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2666 From Now On And Forever (the Finale)
    Chinese Name: 至尊特工  Author: 8难(8 Nán, Eight Difficulties)
    Original: | Translator:

"Report, the fortress of the Nossa Kingdom Emperor was dispatched and escorted by a large number of warships towards the northern line of defense."

     In the Linghui Kingdom, everyone in the combat meeting room is an expression grave.

     Everyone knows that even the fortress of the Nossa Kingdom has been dispatched, which means that they already have put all their strength into this battle!

     This will be a life and death battle!

     As long as this battle is won, Nossa Kingdom will be completely weakened, and will no longer be able to stop Linghui from advancing, Linghui will be pointed by the blade, sweep everything before one.

     Ianna grave expression: "Everyone knows the importance of this battle. I'll just Don't talk too much. Let's prepare for combat!"

     Qin Yang sat in the first position next to Ianna, his eyes calm, his eyes a little distant, and his mind did not know where he was floating.

     The combat meeting lasts a long time, from start to finish Qin Yang not say a word, until the end of the meeting.

     After everyone left, Ianna walked to Qin Yang: "Let's go for a walk."

     "it is good!"

     The two walked to the back garden and walked slowly on the path in the garden.

     "What do you think of this battle?"

     Qin Yang smiled and said, "Hit, no matter how we look at it, the result is the same. We have no way out, but God still seems to be standing nearby."

     Ianna brows raised: "You believe?"

     Qin Yang's expression slightly hesitated for a moment and said, "I believe it."After paused for a while, Qin Yang added: "In fact, if we believe it or not, it won't affect our original arrangements. We can't avoid it. How to do it is how to do it. It is precisely because of this that I believe it."

     Ianna thinks about it too: "You are right, it really has no effect on our behavior, then let's give it a go, win, the whole world at peace, lose..."

     Qin Yang groaned: "If you really lose, if there is hope to escape, then run away. Don't fight to death. Only when we are alive will they be uneasy and scrupulous. If we die, everything will be destroyed. !"

     Ianna nodded: "I understand, but if I really fail, I will fight to the end!"

     Qin Yang nodded, his eyes calm: "Then let us let go of it!"

     Ianna chuckled suddenly: "Is the current situation similar to the situation when you infiltrated the Nossa warship on the earth during the explosion mission..."

     Qin Yang smiled: "Similar, but the situation is much better now. At that time, we can say that the mountain and river exhausted fight with one's back to the river is irreversible."

     Ianna raised her head, looks at the sky, and put out a breath leisurely: "Now we are not so, a fight to the death, although we can retreat, but we retreat, no matter what, it also means that we have lost..."

     Qin Yang reached out to hold Yi Anna's hand, and whispered softly: "We will win!"


     The Emperor’s fortress floating in the air, and a circle of Matt energy shields around the fortress protects the Emperor in the air like a tortoise shell.The reason why the Emperor dared to approach the battlefield was because the Fortress-class battleship Matt had a very high energy cover, which could not be breached even by a strong spiritual source. This has been tested by Sean.

      Otherwise, how would Pinault lead his troops into battle?

     Around the Imperial, the sky is full of densely packed warships, large and small, like a honeycomb, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     On the ground, tens of millions of Nossa’s black armors have been scattered on the extremely long front. They will cooperate with the air warships to attract the Defensive Power artillery on the ground, and reduce the pressure on the air attacking warships so that they can more Energy to deal with Ianna and Qin Yang in the front defensive position.

     If the ground forces do not press on, all turret fire from the defense line will be poured out on the battleship.

     This is a deadly battle with all strength!

     What Pinault has been waiting for is an effective way to deal with the powerful spirit source. Now that the space grid has been thoroughly studied, it will naturally not give Linghui time to develop.

     The power of the whole country, concentrate on this, fight with all your strength!

     Even if it is exhausted, they must be exhausted!

     Pinault was sitting in the command room. On the screen were the figures of generals such as Vansta and Miuton. They were all waiting for Pinault's order!

     Pinault looks at the densely packed battleship group in the sky, with excited eyes, stood up and straightened his waist.

     "All-out attack!"


     Linghui Kingdom Defense Line.

     Yi Anna and Qin Yang listened to the report, and when they heard the opposing forces press on, the two of Yi Anna and Qin Yang who had been prepared floated up.

     The two looked at each other in the air."Being more careful!"

     "Okay, goodbye to victory!"

     The two bodies accelerated at the same time, instantly like a supersonic plane, toward the sky full of Nossa battleship group to go up to welcome.


