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Chapter Table Of Contents 1344 Taixuan's Plan
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    As more and more all Heavens teams rushed to the Dragon Head Battlefield, all Heavens began to build a defense barrier, and many teams swarmed out. In just one day, they were deployed in the hundreds of thousands. The barrier node one after another just surprised people. Facing all Heavens to build a line of defense, Saint Race did not block it in the future, which made the formation of barrier defense extremely smooth.
    The area outside the Dragon Head Theater.
    Zhou Yuan stood on the top of a giant tree. He looked to the rear and saw a ray of light pillar rising from Heaven and Earth. Each ray of light pillar was a node, the pillar of light. Stretching until the end of the line of sight, you can see its majestic momentum.
    The arrangement of the nodes is extremely smooth.
    I felt a little uneasy when I arrived at Zhou Yuan smoothly.
    He raised the head, looking at the out of sight of the dragon head battle zone. With the perception of Roaming Spirit Realm Divine Soul, he can sense that in that direction, there is countless Origin Qi fluctuations and faintly discernible, the amount of Origin Qi fluctuations. There are so many that directly form a continuous Origin Qi black cloud, which covers the sky and shields the sun.
    Obviously, the Saint Race's team is also gathering.
    However, what puzzled Zhou Yuan is that Saint Race should also be aware of their intention to build a defensive barrier, but they do not intend to prevent...

    "Is it because of absolute self-confidence?" He muttered to himself. The only explanation for Saint Race's move is that they don't care about any actions on all Heavens, but will it be too crazy to ignore the all Heavens army like this? some? After all, the army that Saint Race gathers here today is not their entire strength.
    When Zhou Yuan's brows were frowning, behind that, suddenly there was a vast wave of Origin Qi erupting.
    When he turned his head, he saw that the countless ray of light column actually began to connect criss-crossed at this moment, drawing a countless path of profound mystery in the void.
    "Is the defense barrier activated?"
    Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan swept away towards the rear as soon as his figure moved. At the same time, he waved his hand, and saw that one after another figure broke through the sky in the huge forest below, precisely Zhao Mushen, Su Youwei, Wu Yao, etc. people.
    When the group returned to the all Heavens base camp, all the teams were gathered here, and at this time, they were all raising one's head looking at the huge barrier that was gradually taking shape.
    The barrier spreads, as if covering Heaven and Earth. The sense of vastness gives people an unparalleled sense of security.
    Zhou Yuan stared at the light curtain formed by the barrier. This defensive barrier was created by all Saints and gathered the power of so many people. If you really want to talk about defense, even if it is the full power of many Law Domain third realms. Bombardment is difficult to destroy.

    And this will also be the last line of defense for all Heavens forces.
    With the formation of the barrier, Xu Beiyan's figure appeared in the sky radiance. He seemed to be holding a ray of light in his palm. The light finally shrank, forming a special mark.
    That imprint, precisely controls the key or authority of this barrier.
    Xu Beiyan is standing in the void. He is quite satisfied with the eye-catching feeling at the moment, but he also thinks it should be. He is the first person in all Heavens Law Domain. In this situation, it is natural that he needs to stand up. Act as this leader.
    And as long as he is there, the other Law Domains can only dim under their radiance.
    Condensing the emotions in his heart, Xu Beiyan's handsome face calmly looked at the all Heavens team below, and said: "Everyone, the defensive barrier has been successfully deployed. Next, we will step into the depths of the dragon head battle zone and compete for anchors. point."
    As soon as this statement came out, all Heavens forces were solemn and tense.
    Strictly speaking, the previous battles between the two sides were just warm-ups, and the next battle in the dragon head battle zone was the real decisive battle.

    "This battle is related to the future of all Heavens, and all Saints is watching us. In this battle, victory must belong to all Heavens!" Xu Beiyan's loud voice resounded in everyone's ears, and his voice contained one This kind of special charm makes people feel a little upsurge without knowing it.
    The All Heavens army below is also a little boiling, everyone looks at Xu Beiyan with some respect. Obviously, the latter has severely gained a wave of prestige.
    Xu Beiyan was also able to feel the respect in those eyes, and he was immediately satisfied. In the end, he didn't say more, and his thoughts moved, and the defensive barrier in front of him was slowly torn apart.
    He lifted his palm and waved it gently.
    At that moment, the countless Tao Origin Qi rose into the sky, hiding the sky and the light shadow covering the earth burst out of the sky, covering the sky like a locust.
    The all Heavens army is dispatched.
    At this moment, Zhou Yuan led the team into the air, pointing straight to the depths of the Dragon Head Battlefield. He looked into the distance. When the All Heavens army moved, he perceives that distant place, the gathering point of Saint Race, which is also the same. With a countless imposing manner, the fierce Origin Qi fluctuates.
    The Saint Race army also moved.

