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Chapter Table Of Contents 1367 Xu Beiyan's Death
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhou Yuan and Xu Beiyan clashed, all Saints also cast their gazes away from the secret outside of the Stone Dragon.
    "What's the matter?" All Saints frowned slightly, obviously not understanding why Zhou Yuan suddenly attacked Xu Beiyan. You must know that the enemy just retreated at this time. Isn't it a joke?
    Lu Liu Saint also sank the complexion. He looked directly at Cang Yuan and asked: "Great Venerable Cang Yuan, your disciple is really domineering. You have just gotten great achievements, so do you want to dominate?!"
    The other Saints looked at Cang Yuan, but they saw the latter complexion calm, and there seemed to be a ridicule in their eyes, and they immediately moved in their hearts to become Saints. They are naturally not stupid people, and Zhou Yuan’s usual personality is still reasonable. Suddenly in trouble right now, I am afraid there should be some reasons for it.
    "Lu Liu Saint, take a quiet look, you disciple, think more carefully than you think." Cang Yuan said indifferently, but didn't bother to explain to Lu Liu.
    Lu Liu complexion gloomy, his gaze turned to Ancient Venerable Jin Luo, but he found that the latter also had a calm face and did not speak, and his heart sank even further.
    All Saints cast their eyes on the secret territory of Stone Dragon, and at the same time the reason for the dispute also fell into their ears.

    "Xu Beiyan unexpectedly calculated Zhou Yuan before? So that he was seriously injured by Tai Xuan and hit the ground?!"
    "There is such a thing?!"
    "I did notice that Zhou Yuan's body seemed to be stagnant for a moment before entering the barrier. I originally thought that his Origin Qi was not good, but now, there is a hidden secret?!"
    "This... Xu Beiyan is so cruel?"
    After all, all Saints are far from being very human. They tasted it carefully, and with their abilities, naturally they found some previous doubts.
    Lu Liu Great Venerable's face is like the bottom of a pot, his eyes glittering, and finally gritted his teeth: "Ancient Venerable Jin Luo, after all, this is only Zhou Yuan's side word. Although Xu Beiyan is not as good as him, he should not be slandered at will, otherwise Who is willing to contribute to all Heavens in the future?"
    Cang Yuan indifferently said: "This sentence should be what I said instead."
    "Zhou Yuan has made such a great contribution. If he is still wronged, it will be chilling. Xu Beiyan's mind is vicious, guilty of terrible crimes, unforgivable!"
    "You! Cang Yuan, this matter has not been finalized yet, why do you say that Xu Beiyan is guilty?!" Lu Liu Great Venerable was angry.

    Cang Yuan stared deeply at the secret territory of Stone Dragon. At this time, Zhao Mushen and the three of them appeared. He looked at the devouring vortex in Zhao Mushen's hand and said, "Then keep watching."
    All Saints' unclear gazes are all cast.
    Dragon head battlefield.
    When Zhao Mushen held up the devouring vortex, everyone was a complexion. From a serious look, some people's eyes on Xu Beiyan had begun to change a little. After all, Zhao Mushen was so confident that he must be sure.
    On the other hand, Xu Beiyan's pale appearance of the complexion at this time is not as righteous as before.
    "Zhou Yuan, lock the back road first to prevent someone from running away." Zhao Mushen said to Zhou Yuan before opening the devouring vortex.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, with a slightly small head, and with a flick of his sleeves, he saw Heaven and Earth Origin Qi gradually condensing behind Xu Beiyan, showing signs of becoming a prison of Origin Qi.
    Zhao Mushen raised his palm, the devouring vortex was like a blooming lotus, heavily peeled off, and the strand of power of Divine Soul trapped in it was about to rise.
    Xu Beiyan stared at the power of Divine Soul wrapped in devouring power. The power of Divine Soul had obviously been refined by Zhao Mushen to belong to him, so he couldn't even feel it at the moment.

    "This bastard must be scaring me!"
    There are bloodshots in Xu Beiyan's eyes, and his heartbeat is also speeding up. His instinct tells him that Zhao Mushen is probably bluffing him.
    But... what if it's true? !
    At this time, Xu Beiyan is extremely guilty, because he is the only one who knows best that he did it. Once the power of Divine Soul captured by Zhao Mushen really belongs to him, then Zhou Yuan is likely to be violent. Kill him directly.
    With Zhou Yuan's current strength, Xu Beiyan could not resist at all.
    Xu Beiyan looked crazy glittering.
    "No, I can't stay here. Right now Zhou Yuan is very powerful. Once I guess wrong, I might be killed by him. If I can return to the master, even if things are exposed and protected by the master, even if I will suffer. Great punishment, but in the end it will be able to save our lives, and we will try other things in the future!
    During that lightning flash moment, Xu Beiyan's thoughts flashed quickly, and finally, at the moment when the power of Divine Soul broke through the devouring vortex, he made the final decision.
    The powerful Origin Qi suddenly erupted from Xu Beiyan's body, directly shattering the unformed Origin Qi prison at the fastest speed, and then his figure soared into the sky, trying to escape the mystery of Stone Dragon.

