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Chapter Table Of Contents 1503 That Cave House, That Pot Of Taoyao Brewed
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The Blue Profound Sect's mountain gate still stands quietly just as in the past. Behind the mountain gate, there is a huge Sect Protecting Barrier glittering with extraordinary light, giving people a strong sense of security.
    And when Yao Yao led Zhou Yuan up the stone stairs of the mountain gate, she saw some familiar figures in front of her, they were Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun, Lu Luo, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and others.
    Among the mountain roads further behind, people can still see heads moving, one after another gaze is cast vaguely.
    Yao Yao took Zhou Yuan around Blue Profound Heaven’s move and did not deliberately conceal it, so now all parties in Blue Profound Heaven know their route, and they have also paid the highest attention to them. All Heavens has the most strength and status. Their every move affects the heart of all Heavens expert.
    In this regard, even the four Ancient Venerables of Return to Ruin Divine Hall's are somewhat incomparable.
    "Yao Yao!"
    Zuoqiu Qingyu walked down barefoot like an arrow, hugged Yao Yao, her beautiful eyes were red, and said: "It's great to see again/goodbye to you."
    Yao Yao gently patted Zuoqiu Qingyu on the back.
    Zuoqiu Qingyu let go of Yao Yao, looks at Zhou Yuan, who is like a puppet, with complicated eyes, and whispered, "Is he still okay?"
    Yao Yao shook his head gently.

    "Don't worry, Zhou Yuan will definitely get better." Zuoqiu Qingyu said seriously.
    Yao Yao smiled slightly, then led Zhou Yuan forward, and greeted Li Qingchan, Chu Qing and others who came to greet him.
    Lu Luo rushed to Zhou Yuan's, widened his black and white eyes, and said: "Zhou Yuan, I am Lu Luo, don't you really remember me?"
    Zhou Yuan's hollow eyes reflected Lu Luo's cute and innocent face, but there were no billows.
    Lu Luo suddenly lowered his head in sadness. On his shoulder, an ice-blue bird gently pecked her earlobe to comfort her.
    When other people on the side saw this, they all sighed in their hearts.
    "Yao Yao, you have worked hard. There is any need for Blue Profound Sect, even if you speak, Chu Qing is now Blue Profound Sect's new Headmaster." Li Qingchan looked at Yao Yao and said.
    Chu Qing on the side touched his bare head and said bitterly: "In fact, this Sect Master Junior Brother Zhou Yuan is the most suitable. If he wakes up, I would like to ask him if he can save me."
    "I want to go to our cave dwelling." Yao Yao said with a trace of nostalgia.
    "Don't worry, that cave dwelling has always been empty, and no one has ever been allowed in." Chu Qing said.

    "Thanks a lot." Yao Yao nods thanked him, and then stopped saying more, just led Zhou Yuan along the mountain road, step by step towards the Blue Profound Sect.
    Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu and others did not speak any more, just hanging some distance behind them.
    As they entered the mountain road, countless gazes projected from the surroundings. Those were Blue Profound Sect's disciples. Many of them were newcomers. At this time, they were all looking at it with an incomparably respectful sight. A man and a woman walking in the forefront.
    The girl in the white dress who is as beautiful as exiled immortal should be the 3rd God in the rumor? That kind of face is really born from the collection of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, enough to make Heaven and Earth overshadowed. They swear that they have never seen such a beautiful woman. In the past, they thought that Elder Li Qingchan was a pinnacle of face. Yes, but seeing this one today, they understand that the so-called beautiful ceiling has been raised severely again.
    And the tall man beside him is obviously the Blue Profound Heaven Heavenly Lord, Zhou Yuan who walked out of their Blue Profound Sect.
    For this, the disciples of Blue Profound Sect countless all regard him as their idols in their hearts. Perhaps even Zhou Yuan himself does not know what position he has in the hearts of these disciples of Blue Profound Sect.

    Therefore, when a male and a female walked by, the surrounding mountains were silent, but there was one after another figure, bending over and worshiping in a pious and respectful posture.
    Yao Yao turned a deaf ear to this. She led Zhou Yuan through the long mountain road step by step, and finally passed through the mountains and pavilions that she used to be familiar with.
    Until a cave dwelling appeared at the end of the line of sight.
    That cave dwelling, in terms of scale and level, is actually not too top of the many cave dwellings of Blue Profound Sect, but now it is the most unique place in Blue Profound Sect. In the old days, there were many Blue Profound Sects. The Profound Sect disciples came here like a pilgrimage.
    Because many years ago, their Senior Brother Zhou Yuan, who had not yet become the Blue Profound Heaven Heavenly Lord, was cultivation here.
    Since the creation of Blue Profound Sect, this is the disciple with the highest achievement ever.
    Even in a sense, Zhou Yuan's strength has surpassed Old Ancestor Cang Xuan as the pioneer.
    Yao Yao stared at the cave dwelling. Among the cold eyes, a deep tenderness emerged at this moment. At this moment, her cold temperament disappeared, replaced by a kind of tenderness that had never appeared before. Meaning.
    This cave dwelling has an irreplaceable status for both her and Zhou Yuan.

