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5565 Main Text_The Fifth Thousand One Hundred And Seventy-two Chapter Finale
    Chinese Name: 超级吞噬系统  Author: 月落歌不落(Yuè luò gē bù luò)
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With just one blow, a powerful Tier 8 survivor fell, his body exploded, and was put away by Ye Xuan, even the dimensional storage item that fell out of his body was the same!

     This scene is too amazing, it makes people be scared out of one's wits, but it is just the beginning of this terrifying battle...



     Taking advantage of Ye Xuan’s blow to kill the Tier 8 survivor, the blood mist formed by exploding his body with a wave of his hand, and the treasure that fell out were put away, there was also a Tier 8 fierce beast roaring to the right. , Shot directly, and slammed over...

     The energy was too violent. Ye Xuan avoided him, but he was still scratched, and immediately some blood surged. After all, the opponent was also a Tier 8 boss, not much weaker than him, so he was angry under the full-power attack. Floating blood is what it should be... the brain

     These thoughts flashed in, Ye Xuan instantly became angry, and without hesitation, the cold glow flashes in the eyes of the skeletal clone, the huge and incomparable withered blood blade instantly cut out...

     The power of this blow was too fierce, and the evil spirit was overwhelming. The head of the eighth-order fierce beast was directly cut off, and then the fierce ape stretched his left arm and blasted out with a punch, sending his remnant body into the sky. The huge head exploded at the same time. "

     Call..." Crazy

     The howling of the wind suddenly resounded, the black mist avatar waved his hand, and a majestic invisible aura whistled away, sweeping the majestic blood mist that was spreading, and sent it directly into the central volcano in the space of the tripod At the bottom, unfold blood condensing.

     At the same time, there's some left in this Tier 8 fierce beast's body, the top cultivation resources such as Tianjiu Dao Treasure Liquid and Tiandao Origin Liquid fell out, and were also taken away by the Black Mist clone...In a blink of an eye, two of the eight eighth-rank bosses have fallen, and there are only six remaining. All these are born too fast, and they have no time to deal with it. When they react, these six The surviving Tier 8 bosses shook their bodies, realized that they are not good...

     The strong battle strength of Ye Xuan, the lord of the Demon Temple, is far beyond their expectations. This is one True Demon God is born, even if they are also the late stage existence of the eighth-order Hongmeng, but if they fight head-on one-on-one, I am afraid that no one can survive three rounds in the opponent's hands... this

     It is simply crushing. Although the opponent's cultivation realm is only the eighth-order of Hongmeng, its real combat power is almost the same as the Hongmeng peak of the nine-order Dzogchen!

     Faced with such an opponent, with only six people left, even if they do their best, there is little hope. I am afraid that they will fall here today...

     With these thoughts flashing in his mind, these six eighth-rank old monsters suddenly hesitated, and the light in their eyes became a little flickering. If the surrounding void had not been shrouded by the huge flame ball formed by the ten-colored flame sea, six I am afraid that someone has already turned around and flees...

     The words that I said before that I can’t enter the galaxy and that I’m alive are nothing more than a slap in the face. It’s just a beautiful scene. When the real life and death crisis comes, who doesn’t want to fight for a slim chance of survival?

     Even the old monster Hongmeng is also unable to break away from convention!

     "What? Do you regret it so soon?"

     Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan seemed to have guessed the mental changes of the six eighth-rank old monsters. The face of the Three Great Clones suddenly appeared contemptuous, and Ye Xuansen’s voice of incomparable spiritual knowledge also appeared at this moment. Outgoing.With endless ridicule, more iron-blooded meaning, and determined to kill: "Unfortunately, everything is too late. Today, you are destined to fall here one by one, and become the stepping stone for the main hall to step into the ninth-level Great Perfection of Hongmeng. !""

     boom! "



     As soon as the sound fell, the black mist avatar's eyes flashed blood, and the mental thunder and lightning technique was fully activated again. A majestic and endless blood-colored thunder sea appeared on the head of an eighth-order survivor, and it exploded in an instant. Submerge his figure.

     This could only make him seriously injured, but immediately afterwards, Ye Xuan had already swept up, and the big black rod was thrown out with all his strength under Violent Ape's right arm, directly smashing this Tier 8 survivor into a bloodshed. Mist, along with the treasure that fell out of his body, was taken away by Ye Xuan..."

     boom! ""


     The three eighth-rank bosses were bombarded and killed, and the remaining five bosses were in a hurry. They seemed to have seen the scene of five people and six being bombarded, and it was not far away, and it was coming soon.

     Rather than that, it might as well take advantage of the current full shot, and perhaps a slim chance of survival.

