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1844 Will Of The Devil
    Chinese Name: 重生之神帝归来  Author: 马甲千万(Mǎjiǎ qiān wàn, Many Alias)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

this moment.

     Even far away from the Xuanye Star Territory, there are still many creatures that can't help give birth to induction.

      Dao Heart Type-Demon Dafa is unbreakable and unsolvable.

     In the long years...

     This is almost the iron law of heaven!

     And the moment Chen Xiao took out his sword, this iron rule, which had existed for nearly a million years, was finally torn apart a crack, as if breaking the shackles that imprison everything!

     That is an advance courageously momentum.

     Push everything horizontally and level everything!

     With a sword to open the sky, all the injustices will be shaken!

     "This kind of feeling what is?"

     "Strange, I feel that what thing seems to be missing in my soul!"

     "The Demon Seed of the Demon Race awakened and didn't burst out?"

     Inside and outside of the Xuanye star field, everyone was sluggish at first, and then couldn't help being shocked.

     Originally, they were already prepared for the imminent catastrophe.

     But as Chen Xiao cut out with a sword, the dark clouds that originally hung over them suddenly swept clean, like an emperor who was able to support both heaven and earth, propped up a piece of sky for them!

     Some people's faces changed slightly.

      In this brief moment, they clearly felt...

     In his soul, there was a certain invisible shackle, which quietly broke off.

     "This kind of feeling ...... Is it possible that?"

     "The Demon Seed! The Demon Seed is destroyed!"

     The world is not a fool.

     Therefore, almost immediately, they reacted...

     This is the Daoxin Demon Seed!Many of them, even if they don't know at all, are already unconsciously planted by the demons, and they only wait for someday and noiselessly to explode!

     "What a terrible demon supernatural power!"

     "My cultivation base is already a true god, and I don't know when I was planted with Dao Heart Demon Seed?"

     Many people can't help shudder.

      as you can well imagine ……

     If the demon seed is really allowed to explode, there will be heavy casualties behind the Xuanye Star Territory. Even if it is suppressed in the end, it is not known how much it will cost.

      Dao Heart Type-Demon Dafa, ominous reputation eternal, is not empty talk.

     "Fortunately... Fortunately!"

     After regaining consciousness.

     Everyone was immediately relaxed.

     When I look at that form above the Ninth Heaven, my eyes are filled with gratitude and awe.

      Without a doubt, Chen Xiao’s sword cut, split heaven and earth apart, and flattened all the demons, together with the demons in their hearts, cut off the root cause, complete dissipation in the invisible!

     This is the thirteen styles of flying immortals-Kaitian!

     "What is this supernatural power!!"

      at the same time.

     The sneer on the face of Great Sky Demon Pei Luo suddenly froze.

     He obviously urged the magic seed secret method to try to awaken the magic seed in the Xuanye Star Territory. It stands to reason that there should have been signs of confusion in the Xuanye Star Territory at this time.


     At this moment, the Xuanye star field was still quiet.

     It seems that whats the matter did not happen.

     "This is the magical power of exterminating demons!"

     Chen Xiao spoke in a cold voice, and the Fei Xian Thirteenth Form urged again.words exceede 5100"Boy, don't underestimate this seat—"

     Pei Luo roared sharply, the magic sound blasted into the air.

     If Chen Xiao wiped out his tribe, even if he finally won the battle, he would win only one miserable victory at best. It would become a luxury to make the Xuanye Star Region a stronghold of the Demon Race.

     Therefore, Chen Xiao must die!

     "With my blood, summon the demon ancestor to come!"

     With his anger.

     The space was suddenly distorted.

     Chen Xiao's expression also condensed: "The Demon Ancestor has come?"

     In his previous life, he had heard of this secret method, but he had never seen its power with his own eyes.

     According to legend, the Demon Ancestor of the Demon Race is extremely powerful, and Daowei is imprinted in the depths of the void.

     Even if countless years have passed, any descendant of the Demon Race, as long as the bloodline concentration is high enough, can summon the will of the Demon Ancestor and descend from the depths of the void!

     With the blessing of the demon ancestor, one's own cultivation base will directly rise to a realm!

     "Ah... power! I sensed power! vast and limitless power!"

     There was a boom.

     Pei Luo's blood exploded, and his muscles from head to toe bulged, carrying a billowing magic cloud, directly enveloping the Xuanye star field.

      In addition, his cultivation base is even more mad, rushing straight up, instantly surpassing the heavenly god realm, and delighting to a higher level.

     At this moment.

     Even the energy overflowing from his body was violently turbulent in the void, breaking through the pitch-black cracks, and in the process of spreading outward, mushroom clouds continued to rise, like a terrifying explosion.

     "The Demon Lord... Is this the power of the Demon Lord?"Pei Luo's eyes showed an extremely enthusiastic look.

     Although the great demon is powerful, it belongs to the same realm as the demon after all.

     And the demon... completely transcended this realm!

     In the past, he wanted to reach this state, and I don’t know how much he would have to pay. However, in critical juncture, he burned his own blood and summoned the will of the demon ancestor to be blessed, and finally broke the shackles and temporarily possessed the Power of Demon Lord!

     "The Devil..."

     In the distance, Chen Xiao's eyes condensed, revealing a slight dignity.

     In this life, he has only fought the Demon Lord once.

     That is the true new demon master of the demon clan!

     However, at the time during the burial of Emperor Baihu, the true new demon lord was resurrected strangely. He was not in the peak state and was suppressed by the rules of the Emperor’s burial. His strength was almost non-existent.

     In the end, Chen Xiao used external force to reluctantly kill him.

     And now, with the blessing of the will of the Demon Ancestor, in a short time, Pei Luo is almost comparable to the real Demon Lord!

     "It's a little troublesome..."

     Chen Xiao eyes narrowed.


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