    Xu Beiyan's sudden uproar caused the all Heavens expert's heart to be extremely shaken, and then his face showed anger, because his actions at this time have proved everything.
    "Deserves death, Xu Beiyan, you are so disappointing!" An all Heavens expert said angrily.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes were deep, he looked at the stream of Xu Beiyan's figure, how he didn't know the other person's thoughts, but just wanted to escape, with the help of his master to protect his life.
    "It's a pity that you are such a bad person, you have a talent."
    Zhou Yuan indifferently said, and immediately he stretched out his palm and patted it in the air.
    Suddenly a huge space crack appeared in the void, and a nine-claw purple gold dragon claw came out from it, covering the sky like a sun, engulfing the vast power, and directly blocking Heaven and Earth. Heavily shot on it. On Xu Beiyan.
    The void burst, Xu Beiyan's figure fell down, smashing a huge hole in the ground.
    Puff Chī!
    Xu Beiyan blood spurted wildly, and there was no need to resist, the purple gold dragon claw whizzed down, heavily held him down. At this moment, he is like being town by endless mountains, he can't move anymore, even his Origin Qi was completely suppressed and sealed at this time.
    This made Xu Beiyan extremely shocked. Is the gap between him and Zhou Yuan so huge now?

    "Xu Beiyan, what are you afraid of?" Zhao Mushen complexion indifferently spoke.
    At this time, the devouring vortex in his hand completely dissipated, and a strand of invisible power of Divine Soul was pinched at his fingertips, but the strand of Divine Soul did not float to Xu Beiyan, but directly plunged into Wu Yao Guangjie between the eyebrows.
    Everyone understands that that one is not Xu Beiyan's power of Divine Soul.
    "You really are bluffing me?!" Xu Beiyan roared in anger.
    He had doubts about this before, but after all, he was guilty of conscience and it was difficult to fight with his life.
    After the roar, Xu Beiyan looked at Zhou Yuan with a killing intent in his eyes, and sternly said: "Zhou Yuan, you can't kill me! Even if I am guilty, all Saints should convict me, when will it be your turn?! "
    Zhou Yuan complexion is indifferent, step by step towards Xu Beiyan.
    When Xu Beiyan saw this, there was finally fear in his eyes, and he hurriedly shouted: "Master, save me!"
    The void suddenly oscillated at this time. Zhou Yuan stopped because he felt the presence of Weili. At the same time, Ancient Venerable Jin Luo's voice sounded: "Zhou Yuan, Xu Beiyan is guilty, you hand him over to Return to Ruin How about Divine Hall's disposal, sure to give you an explanation?"
    All Heavens expert's eyes all converged on Zhou Yuan.

    Zhou Yuan was silent for a while. He looked at Xu Beiyan's relief and said slowly: "I escorted 18 people back to the barrier. They are all my team members, although I don't even have their names. I remember completely, but I am Captain and I have a responsibility to bring them back safely."
    "However, because of Xu Beiyan's insidious means, with 18 team members, only Zhao Mushen survived."
    "The other fifteen people, under my nose, were blown into blood by Tai Xuan."
    His speech is low, but it contains Fiendish Qi that is hard to conceal.
    Immediately, Zhou Yuan raised the head, staring out of the void, and said word by word: "I didn't protect them, so I want them to die."
    "I don't need someone else to give this explanation, I will give it myself!"
    When the last word fell, Zhou Yuan mobilized his power without hesitation. The purple gold dragon claw that suppressed Xu Beiyan broke out suddenly. The extremely domineering Saint Dragon Qi poured into Xu Beiyan's body like a torrent, and then The next moment, with the gesture of destruction of heaven and earth, it burst out!
    Heaven and Earth are shaking and hissing.
    That Xu Beiyan's screams never even uttered. That terrifying force completely wiped him out from the inside out.

    all Heavens expert looked at this scene shockedly...
    At this time they understood that Xu Beiyan was really obliterated by Zhou Yuan...
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