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《Silver Fox》brief introduction

Silver Fox

author: 孑与2

The first requirement of a person is to be alive, the second requirement is still to be alive, and the third requirement is still to be alive... Under certain circumstances, being alive becomes a luxury. In hell, we look up to heaven and stretch out our hands. Although we can't touch heaven, we can get closer to heaven. Sing in hell, be grateful in hell, love in hell, kill each other in hell, we huddled with each other in tears and then pierced each other's chest and abdomen with daggers, not for anything else, just for the trace of faintly discernable Grateful. Da Song's world is my fetters and my sky. Only the flying birds know the meaning of the sky. The emperor said-borrow a corner of my royal mansion to settle down with your mother and son. Tie Xinyuan said-I should recompense like gushing spring for the grace of dripping water, but you can't ask for it. Just accept what kind of reward I will give you. I may be smarter than all of you. In a sense, I am a prophet, I am a philosopher, I'm the God! (Chinese Name: 银狐)

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