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731 When Montenegro Is Dead, The New King Shall Stand
    Chinese Name: 夜行者:平妖二十年  Author: 南无袈裟理科佛(Ná mó jiāshā lǐkē fú, Nanwu Science Buddha)
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Shennongjia was named after the Chinese ancestor Yandi Shennong who built wood here as a ladder, tasted herbs, saved the people from sickness, and taught them to harvest crops.

     The top of Shennong is three kilometers high, and walking straight for more than ten miles on the east side, the forest is getting denser and the birds are flying.

     Dark clouds passed by, and the sky was clear.

     Under the clear sky, there is a cave house, a mess, countless wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, thousands of demons are at a loss, some fled away, and others stay in the wide martial arts grounds, and see the terrifying demons as huge as the mountains. Body, full of frightened expression.

     Looking at the headless body, someone shouted in a low voice: "Di Jun, Di Jun..."

     No one answered.

     Probably because the owner of this huge body is too majestic on weekdays, no one has dared to come forward and check indiscriminately. After a long time, someone finally whispered: "Dijun is dead."

     Someone said: "Yes, it's dead."

     Another said: "The demon wind just now, and the people above the cloud head fighting Dijun, is it... a heart-eater?"

     "Yes, that's it."

     "Heart Eater didn't mean to go north, right now it is fighting with the domestic coalition forces on the border, why is it here?"

     "You must first secure the inside."

     "Our Emperor Jun didn't mess with him, so why did he come here all the way? It's too much."

     "The overall situation of the world, grandiose, how can you stay in peace and enjoy the leisure alone?"

     "what should we do?""What do you do? Emperor Jun is dead, and there is no clean place in the world. If he doesn't cling to the wings of the Heart Eater, he will end like Emperor——In front of the Heart Eater, what old demon king, what great demon? , It's nothing but vain. In that case, if you don't hurry south and go to the front line, maybe it's still too late...

     "I don't, I don't care about dynasty hegemony, I just want to live my little life."

     "Me too, I go to Gansu, to the frontier, to the old woods in the northeast, to the plateau of Tibet...under the vast Heavens, I don't believe that there is no place for me, I don't believe that I have to participate in this little trouble. Matters and disputes."

     "I want to go too, go together..."

     "No, you can't go. If you don't go, we will go, I'm afraid Master Heart Eater will be unhappy."

     "Yes, one can't be less. Isn't the Black Mountain Old Monster example enough? Do you think you can escape?"

     "Black Bear King, when Di Jun was here, you were as good as a three-year-old baby. You didn't expect that when Di Jun died, you all jumped out."

     "Yes, Barbarian, you are willing to be a dog for the Heart Eater, biting people everywhere, you go, don't pull us, we have no enemies with humans..."

     "Even if you are a generation of Demon Kings, don't even think about coercing us."

     "If you don't obey, you die."

     "Come on, you die, you have the ability... Ah, you guys are really..."

     ...The former holy land, after the fall of the silent and low-key Emperor Jun, has become a land of killings. Countless friends and brothers who used to arm around each other's shoulders, drink and eat meat, fight against each other for different beliefs and ideals, made a mess .

     But the king who gathered the people together has already fallen.

     Its head was swept away by a black cloud.

     In the chaos, Su Cheng's face looked gloomy and uncertain. He looked at these monsters that revealed their true appearances, and wanted to leave.

     He has been here for half a year, and no one knows his true identity.

     Others only thought he was a dog nightwalker.

     He thought he would be able to live through the day of final transformation here, but he never thought that the change is coming.

     How to do?

     He wanted to leave, because he knew that the guy who had been digging out the demon element by him was now the top character in the resumption of the night.

     Ji Meng.

     That guy, actually fell into a demon.

     I really underestimated him at the beginning. I knew it was so, so I killed it.

     Anyway, nightcrawlers can die.

      does not have one innocent.

     Because they have dirty blood in their veins.

     Just like those doggies...

     My four children.

     Su Si made up his mind and decided to leave.

     He bypassed the center of the chaos, especially the demon kings who were making trouble. He walked quickly, and then retreated towards the flower formation outside the cave.

     He was already familiar with the terrain here, and he could leave with his eyes closed.As long as he crosses the front gate and jumps over the Tiger Leaping Gorge, he will be able to leave this ghost place.

     When that happens, he will stay incognito and survive this period of time.

     Wait till that time, hum.

     What a giant among men Jin Chanzi, fart, all kneel down to me.

     Let you know what is the first blood of the human race.

     Da Wu Houyi, do you understand?


     Su Chengzhi ran desperately, but never thought that a huge black palm slapped in front of him, blocking his way.

     A black bear spirit with fangs and eyes showing murderous light appeared in front of him.

     The guy who repaired to Monster King Realm is a peak expert reckoned to be first or second best under the account of Black Mountain Old Monster.

     Don't look at this guy who is clumsy and habitually silent, but he is a bad character.

      When Black Mountain Old Monster died, he actually united several demon kings to rebel.

     How terrifying the black bear?

     Simply put, it can smash a small hill with one punch.

