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3901 Kill With One Claw
    Chinese Name: 武神主宰  Author: 暗魔师(àn mó shī, Dark Magician)
    Original: | Translator:

Unexpectedly, Mo Li was completely indifferent.

     "Exciting generals?"

     Mo Li grinned: "It's naive to use the radical technique in front of me, but I can tell you why I'm so calm, Master.

     After the words fell, Mo Li suddenly looked at the void behind the man in black, and said lightly: "Qin Chen, after listening for so long, should he come out?"


     The man in black suddenly turned his head, as empty as anything behind him, where are the others?

     However, before he could speak, he saw a silhouette walking out of the ruins not far behind him. It was Qin Chen.

     Qin Chen was listening in secret before, but he didn't expect Mo Li to discover himself.

     "How did you find me?"

     Qin Chen frowned.

     His concealment method is extremely powerful, and the masters of the earth-sovereign can't find it easily. The magic is how to know.

     "This guy has your breath, it's too unique, this guy can't smell it, but it's too obvious to me."

     Mo Li said lightly: "You leave clues on his body, so naturally you have to follow this person."

     "It's you?"

     When the man in black saw Qin Chen, his expression was startled, and his entire body instantly stood up, making him extremely nervous.

     Qin Chen's strength, in his opinion, is far above the magic power and can definitely threaten him.

     "Unique breath?"

     Qin Chen frowned, is his thunderous breath so obvious?

     If it's so obvious, why didn't this black-clothed earth-zun find it?What Qin Chen didn't know was that Moli naturally had a strong feeling for him. As long as he appeared next to Moli, Moli would feel uncomfortable when he perceives a trace of breath.

     "Feng Xiao Di Zun?

     Qilan messenger?

     What he said is true? "

     Qin Chen didn't delve into this problem. After walking out, his eyes fell on the man in black, coldly said.

     "Your Excellency, you and I have no grudges in the past, and I have no grudges in the past, but this person is babbling nonsense. Although I don't know what the relationship between you is, if you don't interfere in today's affairs, I can give you the Chaos Fruit that I got before. ,how is it?"

     The man in black said solemnly.

     What he wants to kill most now is Demon Li. As long as he kills Demon Li, even without the Chaos Fruit, he will be able to snatch it back from Qin Chen if he has a chance. If the secret between his Qilan messengers is lost, then he is in trouble.

     "Hahaha, no hatred in the past, no resentment in the recent days?"

     Mo Li suddenly laughed: "If I guessed correctly, you have definitely hunted down this person, and, after the black market auction not long ago, Qin Chen, am I right?"

     Mo Li sneered and said: "With your harvest in the Nether Galaxy, it's strange that this guy doesn't look at you."

     "Harvest in the Nether Galaxy?

     The auction not long ago? "

     The man in black looked at Qin Chen in anger, "You, could it be..." "You talk less, no one treats you as dumb."

     Qin Chen coldly glanced at the magic, boom, the next moment, Qin Chen's figure suddenly moved.Roar! Qin Chen was full of the real dragon's might, and slammed toward the black-clothed man.

     boom! I saw countless secret patterns on the surface of Qin Chen's dragon body instantly, and the whole person directly turned into a dazzling golden light and rushed towards the black-clothed man. At this moment... Qin Chen felt as if he had realized that True Dragon Roar pounced on his opponent in the memory of a century .

     The simple flutter of a true dragon also contains Dao of True Dragon.

     And Qin Chen's flutter... also contains the top secret technique of that terrifying true dragon.

     One flutter, fierce and amazingly fast.

     Relying on Qin Chen's cultivation base alone, it is actually quite difficult to kill this man in black, but after realizing the power of the true dragon, Qin Chen's True Dragon's Physique has been amazingly improved! "Fail!"

     Qin Chen instantly arrived in front of the man in black, his right hand turned into a claw, and the countless small secret patterns on his fingers flowed and combined with each other, instantly turned into dazzling golden light, and grabbed the man in black directly.

     ? "Damn it!"

     The face of the man in black suddenly changed.


     Facing Qin Chen's attack, the man in black did not dare to be careless, the terrifying power of the sacred person in his body surged and instantly condensed into a point, and then he opened his mouth sharply at Qin Chen's attack.


     An invisible attack blasted directly at Qin Chen at the speed of a burst of light.

      Rumble! This is a black invisible light wave, and there's nothing about it. It's the terrifying soul attack of the man in black.

     And, while performing a soul attack.

      "Kill!"A glimmer of cold light flashed across the eyes of the man in black, and then he suddenly opened his mouth, and he spewed out several black lights again. The black lights seemed to be black dragons, entwined and exploded, and flew directly towards Qin Chen in the distance.

     boom! These black lights are the assassin of the man in black. Qin Chen almost fell under this trick. If he didn't use Power of Darkness, he would be alive and dead. At this moment, the man in black is directly displaying it. He used his strongest trick, and burned the power of the venerable to release his assassin to the extreme, which was several times more terrifying than before.

     boom! The invisible soul attack was followed by the terrible Black Flood Dragon impact, and the void trembling and power was shocking.

     He tried desperately.

     The people of the true dragon clan and the demon clan in front of him know too much and must die, and the man of the true dragon clan is his greatest threat. He must be killed immediately or seriously injured before he can hope.

     "This trick again?"

     Qin Chen sneered. In the face of these two terrible attacks, Qin Chen gaze went cold, hum, a dark and hideous armor appeared on his body instantly.

     "Haotian Divine Armor!"

     The pitch-black armor appeared instantly, covering Qin Chen's body, hideously terrifying.

     "It's you..." At this moment, the man in black also recognized Qin Chen, and roared in anger. The guy he was chasing and killing was obviously not a true dragon, but now he has become a true dragon.


     But at this time he couldn't think about that much, the only idea was to obliterate Qin Chen.boom! Finally, the moment Qin Chen was covered by the Haotian Divine Armor, the soul attack and the terrifying Black Flood Dragon had already impacted Qin Chen.

     puff! The Haotian Divine Armor surged with invisible light, quickly eliminating the power of this soul impact.

     10%! 50%! 90%! At the beginning, when Qin Chen was only Half Step Venerable, he could only weaken 90% of his attacks. Now, after he broke through the Venerable, he instantly resisted the attack of 90% of the man in black.

     In the last 10% of the attack, he instantly sank into Qin Chen's body.


     Qin Chen roared, this last 10% attack, basically unable to break through Qin Chen's Body of a True Dragon, was instantly blasted away, uninjured.

     "Merely this."

     Qin Chen was excited. He had made him desperate to attack at the beginning, but now he is basically unable to break through his defense.


     The man in black was completely dumbfounded, his eyes horrified.

     "Hahaha, it's time for me..." Qin Chen felt happy in his heart, feeling that this moment completely coincided with the real dragon in his sleep for a hundred years.

     ? Pounce! ? Tear the claws! Legs are like tails, like whips...Boom! A True Dragon Phantom flashed past, and Qin Chen's claws protruded with matchless power.

     puff! Directly through the chest of the man in black.
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