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Chapter Table Of Contents 1359 Zhou Yuan's Counterattack
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When the blood-red ring of light formed a dome and trapped Zhou Yuan in it, all the people on the side of the all Heavens army appeared worried.
    Everyone didn't expect that Tai Xuan actually had a lotus seal Saint Origin Weapon in his hand!
    These Sacred Relics, even in the hands of Saint's, are divine weapons that cannot be abandoned, but this Tai Xuan can now have them. This shows how much effort Saint Race has given up for this plan!
    "Zhou Yuan, this Blood Spirit Ring was turned into a lotus seal. When it falls into it, everything under Saint will turn into blood." Tai Xuan stared at Zhou Yuan indifferently at Zhou Yuan trapped in the blood ring, as if Looking at the prey falling into the trap.
    "Don't worry, I will absorb all of your blood, so as not to waste it."
    Standing in the blood ring dome, Zhou Yuan could feel that with the rotation of the blood ring, there was an extremely terrifying force coming from the corrosion. Even he felt the dangerous aura.
    With a wave of his sleeves, the purple gold Origin Qi roared out, like two huge dragon shadows. Heavily bombarded the blood ring light cover, but it only caused the light cover to emit ripples, and failed to break it. .
    "Futility, the power of lotus seal, can't you contend with it?" Tai Xuan sneered.

    When he was talking, he was also urging the blood ring light cover to shrink slowly, and the space inside it collapsed and turned into a hollow, and the terrifying force was quickly shrouded in front of Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan stared at the blood ring light cover and said, "What kind of outfit, but it's just a lotus seal blessing for you by Saint, not a real lotus seal."
    The so-called lotus seal mark is that Saint helped Tai Xuan’s Saint Origin Weapon imprint by a large means to place a mark similar to lotus seal, but this mark is a consumable item and can only be displayed once, and its mighty energy It is also difficult to compare with the real lotus seal.
    This Tai Xuan put on an act here, verbally attacking the heart, nothing more than trying to increase the pressure on him, and thus appear flaws.
    It’s right to think about it. Even for Saint Race’s Saint, you don’t know how many years are accumulated before you can congeal. How could it be given to Tai Xuan casually?
    Tai Xuan hearing this was a little surprised, and immediately smiled: "Your eyesight is really sharp, so you can perceive this, but what about it? A lotus seal mark is also enough to cause you huge trouble, no You of the lotus seal Saint Origin Weapon, it’s hard to break it."
    "Is it?"

    Zhou Yuan's eyes drooped slightly, and immediately he stretched out his palm and attached it to the tip of the Heaven Primal Brush brush bristles. The next moment, the purple gold Origin Qi swept out, and Zhou Yuan's fingertips showed a drop of blood essence and blood essence. Glittering with bright luster, just like a purple golden stone.
    "Dress up as God, play the devil!" When Tai Xuan saw this, his eyes were cold, and finally he urged the power of the blood ring to the pinnacle, only seeing the blood glittering, the light cover shrank quickly, engulfing everything. The terrifying force with all the material obliterated, hiding the sky and covering the earth pressed against Zhou Yuan who was trapped in it.
    "Turn it into blood!"
    Zhou Yuan was indifferent, just staring at the tip of the brush bristles, purple gold radiance in his palm, crazy glittering, and the next moment, a whisper sounded.
    "Although there is no Saint blessing lotus seal for me, this matter does not require Saint...I can do it!"
    "The real Ancestral Dragon Scripture, how can it be compared to your simplified version?"
    "Universal Saint Dragon Qi...Rising Dragon Seize the Heaven Technique."
    When the blood ring was completely depressed, a bright sun-like light burst out from it, and a terrifying force swept out like a simultaneous eruption of thousands of volcanoes, and only the purple gold radiance passed by, Nayu The blood ring formed by lotus seal was directly chopped apart at this time!

