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3418 Take Dr. Q Back Home
    Chinese Name: 狼牙兵王  Author: 蝼蚁望天(Lóuyǐ wàng tiān, Ants Looking at Sky)
    Original: Unknown | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Dr. Q was taken aback, then stretched out his hand to shake hands with Chen Tang, and said, "I will leave the Medusa One to me, and the rest...I will leave it to you."

     He repeated this sentence again, meaning that he told Chen Tang and others that the issue of War Puppet really does not need to be considered.

     "We believe in you, and hope you believe in us! As long as the Medusa One problem is solved, the dawn of the night... no need to fear!"

     Chen Tang said solemnly.

     If the problem of War Puppet is really solved, compared to the current situation, it is really not difficult.

     To be honest, a few days ago, especially when the tyrant chieftain was killed, Genesis broke up, and left the alliance... Chen Tang really didn't know how to continue fighting.

     But when we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through. They didn’t expect that they wanted to assassinate Dr. Q to solve Pluto’s SSS, but indirectly let Dr. Q be used by them, and there’s a great hope that they can solve War Puppet's problem.

     This made Chen Tang's confidence skyrocket at the dawn of the battle.

     "Now that it's decided, let's personally escort Dr. Q to China."

     Jiang Yi looked at Chen Tang.

     Chen Tang shook his head and said: "You go back to country P immediately. I can escort Dr. Q back to China by myself. If there are too many people, it will attract attention! And, maybe the people at the dawn of the night will go to country P to find trouble, you go back. Can handle it too."


     Jiang Yi and Medusa did not say much, and directly obeyed Chen Tang's arrangement.

     Levinson has remained silent. For him, he is really not interested in war. His only interest is... opening a casino.So the dream of for oneself, he must watched the night and the dawn is extinguished, then... he can go back to Las Vegas to open a casino again.

      Thought until here, Levinson's mouth showed a very yearning smile.


      at the same time, East Africa.

     As soon as the prince returned here, the god called the prince into the room.

     "What's the matter, Mr. Tenjin, so anxious?"

     After entering the room, the prince asked and excitedly said: "Mr. Tenjin, I will tell you good news..."

     Before the prince was finished, the god interrupted and said, "I know you have a sixth sense of war."

     The prince was taken aback, but then he was relieved that he must have told them already.

     "After you left, something happened in country B."

     The god told the prince about Dr. Q. After the prince listened, he gravely expressed it.

     He knew that the Pluto SSS was researched by Dr. Q, who could create the sixth sense of war, then Dr. Q's role was too great.

     Now that Dr. Q is gone, it is strange that Pluto is not in a hurry.

     "Mr. Tenjin, what does Lord Pluto mean?"

     The prince asked.

     "Find Dr. Q and kill him! Dr. Q was threatened by us because his family was in our hands, but his family was killed by us a long time ago. Now that he has left the reserach base, he must know that too Knowing the truth of this matter, he can no longer be used by us and must be killed."

     The god and the prince looked at each other.

     "In other words, after Dr. Q leaves, will he immediately go to the location of his family?"The prince asked.

     "It should be that his family was locked up in Japan at the time, but they had already been disposed of seven or eight years ago! If it were Dr. Q alone, I would not worry that he could find out the truth, but Master Pluto felt... The matter is related to Chen Tang and others."

     The god said.

     "Chen Tang's group has a divination. Jiang Yi is Liu Banxian's apprentice, and Medusa is Pandora's granddaughter. Both of them are not easy. They must have gone to Japan!"

     The prince speculated.

     "Although it's a bit late to go to Japan now, we can't miss any hope! If we don't find a clue in Japan, we will go to country P again."

     After the god said, he got up and continued: "Let your people go together."


     The prince replied.

     Ye Xiao Assassin Organization people are very good at finding clues.


     As Tenjin and the prince set off for Japan from Eastern Africa, Chen Tang and Dr. Q embarked on a flight to China.

     Medusa, Jiang Yi, and Levinson returned to Country P together.

     The two sides hit a fork in this way.

     On the plane, both Chen Tang and Dr. Q were disguised. Their appearance was the same as in their passports. This passport was used to knock out one old and one young from Japan when they were at the airport and then grab their passports.

     And Chen Tang had already greeted Fu Jianbo when he boarded the plane, and Fu Jianbo had already arranged all the preparations in China.

      After several hours, Chen Tang and Dr. Q got off the plane.As soon as they walked out of the airport, Chen Tang and Dr. Q saw a jeep ahead, and this jeep was sent by Fu Jianbo.

     "Mr. Tang?"

     The major in the jeep saw Chen Tang and Dr. Q approaching and asked softly.

     "Mr. Fu asked you to come?"

     Chen Tang asked.

     The major knew that he was the right person, so he opened the door and said, "It's going to rain soon. Let's go home quickly. Mr. Fu has already cooked the sumptuous dishes at home, and he will wait for Mr. Tang and his friends to be seated."

     It's clear now, so it's just a whisper.

     "it is good."

     Chen Tang and Dr. Q got in the car, and then the major drove forward.

     On the way, the three people in the car remained silent and didn't talk to anyone, because the major knew that since it was Fu Jianbo who used a signal to pick him up, it must be confidential.

     Words can be as few as possible.

      After 40 minutes, the major drove the jeep into the military area, and then Fu Jianbo's guard stood in front of the helicopter.


     Seeing Chen Tang and Dr. Q, the guard called immediately.

     Immediately, the three of them boarded the helicopter together. The helicopter's propellers turned, slowly lifted into the air, left the military area, and flew forward.

      After half an hour, Chen Tang, Dr. Q and Fu Jianbo met.

     The three of them were in a secret room, and Chen Tang and Dr. Q had already washed the disguise.

     "I have already told the chief about this matter."Fu Jianbo shot a look at Chen Tang, looking at Dr. Q, continued: "The chief said that you are welcome to join us, no matter what you have been forced to do before, but as long as you do not do it again, then our institute will always welcome you! "

     "Thank you."

     Dr. Q did not say much, only said two words.

     "Have you said hello to the institute?"

     Chen Tang asked Fu Jianbo.

     "Fight, Dr. Q anytime is fine. In the past, no one knows the identity of Dr. Q except the dean of the research institute."

     Fu Jianbo said.

     "I'll go with him."

     Chen Tang also wanted to ask how long it would take to solve the Medusa One problem.