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Chapter Table Of Contents 1389 Behead The Jurisdiction
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Saint Dragon, Law Domain!"
    When Zhou Yuan's plain voice sounded, a Law Domain exuding mysterious and majestic fluctuations suddenly used it as the source point and swept across the void.
    Then Pang Yang saw the Law Domain shrouded, and the complexion couldn't help but make a big change, and he lost his voice: "You actually opened up the Law Domain?!"
    When Zhou Yuan was kicked out of Blue Profound Heaven, but the strength of the Divine Palace Realm just now, in the eyes of Pang Yang at that time, it was just an ant. No matter how the ants jumped, it was impossible for them to lose one thread, one hair to Saint Palace, so he didn't care too much about Zhou Yuan, who was famous in Blue Profound Heaven at that time.
    But over the years, from all Heavens, some information from Zhou Yuan's has been sent back to Blue Profound Heaven from time to time, and by means of Saint Palace's, it was naturally collected. This information caused some billows in Saint Palace. After all, no one expected Then, the stray dog in their eyes can still be mixed in All Heavens.
    Especially when the results of the Ancient Origin Heaven dispute came, some senior officials in Saint Palace had to pay more attention to Zhou Yuan.
    This time Pang Yang led his army to Boundless Continent. One of the missions was to capture Zhou Qing and Qin Yu alive, which may be used to intimidate Zhou Yuan in the future.

    But what made Pang Yang didn't expect was that Zhou Yuan came back so quickly, and... he also opened up the Law Domain!
    This made Pang Yang a little overturning seas and rivers in his heart, and at the same time a deep jealousy came out. You must know how much he paid to open up the Law Domain, but now, he has never paid attention to it this year. The ant can actually sit on an equal footing with him? !
    "Boy, when this One ruled the Blue Profound Heaven back then, you were probably not born yet. I really thought you could get this One?!" Pang Yang sneered. Although Zhou Yuan opened up the Law Domain, his cultivation years The month is short, and even if the talent potential is high, it is not new to Law Domain. It seems that the two sides are similar, and the other party wants to eat him in one bite, but it is whimsical!
    So Pang Yang has no idea of retreating at all, because he does not allow himself to retreat in front of the ants he once thought.
    "Jinchen Law Domain!"
    Therefore, Pang Yang stepped out in a volley, and between the long screams, the Golden Law Domain suddenly expanded, and there were golden stars in the sky, blooming billions of golden light, illuminating a sky.
    "Zhou Yuan, although I don't know what method you used to develop Law Domain, you still feel tender if you want to face this One head-on!" Law Domain filled, Pang Yang's heart gave birth to infinite self-confidence, and he laughed.

    On the city wall, Zhou Qing and others looked at the golden light Law Domain. They were also able to feel the terrifying power surging in it. That power, even just a tiny bit, could easily kill them clean. net.
    This is the Law Domain expert!
    Zhou Yuan looked at the Pang Yang who chose to face him, but was slightly startled, and then became silent with a smile: "It seems that Blue Profound Heaven's is indeed a little closed."
    Looking at Pang Yang’s actions, he obviously didn’t know the outcome of the Stone Dragon mystery battle. After all, in that battle, even the strongest Law Domain of Saint Race was planted in Zhou Yuan’s hands. Pang Yang at the moment is just Relying on external forces to develop the first realm of Law Domain, this kind of strength is really not even qualified for Zhou Yuan to face it, but he has to choose a head-to-head. This is really an extreme saturation of a chicken head against a rock.
    "What do you mean?!" Pang Yang said coldly.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head, but he was too lazy to talk nonsense, his eyes were indifferent, and he stretched out his palm and grabbed it away.
    The endless void shattered, and in the next instant, a huge purple gold dragon claw burst out of the air, and one claw was shot at the Pang Yang Law Domain.
    When the purple gold dragon claw was photographed, Pang Yang suddenly changed its complexion, because at this moment, a sense of imminent disaster emerged, causing him to shake violently between the eyebrows Divine Soul.

