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Chapter Table Of Contents 1469 Tianluo Checkerboard
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When many malicious gazes projected from the space vortex, immediately after another, there was one after another light shadow wrapped in a bloody and fierce aura.
    A ray of light hovering in the air, full of fierce gaze, locked the Blue Profound Heaven forces on the opposite side.
    The atmosphere in the entire space is filled with murderous air.
    "Hehe, it really is Blue Profound Heaven's Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan here."
    At this moment, there was a laughter from the space vortex, and Zhou Yuan saw a black armor figure stepping out of the sky. On the black armor, there was a crimson Fire Lotus slowly turning, just like the essence. .
    When Zhou Yuan saw the black-clad figure, his eyes condensed, because he could feel the mighty power emanating from the latter's body.
    The person in front of me turned out to be a Shuanglian Saint! This was information he had never obtained before.
    After this black armored double lotus Saint, there are nine figures volleying behind, and the powerful fluctuations that diffuse from them can know that these nine people are all Saint Realm.
    "Under the reputation of Saint Race Yan Xu, Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan, I like thunder piercing the ear in Saint Race." The black-armored man has narrow eyes, his eyes narrowed when he laughed, like a fox.

    "Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan is still here. It makes me a little surprised. I originally thought you would take these people back to Blue Profound Heaven in a dingy manner." Yan Xu's face was filled with a surprised smile.
    However, facing his words, Zhou Yuan was indifferent, just waved his hand to remind others to be on guard and prepare to do it.
    "Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan, there is no need to make some senseless resistance, right? Your Blue Profound Heaven has a weak foundation and really can't afford it." Yan Xu shook his head when he saw it, seeming to persuade him sincerely.
    "Why don't you take someone back now and leave this space to me, let's part without hard feelings, how about?"
    Zhou Yuan finally smiled and said, "I want to take your head and go again."
    Yan Xu clapped his hands: "Okay!"
    Then he grabbed his head with his palm and twisted it. With a kā chā, the whole head was twisted off. The head in his hand was still smiling at Zhou Yuan and said, "Is this all right?"
    Zhou Yuan shook his head: "I would rather pick it myself."
    Yan Xu put his head back again, twisted his neck, and somewhat helplessly said, "It seems that Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan is really trying to die."
    "Now you are just One Lotus Realm. This is not in Blue Profound Heaven. Even if you can get some blessing, it will be more limited. More importantly, this blessing will gradually weaken over time.. ."

    "So, you think you can really stop me?"
    Zhou Yuan indifferently said: "Try it."
    Yan Xu sighed and said, "It seems that there is nothing to talk about... Forget it, you should all die."
    His eyes suddenly became cold at this time, and the chill caused the temperature between Heaven and Earth to drop.
    "Kill all, leave no one."
    Yan Xu waved his hand, and an indifferent voice sounded. The next moment, the nine Saints behind him suddenly exploded with immense power, and immediately went straight into the air. On Zhou Yuan's side, Zhuan Zhu and other nine saints behind him also had a dazzling look, and the mighty force swept across, and the silhouette moved straight up above the sky and greeted the opposite saint.
    hōng hōng!
    Eighteen Saints collided at the same time, and that mighty force swept across the collision room, directly in this sea space, setting off a great wave and destroying huge islands.
    When the two Saints confronted, many Law Domain expert violently shoots out, one after another Law Domain opened up, colorful, it was extremely spectacular.
    The Law Domain experts on both sides were all wrapped in killing intents and collided together. Suddenly, there was no peaceful place in this space.
    A large-scale melee, directly opened, and the flames of war started a prairie fire.

    Zhou Yuan's did not cast his gaze on the four sides of the battle. Instead, he kept locked on the black armored man named Yan Xu. He was about to explode when the mighty power in his body suddenly changed.
    At this moment, he noticed that a strange force enveloped the sea space, but this force was not too strongly targeted.
    "Do you feel it?" Yan Xu's figure suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Yuan's, with a smile on his face, and his narrow eyes as sharp as a blade.
    He didn't urge Saint Weili to fight against Zhou Yuan, instead he sat down in a volley.
    "What the hell did you do?" Zhou Yuan asked faintly, and then he sat cross-legged in front of him.
    Yan Xu smiled. With a wave of his sleeves, a scarlet light swept out of his sleeves, and then fell between the two, forming a crimson-colored chessboard.
    The chessboard is mottled and ancient, with countless and extremely ancient lines engraved on it, which is obscure and profound, as if it has a special connection with Heaven and Earth.
    "This is Skynet Chessboard, it is the top Sacred Relic of Shuanglian. When I appeared here, this space it is already transformed into chessboard, you and I are chess players, and the rest are chess pieces."

