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Chapter Directory 942 New Book "Legend Of The Dragon Goddess"
    Chinese Name: 龙珠之最强神话  Author: 枫叶缀(Fēngyè zhuì, Maple Leaf Suffix)
    Original: | Translation:


    When Mu Yang opened his eyes and found that he actually appeared in the Dragon Ball world, as an Earth person, how should he survive in this dangerous world? Fortunately, the time he traversed is a bit early...

    Decades later.

    "Ginyu Captain, let's run away, we're not that person's opponent!" Jeice looked panic toward fall back. Opposite him, a young man walked slowly holding a little Loli's hand.

    "King Frieza, that Demon is catching up again."

    "Our general headquarters planet was destroyed by the other party's Energy of Destruction."

    "Asshole, damn guy, what hatred and resentment do we have to dare to tease this King again and again!" Frieza's eyes were split, angry blaze was drowning his reasoning, but sadly, he did Not an opponent of that person.

    Muyang: "Come on, I like to see you hate gnash one's teeth, and take my helpless look."


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