    The vast Origin Qi caused Heaven and Earth to vibrate. Above the sky, thick clouds gathered, and the vibration of Origin Qi produced thunder, which resounded crazily.
    The torrential rain poured down and enveloped the entire war zone.
    Countless ray of light The shadow shatters the sky and swiftly, I don’t know how long, the eyes of all Heavens forces reflect the distant one after another Origin Qi rising, it is like a huge wave of Origin Qi with no end in sight, with a kind of destroy the Heaven and Exterminate the Earth-like gesture, swept away.
    Which accurately countless Saint Race expert.
    In the army of all Heavens, there is a roar full of killing intents.
    Everyone sees the rise of crimson, the war has broken out, and there is no way back here.
    The next moment, two huge waves of destruction collided, as if two stars collided together, the indescribable shock wave burst out, and the entire Stone Dragon secret realm seemed to vibrate violently at this time.
    I don't know how many Law Domain opened at this moment, layered on top of each other, reaching the pinnacle magnificently.
    If you look down from a high altitude at this time, you can see that fierce battles are erupting in every part of this vast dragon head battle zone.

    Zhou Yuan’s fist was covered with jet black brush bristles, while the brush bristles on his back flapped his wings. He blasted out with a punch, bursting into the void, and the terrifying Origin Qi torrent was directly a Saint Race Pseudo Law Domain expert. With the opened Law Domain, it shattered and turned into blood.
    The blood poured down, but Zhou Yuan's body could not be approached and it was evaporated.
    Zhou Yuan quickly cleared the area, and then waved his hand and inserted a dragon-carrying nail into the depths of the earth, activating the anchor point in this area.
    Immediately, his figure once again violently shoots out and kills at another anchor point. At the same time, he is also using Divine Soul to perceive moments of attention to the huge battlefield.
    The two sides were fighting fiercely at this time, and Law Domain was constantly annihilating, and the tragic bloody was almost unprecedented.
    And in Zhou Yuan's perception, he found that there was no slight decline on all Heavens. Although Saint Race had a fierce offensive, it was firmly resisted by all Heavens, even from that one after another ancestor who was constantly activated. From the point of view of the soul anchor, it is that all Heavens has a small advantage...
    But Zhou Yuan feels something is wrong...
    He frowned, thought for a few breaths, and finally understood the source of what was wrong...
    Because in Saint Race's offensive, he did not find those Saint Race's top experts mentioned in the intelligence.

    Such as Tai Xuan, who is the most vulnerable of the consequences...
    There is no trace of these people, as if they had never participated in the war.
    And this discovery made Zhou Yuan feel cold. In this situation, if the opponent does not participate in the war, he must be preparing for something.
    Zhou Yuan raised the head, looking at the distant rear of the Saint Race army, where the holy light shrouded him, making him unable to perceive it, his brows frowned, and the anxiety in his heart became more intense.
    What is this Saint Race thinking?
    "At Saint Race, some of the top experts did not play!"
    At the same time, in the void outside the secret, all Saints stared at the battlefield and soon discovered this scene. When their eyes turned to Saint Race, they found that the void there was distorted, apparently by Saint. Race's Saint interfered with their spy.
    Ancient Venerable Jin Luo's eyes were deep, and he slowly said: "The other party's Ancient Venerable is also disturbing me."
    All Saints' heart shook, and even Saint Race Ancient Venerable was shooting. It can be seen that Saint Race is hiding there, there must be a plan.
    Their brows were also frowned at this time, and their hearts were disturbed.
    Ancient Venerable Jin Luo has a golden light stream between the pupils, and immediately the golden light becomes more and more prosperous, and the pupils finally turn into like gold.

    The golden pupils stared at the void, only to see that the void there was directly transformed into a vortex. In it, there seemed to be a boundless mighty force that even all Saints was shocked to entangle, like a dark abyss, difficult to snoop.
    That is the power of Ancient Venerable from Saint Race.
    Two powerful forces that could easily destroy countless space collided in an unknown place. In an instant, there were hundreds of millions of confrontations. After a while, there seemed to be a cold hum from the void, and then, Ancient Venerable Jin Luo golden double pupil It gradually faded, and when all Saints cast his gaze into the secret realm of Stone Dragon again, only the barrier shielded by Saint Race was broken.
    Then, they saw it behind the battlefield.
    An altar stands. In the middle of the altar, a man in white robes sits quietly. Around it, the top Saint Race experts, who have never appeared before, sit in different positions, like a protector.
    When the barrier was broken by Ancient Venerable Jin Luo, the white-robed man seemed to be aware of it, and immediately raised the head, looking at the void, and smiling slightly.
    "Under Saint Race Tai Xuan, I want to use these all Heavens elite qi and blood in the mystery of Stone Dragon to help me ascend the way to the holy."
    The moment his smile fell, I saw that the vertical lines between the eyebrows slowly opened, and Saint Pupil revealed!
    And in Saint Pupil, there are eight stars circulating!
    Amazingly eight-star Saint Pupil!

    When the Saint Pupil opened, the space in front of it began to twist, as if forming a portal, and within the portal, I saw the mighty qi and blood rushing out like a torrent, and was finally swallowed by the Saint Pupil. At the same time , An extremely terrifying fluctuation, began to skyrocket at an astonishing speed at this time!
    The Heaven and Earth in the entire Stone Dragon secret realm shook loudly at this time.
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