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Chapter Table Of Contents 1363 Shadow Of The Holy Spirit
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Tai Xuan's fleshly body disappeared, leaving a solitary Saint Pupil hanging in the air, whether it was Saint Race or all Heavens expert, the complexion had undergone drastic changes.
    The reaction from Saint Race was the biggest, because they knew best what Tai Xuan's move meant. It was that he sacrificed fleshly body, Divine Soul, and pushed his own Saint Pupil to pinnacle. This is a life-death technique!
    Obviously, the current situation has pushed Tai Xuan to a desperate situation. If he does not take such extreme measures, I am afraid that he will lose in today's battle.
    At that time, not only his own life will not be guaranteed, but it will also affect the overall situation of Saint Race's. As a result, Saint Race all Saints will not let him go easily.
    Although Tai Xuan paid for fleshly body and Divine Soul, there will still be a trace of imprint in the Saint Pupil. If he can finally obliterate Zhou Yuan, then the Ancient Saint of the clan will have a chance to bring him back to life.
    So it was not too surprising that they chose Tai Xuan like this.
    It's just that they are still unavoidably complicated when they cast their eyes on Zhou Yuan's. The scornful gaze that looks like a subordinate has dissipated a lot. No matter how arrogant they are, they have to admit the strength that the latter show.

    After all, even the strongest Law Domain of their Saint Race was driven to such a desperate situation by Zhou Yuan.
    "However, it will end here..."
    Those top expert complexions of Saint Race Shen Ning, as Saint Race people, they know best how terrible it is when Saint Pupil evolves to Nine-stars Saint Pupil, even if Tai Xuan is forced to evolve from outside, but looking at Saint Race, Nine-stars Saint Pupil, that is exclusive to Saint's.
    With Saint's power, it is enough to sweep everything.
    Zhou Yuan on the void is also at this time complexion has become extremely dignified, his sight is full of the fear of the consequences when staring at the Nine-stars Saint Pupil, and the dangerous fluctuations that emanate from it. , Let him feel the aura of death.
    This Tai Xuan is indeed the strongest Law Domain of Saint Race...These methods are simply more and more emerge, which makes people afraid to relax at all.
    The pupils inside the lonely and bloodshot Nine-stars Saint Pupil turned and locked Zhou Yuan directly, and there seemed to be a sneer in the eyes.
    Vaguely, there seemed to be a low murmur like Death God: "Zhou Yuan, you are dead."
    The blood-red aura began to rise from the Nine-stars Saint Pupil, and the Saint Pupil began to gradually become dim at this time.

    Zhou Yuan looked at the inexplicable blood-red aura that rose up, but felt the boundless danger from it, so he did not hesitate to urge Origin Qi to directly display the Tao Tao Origin Technique, forming a torrent offensive, hiding the sky and The covering the earth blasted towards the blood-red aura.
    Puff Chī!
    However, an offensive of this scale fell into the blood-red aura, but it did not cause any billows, as if stones were thrown into a bottomless black hole.
    Zhou Yuan complexion became more and more solemn, and he felt bad.
    The blood-red aura made his Divine Soul tremble slightly, which was a premonition of imminent disaster.
    "What is this thing?!" Zhou Yuan's eyes were uncertain.
    The blood-red aura became stronger and stronger, and finally a huge, invisible shadow was gradually formed above the Nine-stars Saint Pupil.
    The shadow is vague, but when it appears, there is a supreme coercion on the radiant, vague faces, as if there are a pair of indifferent and ruthless eyes looking at the world. .
    And when this phantom exuding the supreme coercion appeared, the many Saint simultaneously on the side of Stone Dragon and all Heavens changed color, and even the Ancient Venerable Jin Luo and the complexion suddenly sank.
    "That is... the shadow of Saint God?!" Saint said in a low voice.

