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539 Indestructible Flame
    Chinese Name: 圣者降临  Author: 凤凰烙印(Fènghuáng làoyìn, Phoenix Stigma)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Dolantier, North City, Sage Tower

     In the large square auditorium hall like a theater, there is a long table in front of it. There is a nameplate on the table at intervals, but the seats behind the table are still empty, and the rows of seats below Above, the priests and mages selected to participate in this routine seal maintenance exchange activity.

     Behind them, there are also Advanced Magic teachers from various organizations and representatives of intelligent race who have a good relationship with humans.

     There are also a small number of large seal nodes in the activity areas of these races. Therefore, when the maintenance of the two hub nodes on this side starts, they also need to cooperate with other human cities in a small amount including vigilance.

     And behind them and around the auditorium, apart from the members of the law enforcement team maintaining order, there's some left "reporters" holding alchemical machines similar to cameras. They are "Magic Pravda" and "Dolantier's Voice". The staff members of other media, the alchemy machinery in their hands are similar to cameras and cameras in other worlds, and they can use photo and phonographs to record pictures and sounds-of course, they must leave ten minutes after the meeting starts.

     Because today is the day when the maintenance of the Great Seal begins, Linton and others can see members of the parliamentary law enforcement team responsible for being on alert all the way to the Tower of Sages. When they arrive here, it is even more unusually bustling with noise and excitement.

     Of course, all personnel who can enter the Tower of Sages have undergone strict identity verification and repeated checks to ensure that no suspicious persons will be mixed in.

     .........."Oh, that fellow Charles, who actually asked for leave at this time, does he think that what's the matter is even more important than attending this maintenance event? It is really a shame for us priests."

     Hearing what Erich said, Gavin, who was sitting next to him, closed the book in his hand, helped his glasses and said, "Didn’t he tell Linton to try his best to come back before noon, as long as everyone officially enters the seal If the area came back before, it wouldn’t have any impact..."

     "Yeah, I certainly hope he can catch up."

     Erich shrugged the shoulders inexplicably with a smile. He knew the identity of the son of God's Punishment. At this time, if he was absent from such an important activity, it might be something wrong with his body.

     As long as that a sissy does not come back before everyone enters the control area of the battle eye, it is impossible to enter it again today. The switch in the hub area of the main battle eye of the Great Seal will not be turned on once for a low-level student.

      Thus, Charles will not only embarrass the Holy See, but may also delay the practice of the magician's partner, and then Dean Angelo will have to punish him severely.

     As an ancient, noble, and glorious member of the Aquinas family, Erich hated Shire, who was originally just an ordinary low-level commoner who was elected and promoted to the priesthood. Moreover, the other party’s temperament was not in line with him. With mildew, he was naturally happy to eat melon and watch the show.

     Looking at the empty seat of Charles next to him, Hancock secretly shook the head, and he also despised Erich in his heart. He looked at Linton beside him, only to find Linton was staring at the long table in front of him. He didn't care about Erich's words at all.Hancock couldn't help asking curiously, "What are you looking at?"

     "Oh, it's nothing, I'm just a little curious about seeing a group of Archmage soon."

     Linton retracted his gaze from the nameplate on the left edge of the long table that read "Member of the Supreme Magistrate Review Committee, Archmage: Phenex Proud Skye", and answered with a smile.

     At this moment, the gate of the auditorium opened again, and Archmage of the highest panel, as well as the people in charge of the seal maintenance walked in, took their seats one after another.

     The magicians and priests in the hall quickly stopped talking in whispers, stood up at the same time, and saluted the Archmage and Cardinal in front.

     And those newspaper reporters were even crazy holding up the alchemy camera kāchā kāchā and shooting constantly. Although the "camera" of this World lacks a flash because it does not have a flash, it still allows Linton to find some sense of past life— —Although he has never participated in meetings of this level in his previous life.

     Linton also stood up with a few people around him, bowed slightly to the front and scribbled the sign of the cross, raised his eyes and secretly looked at the bigwigs of the Magic Council.