    When they left the Great Zhou Dynasty, it was here, truly mutually dependent for life, relying on each other.
    Here, they have their best memories.
    Yao Yao led Zhou Yuan and walked towards cave dwelling step by step, while Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu and others stopped and did not follow up because they knew that the small world belonged to both of them. of.
    Yao Yao finally came here with Zhou Yuan, obviously seeing this as his last hope.
    If Zhou Yuan's cannot be awakened even here, then perhaps there is no more hope for this all Heavens...
    Under the gaze of the countless eyes, Yao Yao led Zhou Yuan with Tun Tun on his heels, and slowly walked into the cave dwelling. His figure disappeared in the shadow of the cave.
    Everyone sighed heavily at this moment, everything depends on God's will.
    When you enter the cave dwelling, what you see is the memorable azure stone Lesser Path. The Lesser Path winds through the exquisite stone pavilion, streams, and the cave environment is cool, but the light is excellent, one after another. The light spot is projected from the pores, and there is dust flying in it.
    Follow the azure stone Lesser Path in depth, and there is a flower garden printed in your eyes, among which a hundred flowers are beautiful, and they are beautiful.

    Every flower seedling here was planted by Yao Yao himself, but after many years, the flower seedlings have matured and the bright colors make the cave dwelling look extra vivid.
    Standing in front of the flower garden, Yao Yao quietly looked at the mature flower clusters, with a slight smile on his red lips.
    Immediately, she took Zhou Yuan, went deeper again, and walked through a pavilion, and then her footsteps gradually slowed down, and her eye sockets were filled with circles of red spreading.
    In the clear eyes like cutting water, a lush peach tree is reflected. On the peach tree, the peach blossoms are in full bloom, and the petals are sprinkled, warming the cave dwelling.
    Yao Yao stared at the peach tree in a daze, then she covered her mouth, tears dripping down her cheeks uncontrollably.
    That year, the peach trees were in full bloom, and the faces of the peach blossoms were red.
    At this moment, Yao Yao really hopes that all of this is actually just a dream when she and Zhou Yuan are leaning against the peach tree while sleeping.
    She doesn't want any power, nor does she want the respect of the world, she just wants to be together with Zhou Yuan peacefully.
    It's just... She also understands that this is impossible.

    She gently wiped away her tears, pulled Zhou Yuan, and came to the peach tree. At this time, the ground was covered with petals. Over the years, the peach blossoms have bloomed and fallen again, not knowing how much it turned into flower mud.
    "Zhou Yuan, do you remember..."
    "Back then, you brewed a wine called Yao's Peach-Brewing for me, and the last pot of Yao's Peach-Brewing was buried under this peach tree..."
    "At that time I thought this pot of wine would be given to me in the future, didn't expect..."
    Yao Yao pointed the slender jade finger at the bottom of the peach tree, where the soil was separated, and then she saw a jug of wine lying there quietly, full of flower mud.
    Yao Yao didn't care about the soil on the wine jar at all, and picked it up cautious and solemn. She stared at this pot of Yao's Peach-Brewing, and the smile on her mouth was softer than any wine made between Heaven and Earth. It's all intoxicating.
    At this time, Zhou Yuan's dumb pupils were also reflecting the pot of wine, and then, his puppet-like body seemed to tremble slightly.
    Yao Yao seemed to feel it. She stared into Zhou Yuan's eyes and smiled: "Want to drink?"

    On Yao Yao's beautiful jade-like cheeks, a fascinating blush emerged. In her clear lake-like eyes, water waves were rippling, and her white teeth bit between her red lips. The next moment, Her white dress turned bright red at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    In a short time, the beautiful person in front of me was Phoenix Crown and Xia Lai, too beautiful.
    She jade finger a little, and Zhou Yuan's clothes in front of him also began to change, turning bright red, just like at the time of the big wedding.
    Yao Yao knelt down on the ground full of peach blossoms under the peach tree, and then pulled Zhou Yuan and sat on her knees face to face. She gently patted the wine seal, and suddenly there was a mellow and intoxicating aroma of wine permeating the people. Then, the smell of wine that was familiar and almost carved in bones and engraved in the heart made the smile on Yao Yao's mouth bloom more and more charming.
    She carried the hip flask in one hand, and her white and slender neck was gently raised, like an elegant swan.
    Yao Yao put the wine jar to his mouth and took a big sip in a bold gesture. The wine slid down his lips and wet his chest.
    Finally, she put down the wine jar, and on top of the jade face, there was a lot of red, such a charming charm that had never appeared before, enough to compare any style in the world. If wine is not intoxicating, people are drunk by themselves.