     The reason why this cave house was able to make such a wide appearance at the beginning was its inborn superhuman strength.

     It's a human-type excavator, and it's a graduate of Lan Xiang.


     The black bear essence smashed down with a punch, and the fist wind rolled over like the substance.

     Sioux City’s rolling and crawling just avoided it.

     However, he can avoid it once, but not the second or third time...After several consecutive dodges, all the shelters that could be avoided around Sioux City shattered into powder. When there was no way to retreat, he finally put down all the shelves and directly kneels down on the ground, loudly shouted:" Don't fight, don't fight, I will listen to you..."


     The black bear spirit stopped, but it was not because of Su Chengzhi's begging for mercy, but from a terrifying rumbling.

     Almost at the same time, everyone looked towards the place where the roar came out.

      The Black Mountain Old Monster's body, which was huge like a mountain, was suddenly hit by something flying from outside the sky. Then, the meat mountain-like body began to turn red and melted like magma.

     Under everyone's attention, among the raging flame, a strong figure slowly walked out of the collapsed Roshan.

     That is a guy with great muscles and a strong body.

     The muscles on its body are as strong as steel bars, and its eyes are full of ferociousness, and its body is full of black mist.

     It was a monkey, or rather, a weird ape.

     Its body is full of scars, and its whole body is full of ominous Qi. Only a pair of eyes, like a person, as deep as the sea, when you look closely, it feels as if it contains a bit of sadness.

     Who is this guy?

     There are thousands of demons in Shennongjia. Although there are many of them, every powerful character is unique and unmatched.

     Everyone knows each other, but does not have one, know this guy.

     Where does it come from, where does it want to go?

     No one knows.A huge rhinoceros with horns on its nose, two or three feet tall, shouted at the strange ape: "Who are you?"

     The strange ape tilted his head and looked at his surroundings alertly, his eyes filled with uncertain look.

     It even took a deep breath in the hot air.

     But it just ignored the rhino spirit.

     Su Chengzhi heard the Black Bear King laughing heartily: "Man Niuzi, you are stupid, people simply ignore you..."

     The rhinoceros became angry immediately and roared: "Go To Your Mother's."

     It can be killed, holding the huge snake spear in its hand, and stabs at the strange ape in the flame remains.

     That strange ape sensed the great power assaults the senses, and then raised his head.

     Then, from the flames, it dragged out a black club.


     The man who reveals his true appearance, a generation of monster king, is four or five times the size of the strange ape. The huge snake spear in his hand seems to be able to sweep everything, but it is blocked by the iron rod in the hand of the strange ape. .

      strength of a thousand pounds, lightly block.

     Only this moment, everyone was shocked.

     The Black Bear King who was in trouble with the Barbarian Niuzi, and several other Demon Kings laughed.

     They said that Man Niu Zi Xu did a bad thing yesterday and his legs are weak at the moment.

     Barbarian Niuzi was furious, the snake spear in his hand flew up, using strength of a thousand pounds, and hitting the strange ape.

     The strange ape resisted twice at first, then felt annoyed.

     It did fly the snake spear in Manniuzi's hand, and then rushed over and pressed the manniuzi directly to the ground.words exceede 5100And this fact, the new emperor had heard it, and he had never spoken before. With a difficult, hoarse, and weird voice, he slowly asked, "Who is the Great Sage Hou?"

     Because there was a trace of jealousy in the eyes of Su Chengzhi, who had meritorious service, and then he hid his mind and explained it reverent and respectful.

     He dared not tell lies.

     Because he told lies, others will tell the truth.

     The new king is not a fool.

     The new emperor listened patiently to Su Chengzhi's explanation, and was silent for a long time. He put his hand on his cheek, and revealed a smile in his sad eyes.

     It said slowly: "Interesting, interesting..."

     After a few days of getting along, Su Chengzhi consciously became familiar with the new emperor.

     He asked in a low voice, "I don't know the king, can I have a name?"

     The strange ape was silent for a long time, and said slowly: "Pang...niu..."


     Isn't the king Shenhou Nightcrawler, why is it called such a name?

     Su Chengzhi was waiting to ask again, but when he saw the strange ape's face turned hard to look, he panicked and didn't dare to ask again.

     He is a smart person, and he can feel that Di Jun's mood is starting to become very bad.

     He was afraid to bring disaster to innocent people, guilty, and then retreated.

     Outside the door, a dozen people immediately gathered around and asked, "Manager Su, have you asked? Do you know the origin and name of our king?"

     Su Chengzhi walked out bowed, but at this time, he straightened his waist.

     He looked at the black bear king who was beaten up with head and face filthy with grime, and asked, "Is it important?"Indeed, the origin of the strange ape is not important.

     The important thing is that it is now Emperor Jun.

      all of those people.


     Man Niuzi looked dissatisfied, licked his lips, and said, "Then it is a what damned thing, should I know this?"

     It is unwilling.

     Su Chengzhi heard, cannot help but laugh: "You are not convinced, but if I say its identity, you will not so think..."

     He looked solemn and said loudly--

      Long Armed Ape Monkey, take the sun and the moon, shrink the mountains, distinguish between the blame, and the world.


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