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Chapter Table Of Contents 1368 Punish
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The purple gold dragon claw slowly dissipated, but the huge pit on the ground still looked extremely dazzling. The entire dragon head battlefield was quiet. Everyone looked at this scene in shock, and their emotions were overturning seas and rivers.
    Everyone didn't expect, Zhou Yuan actually killed Xu Beiyan...
    That is the third level of a top Law Domain, and behind it, there are three Saint masters!
    With such a background, he couldn't keep his life? !
    One after another stared at Zhou Yuan's figure in a very complicated way, and there was some admiration in those eyes.
    What happened today, in the final analysis, was that Xu Beiyan had a vicious mind first, and Zhou Yuan was able to kill Xu Beiyan in angrily for the lives of some of his team members, in front of all Saints. Xinxing, let them respect from the bottom of their hearts.
    After all, no matter in terms of the identity and strength of those damaged team members, there is a difference between heaven and earth and Xu Beiyan. If there is a trade-off between the two, I am afraid that there will be many people who choose Xu Beiyan.
    It is obviously more profitable to make a supreme talent with such a background than to avenge some dead people.
    Although everyone also understands that Zhou Yuan insists on killing him, more probably is because Xu Beiyan is mainly plotting against him, but no matter what, this does not deny Zhou Yuan's blood and courage.

    This young man's breath in his chest was enough to pierce the sky.
    Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he can always maintain his courage and diligence...
    And when Zhou Yuan was obliterating Xu Beiyan, all Saints outside of Stone Dragon's secret area were also in a brief absence.
    I want to come, even they have never seen such a bold person.
    Obviously Ancient Venerable Jin Luo had already spoken...As a result, Zhou Yuan took the opportunity to kill Xu Beiyan.
    In their absence, a mighty force suddenly rioted, which directly caused the starry sky to tremble. All Saints looked at it and saw Lu Liu complexion iron blue, as if there was a flame spurting out of his eyes.
    "So courageous! So courageous!"
    Lu Liu was trembling with anger, surging in a monstrous imposing manner, his eyes penetrated the void and locked on Zhou Yuan's figure, his anger seemed to burn the latter.
    "Lu Liu, what do you want to do?" A deep voice rang out, and Cang Yuan's eyes were sharply locked on Lu Liu. On his shoulders, the holy light condensed and turned into two slowly rotating Saint Lotuses, which seemed to contain Two Heaven and Earth world.
    "What?!" Lu Liu roared: "Cang Yuan, can't you see it?! How dare he in front of my face and behead my disciple?!"

    Cang Yuan's eyes sank and he said, "What were you doing when your disciple in front of my face conspired Zhou Yuan?"
    Lu Liu stagnated in an imposing manner, gritted his teeth and said: "But Zhou Yuan is not dead?! But now, Xu Beiyan has really been wiped out by him even the fleshly body Divine Soul!"
    "I didn't die, it was because Zhou Yuan was fate. Xu Beiyan is dead now. It only shows that he was fate and deserved to have this catastrophe." Cang Yuan said coldly. It can be seen that he also has anger rising in his heart. If it weren't for Zhou Yuan's fate, Xu Beiyan would really kill him this time.
    Lu Liu was very angry: "Even if Xu Beiyan is guilty, it should be dealt with by Return to Ruin Divine Hall. He is a little Law Domain, where's the courage to go beyond the sacrificial altar and take over the kitchen? And it was clearly Ancient Venerable. Jin Luo has already issued the order, but he scorned the holy order and insisted on killing him. This kind of domineering, doesn't he put Return to Ruin Divine Hall in his eyes?!"
    "Old ghost Lu Liu, you've been thinking about this for so many years, and you are still so vicious."
    Cang Yuan said indifferently: "Xu Beiyan's plot against Zhou Yuan not only caused him to be heavy injury, but also caused his sheltered team members to die tragically in front of him. He has a lot of blood. Over the years, how much has Zhou Yuan done for all Heavens? Everyone knows the battle, so the so-called domineering is just wishful thinking of you old ghost."