     Qin Yang and Ianna rushed forward one after the other, and when they were still four or five kilometers away from the Nossa battleship group, Qin Yang had already wielded the Azure Sword, constantly wielding the spiritual energy blade.

     The aura blade is like a life-threatening arc, instantly crossing the high altitude, submerging into the bodies of those warships, and then turning them into two!

     The Nosans’ warships did not stop advancing because of this, but instead rushed at full speed, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     The Attack Range of the space grid cannot reach this far. In order to achieve sufficient strength, they must be released within one kilometer of Qinyang before reaching the maximum strength.

     However, as they approached Qin Yang, both Qin Yang and Ianna turned their heads abruptly. They did not rush into the battleship group as before and fight with the help of the warships to hide their shadows. leaving distance in between, don't let the battleship group near you.


     The spirit blade continued to attack and kill, the battleship was shot down like dumplings.

     At this moment, a silhouette suddenly rushed out from one of the warships and rushed forward towards Qin Yang at the same supersonic speed.

     Strong spiritual source!


     Qin Yang slashed out with a sword, and the spiritual energy blade slashed towards Xiao En, and Xiao En rushed to avoid Qin Yang's sword.

     The Aura Blade continued to move forward, hitting many battleships as usual, as if the sword hadn't been directed at Sean.Xiao En rushed towards Qin Yang quickly, swiftly approaching, holding a knife in his hand, and slashing violently.

     Qin Yang moved forward to meet Xiao En, and Qing Miejian cut down.

     The swords collided in the air.

     The endless aura burst out in an instant, and a huge wave of air radiated to all sides, like an atomic bomb explosion, with amazing power.


     The long knife in Xiao En's hand broke instantly, and Qin Yang's sword light swept across Xiao En's body. Xiao En's body was struck by lightning and flew backwards like a missile. A huge mouth of blood appeared on his body.

     Qin Yang defeated Xiao En with a single sword, but finally delayed a little bit time. The fleet advancing at full speed had already approached Qin Yang, and these warships rushing forward were within one kilometer of Qin Yang.

     "Space electric field, release!"

     Countless blue electric lights appeared in the air momentarily, completely covering Qin Yang.

     Qin Yang instantly felt as if he was trapped in a quagmire. The invisible spatial electric field instantly restrained Qin Yang, pulled him and prevented him from leaving.

     When the space electric field was turned on, the Matt energy cannons of all the approaching warships all adjusted their directions, aiming at Qin Yang who was captured by the space power grid.

     All Battleship Commanders are extremely excited at this moment, like a shark grabbing a prey, showing its hideous teeth, ready to tear the prey into pieces.

     The energy cannon charge of Matt was already completed during the charge. At this time, you only need to adjust the aiming direction of Qin Yang to fire the cannon.

     "All battleships, fire their own guns!"Just as the battleships were aiming, Qin Yang, who was originally stuck in a spider web, suddenly moved again and flew away from his original position instantly.

      At the same time, following Qin Yang's long sword shuā shuā shuā's in Yianna's hands about three kilometers behind Qin Yang, the spiritual energy blade of path after path instantly crossed a distance of three kilometers, and then crossed Qin Yang again, like a piece The fishing net was in general, and it instantly swept towards the fleet ahead.


     I don't know how many Matt energy cannons have been launched, but Qin Yang is already not in the original position. All of these Matt energy cannons fell in the empty space.

     However, these warships no longer had the opportunity to recapture Qin Yang, because the net of aura blades sent by Ianna had been scraped over, instantly tearing these warships to everything broken and in disorder.

     These warships were torn apart, and the spatial electric field naturally disappeared. Qin Yang's body pressure was relieved, and his figure regained agility, instantly accelerated, completely got rid of the original position, and swung the Azure Sword in his hand.

     Sword Blade Flurry!

     The aura blade swept out, tearing all the surrounding battleships in an instant!

     After completing this wave of counter-kills, Qin Yang and Ianna once again rushed to the other battleship group one after the other.

     On the remote ground, the two people who were killed by Qin Yang's sword and Xiao En looked at the sky showed two horror in their eyes.

      he by no means greeted him again, but floated up and flew towards the Emperor at a very fast speed.

     In the Emperor, Pinault looked angry at the battle ahead.

     "Isn't it said that they can be hunted completely? Why is he still able to move if he is hunted by the space grid?""Did Xiao En eat shit? He didn't even block the opponent's sword. Is he still a strong spiritual source?"

     "Give it all to me, Full Firepower, even if it's a pile, I have to pile them to death!"

     "Imperial, let's go together!"

