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534 This Is Called A Gift
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan always felt that Xinghe had been taught a lesson. He felt that an alien visitor who crushed the earth in all aspects was an idiot girl who had no knowledge of the world. He was really stupid who had this idea.

     But one thing is true, that is, Galaxy is really a foodie.

     "I regret..."

     After sleeping, Xinghe was full of annoyance, and she said in a very unwilling tone: "I obviously could reject Justin in many ways last night, but why do I have to belittle his civilization in this way..."

     After the long sighed saying, Xinghe said with a sad look: "How can I go to where Justin eat ice cream, has to acknowledge, his ice cream is really delicious, really delicious!"

     Xinghe could not escape the true fragrance law.

     Suddenly raising his head, Xinghe looked at Gao Yuan and seriously said: "I don't care, you can get ice cream for me. Well, for this, I can give him some...not so critical information."

     Gao Yuan said in amazement: "You changed your mind so soon? Hey, how about your reason and wisdom last night!"

     Xinghe was depressed and painfully said: "That was because I had enough ice cream last night, but today, just now, I really want to eat it. Thinking about it, I can’t eat this kind of delicacy often in the future. I am so painful now Sad, what to do..."

     "Well, I figured out a way, you don't have to think so much, it's just ice cream, it's not a big problem."

     At this moment, someone knocked on the door and waited for Gao Yuan to open the door, but it was Ulyanke who had seen him last night.

     Uliyangke nodded first, and then he whispered: "I'm sorry to visit rashly. I hope I'm not here too early."Gao Yuan was at a loss not knowing what to do, because he didn't understand.

     Quickly let go of the door, and then he said to Xinghe: "Please come in, please come in, Xinghe, come and help me translate."

     Xinghe sat at the dining table and looked at Uliyangke. Uliyangke leaned slightly towards Gao Yuan, and then he said to Xinghe: "Hello, I am here to give gifts to Mr. Gao and you today, some little ones. The gift from Ivan is the heart of Big Ivan, and I hope the two will not refuse."

     "He said he was here to give gifts."

     Xinghe's interest was still not high, just showing Uliyangke's intentions, but when he looked at Uliyangke from a distance, he found that he was empty-handed.

     Speaking of gifts, what about that?

     But seeing Uli Yangke turned his head and said aloud to the door, then six people walked in one after another outside the door.

     Four men and two women. Then, Uli Yangke smiled at Gao Yuan and said, "These people, these two are chefs, this is a housekeeper, this is a professional waiter, and there are two ladies who can take care of Miss Xinghe’s For daily necessities, I think there are only two people here. These people should be enough. Oh, the chef can rotate. These two are good at national cuisine. A chef and his assistant, if you think national cuisine is not fresh anymore , Can be replaced at any time, by the way, this chef is very good at making various desserts and freezing points, ice cream, of course there is no problem."

     Gao Yuan was still at a loss. So when Xinghe was stopped/stood, she said loudly: "What? Really? Thank you!"

     Xinghe's smile was brilliant, almost full of brilliance.Uliyangke continued to smile and said: "I must add that these people can be assured of reliability. The porcupine, the ram's bodyguard, already knows about this. All these people have obtained his permission and will be in his safety. Under surveillance."

     Xinghe smiled and said, "I am not very concerned about this."

     "But we have to keep you safe and not to be disturbed."

     After speaking, Uliyangke continued: "Some of the uncommon ingredients here have been delivered. Well, we have a private farm here, which is not in the supply system of the Solar System Company. So the food for the two can be provided in the future. We are responsible for providing. Today, in order to meet Miss Xinghe’s demand for desserts as soon as possible, we specially sent relevant ingredients and utensils. Well, now we can let them start working."

     Xinghe happy and excited said: "Great! Let's get started!"

     Ulyanke nodded, he said a few words to a few people, and then there were over ten people outside who began to move down a truck and quickly filled the kitchen.

     When the people brought were busy, Ulyanke said to Gao Yuan: “Today, the Solar System Company will launch an attack on Malakal. We are thinking, if possible, we should return the armored beast’s body as soon as possible. Of course, it may also be shipped back after non-toxic treatment on the spot, and it depends on your opinion."

     This time Xinghe completely translated Uli Yangke's words.Didn’t I pretend to clean up and occupy Malakal? Why did Uliyangko say that he would attack today, but Gao Yuan understood it when he thought about it, or Uliyangko didn’t know it was a feint, just to clean up Either Uliyangke knew about the pressure from the worker, but he refused to say for confidentiality.

     Gao Yuan thinks that the latter is more likely.

     "Well, go to Malakal, this can be a while, and we can do something after discussing with the Ram."

     Uliyangke smiled and said, "Of course, this time I was just to give the two small gifts. The specific actions must be studied carefully. I'm sorry, Mr. Ivan is a little poor. He can't do it frequently. When I go out, I will not be able to visit both of you. I can only invite both of you to discuss with us. I apologize again for that."

     Sure enough, everyone must ask for the gift. Uli Yangke is so polite and gave such a big gift, not because of No one can help them bring the armored beasts back except Gao Yuan.

     However, Gao Yuan always felt that Uliyangke's words were weird, and it was also quite uncomfortable.

     Gao Yuan already knows a little about Uliyangke. From the mouths of Satan’s people, I can tell that there is no good thing about Great Ivan and his men. The bloody Ivan, the vampire Uliyangke, are their nicknames. And these two are the iron confidants of Big Ivan.

     As for the Big Ivan, the name itself is a nickname, which means the big one nuclear bomb in Human History, which can destroy everything.

     There are wrong names and no wrong nicknames. You can know who they are from the nicknames of these older brothers.What people like Satan recognize is that Ulyanke is an excellent arms dealer and an excellent friend, but he is by no means a good person, let alone a refined and courteous person.

     But here in Gaoyuan, Uliyangke is polite, gentle, restrained and elegant, and his image is like a gentleman.

     Gao Yuan knew that Uliyangke was not a gentleman. He was a villain from head to tail, an arms dealer who murdered without blinking an eye. After this understanding, he faced a refined and courteous cultured and refined Uliyangke. It makes him very uncomfortable.

     "Mr. Uliyangke, you have always been like this... Uh, I just don't feel comfortable with it."

     Uliyangke looked at Gao Yuan for a while, and then he finally laughed, so he lightly sighed and said, "I was affected by that guy Justin. Actually, I think it’s better to do things straightforwardly and frankly, Mr. Gao, I hope these gifts will satisfy you, or let us be more frank. Please mention any conditions you have. As long as the conditions are right, everything can be discussed!"
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