    Yao Yao's body was leaning forward at this time, his cold red lips stained with wine, directly printed on Zhou Yuan's mouth, and the wine flowed in between his lips and tongue.
    At this moment, in Zhou Yuan's eyes, fierce fluctuations emerged.
    His palm was trembling, and he slowly embraced the thin waist of the person in front of him.
    Feeling Zhou Yuan's instinctive reaction, the corners of Yao Yao's lips flexed slightly, and immediately responded with a more intense gesture.
    After a long while, the two of them split their lips.
    Yao Yao's jade face was full of intoxicating redness. She looked at Zhou Yuan's hollow eyes and smiled lightly.
    She pulled out the jade hairpin on her head, and her hair suddenly poured down like a waterfall, and then all the phoenix crowns fell off, and the peach blossoms on the ground began to fly, showing a faintly discernible figure.
    Yao Yao pounced on Zhou Yuan's body, a red skirt and a half-dress, jade-colored faintly discernible, she whispered in Zhou Yuan's ear: "Husband, the wedding day, there seems to be a process between us that hasn't been completed yet. "
    The next moment, she threw down Zhou Yuan, and the peach blossoms fluttered and gathered, and gradually formed a peach blossom ball, covering the two of them.
    Between the petals dancing, like two red waves rolling, entangled endlessly.

    But the garden full of spring can no longer be covered, making the cave dwelling full of spring.
    In the distance, Tun Tun covered the eyes of the beast with his claws, and hurriedly escaped from the cave dwelling and crouched at the entrance.
    Petals were flying in the sky, and the light spot projected from the gap in the cave gradually changed from the scorching sun to a cold moonlight, shining on the peach blossom ball under the peach tree.
    And inside the flower ball, there is dazzling light dancing at this time, Yao Yao is lying quietly on Zhou Yuan's chest, and at this time, the latter’s eyes are already tightly closed, but Yao Yao can feel It can be concluded that the shock of divinity and humanity in his body has leveled off, and humanity has begun to control the situation.
    However, as the divinity is suppressed, the divine power in Zhou Yuan's body is also gradually dissipating. That is because there is no divine bone capable of bearing the divinity in his body, so when his humanity is revived, the divinity naturally also Because of this defect, it began to dissipate.
    When Zhou Yuan really wakes up, his strength will retreat to Three Lotus Realm.
    The red skirt was half-draped over the fragrant shoulders, Yao Yao also closed his beautiful eyes slightly, listening to Zhou Yuan's heartbeat full of vitality, the heads rubbing together at this moment made her want to stay forever.
    It's just... this will only be temporary.

    In the future, the Saint God will complete the transformation, and the entire all Heavens will be unchecked. At that matter it is her, Zhou Yuan, Tun Tun...everything will be wiped out.
    She is not afraid of destruction, but if she can, she wants Zhou Yuan to continue to experience the beauty of this world.
    She slightly propped up her upper body, pupil light staring at Zhou Yuan’s sleeping face, her red lips gently raised an arc, the tears in her eyes dripped again, she lay down, on Zhou Yuan’s chest I bit out a mark hard.
    "Zhou divinity has been absorbed by Saint God, I can't beat him again, may not have no chance."
    "You...may be able to truly end the chaos in this world."
    "Originally I thought I could join hands with you to face destruction, but at this time, I changed my mind somewhat selfishly... Zhou Yuan, I don't want you to die, I want you to be well."
    "You can't truly become a god, that's because you lack the divine bone..."
    "So... Zhou Yuan..."
    "Let me be your divine bone."

    In her eyes, a determined look emerged. The next moment, a divine light on her body began to bloom. The divine light wrapped the two tightly together, and Yao Yao's body began to gradually turn into one after. Another bright spots of light, those spots of light, followed the tooth marks on Zhou Yuan's chest, and penetrated into his body little by little.
    And Yao Yao's tender body began to become fragile at this time.
    Yao Yao lowered her head, she gently stroked Zhou Yuan's face, her cheeks bloomed with a bright and moving smile, and the last voice came out softly.
    "Zhou Yuan...Yao Yao has no other thoughts, just wish you peace and joy in the future."
    In the next instant, her body was completely transformed into a countless divine light.
    Outside the cave dwelling, Tun Tun, who had just rushed out, suddenly stopped Four Hoofs. It looked into the cave dwelling in a daze. At this moment, it sensed something.
    It wanted to rush in, but at the entrance of the hole, as if there was a non-existent light wall, it directly knocked it upside down and flew out.
    In desperation, it can only stomped the earth quaked, the mountains shook with four hoofs, and finally shook heaven and earth. The sound of howling shook Heaven and Earth. The sound of howling was full of endless sorrow and sorrow.
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