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974 Chapter 92: General Liu Po
    Chinese Name: 银狐  Author: 孑与2(Jié yǔ 2, Two Alone)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? 92nd Zhang Dajun Liu Po

     "Are you happy?" Huo Qubing was so surprised.

     "Yes, I'm happy!

     If I want to ask for an official, this is not difficult. This spring, Yangling County also wrote to the emperor that I was filial piety because I gathered victims in last winter and there were countless lives.

     You also know that Xiaolian is an identity, as long as he is willing, he can be the head of a small county.

     If you are asking for money, if your heart is darker and your face is thicker, Lao Tzu has already ten thousand strings of cash in money belt now.

     Since I don't want to be an official, and I don't want to ask for money, I'm happy to live. Is there anything wrong with living some people for peace? "

     Huo Qubing looked at Yun Lang for a long time, then laughed out loud, he didn't think Yun Lang would become a saint.

     Everything this guy does has a purpose, and the purpose is very strong, it is impossible to shoot without aim, let alone be a good person without asking for return.

     "I don't believe what you said!"

     Sitting under the oil lamp, Dazai continued to weave the bamboo slips he could never finish.

     "In the beginning, there was no hope that others would believe it! If my king believes it, it is or isn't? The king?"

     The tiger raised his head and mouth opened wide and wailed, which was regarded as a response to Yun Lang's question.

     "Look, the king believed it."

     Dazai saw Yun Lang twisting around with the tiger, and smiled: "The days are coming, you make some preparations, we should go to worship your Majesty."

     "I really don't want to go...""If you don't go, that is our root. Each person must have a heel. My heels and feet may still have a choice. Your heels and feet can only be the Mausoleum of the First Emperor."

     "I'm afraid of seeing the good things inside, so I can't help but want to take it. What should I do?"

     "Then take it! Don't forget to put it back when you're bored."

     "Take the king with you."

     "Then take it. He can be regarded as your majesty's courtier. After all, he has guarded the tomb for several years."

     "Make sure that you will not do strange things in the imperial tomb, especially suicide. You must make a guarantee."

     Dazai irritably threw down the knife in his hand and said angrily: "I am alive and well, why did I go to die? In a word, are you going?"

     "Go, go, I actually wanted to see it a long time ago, but I was only worried that you would do some messy things, and it has been delayed until now."

     "This is more like it, time arrived, I tell you, you prepare three sacrificial scented candles, tortoise shells, and I will write a writing table. Remember to get me a few pieces of jade, white jade, whatever happens must not be carved, light board white jade Just take it back and I will carve it myself, the Han system is different from the Qin system, absolutely cannot go wrong!"

     Worshiping the emperor is very troublesome...

     The three sacrifices are terrible.

     The pig and the sheep are easy to say, the trouble is the cattle... Yun Lang desperately searched for the remaining cattle in the Sanshou Land, and it took more than half a year to get sixteen.

     These sixteen cows are all on the official album, and one less cow will cause big trouble.In fact, Dahan's large-scale cattle farming has just begun. The main purpose is to pull carts. After the advent of the curved plough, the price of cattle has risen. Although cattle have been used in the past, they are not as common as mules and donkeys.

     It was only this year that the emperor gave the order not to slaughter cattle at will after he fully realized the role of cattle.

     In fact, the three sacrifices only need the first level. The huge body is basically useless. It seems that the people in the Zhuangzi are going to have a big meal again.

     Bai Yugui is not easy to find. There are restrictions on the sale of this item. Variegated jade can basically be bought with money. Only white jade belongs to the royal family. What is very annoying is that there is no place to buy this thing.

     But, Huo Qubing has...

     Yun Lang thinks that the bull should also go to Huo Qubing. Princess Changping's biggest preference is to eat beef, so he fell to death when his family had nothing to do.

     Beef is the most advanced food in Dahan, and without "one of", all tiger whips, bear paws, leopard gall, and elephant trunks must be placed behind.

     The emperor's ban is basically not how many binding on the royals.

     "You see, it's like this. I want to be independent, but in fact I can't. If you want to use ironware, you must go to Zhuo's. If you want to eat beef, you must find you. The salt used at home is only available in Dongguo Xianyang. , Let alone building houses and gardens.

