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1292 Chapter 1282 - Sorry
    Chinese Name: 我真的不开挂  Author: 旧生(Jiù shēng, Old Student)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Everyone in the audience was talking about The last battle. What does it mean? After all, the champion must belong to the GLZ team.

     "Now let us declare third place in the standings."

     "The third place in the standings of this game is the KG team. Although they have been trying very hard to catch up with the two teams ahead of them, it is a pity that the strength of these two teams is really too strong. ."

     "After KG has gone through 23 games, their points are 560 three points."

     After the host announced the KG team's points, the audience in the audience could not help but shout out in surprise.

      "Fuck! How come you get such a point?"

     "This is not the KG team I know. How could their score be so small?"

     "Yes, the scores of Team KG are too low, right?"

     "There must be shady in this game! Otherwise, how could my team KG score so few points?"

     Listening to the host, the four members of the KG team also cannot bear lower their heads, because they did not meet the expected expectations.

     The reason why the KG team has become like this is that everything is given by the GLZ team. If Gao Xiao had not been arranging them to become third, they would not have been ranked third.

     But the number of heads won by the KG team in each game has always been the lowest, because when they want to get heads in the game, someone will rush out to make trouble.

     And this messenger goes without saying, Gao Xiao’s technique of grabbing people's heads can be said to be that he calls first and no one calls second.Therefore, under Gao Xiao's control, KG team tried their best to take heads in the early stages of each game. They really don't want to meet Gao Xiao anymore, because every time they meet Gao Xiao, they will be robbed.

     And this guy's strength in grabbing heads is really awesome, or not awesome, but Luck That Goes Against Heaven's Will. Every time Gao Xiao appears, it's when the KG team knocks down someone.

     It was like a chance encounter. He was able to collect the heads of all enemies knocked down by the KG team. If this happened only once or twice, perhaps for Zhou Zekai, it would still be acceptable.

     But in the case that Gao Xiao has been coming to grab the head, and has been successful, Zhou Zekai really couldn't bear this.

     According to Zhou Zekai's original plan, it was necessary to use these heads to compete with the GOD team for second place, but with the participation of the GLZ team, this plan was perfectly declared bankrupt.

     Zhou Zekai also thought about revenge. He was extremely sensible and was driven crazy by Gao Xiao under this situation. No matter whoever in his shoes, he would also be driven crazy in this situation.

     However, after Zhou Zekai experienced several times of being yin, he finally understood that Gao Xiao, this guy is the one who Tian restrained him, and the most correct way to deal with him is to avoid hard steel.

     In the subsequent games, the KG team developed so steadily, otherwise their points might be lower than the current 5AM team.

     The 5AM team seems to have less points, only more than 400 points, but it is not easy to survive the Big Three.As for the teams behind, they dropped by more than 400 points. The reason for this picture is the result of Gao Xiao’s constant efforts to control. If their scores are high, where do the top three scores come from? ?

     Therefore, in addition to setting a record high in this game, the first place score is as high as 700 points, and the difference between the various teams is also quite outrageous.

     Everything's everything must be attributed to the Gao Xiao of the GLZ team. If it weren't for Gao Xiao, the AFK League would not be so exciting.

      Spoke until here, just has to say the layout of the battle teams in The last battle. Now their biggest enemy is the GLZ team.

     Everyone understands that after this game, it's time for the GLZ team to take this crown as King. This result is already doomed.

     Although everyone accepted this fact, they still refused to give up and didn't want the GLZ team to lightly and easily get the first place in the game, especially the KG team.

     "Although our points in the AFK league are much lower than the top two, I have seen your performance." Feng Yun became anxious when she saw how her players would look like this.

     In order to prevent Zhou Zekai and others from continuing to slump, Feng Yun must quickly enlighten them, otherwise the future games will really go on without any means.

     Although the AFK League is a world-class competition, this is only the first year. If you encounter GLZ in future matches, if the KG team is still in this state, it is her charm that has failed."Leader, I'm all to blame, I didn't play the game well." Zhou Zekai said reproachfully.

     "Zhou Zekai, I can tell you very responsibly, you look so much that I look down on you, didn't you just lose the game? It's just this AFK league, are you going to lose for a lifetime?" Feng Yun said very strongly.

     After Zhou Zekai heard Feng Yun's words, he was taken aback for a moment, and then recovered.

     "I know that you all blame yourself for the mistakes in the game, but I also hope that you can think about it. This is just a game. You have a long way to go. Don't think that if you lose the AFK league, you feel that you have lost the entire world."

     When Feng Yun spoke, she only talked about the winning or losing of the game. She has never said about their sanctions by the GLZ team. She is completely avoiding heavy for light, but for the KG team, this is the best rhetoric.

     Odin of the GOD team does not need the explanation of his own leader, even if he is not second now, then he will fight to The last battle.

     Although Gao Xiao's strength was he hadn't thought, after so many games, Gao Xiao's strength was like an improvement in little by little. When Odin thought he was basically impossible, he was still improving.

     Facing Gao Xiao's inconceivable, Odin only felt that he should also change, which is why Odin has been fighting side by side with his teammates since then.

     If Odin's biggest gain in the AFK league is the cooperation and friendship between him and his teammates.Previously, Odin never felt that the teams needed cooperation. He was a lone ranger. As long as he was alive, the game would not be lost. And he always felt that his teammates could not keep up with him.

     But after encountering the GLZ team, Odin understood a truth, and felt that his teammate's incompetence was his own incompetence.

     So in the next game, Odin will make a change, otherwise he will not come to this point.

     In fact, according to Gao Xiao's statement, Odin's previous state was not an opponent at all in front of him. It was not that Gao Xiao felt that Odin was inadequate, but that Odin was alone in front of their GLZ team and was not an enemy at all.