     Just when Pinault ordered the Emperor to prepare to fight and prepare to use his extremely powerful Defensive Ability to deal with Qin Yang and Ianna, Kava said to the side: "Shaun is back, he can't bear it. Minor injury."

     Pinault looked at Sean who was isolated outside the energy hood, his face was cold, hesitated for a moment and said: "Let him in, this waste! It's a waste of me looking forward to him!"

     Kava greeted the staff member and let Xiao En come in. At the same time, he started talking: "Then Qin Yang is indeed very strong. According to our previous records, doesn't have any spiritual source powerhouse capable of his level, and he With the Lander’s holy sword in his hand, it’s normal for Xiao En to be unable to beat Qin Yang..."

     Pinnold coldly snorted: "Let all the warships get on, don't get close, directly cover the area of the energy cannon, and directly attack both of them!"


     Just as Pinault commanded the army to use energy cannons to attack intensively, Sean, who was drenched with blood, appeared in the command room.

     "Your Majesty, that Qin Yang is too strong, he is much stronger than I thought. He still has a holy sword in his hand, and my weapon broke when I touched it..."

     Although Pinault curse without restraint Sean just now, he couldn't say anything in front of Sean at this moment. He only waved his hand: "You are injured, let's treat the wound first."Xiao En looked at the command room, and a strange smile suddenly appeared on his face: "There is no need to deal with the wound, small things, but your Majesty, can you tell me the antidote formula of the poison on my body?"

     Pinault suddenly turned around, coldly looks at Sean: "At what time, do you want the cure? Is it the right time?"

     The weird smile on Sean's face increased by two points again: "It fits, I think this time is the most suitable!"

     Pinault and others all turned to look at Sean, they already found that something was wrong with Sean: "What does it mean?"

     Sean sneered: "Pinold, Carl, you did one thing wrong, that is, you shouldn't poison me. Since Sean is a strong spiritual source, how can I be hidden by a group of you? A weak chicken in an iron box? Since you want to control me forever, no wonder I am vicious and merciless!"

     Pinault felt tingling sensation, he never expected that Sean would choose to tear himself apart at this time.

     "What do you want to do?"

     Suddenly, the broken knife in Xiao En's hand swiped, and a sharp blade suddenly appeared, and instantly swept across the command room.

     All the staff members in the command room, as well as the two red-labeled Noosa guards behind Pinault, were all cut by Sean.

     The spiritual source powerhouse is not something red-labeled Nossa or purple-labeled Noosa can stop. Otherwise, the Nosans will not be unable to deal with the alliance's spiritual source powerhouses.

     Pinault's face turned pale suddenly, and he exclaimed: "You are crazy! We won't give you the antidote, you kill us, you will die too!"Sean coldly smiled, slapped Kava directly with a slap, and then sneered: "I already make insinuations this year. Kava knows my antidote method of making, do you think he will tell me? ?"

     After all, Pinault is the emperor. Even at this time, he still has no fear. He sneered and said: "Kava will not tell you. He would rather die than tell you."

     Xiao En sneered: "Don't worry, I know someone who can take out any secrets in your heart!"

     Pinault asked, "Who?"

     "Qin Yang!"

     Pinault's eyes widened suddenly: "Qin Yang! Are you colluding with Qin Yang secretly?"

     Sean coldly said: "I gave you the last chance before preparing for war, but you still refused to give me the cure, and the task you arranged for me was to let me hold Qin Yang and Yianna, and then wait You warships come up to use the space power grid. If your plan is to wait for the end to seal me off, connect directly to me and kill them together."

     Pinault face turn white, he really planned it this way, and arranged it like this!

     Xiao En assisted in dragging Qin Yang and Yianna. If they fought at close range, they would be bound by the space grid together. If three people were trapped together, then they would be destroyed together. Kill Qin Yang or Ianna, and kill them together when Xiao En drags the next person!

     One hundred!

     Xiao En looked at Qin Yang and Ianna, who were still fast as lightning on the screen, flying and beheading the warships, with complicated eyes.

     Either Qin Yang or Ianna is much better than him!Pinault took a deep breath: "Then you were injured just now..."

     "Half true and half false, he is really strong, but I don't know that I can't take it all. I just find a reason to leave the battlefield and find a reason to come to this fortress to catch you."

     The sneer on Sean’s face added a few points: “You use me as the research object. This is exactly how you deal with me in the future. Do you think I will cooperate fully? I pretend to be trapped by the space grid. The illusion of, in order to leave myself a way out!

     "After you refused to give the antidote, I secretly contacted Qin Yang, reached an agreement with him, and told them about the space power grid. They were still wearing protective clothing for the space power grid. Although they may not be able to block all of them, but It can greatly reduce the power of the power grid, and he is stronger than me. How can this power grid trap him?"

