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Chapter Table Of Contents 1406 Sanluo Sacred Blood Pool
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The Blue Profound Alliance’s offensive was advancing at a more rapid rate in the next period of time, eroding the territory originally belonging to Saint Palace's step by step. Finally, half a month later, the army was hiding the sky and covering the earth. Stopped three hundred miles away from Saint Palace headquarters.
    Layers of encircling circles wrap up the entire Saint Palace tightly, and Origin Pattern barriers rise from the ground. Origin Qi radiance shines in all directions, covering all the Heaven and Earth. Such a stern image is really even flies. Can't fly out.
    Above a ten thousand peaks.
    Zhou Yuan, the four Headmasters, Chi Jing and many other top experts of the Blue Profound Alliance are all standing here. Their gazes are looking into the distance, and they can see that there is white snow among the mountains, and there are buildings among the snow-capped mountains. Group, majestic and majestic, imposing manner majestic.
    That's where the headquarters of Saint Palace is located.
    On the high towers of Saint Palace's, one can see expert guards, watching the surrounding circle with vigilant eyes.
    Zhou Yuan and others can clearly sense that in the Saint Palace headquarters, which is also protected by Sect Protecting Barrier, there are countless and tyrannical Origin Qi fluctuations lurking.
    All the power of Saint Palace is gathered here.
    Everyone understands that in this area, almost 90% of the experts of Blue Profound Heaven have gathered, and perhaps at this time the entire Blue Profound Heaven's countless creatures are all paying attention to this.

    The final result here will determine the future destiny of Blue Profound Heaven.
    "What do you do next? Do you want to launch an attack?"
    On the top of the mountain, the Headmaster Qing Yang complexion is solemn, and at this moment, even people like him who are used to seeing big winds and waves are unavoidably a little nervous.
    After all, if the next war starts, Heaven and Earth must be eclipsed.
    "Then Sheng Yuan doesn't know what the hell is doing, so just wait for us to form an encirclement?" Ancient Whale Venerable said in a deep voice. During this time, the Blue Profound Alliance has stepped forward. Saint Palace still has no large-scale resistance and even sits and watches. They build a block of Origin Pattern barriers, this abnormal behavior, on the contrary, makes people a little uneasy.
    No one is really stupid enough to think that Saint Palace has no counterattack strength. After all, until now, Sheng Yuan didn't even speak up, and he hadn't even appeared in front of him.
    "For some reason, there is always an uncomfortable feeling here." Wu Yao on the side suddenly said.
    Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen, and Chi Jing are all nods, they also have this feeling, but the perception spreads, but they didn't notice any strangeness.
    Zhou Yuan stared at the Saint Palace located in the snow-capped mountains, groaning slightly, the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern flowing out of his eyes.

    The field of vision in front of him changed abruptly, and Zhou Yuan's eye pupils also shrank suddenly, because this time he saw that in the Saint Palace, there seemed to be wisps of blood-red qi stream constantly rising and sinking into the void. Among.
    With that blood-red qi stream, even he felt the slightest chill.
    "Huh?" When Zhou Yuan noticed the weird blood-red qi stream rising in the Saint Palace, a surprised whisper suddenly came from the depths of the Saint Palace.
    "You, the first person under Saint, it seems that you are not with an undeserved reputation..."
    A chuckle resounded from Heaven and Earth, and the sky above Saint Palace was surging, and a white-haired figure appeared out of thin air.
    And with the appearance of this Real Taoist shadow, the surrounding Blue Profound Alliance army suddenly broke out in riots, and the gaze projected from one after another was full of terror.
    Even Headmaster Qing Yang and the others, the complexion is slightly changed, looking at that Real Taoist shadow's vision becomes extremely afraid of the consequences.
    Because of the Real Taoist shadow, precisely Palace Master Sheng Yuan!
    And this Palace Master Sheng Yuan just showed up, without any other actions, it has caused many top experts of the Blue Profound Alliance to become discolored, and his eyes are full of fear of the consequences and meaning.
    After all, no matter what, no one present dared to deny the strength of Palace Master Sheng Yuan. He is now the first person to fully deserving, without any reservations in Blue Profound Heaven.