     Besides, I still dare not make my home too comfortable. In case the emperor takes a fancy, I have to move in a word, which is very bad. "

     Huo Qubing was naked, lying on the sand mold. Yun Lang and Chu Lang stepped on his back to increase the weight. In order to create a standard armor mold, he could only do that.Huo Qubing got up from the sand when it was determined that it was appropriate. Yun Lang concentrated on using a small brush to brush water on the mold pressed by Huo Qubing's body.

     Yun Lang knows a little bit of sheet metal, but his technique is not very good. There used to be a great master at the airport. He can knock out the required shape with a mallet without any mold.

     Yun Lang doesn't have that ability, so he can only make a mold first, then stick the iron plate on the mold, and knock the iron plate into armor according to the shape of the mold little by little.

     That's right, after Yun Lang discussed with Huo Qubing, he planned to make an iron plate armor for himself, an iron plate armor that could strictly protect his upper body.

     This requires continuous experimentation to succeed in the end. Naturally, the money spent will not be small. According to Huo Qubing, the money was paid by Changping.

     The family has been very busy these days. The reason is that the silkworms in the family have matured. Liu Po and the others have used bamboo slices to form squares to make Cocoon Mountain.

     A large fat silkworm was placed in each grid. These silkworms stopped eating and began to move around after being placed in the cocoon mountain.

     Yun Langwan never expected. He bought five hundred silkworm seeds, but now there are so many silkworms...

     After the servants carefully cleaned the houses where they lived seven or eight times, all those houses were turned into places for silkworms.

     As for people, they all sleep outside, waiting eagerly for these babies to spin.

     Po Liu hasn’t slept for two days, her voice is hoarse, and she is not merciful when she reprimands others. Her prestige has been cultivated in the process of raising silkworms. All the women are under her command, everything clear and work orderly.The torches in the Yun Family Village stayed on all night.

     "Your wife is really nice!"

     Huo Qubing gave a rare compliment.

     Yun Lang looked at the busy women like ants, and said with a sigh: "I entered the city yesterday, and returned with tears full of tears, all over the body, not a silkworm breeder!"

     Huo Qubing glanced at Yun Lang and said, "Is this what's the problem?"

     Yun Lang shook his head and said: "No problem! This is the enjoyment that nobles should have!"

     Huo Qubing smiled and said: "You should think so in the future, you will have a share of all the Luo Qi in your words."

     "Here, I never wear silk!"

     "You're just nonsense. You don't wear silk. Who will sell the silk thread raised by the servant women? What do they use to support the family?"

     ""Market Theory", Brother Huo is great!"

     Yun Lang's thumb is up high.

     "It's starting to spin--" Only Ugly's big mouth could make such a loud voice.

     Then she saw her being driven out by Liu Po with a small broom in her mouth...

     Yun Lang and Huo Qubing were very curious. Neither of them had seen the silkworm spinning scene.

     When I walked into the biggest silkworm house, I was shocked by the scene in front of me, as far as the eye can see. The whole room was full of silkworm heads shaking in a figure of eight, and silk quilts with naked eyes can hardly be seen. Spit out and stick to Cocoon Mountain.

     Po Liu poked and sat on the floor proudly, looking at the silkworms in front of her, her eyes were unspeakably gentle.

     She is the king here!Yun Lang and Huo Qubing two idlers could not disturb Liu Po's happiest moment. After quietly exiting, Yun Lang ordered Chouyong to make Liu Po a big bowl of meaty noodle.

     "She just thought I was talking loudly, so she put a broom in my mouth!" Ugly feeling somewhat wronged.

     "At this time, she is the eldest in the family, let alone putting a broom in your mouth, even if I put a broom in my mouth, I can only bear it.

     Tell me, did the scene just now look good? "

     "good looking!"

     "Not spectacular?"


     "That's right. Every silkworm that is spinning is the confidence of Liu Po. This is the same as the confidence of every soldier who is a general. Silly girl, you violated the military regulations just now. If you don't believe it, ask What is the crime of making noise in the army for no reason?"

     "Beheaded in public!"

     Huo Qubing coldly said.

     Chouyong shrank his neck, not saying anything further, and hurriedly ran to the kitchen to make Liu Po's bashful noodles.

     "This woman in your family is really good!"

     "You said this twice."

     "Where can I find such a woman? I will need such a woman after I move out in the future."

     Yun Lang smiled and said, "If you are willing to treat your mother-in-law better, you will have such a mother-in-law in your family."
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