     "If you don't give me a way to survive, then I naturally can't leave you a way to survive. If you want to turn your face, then turn your face a bit more thoroughly. If you disappear completely, that is the best result!"

     After hearing what Shaun said, Pinault looked shocked. After several seconds, he said in shock, "You lunatic! You are the opponent of Qin Yang. Even if you cooperate with him, they are stronger than you, and they will definitely do it in the future. Killed you!"

     Xiao En's expression is a bit complicated: "No, he promised me that after this incident, he won't embarrass me again!"

     Pinault laughing heartily: "Do you believe the enemy? Why are you so wicked but so naive, to believe in the verbal promise of the enemy of life and death?"Xiao En shook his head and said: "No, in this world, some people, even if they are enemies, are worthy of trust, just because they are such people, as long as they make a serious promise, they will do it seriously...Qin Yang that's it people!"

     Pinault coldly looks at Sean: "You are such a lunatic!"

     Sean laughing heartily: "What about lunatics, you used to regard me as a dog, and now, haha, how do you feel? I finally stood at the peak of this World, and you who think you are amazing will lose Your world!"

     Sean raised the knife in his hand: "I have finished explaining what should be explained to you, and I am finished with this. It is time to let this fortress, which is said to never fall, fall completely!"

     Pinault complexion changed: "No! You let us go, I will give you the antidote!"

     Sean shook his head: "It's late! I gave you a chance! I can't let you still have a chance to deal with me!"

     When the voice fell, the long knife in Xiao En's hand suddenly drew out, cutting out a sharp blade.

     These swords are not comparable to the dark blue aura blades released by Qin Yang and Ianna, but still no stronghold one cannot overcome, and he is inside the battleship at the moment, and there is no energy shield inside, how can he stop Xiao En? The knife?

     Numerous facilities were destroyed, the inside of the fort was severely damaged, and all systems were destroyed. The super heavy Matt energy shield outside disappeared in an instant. At the same time, the huge fortress battleship also fell directly downward.

     The fortress battleship gigantic is incomparable. This fall is like a meteorite falling from outer space, and not far below, it is the line of defense of the Nosans.Sean slashed open the wall of the battleship outside the command cabin, then lifted Kava and Pinault and flew out directly from the gap.

     The huge imperial fortress suddenly fell. It was like a signal that spread throughout the battlefield in an instant.

     Everyone knows that King Pinault is on this battleship, but now the Imperial Fortress, which is not going to fall, has fallen. The king has not heard the slightest message, which means it goes without saying.

     The fortress and the Supervisor Pinord are the greatest confidence in this war. Now they are gone. The battleships on the battlefield have been continuously destroyed by Qin Yang and Ianna. Although there are still many battleships left, the long front is also All are attacking frantically, but no one has the confidence to win.

     The king is dead, what happens next?

     Vansta was originally connected to the command room of the Emperor's fortress, so he saw the scene that just happened. After confirming that Pinod was destined to survive, Vansta gave the order to retreat.

     When Vansta's army began to retreat, Miu Dun also gave the order to retreat.

      troops in defeat like a landslide!

     Qin Yang and Ianna turned into death gods, constantly harvesting one after another battleship. When the entire sky became completely empty, all the battleships that had participated in the war had been destroyed by the two at least 3-February. Only one third ran away, and most of them were small warships, because large warships were the easiest to spot and the most difficult to run away.

     After clearing the air, Qin Yang and Ianna once again attacked the black armored troops on the ground. After the ground troops collapsed, the Berserker Armored troops rushed out and started hunting down, capturing countless prisoners and capturing countless.The pursuit battle lasted for three full days before finally subsiding.

     The ground forces were defeated and the battleship was lost. 3-February, the Fortress Emperor was crashed and King Pinault was captured!

     In this battle, the Kingdom of Nossa was defeated!


     Linghui Kingdom Defense Line.

     Qin Yang handed a piece of paper with the formula to Xiao En: "This is the antidote formula. You can just follow what I wrote. You can do it yourself without others."

     Sean sighed in relief and smiled: "Okay, thanks."

     Qin Yang looked at Xiao En: "Do you really believe that I will not kill you?"

     Xiao En smiled and said, "If it was Ianna, I would definitely not believe it, but you, I believe, we have fought so many times, and I still know you well, although I cheated you many times, but you actually don’t there's nothing about it actual damage, the only thing that can be related is Wen Yanhou, but he is also your enemy, even though your relationship has changed, but you won't kill me for him..."

