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Chapter Table Of Contents 1501 Stop
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    In the cold and quiet Chaos Void, there is Space Storm wreak havoc, sweeping all the matter.
    At this time, in the eternal silence, there was suddenly a roar full of madness and pain like a thunderous roar. The roar formed a sound wave wreak havoc, and even the Space Storm was under this sound wave. Scattered by the raw.
    Immediately afterwards, a stream of light violently shoots passed, and the majestic divine power erupted, destroying everything that was seen in front of them.
    In the stream of light, Zhou Yuan, who had precisely binocular crimson, had madness and chaos in his eyes, and he had obviously lost his mind completely.
    The shattering of the god's material in the body directly caused its divinity to collapse and violently collided with human nature, causing its consciousness to be in chaos and disorder.
    In the distance behind that, Tun Tun carried Yao Yao and chased him all the way, the latter looked at Zhou Yuan's destructive figure, his white teeth also biting his red lips.
    Tun Tun let out a worried low growl.

    "The divinity in Zhou Yuan's body was destroyed. Earlier I saw Saint God put a majestic divinity into his body. The divinity was too strong, which made his load reach its limit and fell into chaos. Crazy.” Yao Yao pupil light stared at Zhou Yuan tightly. Although the divinity in her body has been lost now, she is still a divine body, so she can sense the source of Zhou Yuan's confusion.
    "All Innate spirits lack the divine bone. Zhou Yuan was able to step into God Realm this time because he took an alternate route and refined the god's material I had left in his body into a carrying object, but this thing cannot be complete after all. It replaces the divine bone, so there are many defects and drawbacks."
    "The Saint God should have seen Zhou Yuan's problem, so he directly sent out a strong divinity, but this kind of peerless thing is fatal and poisonous to the current Zhou Yuan."
    In the end, Yao Yao has gritted his silver teeth, and has a boundless killing intent for the Saint God in his heart.
    Tun Tun growled again, apparently asking if it would help Zhou Yuan's way.
    Yao Yao pondered slightly, and then said, "Send me to him."
    Tun Tun hearing this, he hesitated for a while, the current Zhou Yuan is irrational, destroying frantically everywhere, Yao Yao is close, I am afraid he will also attract indiscriminate attacks.

    But in the end it rushed out, stomped through the void with four hooves, and avoided the divine light that violently shoots out of Zhou Yuan's body like a teleport.
    As Tun Tun's approached, Zhou Yuan obviously felt instinctively, and immediately the Heaven Primal Brush in his hand was wrapped in a tyrannical divine power, and it screamed like a bolt of thunder.
    Tun Tun flicked his head, Yao Yao on his back swept out, and he roared and stretched out the giant claw, forcibly colliding with the Heaven Primal Brush together.
    The loud sound resounded, Tun Tun burst into a wailing sound, and his huge body flew out, directly hitting a meteorite as huge as a continent. In the rumbling, this lifeless meteorite continent, instantly It collapsed from the center.
    Yao Yao appeared in front of Zhou Yuan's at the moment when Tun Tun was delayed.
    She quickly glanced at Zhou Yuan's pair of crimson's beast-like eyes, and a deep heartache rose in her heart.
    However, Zhou Yuan sensed her approach, but there was no fluctuation in crimson's eyes. The fist containing divine power blasted out severely, blasting the person in front of him to pieces.
    Upon seeing this, Yao Yao's delicate body suddenly flashed and avoided the offensive. Now she, although divinity is lost, with the power of this divine body, her strength is still much higher than those of the Three Lotus Realm Saint.

    She deceived her body and entered, with a scent of fragrance, she ran directly into Zhou Yuan's arms, and immediately stretched out her slender jade arms, tightly encircling Zhou Yuan's waist.
    "Zhou Yuan, I said, I won't leave you behind." Yao Yao said softly.
    Immediately, without waiting for Zhou Yuan to force herself to break free, she raised her head slightly, and her slightly cold lips were printed on Zhou Yuan's mouth.
    At that moment, the cold jade-like touch made Zhou Yuan's body, who was in a state of madness and confusion at this time, suddenly stiffened, and there was a moment of stagnation.
    However, this is only a short-term, and soon Zhou Yuan's whole body divine power began to condense again.
    However, Yao Yao seized the time. As soon as Yinya bit the tip of his tongue, the next moment, a divine blood essence was sent directly into Zhou Yuan's mouth along the tip of his tongue.
    As soon as the essence of divine blood came into contact with Zhou Yuan, it quickly blended into his body. At this moment, the madness and confusion in his eyes were somewhat weakened.
    That is Yao Yao, with his own divine blood, is conditioning the violent divinity for Zhou Yuan.
    She intends to use divine blood as the medium to temporarily help Zhou Yuan carry the divinity in her body, but this is only a stopgap method, and it is impossible to solve Zhou Yuan’s current dilemma. The only effect that can be achieved is to prevent Zhou Yuan from continuing to do this. Mad, chaos continued.

    With the passing of the essence of divine blood, Yao Yao's originally white skin gradually became a little pale, but she didn't care. She still input the essence of divine blood a steady flow into Zhou Yuan's body.
    And the violent divine power radiating from Zhou Yuan's body also gradually subsided at this time.
    Finally, when the two people's lips parted, Zhou Yuan's body was also completely quiet.
    Tun Tun leaped over. It saw Zhou Yuan no longer rioting, and also let out a roar of joy.
    But then it was found wrong again, because although Zhou Yuan was no longer madly sabotaging, he stood there still, and the crimson disappeared in his eyes, replacing him with a kind of stupidity.
    It seems to be no different from a stone statue.
    Yao Yao gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said, "Although I temporarily carried the divinity of the riot for him with divinity, this is not a cure for the root cause. The human nature in his body is constantly colliding with divinity, which leads He lost his active consciousness and was unable to control his body."
    Tun Tun suddenly hangs one's head dispiritedly down, doesn't this mean Zhou Yuan has become a fool?
    Yao Yao smiled uncommonly, and cheered: "You have to come step by step. Now Zhou Yuan is no longer crazy. We can take him back and think of other ways."

    Immediately, her beautiful eyes turned to Zhou Yuan, who was standing still, the latter's dull appearance, without the bright smile of the past.
    Yao Yao's eye sockets were a little moist for a while, and the colic in her heart made her almost cry. Then she wiped the corners of her eyes, stretched out her hand to hold Zhou Yuan's palm, and smiled: "Zhou Yuan, let's go, I will take you Home."
    She pulled Zhou Yuan while Tun Tun crouched down, letting the two sit on its back, and finally roared across the galaxy and galloped towards all Heavens.
    In Chaos Void, there are countless meteorites flying around like broken continents, chaotic and disorderly.
    Yao Yao sat cross-legged on Tun Tun's generous back, holding Zhou Yuan tightly with one hand, she looked at the latter's dull eyes and muttered to herself softly.
    "Zhou Yuan, don't worry, I will definitely make you better."
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