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3365 Everyone Is Like A Dragon On
    Chinese Name: 无敌神龙养成系统  Author: 九九三(Jiǔjiǔsān, 993)
    Original: | Translator:


     There was a dull loud noise, and the tail that had attacked Wang Xian's side was defeated by him.


     "That young man is a strong man!"

     "Hi, what a strong strength!"

     In the front position, the group of people on the ship saw that the attack from the muscle-headed snake was broken, with a look of shock on their faces.

     They looked at Wang Xian, with a look of surprise in their eyes.

     "No, this guy is a bit strong, it's difficult to kill him!"

     "We underestimated its strength!"

     At this time, the middle-aged man in front of him who was holding a black brush and constantly writing in the sky was filled with cold sweat on his forehead, and his face was full of embarrassed roar.

     "Damn, if we can't kill him this time, we won't have a chance!"

     An old man not far away was flying thousands of sharp swords behind him. The sharp sword in the center was even sharper, at least the acquired treasure.

     The three powerhouses with Universe Venerate Tier 9 combat effectiveness are extraordinary, but still unable to deal with this muscle head snake!

     "This Sir has uninterested shots, and you will get a share of the loot at that time."

     On the ship, a group of people saw their three adults unable to deal with the muscle-headed snake, and their face changed slightly. An elderly man hesitated for a moment looked at Wang Xian and started talking.

     "Oh? Except for its corpse, this muscle-headed snake what else is there treasure? Moreover, such a powerful beast is not so easy to kill."

     Wang Xian brows raised, opens the mouth to ask.In the ocean, he also encountered no less than ten Universe Venerate Tier 9 beasts, but only one died in his hands.

     That one was still do sth when least expected, and it was only lucky to beheaded.

     All the rest let them escape back to their own gods.

     It is so difficult to kill at the speed of the king, the muscle-headed snake in front of it is even more difficult to kill.

     Even if he shot it, he couldn't stop it from escaping.

     "This Sir, the lair of this muscle-headed snake is on that desert island, and the thirteen heads of this muscle-headed snake can be made into an acquired treasure, and its blood can also make a powerful seal! "

     The old man continued: "If the adults are willing to take action, the three of us will have no less revenge!"

     "Is the old nest here?"

     When Wang Xian heard the old man's words, his eyes sparkled.


     With a move, Wang Xian extended the arm, condensing a gray dragon claw, and directly attacked the muscle-headed snake.

     He shot, partly because of this muscle head snake, and partly because of this group of people.

     He has been in the ocean for more than a year now, and now the humans who have finally penetrated into the interior, he naturally wants to find out some news.

     Get familiar with the internals of Foreworld Continent.

     "Thank you for your help from this brother, we joined hands to kill this beast!"

     In the front position, the three strong men in Haotian City had already received the sound transmission of his subordinates at the moment when Wang Xian took the shot.

     They glanced away, with a somewhat excited look.

     "You hold a part of its head, and I will kill the rest!"Wang Xian's dragon claws attacked forward and was directly defeated by two snake heads. He slightly narrowed his eyes and shouted softly.


     "it is good!"

     The three people in Vast City were slightly surprised, hesitated for a moment nodded.

      no matter what, they only need to contain a few snakeheads that they can contain.

     This affects their safety there's nothing about it.


     The muscle head snake has 13 snake heads, and the snake head is its main attack method, and the three can contain nine snake heads.

     The next four are simple for Wang Xian.

     Incited by Wu Shi Sheng Wing, his body instantly drew a shadow to the top of a snake head.


     The snake head sensed that Wang Xian came above him, and immediately opened his mouth, and a water sword stood straight.


     Wang Xian's figure flickered, and instantly came to the front of another snake head.

     When the other snake's head did not respond, Wang Xian's arm turned into a dragon's claw, and he grabbed it directly below the snake's head.

      "cī lā!"

     The terrifying power immediately made a circle on the snake's head, and a large amount of blood was scattered around.

     "Fast speed!"

     Seeing this scene, the three strong men in Haotian City shrank their pupils slightly, and their faces showed a look of shock.



     One head was directly cut off by Wang Xian, and the other three snake heads all attacked him.

     These three snake heads, the heads are full of raised scales, like brilliant crystals, extremely sharp.

      "Hmmph!"Wang Xian was lightly snorted, and he moved away from the Attack Range of the snake head instantly.


     At the next moment, there were clones around Wang Xian, there were thousands of clones, and they attacked the three snake heads.


     The three snake heads opened their mouths and sprayed a green poisonous mist.

     "The clouds and mist are rising!"

     Wang Xian whispered, and the cloud and mist instantly enveloped the snake head. He ignored the poisonous mist and fell directly on top of a snake head.


     The terrifying dragon claw tore his head.


     The other two snakeheads came to support immediately, but were easily avoided by Wang Xian.


     In the clouds and mist, the speed of the snake head is less than 10% of Wang Xian's.

     Soon, the other two snake heads were also hit hard.


     "Ho ho ho ho!"

     The other nine snakeheads felt pain and raised their hair to make a violent roar.

     "Solve these three!"

     At this time, Wang Xian rushed out from the clouds and shouted towards the middle-aged holding a black brush.


     The middle-aged man felt that Wang Xian severely inflicted four heads so quickly, and his eyes were filled with wonder.

     "Draw the ground into a prison, sleepy!"

     He growled, and with a wave of his arm, a picture was trapped towards the two snake heads.

     "Swish swish!"

     In an instant, around the two snake heads, countless cyan thin lines appeared, entwining them directly.

     "it is good!"

     When Wang Xian saw this scene, his eyes lit up, and the dragon claws fell directly on it."Puff!"

     The powerful attack instantly severely damaged two snake heads again, yet another Snake Head King Immortal waved his arm, and a dragon tomb went directly towards its suppression.

     "Hahaha, good, good, thank you Xiongtai, kill!"

     The other two strong men roared loudly in excitement.

     The next battle was simple, with Wang Xian's shot, each snake head was quickly beheaded.

     "Holy, trial!"

     Accompanied by the middle-aged brush in the sky portraying each character, a Radiance Trial landed on the body of the muscular snake, beheading it completely.

     "Awesome, this middle-aged attack method is similar to the wizard's formation, but it should not be a system."

     Wang Xian's eyes swept away, her eyes gleaming.

     "Hahaha, the clerical student in Xiahaotian City, thank you for your help!"

     The muscle head snake was killed, the middle-aged Wang Xian cupped his hands and thanked him.