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1401 Season Finale
    Chinese Name: 王者荣耀之无敌逆天外挂  Author: 咬金陪你玩(Yǎo jīn péi nǐ wán, Playmate Yaojin)
    Original: www.baidu.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chen Mo's whole body was burning like a small sun! ! !

     His palms, within a second.

     It hit five thousand three hundred and eighty billion times at the terrifying palm of the Demon Lord!

      "No... this... this how can it be?!!!"

     The devil’s sensed hand uploaded the inch Strength of Destruction.


     His palm is like a broken stone!

     Like a bamboo joint!

     Fragmented piece by piece! ! !

     I kept breaking my entire arm!

     And this time.

     The demon master unreconciled pressed another palm down again!

     Chen Mo stepped on! ! !

     The mountains, rivers and the sea are instantly pulled behind!

     He jumped out of the earth!

     Like a burning asteroid, it instantly blasted into the chest of the devil! ! !

     Chen Mo pushed the huge body of the master, and kept flying towards the sun! ! !

     "You... What do you want to do?!"

     The demon Lord Zhou Wang panicked:

     "Chen Mo!!!

     You will die if you do this! ! !

     Why are you doing this?

     Is human beings, that kind of ridiculous reptile, worthy of your life?

     let me go!

     I will leave, I promise I will never come to earth again! ! ! "

     "Do you think I will believe your nonsense?


     If I forgive you, who will avenge those dead heroes and dead humans?

     Go ahead, Zhou!

     This is your destiny! ! ! "

     And in Antarctica.Everyone saw the huge body and was pushed toward the sun by a beam of flame silhouette.

     Everyone, at this moment, was all shocked and moved.

     Yang Yuchan covered his mouth and tried not to cry.

     Lai Meimei, Ou Xiaoye, Huang Qingcheng, Meitu, Muto Emily, Ceresa, Miranda and Scarlet Witch were the women who were transported to the Antarctic in advance thanks to Chen Mo's blessing.

     One by one has already cried into tears.

     boom! ! !

     next moment.

     Above the sun, a wave of shocking flames exploded visible to the naked eye! ! !

     The huge body of the Demon Lord was instantly annihilated in the core of the sun.

     Burned out! ! !


     "The devil... is dead!!!"

     "The savior is Chen Mo!!! Long live Master Mo!!!"

     "Survived!!! We survived!!!"


     Countless people crying tears of joy, hugging each other, hands dance and feet trip.

     "Chen Mo!!!"

     Yang Yuchan burst into tears like he was crazy.

     next moment.

     I saw a figure like a meteor, landed from the sky towards the Antarctic sea.

     Fell to the bottom of the sea!

     Yang Yuchan, Lai Meimei, Ou Xiaoye and all other women.

     All went crazy, regardless of costs, rushing to the cold sea.

     Fortunately, he was stopped by the person next to him.

     Lu Ziang said in an extremely majestic voice:"All the warriors of Huaxia, at all costs, go to the sea to rescue Master Mo!!!"


     "No need..."

     At this time.

     Dao's figure is slightly illusory, and it appears in front of the women.

     "It's not dead yet, it just destroyed the flesh, but I have a way to reshape the flesh..."

     Chen Mo complexion pale, looking at Yang Yuchan and the girls, smiled weakly.

     "Asshole black loach!!!"

     "Big Brother Paga!!!"

     The next moment, Ou Xiaoye and Yang Yuchan madly pounced on Chen Mo's extremely illusory body.

     "Don't be the savior next time..." I do not know who complains like this while weeping.

     "If you don't do it, the world will be ruined..." Chen Mo sighed in his heart, and immediately nodded with a smile: "This is also last..."

     At this moment.

     Lu Ziang on the side was already shocked to the extreme.

     Stay in the core of the sun and not die!

     The body is destroyed, the soul is immortal! ! !

     This is already a god Ah!!!

     After Chen Mo comforted the girls.

     Lu Ziang and all human beings.

     One after another agree by chance to make an action.

     stand at attention.


     "Salute to the hero!!!"






     Countless countries.

     Countless humans.Use your own words to express your heartfelt respect to this awesome hero!

     If it weren't for Chen Mo.

     The earth has long been destroyed.



     After half a year.

     With the Technological Strength of future civilization contributed by Chen Mo.

     The speed at which humans rebuild their homes is exceptionally fast.

     And today.

     The Pacific Ocean is on a private island comparable to half of Jianghai Province.

     Everywhere here is built like heaven.

     Disney's amusement park.

     Universal Studios.

     A lively luxury street.

     A food city where national food gather together.

      wait wait/etc etc.

     If it's not for ignorance, this is a private island.

     It will definitely be misunderstood. This is a central city in a developed country.

     And this time.

     In the center of the island, there is a magnificent garden.

     From entire worlds and realms' big guys gathered together.

     Ma Dayun, Ma Teng, Cook, Zuckerberg, Lu Ziang and so on.