    In the face of the countless horrified gaze, Palace Master Sheng Yuan didn't pay attention to it at all. His gaze just stayed on Zhou Yuan's, with a playful look.
    Zhou Yuan's stared at Palace Master Sheng Yuan also coldly.
    The two people met each other, and there seemed to be an indescribable sense of oppression spreading between Heaven and Earth. Under this invisible oppression, even the Law Domain experts on both sides were slightly discolored.
    "Sheng Yuan, what on earth do you want to do?" Headmaster Qing Yang said in a deep voice at this time.
    Palace Master Sheng Yuan glanced at Headmaster Qing Yang and said, "Qing Yang, compared to your Master Blue Profound, there is indeed a big gap. Originally, this One thought that it would be you who would become my opponent in the end. "
    "As a result, your four Headmasters have been surpassed by a Maotou boy of the year, and now they are even under his command..."
    Heavenly Sword Venerable raised his eyelids and said with an old voice: "Sheng Yuan, I don't need to say more about this kind of silly remarks. Although I am pedantic, I still understand the principle of the superior."
    "Are you afraid of sow dissension here?" Palace Master Dan Qingzi of Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace sneered.
    Sheng Yuan smiled and said with a smile: "Could it be that your so-called "sweep everything before one" during this period of time really made you forget about it?"

    He smiled at the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were indifferent, and there was even a hint of sarcasm in it: "You can advance here, not how good you are, but this One wants you to get here."
    Sheng Yuan turned his gaze to Zhou Yuan's place, and said lightly: "Speaking of which, I have to thank you for bringing so many blood sacrifices here, but it saves me a lot of effort."
    The spread of his words immediately caused some commotion in the Blue Profound Alliance army, and many people showed uneasy expressions on their faces.
    Not only them, but even the four Headmasters of Qing Yang and the others, their hearts are very heavy.
    Palace Master Sheng Yuan stood in the void. He looked at somewhere deep in Saint Palace and smiled and said, "I’m almost ready...Qing Yang, you think I’m stuck in Saint Palace for so many years. Is it just to recuperate?"
    "No, that injury has been healed long ago. The Closure has been for many years, just for today."
    "This feast, this One has been waiting for a long time."
    He slowly raised his palms, and his fingertips were formed with seals.
    At this moment, deep in the Saint Palace, there was a sudden low sound resounding. The next moment, everyone was shocked to see that a blood-red torrent suddenly erupted from it. In an instant, It is turned into a wave of blood-red, rolling across all directions.

    Where the blood-red torrent has been, everything is ablated, even Heaven and Earth Origin Qi!
    Saint Palace in the mountains is the first to bear the brunt, disappearing instantly, and the blood-red torrent is like a demon, expanding in circles.
    Cannibalize any creatures and objects in the past.
    In the Blue Profound Alliance army, someone was horrified, and immediately broke out a majestic offensive, trying to break the sticky Blood Sea to pieces.
    But these attacks fell into it, and did not cause the slightest billows. On the contrary, the Origin Qi contained in it seemed to have been swallowed by the Blood Sea, and then became its swelling and expanding nourishment.
    In just a few dozen breaths of time, the Blood Sea has covered hundreds of miles!
    fishy smell soaring!
    Headmaster Qing Yang and others also shrank at this time, because in their perception, they could clearly feel that the Blood Sea in front of them was like a living thing, full of indescribable weirdness and horror.
    That kind of weirdness, just passing by the perception, made them sweat all over their bodies unknowingly.
    Palace Master Sheng Yuan eagerly looked at the thick Blood Sea that was beginning to swell, with white hair fluttering, and the smile on his face became a little distorted at this time.
    "Everyone, let me introduce to you..."

    "The thing in front of you is called "Boundless Saint Blood Pond". It will continue to dissolve any existence it encounters, whether it is Heaven and Earth Origin Qi or mountains, rivers and ocean currents, it will swallow it and turn it into the most original power. .."
    "Ultimately it will feed back these powers to me, and I... can really climb the road of Saint..."
    "But you can rest assured that it will not be swallowed endlessly. According to this One's estimation, as long as it swallows one-tenth of the area of Blue Profound Heaven, it will reach its limit..."
    Palace Master Sheng Yuan smiled slightly at Headmaster Qing Yang and others who were about to crack their orbits.
    "One-tenth of the area, in exchange for the birth of a Saint, should this be considered a good deal, right?"
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