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975 Chapter 51 The Second Assassination
    Chinese Name: 银狐  Author: 孑与2(Jié yǔ 2, Two Alone)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chapter 51st The Second Assassination

     The Daqin warrior was really extraordinary when he appeared on the stage. Just the muscles that shine like starlight after being rubbed with olive oil caused the Han men and women present to fall over.

     In terms of appearance, it is more than one grade higher than the gorilla-like poisonous warrior Charpa.

     A crimson helmet like a cockscomb, a round shield with a diameter of half a meter, a short spear less than a foot long, and a dagger around the waist. The flat shoes woven in cowhide are firmly attracted when they come out. People's eyes.

     Facing the ten-foot tall venomous giant, the king of the arena is fearless and approaching the giant step by step.

     Yun Lang's eyes flickered, and he was a little uneasy. After looking around, he did not find the source of his uneasiness.

     Therefore, he said to the emperor: "Your Majesty, the Weichen is somewhat heart alarmed, body leaping, it is better to take these two people back to Jianzhang Palace and see again."

     Liu Che looked back at Yun Lang contemptuously: "Are you a titan on the battlefield also afraid of blood?"

     After finishing speaking, I still looked back, with keen interest watching the upcoming battle.

     Cao Xiang had taken it seriously. After listening to Yun Lang's words, he immediately hid half of his body behind Zhong Liyuan, who was standing at his side and waiting for the emperor to call at any time.

     His eyes began to look around, never looking at the gladiators in the field again.

     The giant's mace slammed on the buckler and made an ear-splitting boom. One of the two in the field turned into a hammer and the other seemed to become an anvil, showing their courage in the most primitive way.The people outside the court cheered loudly, the voice was even more straight, Yun Lang could not sit still, stopped/stood, standing in front of Liu Che, watching the surroundings vigilantly, and ignoring Liu Che’s unpleasant laughter and cursing, shouting that Zhao Chong stepped up guard .

     The first round of the two gladiators in the field was over, and the two slowly separated, ready to start the second round of fighting.

     Standing in front of Liu Che, Yun Lang was extremely rude, but Liu Che didn't seem to be so angry, sitting on his big chair engrossing and watching Yun Lang's every move.

     "Please return to the palace!"

     Yun Lang's uneasy feeling grew stronger, he felt like a white rabbit under the gun of a hunter.

     Seeing Yun Lang's face cold, Liu Che slowly nodded and said: "Quick play! Come, get up and drive back to the palace!"

     Zhao Chong stepped forward to take the command, and gave Yun Lang a dissatisfied look.

     Hearing that Liu Che was about to return to the palace, Yun Lang slowly put out a long breath, and was about to confess his crime with the emperor. A slight clasping sound of the crossbow machine penetrated the people's cheers and entered Yun Lang's ears.

     As a weapon in the army, Yun Lang likes to use the Ba Niu crossbow the most. He has also been bombarded by the Ba Niu crossbow. He is most sensitive to the sound of this thing.

     He handed over Zhao Chong to block in front of yourself, his own body fell backwards hard, knocking over Liu Che who had just gotten up.

     Before his body fell to the ground, Yun Lang saw a thick duckbill crossbow spear coming out of Zhao Chong's chest and flying back over his head.Ba Niu crossbow never had only one arrow. Just when Yun Lang was desperate, he was kicked out of his body and left the danger zone. As he slid, he looked desperately in the direction where Liu Che was. , But found that Liu Che was rolling in the direction of yet another.

     Liu Che's seat was dismembered by the three crossbow arrows that flowed in the following, broken pieces of wood, and rubble were scattered everywhere, hitting his face with pain.

     Zhong Liyuan flew over from Yun Lang to rescue Liu Che who was in imminent peril, while Cao Xiang, who was completely exposed, collapsed on the chair, only knowing that he yelled ‘ah, ah’.

     Yun Lang threw down Cao Xiang once again, and after rolling around twice with his fat body, he broke through the carved wooden fence on the side of the box and fell off the platform.

     Lean your body tightly on the inside of the table, holding your head shiver coldly...According to the Han military system, after the crossbow rifle breaks the enemy, it should be covered by arrow rain immediately. This is the standard procedure.

     Sure enough, Yun Lang's familiar arrow rain roared above his head, followed by a dense "bang bang" sound...

     Looking at the feather arrow pierced on the table beside him, Yun Lang's heart was as dead as ash. He is definitely not the main target of the assassin's assassination.

     There was a warmth in the calf, and Yun Lang glanced at Cao Xiang, who came down with tears and nose, sighed saying, the bastard was scared to pee.

     At this time, he didn't care about it. After three consecutive waves of arrow rain passed, Yun Lang quietly poked his head out. After the arrow rain passed, it was time for the army to charge.

