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Chapter Table Of Contents 1480 Three Lotuses
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "That turned out to be Great Venerable Cang Yuan?!"
    "He, did he break through to Three Lotus Realm?"
    "It must be, otherwise it is impossible to stop the offensive of Ancient Saint Zhang Lei!"
    "Haha, this is really God bless me all Heavens!"
    Zhou Yuan behind, after a few breaths of shock, the digital Saints all recovered, and then they couldn’t help but ecstasy, because they all knew that all Heavens could have one more Ancient Venerable, and how much it would be relieved. pressure.
    And here, the crisis will also be resolved.
    "Zhang Lei, dignified Ancient Saint, why bother with some juniors?" And in everyone's surprise, the old man's shadow standing in the void also laughed loudly.
    Under the intertwined billions of thunder ray, Ancient Saint Zhang Lei's eyes were a bit cold, gloomy stared at Cang Yuan, who stepped into the Three Lotus Realm. This was completely unexpected information from Saint Race.
    Because Saint God once had a deduction, with this all Heavens' Destiny, the birth of three Three Lotus Realms is already a certain limit, but now Cang Yuan undoubtedly broke the Saint God's deduction.
    What does this mean? all Heavens' Destiny, has it started to increase? Because of what?

    The emotions in Ancient Saint Zhang Lei's heart were overwhelming, and his face was still frighteningly cold. He said indifferently: "didn't expect all Heavens, the fourth Ancient Venerable, will appear in your head, Cang Yuan, you are so big Blessing."
    Cang Yuan's original body was somewhat crooked, but now it has become a lot taller. His originally deep and wise eyes are now even more deeply and unmeasurable.
    He also looked directly at Ancient Saint Zhang Lei, and smiled: "It is indeed a great blessing. It is better to have a good junior than thousands of hardships."
    Ancient Saint Zhang Lei frowned. He felt that there was something in Cang Yuan's words, but he was not interested in asking more, because he knew that when Cang Yuan broke through to Three Lotus Realm and appeared here, his offensive plan would have to do something. changed.
    "Cang Yuan, I won't talk nonsense with you, let Zhou Yuan hand over Yan Xu, otherwise it will anger my Saint Race, this Blue Profound Heaven may not be able to hold it." Ancient Saint Zhang Lei said quietly.
    Cang Yuan laughed and said: "Why is Zhang Lei so naive, can there be any room for transfer between all Heavens and Saint Race? If you let people go, would Saint Race stop attacking all Heavens?"
    "It is a great thing for all Heavens to be able to reduce your Saint Race by one Saint at the top of Two Lotuses Realm."

    Ancient Saint Zhang Lei shook his head: "Although the Saint at the top of Two Lotuses Realm has some weight, one missing one does not affect the huge gap between Saint Race and all Heavens."
    "But it seems that you are not going to release people."
    "In that case, let's do one first."
    This Ancient Saint Zhang Lei is obviously also a hot-tempered lord. If he didn't agree with him, he would stop talking nonsense. The next moment, billions of thunder roared, he directly raised his palm, holding a copper furnace in his hand.
    "Maha thunderstorm."
    Accompanied by the sound of his indifference, a bright thunder ray suddenly poured out from the copper furnace. In those thunder ray, there were thousands of thunders condensed, which contained the meaning of extreme horror of destruction.
    The thunder ray poured out, like a torrent of endless thunder pulp, and then swept towards Cang Yuan in a posture of extinction.
    In those offensives, Zhou Yuan, Zhuan Zhu and the others in the rear are very complex. If this is for them, it will be difficult to stop even if they join forces.
    Obviously, facing Cang Yuan, the newly promoted Sanlian Ancient Venerable, this Ancient Saint Zhang Lei also exhausted its full power and no longer retains it.
    Cang Yuan looked at the thunderstorm torrent reflected in his pupils, his face was also slightly condensed, and then he turned his head and said to Zhou Yuan and others: "You go back first, and hand it over to me here."

    Zhou Yuan and others hearing this, also understand that they stay here, but will make Cang Yuan tied up, so nodded, turned directly and stepped into the space channel, the figure disappeared quickly.
    Ancient Saint Zhang Lei did not stop it, because he understood that it was useless to stop it, and it was impossible for him to go past Cang Yuan and then attack Zhou Yuan and others.
    But it is not in a hurry. Although Yan Xu is suppressed, it will take some time to suppress and kill it. The most important thing at the moment is to try the level of Cang Yuan, which will determine the future of Saint Race's. Attack strategy.
    Therefore, Ancient Saint Zhang Lei's gaze was just swept away, and then he retracted, and then his eyes were cold and locked on Cang Yuan, the world-destroying thunder pulp torrent became even more violent.
    Cang Yuan's eyes reflected the rolling thunder pulp, and he could also clearly feel how vast and terrifying the power contained in it was.
    He was complexion solemnly, not say a word, and raised his palm.
    In the palm of his hand, a vertical eye emerged, and it opened slowly.
    At that instant, billions of brilliance burst out, and that brilliance not only penetrated this space, but also in other connected spaces, it was pierced by brilliance and dazzling.