     It was the first time that he saw so many Archmage gathered together, even if don't use Investigating Eye, he also knew that these mage's strengths were all above the legend. JujukuMost of these legendary mage's looks over the age of fifty, but there are also young and beautiful women, and even Linton saw a 13-14 years old boy-if this is not the case, the gorgeous and elegant Archmage robe And obviously not the vicissitudes of vision that a child can have, no one would think that this teenager who sits in a chair much shorter than others would be a Legendary Powerhouse.

     In addition to her teacher Anqiluo, there is also a beautiful woman wearing a white veil that Linton knew-Rufina Klotid Archmage, who helped her heal her soul injury, looked at Linton When confronted with each other, she smiled and blinked at Linton.

     Linton counted. There were twelve Archmage attending the opening ceremony, and the priests only had Anqiluo who led the team this time, and the two Cardinals of the Archbishop of Radiant Church in Norxia. , Anqiluo sat on the left hand side of the magic Parliament Speaker Aldrich Newlands in the middle of the long table.

     And the kind brows, pleasant eyes on the right hand side of Speaker Aldrich, the rich old man with white beard and hair hanging on his chest, is the Chief In-charge, Demps Archmage, sealed and maintained by the Magic Council.

     "Everyone sit down."

      Speaker Aldrich glanced at the magicians and priests in the audience, pressing down with both hands, and after everyone was seated, they said loudly: "I announce that the joint inspection and maintenance of the 179th Demon's Great Seal and the exchange of law studies The event officially started."

     His voice was very soft and gentle, although it didn't feel great, it was absolutely clear in everyone's ears.The current speaker of the Continental Magic Council, the legendary Peak Powerhouse, known as the "Elemental Controller", seems to be only in his forties. He is tall, and his half-length silver-gray hair is combed back neat and tidy. The personable and mature charm, what is striking is that his ears have a slightly pointed feeling on the ends, a bit like the ears of elves.

     Linton was not surprised by this. Legendary Powerhouses of Aldrich's level generally modify their own blood to a certain extent. Incorporating high elf blood through specific rituals on the one hand can strengthen the induction of magic elements, but also It can significantly prolong lifespan, which is the choice of many Archmages who have reached a certain age.

     Linton turned his gaze to the place where the nameplate "Phenex Proud Skye" was placed. There was a Skinny Old Man wearing a red robe sitting there.

     He has a long and thin horse face. The hooked nose on his face makes his appearance look a bit dark. The eye sockets are deep, the red pupils seem to have Endless Flame burning, and the fiery red semi-long hair is already somewhat It is sparse, but the ends of the hair gradually turn into orange-yellow, as if it is glowing with a layer of bright fire.

     Like felt Linton's gaze, the old man shot a look at here inadvertently, but didn't stay on Linton, his gaze turned away.


     Linton felt a sharp sting like a needle in his eyes, hurriedly lowered his head, his heart thumped, and his eyes turned black.

     "What happened?"

     Hancock noticed that Linton's breathing suddenly became messy, and asked with concern."...Nothing." Linton suppressed the horror in his heart, adjusted his breathing, and gave Hancock a smile as if nothing had happened.

     Just a moment ago, Linton's soul had a burning feeling just after the gaze of the other party crossed over—as if not the same person sitting there, but an eternally burning flame!

     Linton even had a feeling that as long as the other party thinks, just staring at him is enough to burn his soul.

     This guy is the Patriarch of the Skye family, the second generation of Demon, no, the grandfather of the third generation of Demon...

     "Hehe, Linton, is it shocked by the aura of Legendary Powerhouse?"

     Perceiving Linton’s abnormality, Erich smiled "concernedly" and said: "Considering Linton's background, it is normal to see so many Archmage suddenly, but still kindly remind you, Don’t try to use your poor mental power to spy on these Legendary Powerhouses, otherwise it’s not impossible to be shocked by their Spiritual Power Field and become an idiot on the spot with bad luck..."


     Gavin knew his friend's urination, and gave him a warning stare: "Be quiet, the speaker is about to speak."