    All Saints sighed secretly. Actually, today’s things could have been punished after the fact, but everyone didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to be so staunch, but for Zhou Yuan’s contribution, Saint’s who was there was really well aware of it, and naturally he would not really be punished by Lu Liu. Motivated by a word.
    All Saints pondered slightly, their eyes were all looking at Ancient Venerable Jin Luo, and the conclusion of today's affairs still depends on this ancient Venerable with the highest status.
    Ancient Venerable Jin Luo's face was as sinking as water, making people unable to see what he was thinking. He was also gazing at the young figure in the secret territory of Stone Dragon. After a long while, he slowly said: "Xu Beiyan secretly calculated Zhou Yuan Before, there was this ending, it should be have only one self to blame, and Zhou Yuan beheaded without authorization, but also responsible. The last reward of the Stone Dragon secret realm this time is deprived of it."
    As soon as this remark came out, it was a qualitative matter.
    All Saints’ gaze glittering is nods, only Lu Liu complexion gloomy, this kind of punishment is almost ineffective for Zhou Yuan, and this kid has secretly refined a lot of Ancestral Dragon souls in the secret realm of Stone Dragon. Marrow, even Law Domain Realm has stepped into it right now, what kind of reward does he need?
    So this kind of deprivation is meaningless!
    "Ancient Venerable, this punishment is unfair!" Lu Liu gritted his teeth.

    Ancient Venerable Jin Luo stared at Lu Liu, with a sense of coldness that make people palpitations, and said: "Lu Liu, stop pestering endlessly. Before this, only Cang Yuan and I were aware of Xu Beiyan’s secret calculations. But we didn't say anything at the time, because we sensed that Zhou Yuan did not really lose all his vitality."
    "The old man is also here to say the most straightforward thing to you. If Zhou Yuan really died here, I will personally kill Xu Beiyan, even...including you."
    There was a chill in Lu Liu's body. He looked at Ancient Venerable Jin Luo in a daze. This Ancient Venerable was the oldest in all Heavens and attracted the respect of all Saints. In the past, he revealed a lot of peace. This is Lu Liu. The first time I saw this Ancient Venerable showed such a terrifying look.
    The other Saints are silent, and their identities naturally understand the profound meaning of Ancient Venerable Jin Luo's words.
    A Zhou Yuan may not be too heavy in the eyes of all Saints. Even if Cang Yuan is added, it can't shake the Return to Ruin Divine Hall, but... Zhou Yuan behind, there is more than Cang Yuan.
    And that God of the third sequence!
    That is the hope of the Return to Ruin Divine Hall layout for thousands of years.

    Although these Saints also feel a little inconceivable about the feelings between Zhou Yuan and Zhou Yuan, the truth is that the goddess and Zhou Yuan have extremely deep feelings. If Zhou Yuan really died here, they Can't imagine what that one would do.
    In these years, that person has only done random things, seeming to be harmless to humans and animals, but only these Saints can understand how terrifying the so-called God of the third sequence is.
    Therefore, Zhou Yuan was really killed here because of Xu Beiyan’s plot, then Ancient Venerable Jin Luo would not hesitate to behead Xu Beiyan and even Lu Liu. He must use the life of the master and apprentice to fill that one’s life. Hearing anger.
    "Lu Liu, you should be thankful that Zhou Yuan did not really die in Xu Beiyan's hands."
    "And Xu Beiyan will have this result. Your master has a great responsibility. He doesn't understand the horror and importance of that one. Don't you know? Or, Saint's arrogance makes you ignore everything? You are Want my all Heavens hope to be ruined in your hands?!"
    Ancient Venerable Jin Luo's deep voice rang in Lu Liu's ears, like an angry thunder-like, causing the latter's figure to stagger back two steps, and the complexion gradually paled.
    At this moment, Lu Liu felt what it meant to be struck by lightning.

    Over the years, he has formed a small camp with the other two masters of Xu Beiyan, which gave them a place in the Return to Ruin Divine Hall, so facing Cang Yuan of Two Lotuses Realm, he was not afraid. However, what he didn't expect is that this kind of alliance that is enough to disregard all Heavens', when facing a Zhou Yuan that he originally didn't see him originally, it completely failed...
    At this time, Lu Liu understood a feeling that he had never felt before, that it was... self-inflicted.
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