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3364 Fanwai-Kunlun Ten Years Later (final Chapter)
    Author: Unknown
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Looking at the corpses everywhere, Nile and the spider looked at each other.

     It is speechless.

     "Starting from today, there is another saint in the world."

     "Also only one saint."

     There was panic and helplessness in their eyes.

     Li Changan's sanctification, in a sense, will completely change the pattern of Kunlun Territory.

     As long as Li Changan wants to, he can support any force and directly seize the power of the entire Kunlun Region.

     Even as long as Li Changan wants to, he can become the only emperor of Kunlun domain and can do whatever he wants.

     The mana of the saint does not come from aura, but can use the Natural Law of Earth.

     With such power, no one in the world can influence him anymore.

     In the entire Kunlun Region, all forces are inquiring about the news, wanting to know who is he exactly who is newly sanctified.

     However, the various forces failed to find out the news.

     As time passed day by day, no news could be found.

     This newly sanctified man seemed to have completely disappeared and never seen again.

     one year later.

     Yanjing, listen to Yuxuan.

     "Please inside the guest officer."

     Ning Baichuan stood at the entrance of the restaurant with a big smile on his face. Recently, Ting Yuxuan's business has become more prosperous.

     Du Jiajia sat at the front desk, holding an abacus, and constantly settled and settled accounts.

     From time to time, there are regular customers who smile and say, "Boss, where is Boss Li?"

     "The back chef is cooking." Du Jiajia said with a smile.

     "Yo, boss so big, cook by yourself."Regular customers are not to wonder at strange sights, but looking at the entire Kunlun region, it is really rare that the owner of such a big restaurant cooks himself.

     Du Jiajia smiled and said: "He likes to cook, let's ask him to drink with you? I was only drunk by you last time, or the guy in the store helped to carry it back."

     The regular customer smiled and said, "Haha, forget it this time, let's eat."

     In the back kitchen, Li Changan was skilled in cooking and cooking. Since his sanctification, he has discovered that the meals he cooks are eaten by ordinary people and become delicious dishes.

     As a result, he changed from a boss to a cook, and he enjoyed sth and never tire of it.

     Du Jiajia was lowering her head to calculate the account, and suddenly, a person's silhouette walked in outside the door.

     Du Jiajia raised the head to look like a stranger, but Ning Baichuan, who was standing at the door, changed his face slightly.

     The person who came was Lin Fan.

     Lin Fan also carried a bottle of Moutai in his hand.

     Du Jiajia opens the mouth to ask: "Is it for dinner?"

     "Find an old friend to chat." Lin Fan looked at Ning Baichuan on the side and asked, "Can you tell him, am I here?"

     Ning Baichuan nodded quickly and said, "I'll call him now."

     Ning Baichuan knows who the person in front of him is, this one is Ge Shihou!

     Once the power in Kunlun Territory reached its peak, it suddenly disappeared from everyone's eyes.

     "By the way, I didn't notify other people about my return, please keep it confidential."

     Ning Baichuan nodded and hurried to the back of the kitchen. Lin Fan sat down in a chair by the window at will and put the wine in his hand on the table.He just went to Penglai to chat with Zhang Lingfeng to relieve his fatigue. He heard Zhang Lingfeng talk about the sanctification of people in Kunlun Region, and the sanctified person was Li Changan.

     "Why are you back."

     Li Changan dressed in the clothes of a cook and sat in front of Lin Fan with a smile on his face and said, "Have you eaten?"

     "Isn't this a special trip to come to you for a meal?"

     "I have the wine ready."

     "Lao Ning, make a delicious meal." Li Changan shouted in the direction of the back kitchen.

     "Don't let the younger brothers and sisters come to meet? How did you meet?" Lin Fan asked Du Jiajia who looked at the front desk.

     "Haha." Li Changan laughed: "It's a long story. That day, I was still asleep, and she suddenly got into my bed and..."

     Lin Fan listened to Li Changan's chatter, and felt his tremendous changes.

     Li Changan used to be a silent person, but now he talks more than himself. Every time Du Jiajia is mentioned, his face is filled with a happy smile.

     Lin Fan poured two glasses of wine and held up one of them: "Congratulations."

     "May I be holy?"

     "I wish you found what you were looking for."

     The two clinked glasses and took a sip.

     Lin Fan looked at the in full swing scene in the restaurant, and glanced at the bustling Yanjing outside.

     "I am actually very strange, why did you choose to leave?" Li Changan sat in a chair and slowly said, "I have been staying for a long time, and I have feelings for this place."This World is destined to become the descending sky after losing its aura. Our kind of person will destroy the balance of this World." Lin Fan said calmly, "Of course, you are different from me. This will be satisfied, but if I stay, this World is destined to not be peaceful."

     "And Yang Jian is also good." Lin Fan Pausing, said: "What about you? Are you going to be a cook all the time? Not going to have a baby or something?"

     Li Changan smiled and said, "Of course, I am still waiting for my child to inherit the industry."

     Lin Fan smiled and said, "What if your child doesn't like cooking? Or the cooking is not delicious."

     "Then ask someone to take the lead, it won't work, just open a bun shop, haha."

     Lin Fan glanced at Du Jiajia with leave no trace: "But she will die. Even if she solves the fairyland, but without magic power, she will die of old age after all, and you..."

     After being sanctified, one can reach unaging and undying......

     "When she is dying, I will disperse to cultivate magic power and die with her."

     After the food came, the two chatted a lot.

     Let's talk about geography on the chat text.


     This bottle of wine has also been drunk.

     "It's also time for me to leave." Lin Fan got up. He was very pleased to see Li Changan's current situation.

     "If you miss me, come to Penglai and tell Zhang Lingfeng."

     "I will give it to you."

     Li Changan stood at the door with his arms around Du Jiajia, watching Lin Fan's back figure drifting away.

     Du Jiajia asked curiously: "He is?"

     "Lin Fan."

     "That Geshihou?" Du Jiajia asked in surprise."Un."

     "Boss, hurry up and serve."

     "Come on." With a smile, Li Changan walked into the Tingyuxuan with Du Jiajia.

     One sword is Taiping and the other sword is Chang'an.

     Today, Xiaping is in secular dust.

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