    But he didn’t wait for him to react too much. The purple gold dragon claw was shot on the golden light law domain. The latter just persisted but for a moment, it was as fragile as paper, and was directly born by the purple gold dragon claw. Torn apart.
    The purple gold dragon claw penetrates into the golden light Law Domain, suspends it in the air, and grabs the golden star that releases billions of brilliant golden light. This golden star is the core of Pang Yang's Law Domain.
    "Even the strongest Law Domain of Saint Race was killed by me. How brave did you dare to open Law Domain in front of me?" Zhou Yuan's faint voice sounded.
    Pang Yang was horrified, and there was boundless fear in his eyes, because only in that contact could he discover how vast and terrifying Zhou Yuan's power was.
    "You, you are the third realm of Law Domain?! How could it be possible!" Pang Yang screamed in amazement, and even if it was really the third realm of Law Domain, it was unlikely that he would break his Law Domain so easily, right? !
    How did Zhou Yuan become such a monster in just over a decade? !
    He could feel the mighty energy of the dragon claw holding the golden stars, and immediately the complexion screamed palely: "Stop! I want to drop!"
    The golden star is the core of his Law Domain. If it is really broken, then the Law Domain he has developed at a countless price will also be broken!

    The consequences were too serious, he couldn't bear it!
    At this time, Pang Yang finally raised some regrets. He knew that he shouldn't have accepted this mission. Who would have thought that a small Great Zhou Dynasty would have such a terrifying guardian.
    However, in the face of his begging for mercy, Zhou Yuan was expressionless and his eyes were cold. This person wanted to slaughter Great Zhou City before, so how could he easily let it go.
    So he thought of One Revolution, and the purple gold dragon claw clenched tightly.
    hōng hōng!
    It was like a star bursting open, countless golden light shot in all directions, like a round of golden sun bursting in the void.
    The golden Law Domain ruptured quickly at this time.
    In just a few breaths, the Golden Law Domain completely dissipated.
    Puff Chī!
    The Law Domain was broken, and Pang Yang a mouthful of fresh blood spewed out, and his whole body was rapidly wilting with Origin Qi, his face also became old, and Death Qi exuded on his body.
    "Run away!" His eyes were full of fear, and he screamed.
    When the sound fell, he had already turned around, burning the blood essence all over, and wanted to escape.
    But when his figure just moved, there was a purple gold giant dragon in the void looking down indifferently, the next moment, a mouthful of purple gold dragon breath penetrated the void, directly hitting the body of Pang Yang.

    In a short breath, the void burst like a mirror, and Pang Yang's body was completely evaporated at this time, which can be described as not a trace of body left.
    In the void, the Saint Demon Army tremblingly watched this scene. They witnessed a Law Domain expert die in front of them. This made them even those who had gone through the Divine Blood Altar baptism and became fierce. Infinite fear was born.
    The next moment, Saint Demon Army flees.
    As for the city wall, everyone including Shen Taiyuan fell into sluggishness at this time, from Zhou Yuan's shot to the end, but in a short time, but in such a short time, a genuine Law Domain expert die in front of them...
    That's a Law Domain expert!
    Even in such a Blue Profound Heaven, it is still a party authority, and any force regards it as the top combat power.
    However, now, Pang Yang has almost no resistance at all, so he is easily wiped out...
    Is such power a manpower?
    One after another dull gaze, looking at Zhou Yuan who slowly closed his hands in front of him, everyone could feel that he seemed to be strong now, but they didn’t know how strong he was until... Law Domain expert die in front of him.

    The dead silence on the city wall lasted for a while, and finally burst into countless cheers.
    "Your Highness is invincible!"
    In that city, the citizens of countless Great Zhou are also constantly watching the battle outside. They have also seen Zhou Yuan's appearance before. They only know that there is an expert to help them, but they don't know who it is.
    And when they saw that Pang Yang was beheaded on the spot, they were also in shock.
    Immediately afterwards, I heard cheers on the wall.
    "What? Your Highness?!"
    "Could it be that the one who came to the rescue turned out to be our Great Zhou's Your Highness Zhou Yuan?!"
    "Is Your Highness back?!"
    "We are saved!"
    "Your Highness is invincible!"
    Accompanied by the sound of countless surging in the city, immediately after the calamity, renewed life of the Great Zhou citizens, all complexion cheered excitedly.
    The despair and fear before it, and the sudden hope now, this made them so excited that they couldn't control it.
    Shen Taiyuan heard the cheers like topple the mountains and overturn the seas, and finally gradually recovered, and then looked at the figure in front of him with a little complicated eyes.
    Who could have imagined that the young man who was forced to leave from Blue Profound Heaven... when he returned again, he already had the power to change the general trend of Blue Profound Heaven.

    However, Shen Taiyuan gradually gave birth to some sense of pride and comfort.
    This young man who is destined to bring great shock to the entire Blue Profound Heaven, but from their Saint Origin Peak...
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