    Yan Xu stroked the palm of his hand over the chessboard, and only saw the scarlet light condensed on it. First, there were eighteen unusually bright chess pieces formed, and light shadows appeared in the chess pieces. It was the eighteen saints from both sides.
    In addition to these eighteen Saint chess pieces, there are also smaller chess pieces forming, fighting each other and colliding together, precisely at this time the appearance of the two large forces fighting together.
    With no expression on his face, Zhou Yuan directly slapped Yan Xu with a palm. The vast mighty force roared like a giant dragon, and he patted Yan Xu's body heavily.
    However, Yan Xu did not evade, letting that palm fall, and his body did not move a single jot, it seemed that he had not suffered any harm.
    "You don't have to waste your energy. If you want to break the game with your strength, unless it is Three Lotus Saint, you can only obey the rules honestly." Yan Xu laughed.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head, and said, "You can be regarded as a veteran Two Lotuses Realm Saint anyway, and I am just One Lotus Realm as you said, so let's fight straight and grandiose, why bother so much. Turns around?"

    Yan Xu sighed and said, "No way, your accomplishments are too brilliant. In the past, those Saint experts who underestimated you were eventually planted, so I never intended to treat you purely. A One Lotus Realm, because I want to complete the mission smoothly." "That’s really an honor." Zhou Yuan became silent a bit, this Yan Xu was a little funny about his aspect of the consequences, even himself, because of his superficial strength Looking at it, it is obvious that the opponent has some advantages. After all, this is not Blue Profound Heaven, and his blessing power will be partially weakened.
    But because the opponent has the advantage, they are not willing to play directly with him, and they have to rack one's brains launch and a top Sacred Relic to give restrictions.
    "Since it is a chess game, it is natural to use chess pieces as the attack, and finally the winner will be determined."
    Yan Xu smiled slightly, pointed to the crimson chessboard in front of him, and said: "The rules are actually very simple. As our forces gradually gain the upper hand, I will also get blessing, and you will be weakened."
    "It's pretty rascal, you set the rules." Zhou Yuan said indifferently.
    Yan Xu smiled and said: "How can there be any fairness in the world? When you enter the game, it is already a step slower, but for Skynet Chessboard to take effect, at least it requires both sides to have equal strengths."

    Zhou Yuan's eyes were a little deep, and he said, "But I'm not interested in this kind of game. What I prefer to do is to just lift the chessboard."
    "I just said that this is the top Sacred Relic, unless the Three Lotus Realm expert breaks it." Yan Xu shook his head.
    "I do not believe."
    Zhou Yuan showed his white teeth. As soon as he lifted his palm, he saw a mottled black brush slowly rising up, and then floating above the chessboard.
    On the black brush, the ancient Origin Pattern emerges, turning into strands of streamer and falling down.
    The chessboard seemed to perceive something, and the scarlet light rose up and collided with the streamer. Corrosion.
    Under this collision, the chessboard is also shaking slightly, and the radiance on it is uncertain.
    Yan Xu's eyes narrowed, and slowly said: "You want to change the rules?"
    How he couldn't feel it, the mysterious light stream hanging from the mottled black brush contained hundreds of millions of Origin Patterns, and when the Origin Pattern touched the Skynet Chessboard, he actually tried to corrosion the chessboard. , And then made some changes to the rules.
    "As expected of Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan, he is so advanced in Origin Pattern." Yan Xu sighed softly. This Zhou Yuan was really thorny. He didn't choose to break it with force, but planned to break it with skill.

    "It seems that this game can only be over before your intention is reached."
    Zhou Yuan squinted his eyes slightly and said, "You just said that if this chessboard wants to take effect, at least the apparent strength of both parties is similar."
    Yan Xu chuckled softly and said, "You said it too, that's what it is."
    At this moment, the corner of his lips lifted a weird smile, and he stretched out his finger to lightly tap a certain Law Domain chess piece.
    And at the moment his finger dropped, Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly sank.
    Because he felt that at this moment, in the battlefield below, a formidable wave suddenly broke out. The wave was originally Law Domain Realm, but at this moment, the power was rising, and the last step was taken out of the shackles. , Entered Saint Realm.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes were cold, staring at the smiling Yan Xu, and he exhaled.
    " stuff."
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