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1843 Break The Myth Of Invincibility
    Chinese Name: 重生之神帝归来  Author: 马甲千万(Mǎjiǎ qiān wàn, Many Alias)
    Original: Unknown | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The demon species of the demons can be called omnipresent.

      without a doubt.

     For the creatures of All Heavens and Myriad Realms', this unique secret technique of the demons can be called the biggest nightmare in countless years!

     The host of the evil seed is no different from ordinary people in normal times.

     Practice cultivation, refine alchemy, visit relatives and friends, travel around the world...

     Even if the cultivation base is a few different levels, it may not be able to see through the existence of the demon seed.

     What is even more frightening is that even the Demon Seed Host himself may not know that he has unfortunately been recruited!

     Once the Demon Seed awakens, the host’s consciousness will be completely replaced and become another completely different existence, reduced to the minions of the Demon Race, from now on to the heavens and stars!

     For example, on Divine Martial Continent, there were a group of demons. After awakening, with the power of blood sacrifice, the great demon god of the demons came to forcefully!

     In the years when the demons were rampant, due to the existence of the demons, All Heavens and Myriad Clans used to be terrified, living in the shadows, panicking forever!

     Friends who talked and laughed cheerfully yesterday will suddenly turn their faces today and become a life-threatening demon, using killing method on themselves ……

     Even the strongest fighter will collapse!

     "The Demon Seed Awakens..."

     The three gods immediately felt awe-inspiring.

      as everyone knows.

     The two armies are at war, the rear can't be chaotic!

     Once the rear is chaotic, it will inevitably affect the front line, and even reverse the situation, tilting the balance of victory and defeat.

     "Oops, if the Demon Seed awakens this time..."

     Several people complexion big change.At this moment, Chen Xiaozheng had the upper hand, crushing the great demon Pei Luo for a while, almost killing him on the spot.

     But if a large number of demons awakened and subverted the back of the Xuanye Star Territory, Chen Xiao would have some scruples. By then, even if he was overturned by the great demon Pei Luo, it would not be impossible!

     "Boy, are you still stunned here?"

     At this moment, Pei Luo looked to Chen Xiao mockingly: "If you continue to be in a daze, I am afraid that your entire star field will be completely overturned..."

     On this point, Pei Luo without the slightest doubt.

      Dao Heart Type-Demon Dafa, since ancient times, is unbreakable and unsolvable!

     If not, no matter how powerful the demons are, it is impossible for demons to overwhelm the heavens. For nearly a million years, no one can check and balance!

     "Dao Heart Type-Demon?"

     Hearing this, Chen Xiao mouth twitched.

     Indeed in this era...

     The devil in the Tao's heart is an insoluble method.

     It is like the Ge Tianzong he has encountered, the cultivation base is as high as the Vientiane Blessed God. However, when his cultivation base was still weak, he was planted with a demon seed in the Taoist heart. To this day, he has not been able to Its lifted.

     "Do you really think that Dao Heart Type-Demon is unsolvable?"

     Even though the situation is extremely critical, Chen Xiao's face still has a faint smile.

     Pei Luo suddenly ridiculed: "Boy, I know what you are thinking, but unfortunately, over the years, more people more talented than you have fallen under Dao Heart Type-Demon! Do you think you... ...Can surpass those sages?"

     The communication between the two was through divine consciousness fluctuations.However, Pei Luo did not deliberately conceal it, but instead slammed his spiritual thoughts, spreading his own voice throughout the Xuanye Star Territory, into the ears of many creatures, and directly sounded in their hearts.

     He had already seen that the magic circle controlled by Chen Xiao was extremely terrifying.

     Even with his vision, it is difficult to find other magic circles, whose power can be comparable.

     If you can't attack hard from the front, you can only settle for the next best thing and completely break it from the inside!

     "What, Dao Heart Type-Demon?"

     "Damn it! If someone awakens at such a time, should our line of defense fall from the inside?"

     The gods and demons in the Xuanye Star Territory couldn't help but trembled.

     For a while, many people showed vigilant look and looked around, lest their companions beside them suddenly wielded butcher knives at themselves!

     Originally everyone was working with a common purpose and was preparing to fight against the demons. However, before the battle broke out, the front line showed signs of disintegration.

     Suspicion and doubt fill the air.

     This is the horror of Dao Heart Type-Demon.

     Even in an area, a demon species does not actually exist, and it can still make people's hearts float and even plunge directly into chaos.

     "With great difficulty, Sect Master Chen has this kind of person, blocking the great demon of the demon clan..."

     "Could it be that our Xuanye Star Region still cannot escape the fate of being enslaved?"

      At this moment, more and more people are desperate.

     The mood of the creatures in the Xuanye Star Territory is like a roller coaster, ups and downs, one moment in heaven, and the next moment, falling into the Underworld Spring Hell again!"Sages are certainly worthy of respect."

      at this moment.

     Chen Xiao's deadpan's voice also spread throughout the star field: "However, if you can't surpass the sages, then the achievements and efforts of the sages will truly be in vain."

     Many people were immediately stunned.

     These words of Chen Xiao are extremely rare, resounding like the Vast Bell Great Note, shaking the hearts of countless people!

     In many cases, people always have a complex of worshipping the ancients.

     The more ancient, the more becomes formidable and the more worthy of awe.

     "But many people forget..."

      Under thousands of staring eyes, Chen Xiao slowly raised a palm, and the lotus sword umbrella in his hand flew out. As it rotated, it became larger and larger, gradually covering the entire Xuanye star field.

     And his voice, like morning bell, evening drum, symbolizing monastic practice, suddenly exploded.

     "In the era where the sages lived, they were also members of the wave of the times, not the so-called ancestors of the ancients!"

     "What they can do, posterity might be able to do it!"


     The majestic sword flower is in full bloom, reflecting the world, as if cutting through the eternal time and space.

     "This sword."

     "The name is--"

     Chen Xiao's voice spread all over the world, reaching the Nine Layers of Void.

     "Open heaven!"

     This is one of the tricks of the Fei Xian Thirteen Forms.

     With the improvement of Chen Xiao's this life's, the former Thirteen Flying Immortals had the effect of smaller and smaller on him, but it did not mean that the concept contained therein had completely lost its effect.

     On the contrary, it is only the supernatural power itself that gradually loses its effect.But the concepts that constitute supernatural powers still surpass this era!

     At the moment when the sword light broke out, everyone could clearly feel that a grandiose aura spread out, like the Imperial's Sword, under a single strike, which was like reforming the old and breaking the old, under a single strike, and smoothed out all the magical energy between the world!

     What is Kaitian?

     Opening up the sky is to break the chaos and create a whole new world from nothing!

     Almost at this moment.

     Every person in the Xuanye star field felt a bright light, shining down from above the Ninth Heaven, smoothing the surrounding magic clouds, and reaching the depths of their hearts!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi——

     Some people have invisible devil qi floating out, and they are cut off by this sword, completely cut off!

     "From now on ."

     Chen Xiao said deadpan, his voice spread all over the sky.

     "Dao Heart Type-Demon, it is no longer invincible!"


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