding a small beast in his arms.
    Many stunned eyes also fell on the smiling face of the man.
    "Who is that person?"
    "It seems familiar..."
    Many people's eyes meet and there is information exchange.
    When many people were surprised, the little beast in the young man's arms suddenly jumped towards the goddess, and then fell into the latter's arms, making an intimate voice.

    The young man also looks at the goddess, and then reveals his white teeth, smiling brightly, which is somewhat charming.
    The goddess slender jade hand stroked the superficial knowledge/fur of the little beast, and then she stared at the young man in front of her, with the corners of her lips slightly lifted, there was a fascinating smile on the beautiful face covered with indifference all the year round.
    At that moment, the square seemed to become brighter.
    Many people stared at this scene in disbelief, and the goddess actually laughed...
    "Yes, these two years have not been wasted." Yao Yao looks at Zhou Yuan in front of him, with a small head nodded, his voice softened.
    Standing in front of Yao Yao, he naturally followed Cang Yuan to Zhou Yuan in All Heavens City. He looked at the beautiful face in front of him, and then at the shocked eyes around him, he whispered: "Lady Goddess, I It feels like I'm going to be beaten by a group?"
    Yao Yao bends his lips slightly for his weirdness, and leaves a sentence: "Follow me."
    Then he turned back to the same path.
    Zhou Yuan saw her graceful back, and looked to the side to talk together before, but now a pair of dumbstruck's digital Nascent Origin Realm expert, smiled and said: "What I just said is true."
    Then it quickly followed.

    The two of them walked through the square. There was a lot of people around, but the atmosphere was quite quiet. Many of their eyes stayed on Zhou Yuan's, and those eyes were a bit sharp like a knife.
    This is a surprise to Zhou Yuan tch tch. In the past, he did not go together with Yao Yao, but although it will attract a lot of amazing eyes, the efficiency of pulling hatred is far inferior to the present.
    This change has nothing to do with him. It just shows that Yao Yao's charm has reached a terrible point in the past two years.
    Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart, and then bravely took up those knife-like gazes. At this time, he even wanted to tell them, yes, your guess is correct, I am the man standing behind the goddess in your hearts!
    But in the end he still didn't do it because he was afraid of being beaten.
    Following Yao Yao through the crowd and ascended the steps, Zhou Yuan suddenly felt a gaze, turning his head to see the handsome and beautiful Xu Beiyan in the dark blue gown. The latter stared at him slightly. frown.
    "Heaven Abyss Territory's Zhou Yuan..."

    Xu Beiyan's eyes drooped slightly and he muttered to himself. In fact, he knew Zhou Yuan, including Zhou Yuan's relationship with Yao Yao's, but Xu Beiyan didn't care too much, because in his opinion, each of his own The conditions are far beyond Zhou Yuan, and the reason Zhou Yuan can get closer to Yao Yao is only because of the early acquaintance.
    Xu Beiyan took a light breath, suppressing the emotions in his heart, and a smile appeared on his handsome face again.
    What if Zhou Yuan is one step ahead, Xu Beiyan never believes in the so-called first come, first come, and he is not afraid of any competitors.
    In the future, there is still time.
    And when Xu Beiyan's mind turned, Yao Yao suddenly stopped, then turned his head and said, "You are called Xu Beiyan, right?"
    Xu Beiyan was shocked at hearing this, and then he smiled calmly and politely: "I have been doing Alchemy for Lady Goddess for two years. It is a good deal to be able to get adults to remember my name."
    He has humorous words, matched with that handsome face and temperament, even Zhou Yuan has to admit that this guy is really good.
    However, Yao Yao groaned slightly, and said, "In the future, you don't need your help to set up hands, just leave it to Zhou Yuan."

    When these words fell, even Xu Beiyan's temperament couldn't help but his eyes changed, and the complexion became completely stiff.
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