    When Zhou Yuan and others passed through the space passage, they immediately sensed that there are many formidable Origin Qi fluctuations that locked them in. When they looked at it, one after another suspended figure surrounded the space passage here, showing vigilance and alert. .
    However, as Zhou Yuan and Zhuan Zhu showed up, those vigilant eyes quickly dissipated, as if relieved from a burden.
    Zhou Yuan saw the two leading Saints at a glance, precisely Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable and Purple Firmament Great Venerable, but the two of them at this time, the complexion is not good-looking.
    "Heavenly Lord Zhou Yuan, how is the situation on your side?" Purple Firmament Great Venerable took the lead and asked.
    "I was fighting with Saint Race's Yan Xu before, and I captured him and suppressed him, but then Ancient Saint Zhang Lei suddenly killed him, so I could only lead the crowd to retreat." Zhou Yuan has never been secretive, so he said simply and clearly. One is clear.
    As for Purple Firmament Great Venerable and Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable hearing this, it was obviously startled for a moment. Later, Lu Liu and other Saints looked at Zhou Yuan with some dumbstruck.
    "what did you say?"
    "You captured and suppressed Saint Race's Yan Xu?"
    "How can it be..."
    For the name of Yan Xu, the Saints present are no strangers. They are not inferior in strength, Myriad Ancestors, Purple Firmament and the existence of two old brands Great Venerable. In that Saint Race, the identity strength is second only to Ancient Saint.

    But now, Zhou Yuan said that these characters were actually suppressed by him? !
    Looking at everyone's appearance, Zhou Yuan just smiled, lifted his palm, and the Sacred Gourd flashed out. Among them, the roar of Yan Xu kept coming out.
    "In fact, he did it by himself and used his Skynet Chessboard to pit himself in." Zhou Yuan laughed, but did not exaggerate his own strength.
    Purple Firmament Great Venerable had a surprised look, and he looked at Zhou Yuan and said, "No matter what means, you can suppress Yan Xu, which is enough to show your own ability."
    Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable was also silent for a moment, and looked at Zhou Yuan's again, obviously with more solemnity.
    And Lu Liu didn't even dare to look at Zhou Yuan again together.
    "By the way, what about Ancient Saint Zhang Lei? Is there a chase?" Purple Firmament Great Venerable asked quickly when he remembered something.
    "He shouldn't be able to chase him. At that critical moment, the master suddenly appeared and stopped him. Now Shuang Fang Zheng is fighting." Zhou Yuan said.
    Purple Firmament and Myriad Ancestors were taken aback for a second, and they seemed to understand something immediately. The shock suddenly appeared in their eyes: "Cang Yuan?! He stopped Ancient Saint Zhang Lei? You mean...he successfully broke through?!"
    The shock this time was a hundred times stronger than Zhou Yuan's suppression of Yan Xu.

    Zhuan Zhu nodded on the side grinned: "Yes, Master, he successfully broke through to Three Lotus Realm."
    Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable looked in a trance, Purple Firmament Great Venerable and other Saints also lost their voices.
    They all know how significant Cang Yuan's breakthrough is.
    The shock lasted for a long while, Purple Firmament Great Venerable sighed with complicated expression, and then chuckled lightly: "Really didn't expect, Return to Ruin Divine Hall, the fourth Ancient Venerable, it turned out to be this old guy."
    "But it's good, it can make us much less stressed."
    Zhou Yuan nodded, asked: "My space has not been completely destroyed because of the intervention of Ancient Saint Zhang Lei, but now Master Cang Yuan and Ancient Saint Zhang Lei are fighting, the aftermath of the battle will inevitably be Destroy it."
    He looked at Purple Firmament and Myriad Ancestors.
    "Where are the two Great Venerables?" Purple Firmament and Myriad Ancestors appeared here. They were obviously lost. What Zhou Yuan wanted to ask was whether the two spaces were finally destroyed.
    Purple Firmament Great Venerable hearing this, said: "My side was destroyed in time, but it was destroyed one and all, it should be able to delay some time."

    Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable complexion was somewhat gloomy and uncertain. After a moment of silence, he said: "My place is the first place where Ancient Saint Zhang Lei appeared. At that time, it was too late for me to destroy the space, so I could only take people to retreat."
    "I... didn't hold on."
    Everyone's expressions have become a little gloomy. As long as there is that space as a springboard, Saint Race will be able to reach here as quickly as possible.
    And here, it is already the closest to Blue Profound Heaven's sub-space layer, which can be said to be the last line of defense.
    This is really bad news.
    Zhou Yuan opened his mouth, and in the end he could only sigh in his heart. He knew it was no wonder Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable could not keep it. If his side hadn't been here for Master Cang Yuan, he might not be able to clean up the tail. .
    "Don't be frustrated. After all, we still have the last line of defense. As long as full power is in operation, it will certainly be able to delay some time."
    Zhou Yuan took a deep breath to appease everyone.
    "Now we are here temporarily waiting for Master Cang Yuan, wait for his old man's home to come back, and discuss again."
    Everyone hearing this is also nods. This time, even Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable, Lu Liu and others have become silent and honest.
    And this time, it will be ten days.

    In the past ten days, no Saint Race had committed the crime, but Zhou Yuan and the others were able to faintly perceive that in that distant subspace, it seemed that there was an extremely terrifying mighty force shaking.
    That must be the battle between Cang Yuan and Zhang Lei.
    On the thirteenth day, the power shock in the depths of the void weakened, and two days later, Cang Yuan's figure appeared in front of Zhou Yuan and others.
    Cang Yuan, Zhou Yuan and others just as if relieved from a burden, breathed a sigh of relief when they were a little tired, surging like a sun, and violent.
    This Dinghaishenzhen finally returned.
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