     On the stage, there is an Avengers stage play.

     Take a closer look.

     Those actors turned out to be the actors of the real Avengers! ! !

     And there are only well-known big-name celebrities like Iron Man, US Team, Thor and so on.

     Those heroic actors of other names are not qualified to perform here.

     And these actors are also played for free.

     Even so, their hearts are full of glory!

     Because this is a wedding gift for the savior!The moment the clock strikes.

     Chen Mo and Yang Yuchan, dressed in self-cultivation suits and a white mopping wedding dress, walked towards everyone with happy smiles.

     After the evil robbery.

     All countries in the world have recognized Chen Mo as a citizen.

     He is the only one, a person who has the nationality of countries all over the world!

     and so.

     Huang Qingcheng, Ou Xiaoye, Lai Meimei, Meitu and others should have become Chen Mo's legal wives.

     But at today's wedding, they did not have one person complained, and the one delighted to (do sth, idiom) let Yang Yuchan be the protagonist.

     Because they know that their contribution is far inferior to Yang Yuchan!

     "Groom, would you like to marry Miss Yang Yuchan as your wife?"

     Chen Mo stared at Yang Yuchan, loving and adoring:

     "I do!"

     "Bride, are you willing to marry Mr. Chen Mo?"

     Yang Yuchan was already crying, and nodded fiercely:

     "I'm willing!!!"

     "I declare that you two became husband and wife!"

     that moment.

     Chen Mo and Yang Yuchan were in the garden by the sea, under the beautiful sunset.

     A affectionate kiss.

     This kiss.

     Seen by the entire worlds and realms' people.

     All were moved.

     This kiss is also known as the "Kiss of the Century" and the "Savior's Kiss".


     Yang Yuchan frowned.

     It seems a little uncomfortable.

     Chen Mo hurriedly asked:

     "Wife, are you okay?"

     Yang Yuchan retched first for a while.Then, from his chest, he took out a pregnancy test paper and said with a smile:

     "Husband, congratulations, you are going to be a father again!"


     Chen Mo was instantly silly.

     Happiness came too suddenly!

     next moment.

     Chen Mo picked up Yang Yuchan and kissed fiercely.

     After another six months.


     A vision appeared in the sky.

     A mysterious spaceship landed in Huaxia from another world.

     Chen Mo stroked his sleeping wife Yang Yuchan, feeling full of dismay.

     But after all, still cruel.

     Jumped out of the window and left.

      this time.

     Yang Yuchan on the bed slowly opened the eyes, already full of tears.

     She could not stop her husband from leaving.

     She can't be so selfish, for oneself happiness, and cut off humanity's hope and fire.

     The last madness with her sister last night may be the only thing she can do for her husband.

     When Chen Mo led the scientific and technological elites and special elites selected from the earth into the Ark.

      Entire worlds and realms' boss, all came, and saluted him with respect!

      this time.

     The camera pointed at Chen Mo.

     He smiled and said:

     "Perhaps, this is my last live broadcast.

     What is the road ahead?

     I don't even know it myself.

     But I know that I will lead humanity's hope and fire to continue to survive in the vast universe.Goodbye, my friends, goodbye earth, goodbye my wife and children.

     Goodbye, everything's everything!

     This is my beginning and my end!

     Please take my hope and continue to live happily on earth! "

     (It’s better to watch the song "see-you-again" here)


     Chen Mo boarded the Ark.

     With the earth elites, advance courageously to the vast universe.

     Three years later.

     A chubby little boy.

     Entangling Yang Yuchan said slurredly:

     "Mommy mommy!!!

     Will you tell me the story of the savior's father again? "

     Yang Yuchan looked at the little boy who looked almost the same as Chen Mo when he was a child with soft eyes, took him into his arms, and said softly:

     "The story starts with a high school student who accidentally got a system of future technology manufacturing..."



     The story ends here.

     I wrote this book for more than two years.

     It can be said that digging and filling pits is the most complete and the best ending.

     Thank you for your support over the past two years, and thank you Tianmei for developing the game King of Glory, so that I can use it to create a book.

     In the past two years, except for my wife's illness and the fact that something serious happened at home.

     There has been no interruption.

     Two changes a day, occasionally burst changes, has been very stable.Although the update is not as good as some great gods, Dongguo asked himself and did not feel guilty about the update.

     The story of Hanging King is over.

     The story of the hero of the king is also over.

     In the future, I may try to write books on other topics.

     Of course, this book may also be updated.

     It has been two years since I was writing a book, and I was really nervous all the time.

     In addition to work, it is necessary to conceive the plot, but also to deal with many chores at home.

     I was very exhausted mentally, and even relapsed for anxiety.

     Fortunately, I gritted my teeth and came through.

     I plan to take a break for a month and let my spirit relax.

     If there is news about the new book, I will post a single chapter at the back of this book to tell you all. Thank you!

     Dongguo thanks you readers for your support!

     Thanks, thanks again! ! !