     The box where the emperor was just now has been ripped apart by a crossbow rifle, and the emperor’s whereabouts were not seen. The eunuchs and Gong E who were shot by the rain of arrows were all over the floor.Detective Yun Lang drew a sword from the waist of a dead guard, trembling legs barely stood up, trying to take a step, but found Cao Xiang clinging to one of his legs.

     "We... more important... escape!"

     Yun Lang immediately squatted down and tried to help Cao Xiang up and said: "Can you walk?"

     "No, the legs are so soft."

     Yun Lang simply leaned down and lifted Cao Xiang on his back. He walked quickly out of the box, and he looked at the panicked crowd before getting in.

     Before entering the panicked crowd, Yun Lang was surprised to find that a ten-foot-tall giant was swinging a mace to make a bloody path in the crowd, heading in the direction where the emperor was just now.

     On the other side, a Da Qin warrior with sparkling skin is fighting two Golden Armored Martial Warriors, and more Golden Armored Martial Warriors have fallen beside him.

     "Your Majesty is over..."

     Cao Xiang trembled on Yun Lang's back.

     "He didn't allow our house generals to come in, but allowed the assassin to come in with Ba Niu crossbow... A Lang, I will never separate from the house generals in the future!"

     After Cao Xiang is frightened, there is generally only one mouth left to move freely, and most of the remaining body functions will be lost.

     Yun Lang just got into the crowd and was rushed out by the crowd again. He didn't know which bastard yelled "Protect Your Majesty!" The crowd turned from escaping to attack.

     And Yun Lang, who carried Cao Xiang on his back, was suddenly pushed to the forefront by the crowd...

     Dahan people have never been timid, especially now this kind of rare occasion in 10,000 years of good times to make contributions, it makes them courageous to the extreme.Although the gladiators are ferocious, these people are just a group of playthings in the eyes of the Han people. They usually sit in the stands and watch these slaves fight. The stands give them a false sense of security and make them more fearless.

     He dared to start an attack towards Gladiators while pinching the broken chair legs.

     When there were more people, Cao Xiang's courage came back. He slid off Yun Lang's back and called the people to attack the rebels loudly. While holding Yun Lang's back collar firmly, he was not allowed to move forward. .

     There are too many people who want to do meritorious service, and even some brave women have also mixed into the crowd, screaming like crazy, attacking the Gladiators who have formed a combat formation.

     The giant’s mace smashed into the crowd with a bloody smell, and the time of departure was drawn. The mace was covered with flesh and blood. Some brave people actually hugged the mace and were quickly thrown away by the giant. When his mace stood still again, more people would rush up to hug the mace. Soon, the giant who had abandoned the mace was overwhelmed by the crowd, and he could only hear his furious roar.

      The abruptly arising assassination, the most important thing is the guard brought by the emperor. It stands to reason that after the emperor enters the arena, the guard here should be taken over by Zhao Chong.

     Especially the high walls of the arena should be full of guards, but Yun Lang as far as the eye can see, only some ape-like agile gladiators are fighting the emperor's guards outside the wall.

     The guards who were supposed to protect the emperor were already dead.

      At this moment, the four gates on the arena were all closed, the huge arena became a closed fortress, and the emperor became a fish in the net.Fortunately, only Gladiators rebelled, and their number was small. If the emperor escaped those three arrows, there should be a stregth to fight.

     Until Yun Lang saw Zhou Hong, who was wearing his armor and chatting among the gladiator crowd, he was very pessimistic about whether the emperor could live away from the arena.

     "Zhou Hong, you traitor who kills the king!"

     Yun Lang loudly roared, commanding the few Golden Armored Martial Warriors around him to charge Zhou Hong.

     Zhou Hong Yangtian in the crowd laughed heartily and said: "Yun Lang, the emperor has no way, we will all punish him."

     Yun Lang ignored the trap in Zhou Hong's words, loudly roared: "Slay the traitor Zhou Hong, Jueguan Neihou, reward 10,000 gold!"

     Cao Xiang followed and yelled: "No matter who, kill any traitor, one head is worth a thousand dollars! Go!"

     Zhou Hong yelled frantically: "Kill the monarch, you will reward you with a reward!"

     Hearing Zhou Hong's call, Cao Xiang sneered to Yun Lang: "We have more money than us, and he will lose."

     After speaking, he took out a large amount of beads from his arms and threw them to Zhou Hong who was far away, shouting again: "Yeah, give it now!"

     The changes on the battlefield are often in a flash. Zhou Hong was dragged by Yun Lang and Cao Xiang for a while, and the people who wanted to fight for credit had unconsciously separated the Golden Armored Martial Warrior from the gladiator.

     At this time, Zhou Hong had no chance, and it was already difficult to cross the crowd and attack the emperor's place.

     Yun Lang soon discovered that Jin Rixi led a few Golden Armored Martial Warriors and launched a counterattack with the people.