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3366 Everyone Is Like A Dragon
    Chinese Name: 无敌神龙养成系统  Author: 九九三(Jiǔjiǔsān, 993)
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     "At Dongwenshan in Haotian City, thank you Xiongtai for your help!"

     "Hao Kongyan in Haotian City, thank you Xiongtai for your help!"

     The other two old men flew over, cupped his hands towards Wang Xian with a smile, thanking them.

     "Wang Xian!"

     Wang Xian cupped his hands towards them: "there's no need for excessive courtesy, it just happened to be passing by!"

     "Is Brother Wangxian from the Ancestral Dragon? See if your attacks are somewhat similar to the Ancestral Dragon!"

     Fang Shusheng curiously asked Wang Xian.

     "Ancestral Dragon?"

     Wang Xian was slightly surprised, following shook the head, with some doubts asked: "No, the Zulong line is in this area?"

     "Yes, no. Now that the strong men of the Ancestral Dragon line travel around, I just watch your attack, Brother Wang Xian, have the charm of a dragon."

     Fang Wenshusheng said with a smile.

     "Brother Wang Xian, without you this time, we would not be able to kill the muscle head snake. You can take half of the resources on this muscle head snake, how about you?"

     The old man named Dongwenshan said to Wang Xian.


     Wang Xian is nodded, and half of the spoils is also a lot.

     "Let's let our hands deal with the corpse. Brother Wang Xian is going to go somewhere?"

     Fang Shusheng continued to ask Wang Xian.

     "Wandering around, ready to go to the Thunder Race to deal with some things."

     Wang Xian smiled and said."Oh? The Thunder Light race is still a long way from here. Brother Wang Xian can drive from our Vast Sky City via Teleport formation!"

     Fang Clerk said.


     Wang Xian nodded.

     "Haha, okay, brother Wangxian, please come on board!"

     Fang Clerk invited to him.

     Wang Xian did not refuse either, and followed him and flew towards the ship.

     "I saw that the clerical student, your attack method is rather special, does this belong to?"

     Coming to a hall of the ship, Wang Xian hesitated for a moment opens the mouth to ask.

     "Attack method? I belong to the cultivation way of the saint line. The saint line has different tunes played with equal skill for the second of the wizard formation line, but there are some differences. The Heavenly Sage once said, Tianxiajian Everyone can be holy, I hope that someday, I can get there, and may die in the evening without regret!"

     Fang Shusheng said with his eyes flickering.

     "Hetian Sage."

     Wang Xian murmured.

     Hetian saints are the most formidable existence of saints and one of the Invincible Experts of the universe.

     "Haha, the one I admire most in my life is the holy man, and the leader of the Zulong line is the one I admire most."

     Fang Wensheng said with a smile.

     "The leader of the Zulong line?"

     Wang Xian murmured.

     "Brother Wang Xian, how long have you been in retreat?"Seeing his bewildered look, Fang Shusheng said with a smile: "The leader of the Zulong line is also a generation of heroes. It is blunt that everyone can be like a dragon, and all living creatures can be a dragon. If this leader can break through to the universe Hegemon Realm, That Shenlong line might really be able to reach the peak again under his leadership."

     "Everyone can be like a dragon, and all living creatures can be a dragon."

     When Wang Xian heard these words, his heart was slightly shaken.

     "Brother Wang Xian, this is half of the resources of the muscle head snake, you can check it out!"

     Not long after, Hao Kongyan came over and handed him a space ring.

     "it is good!"

     Wang Xian took it and looked for a moment, nodded.

     "Brother Wangxian, this is our good wine in Haotian City, there's some left gourmet food, walk around, let's have a drink on the deck!"

     After the muscle head snake's resources were handled, Fang Shusheng motioned towards Wang Xian.

     "it is good!"

     Wang Xian smiled nodded.

     When I first arrived, Wang Xian had a lot of things to want to know more.

     The ship sailed towards Haotian City.

     Haotian City is a city near the ocean.

     This city was created by a strong man in the line of saints, and that strong man possesses the pinnacle strength of Universe Venerate.

     Now that it has been lost, his descendants and disciple and grand disciple control the city.

     The line of saints belongs to the pinnacle race in the universe.

     The body of the saint, the law of the saint, this is the reason they can stand at the peak of the universe.

     From Fang Clerk's student, Wang Xian got a lot of news that he couldn't get from the brain.

     For example, the detailed circumstances of the saint's line.The line of saints is generally passed down through the form of master and disciple, which is passed down from generation to generation.

     They are not very restrictive to their disciples. Many sages are in the same line. After the master's death, they even travel far away from the sage line.

     This also caused the disciples of the saint's line to spread to many places in Foreworld Continent.

     In addition to the line of the saint, Wang Xian asked for news about the line of the dragon.

     Zu Long and Saint Dragon Clan.

     Today's Zulong line, its leader has already reached the pinnacle of Universe Venerate.

     It even has the record of beheading the strongest fighters of the universe.

     Its potential is endless, but he has not been able to take a final step in this state for a long time and step into the universe Hegemon Realm.

     This also caused the leader of Zulong to issue an order that all the disciples of the Zulong line went out to travel and all to experience.

     When someday, which member of the Shenlong can step into the universe Hegemon Realm, then all the disciples of the Ancestral Dragon family will return to their positions and rebuild the glory of the Shenlong family.

     When Wang Xian got this information, his heart was shaken slightly.

     There is no Hegemon Realm for one day in the Zulong line, and the disciples of Zulong never return.

     This is equivalent to breaking up an entire force just to pursue the Peak Realm.

     "This Zulong is really bold."

     Wang Xian murmured, respecting his approach.

     It's not the peak, it's useless after all.

     What surprised Wang Xian was that there were more than two hundred purebred dragons in the Ancestral Dragon family.This is mainly a purebred dragon born after marriage between purebred dragons, accumulated after hundreds of millions of years of development.

     Although more than two hundred are quite a lot, they are completely incomparable with Divine Dragon Clan at the peak.

     Peak Divine Dragon Clan, the number of purebred dragons is hundreds of thousands.

     "Now Saint Dragon Clan, they are mainly light dragons, and they all joined Angel Clan. It is said that the Saint Dragon King is the mount of a son of the father of angels!"

     Fang Wenshusheng said some information he knew to Wang Xian.

     When he got the news, he was also with complex feelings.

     There are seniors of Divine Dragon Clan, in order to rebuild the glory of the dragon, scattered the members of the whole clan, will not be the master and will not return.

     There are also strong dragons who join the top race of the universe and become their sitting beasts.

     Two completely different options, two completely different paths.

     "Everyone is like a dragon, and all living creatures can become a dragon. If you have the opportunity, you must have a drink with the leader of the dragon."

     Wang Xian secretly said in heart with a smile on his face.

     Raising the wine glass, he toasted a glass to Fang Clerk and the others, and drank it.

     (End of this chapter)
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