     "The most important thing is that you are a promised person and I believe you."

     The corner of Qin Yang's mouth curled slightly: "It seems that a good person is not easy to be a good person. What are you going to do in the future?"

     Sean said with a smile: "Everything I do is to become a strong spiritual source. Now that I have reached my goal, then I can do other things, or explore this World, or live in seclusion. In short , I will not be your enemy again."

     Qin Yang smiled: "In fact, you can also choose to help Linghui."Xiao En waved his hand and said: "Then it doesn't need to be, you two are so fierce, it is very frustrating, both are strong spiritual sources, but the gap is not small, I still stay away from you, lest you someday Find a reason to kill me!"

     Qin Yang didn't force it, "Go ahead, it's up to you!"

     Sean floated up: "That's it, I'm leaving, meeting postponed indefinitely!"

     Behind Qin Yang, Gu Huan and others from the earth stood, looking at this scene with complex expressions.

     Qin Yang turned around and smiled: "Is it envious?"

     Gu Huan smiled bitterly: "Unexpectedly, he was the first to become a strong spiritual source..."

     Qin Yang smiled and said: "Don't worry, everyone has a chance. This time the battle was won and a lot of resources were seized. I can open the cave a few more times later. Everyone has a chance!"

     Ianna walked out of the room and looked at Sean's disappearing back: "Going?"

     Qin Yang nodded: "Well, he won't be enemies with us anymore, otherwise, it is really an excuse for us to kill him!"

     Ianna un'ed and smiled: "But I didn't expect this war to end in this way."

     Qin Yang laughing heartily said: "No matter what, this is a good thing. After this war, no one can stop us from moving forward. Linghui is destined to unify this World!"

     After stopping for a while, Qin Yang suggested: "Take advantage of the abundant resources, hurry up to open a few more spiritual caves, and create a few more spiritual source experts, so that the pace of occupying the world will be faster. The most important thing is... "

     Ianna rushed to speak: "The most important thing is that you can be lazy!"Qin Yang said with a smile: "Yes, yes, I don’t like violence. I owe my family and children too much. I want to accompany them well. For other things, thank you for your troubles!"

     Yi Anna gave Qin Yang a white look and hummed: "Am I not your family member too?"

     Qin Yang said with a chuckle: "Yes, but you are also the queen, the queen, that's not so good!"


     This battle completely changed the pattern of entire star.

     The Nossa Kingdom, which had lost its king, fell into civil strife and split into multiple forces, but none of these forces could stop the advance of the Linghui Kingdom troops.

     The entire territory of the planet Boling is rapidly falling into Linghui’s hands. Many of the split-off forces can’t resist it, so they simply surrender to Linghui to pray for a good result. After all, resistance is only dead end and surrender. Well, you may lose power, but glory, splendor, wealth and rank are no problems in your life.

     Spirit caves opened one after another. Gu Huan, Meluoyi, and Samael became spiritual source powerhouses one after another. Even Detrich, who had failed before, also felt that a breakthrough is imminent. Maybe in a few years, he will break through and become The strong spiritual source.

     The humans from the earth merged into the camp of the Linghui Kingdom, became a member of the hundred races, and became a member of the planet Boling, because the Peak Powerhouses from the earth have a high probability of being promoted, and then the humans are also the tide rises, the boat floats , Has become a high-status race.

     The planet Bolling has officially become the second hometown of the earth’s people. The earth has opened up the great cosmic era and the hōng hōng liè liè interstellar immigration boom.After waiting for more than half a year, Qin Yang waited until the end all the family members he had been waiting for for a long time.

     The spacecraft landed and the crowd walked out one after another.

     Qin Yang waited with Yi Anna, Wen Yuyan, Xue Wantong's mother and daughter, and Situ Xiang with his eyesight.

     Among the crowd, Mo Yu and Long Yue led their daughters to the front, beside them were father Qin Hua and mother Luo Shiqian, followed by Han Qingqing, Li Siqi and Zhuang Mengdie, each of them holding a child.

     Seeing this familiar group of people, Qin Yang's eyes suddenly turned red.

     He opened his arms, to go up to welcome, and hugged Han Qingqing and others directly together.

     "Starting from today, we will never be apart again, we will be together forever, until we are old!"



     Two and a half years, more than 5.3 million words.

     Generally speaking, I am quite satisfied with this book. If the only miscalculation is that I overestimated my ability to write combat, originally I wanted to write a touching bloody war text during the later war with the Nosans, but I did No, then it was a little embarrassing.

     Thank you friends every day and every night for being with you for a long time, thank you for having you!

     Let's meet again next time!

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