    The purple gold radiance swept across the sky, and it seemed that the sky and the earth were divided.
    When Tai Xuan saw this scene, the complexion also changed drastically, and he lost his voice: "How is it possible!"
    Although the blood ring is just a blessing by Saint's, its power is still extremely powerful. Tai Xuan believes that if he falls into it, although it will not be fatal, it will definitely cause innumerable trouble to himself. But now, how can he be caught? What about Zhou Yuan? !
    The black brush in that guy's hand clearly hasn't reached the lotus seal level!
    However, no one answered it. The lotus seal blood ring was cut and Zhou Yuan's figure appeared directly in the void in front of Tai Xuan. Its complexion was indifferent, and the mottled black brush in his hand was gently pierced out.
    The thorn seemed weak, but when the pen was pierced out, there was a trace of nether black that spanned thousands of miles in the sky. On the pen tip, there was a light stream of purple gold flowing out, and the pen tip Rendered like golden stone did.
    Especially on the nib brush bristles, you can see a golden lotus seal faintly discernible, with an unspeakable power and charm, which makes the power of the brush bristles seem to be able to penetrate the sky.

    And Tai Xuan also saw the faint golden lotus seal on the nib of the Heaven Primal Brush for the first time. His pupils suddenly shrank, and some incredible colors appeared on his face for the first time.
    "How can he have a lotus seal for Saint Origin Weapon?!"
    In the previous fight, Tai Xuan had experienced the power of this Heaven Primal Brush's power, but this Heaven Primal Brush was at most an ordinary Saint Origin Weapon, which was far away from the lotus seal to congeal, but in a blink of an eye, this Why did a lotus seal appear on it? !
    "No, it's not right, this lotus seal is not a real lotus seal, it is also blessing up!"
    But even so, Tai Xuan still has some overturning seas and rivers in his heart, because there is no Saint to help here, so obviously, this lotus seal was blessing up by Zhou Yuan himself!
    But how is this possible? blessing lotus seal, only Saint can do it!
    The thoughts in his mind flashed like a lightning flash moment, but Tai Xuan's men did not dare to neglect the slightest. The power contained in the Saint Origin Weapon, which was condensed with a lotus seal, was already enough to pose a huge threat to him.
    "Boundless Gate of Blood Sea!"
    His figure retreated violently, his sleeves were waving, and the Blood Sea roared all over the sky, forming one after another scarlet copper wall, iron bastion. On every iron wall, there are hideous grimaces screaming and vomiting. With billowing blood and qi.

    The Heaven Primal Brush that was swung out did not pay attention to these many obstacles. The purple gold torrent passed through. Wherever it went, the ghost-faced iron wall burst into pieces in an instant, full of eighteen layers, just a breath, it was all the holes through it.
    When Tai Xuan recovered his senses, Zhou Yuan appeared in front of him with his pen. The latter was complexion indifferent, but his eyes were throbbing cold killing intent.
    Above the pen, the purple gold lotus seal has become increasingly fragile.
    "Origin Soul!"
    Zhou Yuan's five fingers clenched the mottled pen body. At that moment, the vast Origin Qi and power of Divine Soul erupted, and the two surging powers merged perfectly, as if it turned into a blow to the sky, with a thunderous force, directly In Tai Xuan's pupils that shrank suddenly, everything poured onto his body.
    At that moment, it was like a round of Sun exploding in the void.
    When the indescribable shock wave wreak havoc came, even the many experts who were far apart from each other were shocked by the aftershock and caused the Origin Qi in the body to violently shake, one by one complexion in shock.
    But they didn't pay attention to this, their eyes were fixed on the source of the shock wave.

    They could see clearly that the figure of Tai Xuan fell in the air at this moment, and finally fell to the ground. It directly tore open one after another 10,000-mile abyss on the ground, and the countless boulder rolled down, burying the figure of Tai Xuan. Go down.
    So before Zhou Yuan was patted underground by Tai Xuan with a palm seal.
    It's just that this scene brought a strong visual impact to all Heavens expert. After all, who could have imagined that Tai Xuan, who was almost invincible, would have such a time of embarrassment!
    At this moment, when all Heavens countless expert looked at the upright figure holding a pen in the void, his eyes became extremely hot and hot.
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