     These thoughts flashed in his mind, the five bosses did not hesitate, let alone any reservations, they all shot with all their strength, blink of an eye has reached Ye Xuan's body shape, each displayed the most powerful means, and besieged together. he……

     There was a loud roar, and there was a bang. Although Ye Xuan is now to have three heads and six arms, there are five opponents who besieged at the same time. Although the combat power is not as good as him, the cultivation realm It is the same Hongmeng eighth order.Moreover, these five powerful Tier 8 bosses were clearly striving to hold nothing back and their combat power was naturally more powerful, and they could even be said to be level swing. surface

     In this situation, even Ye Xuan was hit several times under no time to deal with it, and the sky-shaking bangs kept reverberating. The Three Great Clones was full of blood and blood, and a mouthful of sweetness reached his throat. , Almost turned into a blood arrow, and burst out...


     Humiliation! "This

     Under a joint attack, Ye Xuan was almost seriously injured, which also aroused his anger. The Three Great Clones raised their heads and each made a terrifying roar and howl, and then suddenly shot...



     "Puff..." Black

     Fog clone exerted the mental crushing, causing the five eighth-rank old monsters gathered around to tremble wildly. At the same time, the big black stick in the hand of Violent Ape swung again and again, smashing out with all strength. . skeleton

     The blood blade of the withered demon in the hands of the bone clone screamed out directly, turning into an extremely hideous blood-colored withered demon, swallowing a Tier 8 survivor in one mouthful with a grinning smile...

     The terrifying bloody battle started, and entered the realm like wildfire. After a short half of incense, everything ended. These five eighth-ranked bosses, without exception, all died, their bodies were exploded and turned into majestic blood mist Ye Xuan took it away.

     Including the supreme treasures and soldiers that fell out of their bodies, as well as the top cultivation resources such as the treasure liquid of the Tianjiu Dao and the essence of the heavens, all of them fell into the hands of Ye Xuan as a profit.

     "call out……"When Ye Xuan waved his hand to put away the ten-color flame ball that enveloped the void of the battlefield, and re-turned it into a ten-color ribbon wrapped around the body of the black mist, to have three heads and six arms the body of the magic ape The diffused aura of cultivation base has once again skyrocketed, reaching the peak of the ninth-order great perfection..."

     boom! "

     At the same moment, in the Darkness Void on the far right bank of the Milky Way, there was also a terrifying bang, which shocked everyone, and they all looked back...

     The giant source nest star that gave birth to Ye Xuan's power clone actually heard a shocking sound at this moment, and the entire star was shaking. This was clearly a sign that Primal Chaos Demon God was about to... be born! "


     call out! "flame

     The final fight inside the ball came to an end, and the eight powerful eighth-order Hongmengs were completely killed by Ye Xuan within two hours. through

     After this battle, Ye Xuan's transformation process of soul and body after entering the Great Meng Realm has once again reached a new height, enough to support him to use the bloodline and magical power of the Nine Demon Apes to the seventh change.

     Before this battle, Ye Xuan was in the state of the sixth change, and his peak strength was the eighth level of Hongmeng. Now, when this battle is over, he has used the bloodline magical power of the Nine Demon Ape to the ninth change...

     Therefore, as the huge ball of fire collapsed, it turned into a sea of ten-colored flames, and then it shrank to the extreme in the sound of the blazing fire waves, and finally turned into a gorgeous ten-colored streamer, wrapped in black mist. On the body, the cultivation base aura diffused in the body of the demon ape who to have three heads and six arms has reached the peak of the ninth-order perfect realm...the peak!The peak of Hongmeng is the strongest realm of Hongmeng Void, and beyond, it is the supreme chaos after Hongmeng.

     Even in this ancient and vast universe, there has never been a ninth-order Dzogchen Magnificent pinnacle since it has gone through the reincarnation-like epochs, even the three born at the beginning of each epoch. Thousands of Primal Chaos Demon God are generally just the cultivation base of the middle stage of Hongmeng. where

     I'm afraid it is the strongest Power Demon God, and at most Hongmeng 8th order...

     At this moment, Ye Xuan, with the blood and magical powers of the Demon Ape Nine Transformations, reached the ninth-order Great Perfection of Hongmeng that has never been achieved since the endless years of Hongmeng.

     When his figure appeared, the entire expanse of the Milky Way was completely silent on both sides. that

     More than two hundred old monsters of Hongmeng shook their heads and sighed with incomparably anguished faces. They knew that they no longer had a stregth to fight. Even if all the people stood side by side, it would be impossible for the Lord of the Demon Temple to have anything to do with...

     "Woo..." "

     You wait and listen, I am the pig tyrant of the Demon Hall, who dares to stand up, I will suppress the old pig on the spot..."