     As for the teammates who are not valued by Odin, Gao Xiao doesn't care at all. Gao Xiao is not arrogant, but he really has this strength, with the cooperation of his teammates, plus his "crafty plots and machinations", it is not too easy to kill a GOD team.

     The Great God and his party were sitting in the rest area, whispering and discussing about The last battle.

     "Big brother, this standings makes me a headache." Looking at the 5AM team on the standings alone, frowns said.

     Lone Cun’s headache is because the gap between them and the KG team is too big, not to mention the gap between the GOD team and the GLZ team.

     After a game, they can be a few hundred points away from the first place. They really haven't experienced this kind of game.

     "No way, who made the GLZ team and the GOD team so strong." Great God also said quite helplessly.The great god who shook his head and talked, can be said to be extremely depressed at this moment, the fourth place, this is not what he wants.

     But the reality is so ridiculous. The Great God just wants a third place, but Destiny arranged for him a fourth place. Isn't this slapping himself in the face? The most helpless thing is that this face-slapped one has to continue.

     "This GLZ team is also terrible. They have stretched the points so much. You must know that the GLD team has never had this kind of performance."

     "I have said before that the strength of the GLZ team is terrible. You still don't believe it, now how is it? Do you believe it?" The Great God said with a proud face, quite a bit of not listening to the old man's words.

     "Big brother, it's all at what time, you still talk to the GLZ team, are you going to evolve into the licking dog of the GLZ team?" Lone Cun saw the great god like this, cannot help ridiculing said.

     "What am I..." The great god pretended to be alone, but his hand stopped in the air.

     When the other two professional players saw this scene, they also came out cannot help but laugh. After all, the current situation cannot make them cry.

     Great God heard the laughter and knew that everyone was out of spirits in The last battle, so he continued to speak.

     "Next is The last battle. You guys will fight for me. If anyone dares to be lazy, be careful and I will kick him out of the team directly." Great God ordered.

     "Big brother, I want to give up, you let me withdraw from the team." Lonely came over and said.

     "Get out!" Impatient scolded the great god.

     ..."Gao Xiao, we are number one. No matter what the outcome of this game is, we are the number one." Xiao Wu said, looking at the standings, shaking Gao Xiao excitedly.

     "Stop shaking, Little Aunt, if you wander around, I'm about to fall apart by you." Gao Xiao said shiveringly.

     "Looking at this standings, don't you feel any emotion?" The baby said in a particularly good mood.

     "I'm thinking about what we are going to eat tonight, after all we are the world champions after this game." Luo Ling's eyes seemed to be filled with small stars. Even if she saw her sweetheart, she would not show this. Looks like, but little Lori just likes food.

     For Luoling, only food can not be disappointed. For the sake of food, she can bear the whole world.

     "Can you think of anything besides eating?" Gao Xiao knocked Luo Ling's head and said.

     "Hey! You knock me so hard, it's easy to knock me stupid!" Luo Ling yelled at Gao Xiao while holding his little head.

     "Don't be mad at me first, the next step is to decide the game, how are you going to play?" Gao Xiao is the only one who can say how to play in the final game.

     "Do you still want to play? This is The last battle, don't you want to win?" Xiao Wu was very curious about why Gao Xiao thought of Sudden Appearance.

     Gao Xiao doesn't know what's in his mind, there will always be some baffling words incessantly, which always makes people think he is stupid, but you say he is stupid, he is really scary."Of course to win is to win, but we have to make The last battle match remembered by the world, and let the professional players know that our GLZ team is great." Gao Xiao said with a smile.

     "Big brother, since yesterday, those professional players have started to walk around us, don't you think it's a bit late for you to say this?" Luo Ling looked at Gao Xiao and said helplessly.

     "Hehe, do you dare to bet with me? We are destined to be besieged in this game." Gao Xiao glanced at Luo Ling with confidence.

     "Hey, I still don't believe it! These cowards, if you dare to besiege us, then I'll take off the keyboard cap and eat!" Luo Ling quickly stood up and said when he heard Gao Xiao's words.

     Standing up, Luo Ling, who was about the same height as Gao Xiao sitting, just looked at Gao Xiao.

     "So, you promised to bet with me?" Gao Xiao glanced at Luoling, with a smile in the corner of his eyes, like an old hunter with ample experience, examining the set of prey before him.

     Luo Ling was a little hairy when Gao Xiao looked at it this way, but she still believed the facts.

     "What about you?" Gao Xiao saw Luo Ling acquiesced, and then turned his gaze to Xiao Wu and Bao Bao Er.

     "What's the matter with us?" Xiao Wu said in surprise. He thought it was a matter between Gao Xiao and Luo Ling, but he didn't expect Gao Xiao to mix herself with the baby.

     "It's the last battle, don't you have fun together?" Gao Xiao said lightly."I still can't, you can play." The baby said wittily. She had suffered a loss on Gao Xiao, but she has not suffered any more since then. Because she won't watch the pit go in again.

     The main reason is that Gao Xiao is too evil, and Goddess of Luck will stand by him every time.

     "Really not involved?" Gao Xiao looked at the baby with a small questioning expression.

     "Oh, baby sister, just come here, you will be happy." Luo Ling also walked to the baby this time, grabbing the baby's hand and said.

     The baby was also taken aback by Luo Ling's performance, she hadn't thought Luo Ling would be so active.

     Then the baby looked at Xiao Wu, and wanted to consult Xiao Wu's opinion to see if Xiao Wu should also participate.

     "Don't look at me, I'm following the trend, it's up to you." Xiao Wu knew what does it mean when the baby looked at herself, so she directly blocked the baby's chance to speak.