    Ancient Venerable Jin Luo's face sank like water, and said: "It is indeed the shadow of Saint God, but a Nine-stars Saint Pupil that relies on external force to force Promotion, it is impossible to summon the shadow of Saint God. There must be Saint Race's among them. Ancient Saint did some tricks ahead of time."
    "Really shameless!" There was Saint's anger. This is just a fight under Saint, but this Saint Race not only made a lot of shady move, but now even the shadow of Saint God is smashed out, which is completely shameless. .
    Although the shadow of Saint God is just a trivial projection, no matter what, it has the true Saint's power. Maybe they can resolve it, but for the current Zhou Yuan, it is absolutely impossible.
    After all, no matter how strong Zhou Yuan is, it is only Law Domain, and Law Domain cannot compete with Saint's power.
    The gap is far greater than that between Law Domain and Nascent Origin.
    "What to do?" Saint looked at Ancient Venerable Jin Luo. Saint Race had already achieved this step. It can be described as unscrupulous. If they don't take measures, I am afraid that the shadow of Saint God will directly obliterate Zhou Yuan.
    "Be prepared." Ancient Venerable Jin Luo was silent slightly, and then said calmly.
    For the rest of all Saints nods, there was a sense of murder in the eyes.

    The eyes of all Saints can recognize the mysterious shadow, but the many Law Domain Realms in the secret territory of Stone Dragon can't do it, but this does not prevent them from feeling the horror of the mysterious shadow, the kind of faintly exuding Power made them Divine Soul trembling.
    The excitement that Zhou Yuan had the upper hand was instantly extinguished...
    "This is all cheating." Someone gnashing one's teeth said.
    Everyone smiled bitterly. They understood the feeling of stubbornness, but right now it was a war, not a fair duel. There was only victory and defeat, life and death.
    All of their eyes were cast on the young figure standing in the void, although they all understood that putting all the pressure on Zhou Yuan's was too heavy, but that was their last hope after all.
    In the gaze of the countless eyes, Zhou Yuan also frowned at the vague mysterious shadow, that kind of power, even for him now, could not contend.
    Because these are two different levels of power.
    However... if you encounter this level of attack in other places, I am afraid there is really no hope, but here, it is not completely desperate...
    "If you cheat, I'm not afraid of you." Zhou Yuan muttered to himself, staring at the dim Nine-stars Saint Pupil.

    "When it comes to trump card, I am afraid I am better than you."
    Zhou Yuan stretched out his finger, his fingertips were glittering with the dazzling light, that was the combination of the strength of Origin Qi and Divine Soul in his body, and then his fingertips flew, like a flameboyant or bold cursive calligraphy, leaving behind in the virtual space. one after another An extremely old trace.
    It seemed to form an ancient mysterious pattern that even Saint would move.
    With the drop of the fingertips, Zhou Yuan's vast and majestic Origin Qi dissipated at an astonishing speed, and even between the eyebrows Divine Soul began to become dim.
    But now the strength is after all different from the past, with Zhou Yuan's last difficult fall, the ancient lines have completely taken shape.
    At this time, the indifferent gaze of the shadow of Saint God was cast, and then the giant palm lightly patted it.
    When the giant palm falls, everything is annihilated.
    No matter whether it is tangible or intangible, it is all nothingness under one palm.
    Facing the palm of destruction, Zhou Yuan remained indifferent. The ancient lines in front of him gradually faded, as if it had been integrated into Heaven and Earth.
    In that countless horrified gaze, he raised the head, looking at the photographed palm of Saint God, boldly said: "What about the shadow of Saint God? Don't forget where this is, this is Ancestral Dragon Land, is it your turn to run wild afterimage?!"

    At the moment when Zhou Yuan's voice fell, everyone felt that the entire Stone Dragon secret realm was shaking violently at this time.
    All Saints, located outside the secret realm, are also seen by pupils of the eye shrink. The huge Stone Dragon actually opened the dragon eye at this time, and then the dragon head turned, and the dragon mouth opened, as if swallowing the heaven. and devouring the earth.
    The primitive and ancient Dragon's roar sounded as if penetrating time and space, a supreme power that truly surpassed all existence, suddenly spurted out of the dragon mouth at this moment!
    Point to the shadow of Saint God!
    All Saints took a breath, it was a...Ancestral Dragon's will power? !
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