     Also in this brief moment, the old pig spirit, who was already unable to hold back, saw Ye Xuan kill eight eighth-order Hongmeng by himself, and after World War I, his own cultivation level soared to Hongmeng's ninth-order great perfection. In this Magnificent Void, it is already invincible... old

     The guy suddenly became excited, raised his head and let out a long howl, jumped out from the front of the Demon Hall army, reached the sky above the central region of the Milky Way, and looked around, looking around. ThisThe scene left countless fierce beasts and strong remnants speechless, and the more than two hundred elders of Hongmeng, whose cultivation strength was far greater than him, looked as if they had eaten a dead fly. They rolled their eyes straight, but they were completely angry. , but not daring to speak out ……

      "Hōng!" Also

     At the same moment, in the Darkness Void on the far right bank of the Milky Way, there was also a shocking noise, which shocked everyone, and they all looked back.

     The giant source nest star that gave birth to Ye Xuan's power clone actually heard a booming sound at this moment, and the entire star was shaking. This was clearly a sign that Primal Chaos Demon God was about born!

      "Hōng!" "


     "Boom..." This

     It’s not the only exception. A similar scene will soon continue to come...

     The vast expanse of Hongmeng World shook at this moment. In the Darkness Void in the distance, the source nest stars were trembling violently, and the sound of earth-shattering thunder was

     The era of Hongmeng will begin, and the Primal Chaos Demon God conceived in the three thousand source nest stars will also be born at that moment...

     To be precise, it should be two thousand 999, because a source nest star was swallowed by the Longye life giant and turned into the secret base camp of the Yexuan Demon Palace Legion...and

     Once the two thousand 999 Primal Chaos Demon Gods are born, this vast expanse of emptiness will usher in the beginning of the new era... the battle of the demon gods! that

     It must be an extremely long, extremely turbulent and dark time, and Ye Xuan did not participate uninterested in it. to

     Little, his this honor has no such interest. becauseIn his opinion, this battle of the demon god belongs to his power clones, and belongs to those who, like his power clones, were sent by Ye Xuan to the generals in the source nest stars... …

     In fact, there were not a few subordinates who were sent by Ye Xuan to source nest stars.

     Among them are Emperor Yin Lei Ling, You Mosquito Tu this honor, Blood Ben, Elephant Fox Mink, Yingtai, Limo, Flying Centipede and Yinji Boss and so on.

     There are also primordial porcupine, primordial hairy tortoise, blue ox, Yu Linglong, roaring moon mastiff, dragon dragon, black robe huangzun, Ming nine, three-clawed dragon dragon, as well as wolf strong, Ji Jinghong, Jin Haoyan, Jiao Ritian, Mei Dusha, lion domineering six people!

     There are more than dozens of ridiculous ancient powers of the fierce beast legion and the blood scorpion, the green peng and the war lion tribe...

     The number is ninety-eight people. If you count his power clone, and the honor of the Crazy Mosquito Emperor who entered a source nest star by himself before him, it will reach a hundred!

     Throughout the vast expanse of the Magnificent Void, when each epoch opens, the total number of Primal Chaos Demon Gods conceived in the three thousand source nest stars is only three thousand. This

     There are only two thousand 999 statues at a time, and Ye Xuan’s colleagues in the camp occupy one hundred statues, and Power Demon God, the strongest among all Primal Chaos Demon God, is also Ye Xuan’s power clone... …

     Under his leadership, these hundred successful Primal Chaos Demon Gods will surely win the battle of the demon gods at the beginning of the great era, and win a part of the great luck...thisEverything, there is his power clone to fight for, and Ye Xuan, has decided to take the Demon Temple Six Great Corps, with Guihai Yidao in the source nest base camp and other demon confidants, and enter the galaxy. no

     Regarding where the road will be in the future, How much farther is it, now he, the only thing he thinks in mind, is to go home! "

     Everyone, the new era of Hongmeng is about to begin, and three thousand Primal Chaos Demon Gods will also be born. By then, it will be the battle of the demon gods after the opening of the new era... the time of the curtain! "

     Withdrawing his gaze, Ye Xuan turned to look at countless powerful men on both sides of the galaxy. Among a thought, he immediately removed the demon ape who had three heads and six arms, and restored the original human form: "The hall will lead the demon temple. The genus, entered the Milky Way, and then closed the vortex eye passage. If you don’t want to fall in this battle of the devil, you should prepare early and...

     boom! "


     After speaking, the earth-shaking roar resounded through the void again. Ye Xuan ignored everything. Under the wave of his hand, the Origin Nest Star Base Camp and the Demon Temple Six Great Corps moved into full swing, rushing towards the vortex eye passage over the Milky Way Central Region ahead Under his leadership... grandiose enters the galaxy!

     .. m.
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