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2995 Duan's Main Vein
    Chinese Name: 绝天武帝  Author: 孤舟向晚(Gū zhōu xiàng wǎn, Lonely Boat at Dusk)
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Why are customers willing to sell things to Jiuding Commercial Bank at a price lower than the market price?

     It is nothing more than the word "safe".

     If Jiuding Commercial Bank investigates customer details, his biggest advantage is nothing left.

     It is also subject to investigation, and selling to Jiuding Co., Ltd. is a lower price. So, why sell to Jiuding Co., Ltd.?

     This iron rule is absolutely insurmountable.

     "Young Master, no!" The shopkeeper lowered his head, persuading him: "This case cannot be used. Once it is spread, it will be a huge blow to our Jiuding firm."

     Serving as the treasurer all the year round, he knows too well the reason why the embankment of a thousand miles collapsed in the ant nest, and the business that seemed to be Behemoth(s) collapsed overnight.

      Throughout the ages, Jiuding is not the first firm to be a giant-level business across the continent of the Kingdom of God.

     There are more brilliant and larger commercial organizations than Jiuding Commercial Bank.

     But where are they now?

     Has long since disappeared in the dust of the years.

     The red-clothed boy squinted his eyes, not to accept as correct and said, "Heaven knows, Earth knows you know, I know, who will pass it out? Or do you even have the ability to investigate a person secretly?"

     "If so, it is necessary for the young master to review your abilities."

     The shopkeeper suddenly had trouble.

     He knew in his heart that the young master's decision was extremely harmful to Jiuding Commercial Firm, and as a member of Jiuding Commercial Firm, he should refuse unreasonable orders from the young master.

     But the reality is that he is the young owner of Jiuding Commercial Bank. After all, he is just a part-time job.

     The young master only needs to move his finger to wipe out all of his life's efforts in Jiuding Firm.It is not difficult to judge whether Jiuding Company died or he died.

     "The young master can rest assured, the old man has his own way to find out his details." The shopkeeper was heartbroken and responded to the matter.

     The boy in red corner of the mouth curved, and said lightly: "You get rewards for doing things well, you understand if you don't do well!"

     The extremely threatening words made the shopkeeper completely determined.

     People, he absolutely will investigate clearly.

     As for why the investigation was necessary, the young master didn't say, he didn't ask.

     In fact, you should understand without asking, that the high probability is related to the huge treasure of the Sea-Monster Clan.

     What is slightly puzzled is that even if these Sea-Monster Clan treasures are precious, they can only stop there.

     As the young master of Jiuding Commercial Bank, what treasure hasn't been seen?

     The treasures of the Sea-Monster Clan that have just been traded may be huge treasures that shook the surroundings in the outside world, but to the Jiuding Commercial Bank that spans the entire kingdom of God, it is actually just a commodity.

     It's just a slightly more expensive product.

     Even if there are more Sea-Monster treasures on this person, it is still a drop in the ocean for the huge Jiuding Business.

     Why does the young master have to spend his mind to inquire about this person's details?

     Could it be that this person's identity is very special?

     When the communicator was turned off and the shopkeeper meditated for a few breaths, he took out a pitch-black as ink bird from his sleeve.

     The whole body is dark and exudes metallic light. A pair of eyes is carved from artificial crystal.

     The palm of the shopkeeper's palm slowly overflowed with a faint layer of the power of the big moon, which merged into the body of the ink bird.

     The bird's crystal eyes opened suddenly, emitting a faint rainbow glow.

     It turns out this is a puppet bird.The shopkeeper another lightly grabbed the air with his hand, then patted it into the puppet bird's body, saying: "Find this person and monitor his every move."

     The puppet bird screamed, and the jet black body turned into a strangely transparent state.

     If it were not for two faint red lights that were still flickering, it would be difficult to find that the palm of the shopkeeper also has other things.


     The puppet bird spread its wings and disappeared without trace, leaving only a breeze still whirling in the hall.

     When the three of Xia Qingchen got what they wanted, they gathered in front of the First Imperial Prince's Residence.

     Han Han and Xiao Qing, who had sold things, and Wen Xueying, who claimed to be busy with something, had already arrived at the gate of First Imperial Prince's Residence first.

     However, they seem to be a little troublesome.

     To be precise, Duan Xiaoqing was in trouble.

     "Clan girl, you are too rude." A gentle voice spread slowly.

     The woman who spoke was a girl with a pink dress and a concubine.

     The facial features are soft and beautiful, and the autumn waves in the eyes flow, revealing infinite Chu Chu style.

     A gentle temperament radiates invisibly.

     In terms of appearance, as the jewel of Star City, Duan Xiaoqing is not inferior to a talking woman.

     But if it’s attractive to men, it’s far inferior to each other.

     The delicate and charming from the bottom of the bones can most touch a man's heart.

     Duan Xiaoqing ashen face, coldly said: "You are qualified to discuss politeness to me? What kind of politeness is the teacher who slandered me behind?"

     Wen Xueying looked lightly, be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, watching the two girls.

     They came one step first, waiting here for Xia Qingchen's return.While waiting, one big and one small came out from the mansion of the prince.

     They actually knew Duan Xiaoqing and called out his name.

     Exchanges learned that the one big and one small are the Duan clan of the Imperial Capital of the Maple Leaf Kingdom and the main line of the Duan clan.

     The Present Generation Family Lord is the vice president of the Imperial College of the Maple Leaf Kingdom, and the old family lord is even the dean!

      Not surprisingly, the contemporary Patriarch of the Duan family, after the precipitation of a period of time, will surely be able to take over as the dean.

     With the supreme status of the Academy in the Kingdom of God, the status of the main line of the Duan family in the Maple Leaf Kingdom as you can well imagine.

     Except for the royal family, the comparable can be counted on one's fingers.

     The girl in front of her is the main line of contemporary female genius, Duan Murong.

     A peerless woman who combines beauty and talent.

     Although she was still a young girl and less than twenty years old, her cultivation level had reached the middle-moon stage three rounds.

     Most importantly, the concentration within her body's God Bloodline is ranked second among the main veins, second only to the monster in the main vein of Duan.

     The magical secret technique of the descendant of the three-eyed god, the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy)!

     In the same realm, no one is an opponent at all, or even a peer of God Bloodline, with a cultivation base two levels higher, it is difficult to be an opponent.

     On the other hand, Duan Xiaoqing only broke into the mid-moon position on the spot under Xia Qingchen's guidance.

     In terms of talent, Duan Murong is not just a little.

     Duan Murong recognized Duan Xiaoqing at a glance, and Duan Xiaoqing also knew each other.

     It seemed that the two were not very good at dealing with each other, and they had a dispute after a while.

     The center of the dispute is Xia Qingchen."This is not what I said, the outside world is spreading like this." Duan Murong looked innocent.

     Duan Xiaoqing clenching fists, extremely angry: "The rumors stop at the wise, I don't believe you will be so stupid! It's nothing more than trying to disgust me on purpose!"

     Duan Murong blinked her bright eyes: "The rumors say that in order to get the help of Teacher Xia Qingchen, you did not hesitate to leave Duan Mansion secretly and commit yourself to him, so that you can successfully complete the Special Rank Mission with his help. .".

     "Judging from the mid-moon realm you broke through and the huge fame and fortune you gained, it doesn't seem to be fake!"

     Her eyes were so clear that no one could tell whether they were innocent or malicious.
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