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Chapter Directory 1860 Wish
    Chinese Name: 龙皇武神  Author: 步征(Bù zhēng, Step Journey)
    Original: | Translation:

Seeing that Miao Xiaomiao was safe and sound, Ling Yun stepped out directly and came to her in an instant.

     "Xiaomiao, congratulations, this opportunity is really not small!"

      Miao Xiaomiao was still immersed in the joy of crossing the robbery at the moment. She saw Ling Yun coming, but she nodded with a smile, and then stared deeply at Ling Yun for a while, then asked: "How long did I spend the crossing? You Did you wait for me for a long time?"

     Ling Yun calculated silently in the heart, and then looked up at the position of the moon in the sky, and said with a smile: "You are going to be a robbery, the time is long enough, about three hours in total."

     "Ling Yun, thank you." Miao Xiaomiao said softly.

     "This is all your own creation, thank you for what I do?" Ling Yun carefully observed Miao Xiaomiao's state and said at random.


      Miao Xiaomiao's eyes were firm, and he slowly shook his head: "If it wasn't before the robbery, you told me to run the Supreme Azure Emperor Secret Arts with all my strength, I definitely won't get the chance of this day."

     "Also, when I first started to practice this practice, you told me very solemnly that you must put down a high position, respect these plants from the bottom of your heart, and communicate with them with an equal attitude. They Will accept me and listen to me."

     "You are right, everything has spirits and everything has roots."

     "It was with these two points that I passed the test of Mu Ling and was recognized by Mu Ling."Speaking, Miao Xiaomiao stretched out his hand and gently waved it in front of him. He actually transformed a forest directly in the air, with a radius of nearly a hundred meters. The trees and leaves were alluring, lush, vibrant, and full of spiritual energy!

     "Wow! Great!"

     Ling Yunqing couldn't help but look around, but actually felt that she was in the real forest and couldn't help but wonder.

     "This is not my strength, this is Mu Ling's strength."

      Miao Xiaomiao explained with a smile: "But now it is in my eyebrow Sea of Consciousness, I can borrow part of its spiritual power."

     Ling Yun was stunned first, and then excitedly said: "You mean, after the wood spirit shrank sharply just now, you entered your eyebrow Sea of Consciousness?"


      Miao Xiaomiao recruited a leaf at hand, carefully observed it in his hands, and then loosened his fingers, and the verdant alluring leaves immediately flew back to their place.

     "This forest is made of spiritual energy. Every tree and every branch in it listens to me."

     Ling Yun nodded, of course he knew what was going on, which meant that in the future Miao Xiaomiao could transform a forest at any time to fight for her!

     "Through the guidance of Wood Spirit, you have taught me the Supreme Azure Emperor Secret Arts. At the end of the triple realm, I seem to have a little understanding."

      Miao Xiaomiao's beautiful eyes flashed, and there was clearly a kind of enlightenment in her eyes.

     "Then your Spiritual Consciousness range, how far is it?" Ling Yun asked a question of more concern.After listening, Miao Xiaomiao immediately released Spiritual Thought, and after a careful feeling, she pondered and said: "Only my own words can cover the surrounding mountains, about nine thousand kilometers."

      The range of Spiritual Thought is about nine kilometers, which is already the limit of the Spiritual Consciousness of the cultivating true cultivator of the ordinary Qi Practicing state.

     You know, when Ling Yun reached the peak of Qi Practicing six floors, Spiritual Consciousness was only 10,000 meters away.

     This shows that the current Miao Xiaomiao has already possessed the Spiritual Consciousness of Qi Practicing's nine-level peak state.

     "Very good! Then I can rest assured."

     Ling Yun smiled brilliantly, and wondered why the two great items Spirit said that Miao Xiaomiao can successfully defend the 100,000 mountains of Miao in the aftermath.

     This level, coupled with the help of the wooden spirit in the eye of Sea of Consciousness, Miao Xiaomiao does have this strength.

     "Let's go, let's go down first."

     Talking, Miao Xiaomiao gently stretched out his hand, took Ling Yun's palm unpretentiously, and fell down with him, landing directly on the mountain just now.

     Then she let go of Ling Yun's palm and walked a few steps to the shade of Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree.

     With this Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree, Ling Yunsheng was afraid that Miao Xiaomiao would encounter anything unexpected during the robbery. He never recovered it and stood still in place.

      Miao Xiaomiao came under the Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree. She first stood respectfully, then kneeled down on her knees and leaned over her head.

     "Thank you for the help of seniors several times! As long as Miao Xiaomiao succeeds in his cultivation, he must follow Ling Yun and escort the seniors to return to their ancestral land and open branches and leaves. If they break in the future, they will be condemned!"In the first two sentences, Ling Yun still feels normal after listening to it, because Miao Xiaomiao's two major breakthroughs have indeed been greatly helped by Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree. This Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree grows extremely fast, and now it can already compete with Ling Yun The idea exchanged, Miao Xiaomiao thanked it for not being excessive.

     But in the end he heard, it was dumbstruck, escorting Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree back to the ancestral land and spreading leaves?

     Where and where!

     However, immediately after Ling Yun's mind emerged, he suddenly remembered the Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree, which was inherited by the Ling family and brought by the ancestors of the Ling family from the Dragon Emperor temple.

     It's just, this is Ling's secrets. Ling Yunke never talked to Miao Xiaomiao, how did she know?

     Could it be that Antiquity Wood Spirit has been instructed?

     But he could only think so much in a moment, because Miao Xiaomiao's words just fell, Ling Yun was shocked to see that the huge canopy of Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree shook violently, and at the same time countless branches suddenly swayed wildly, the tree body released a flamboyant eye-catching. Green light!


     Three long willow branches, which were long and long, fell silently from the branches, and fell simultaneously in front of Miao Xiaomiao.

     Immediately afterwards, the body of Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree quickly shrank, and finally turned into a little green light, rushing into Ling Yun's Dantian.

     "Hey, what's going on?"

      Miao Xiaomiao straightened up and stared blankly at the three willow branches in front of him.

     "Your own big wish, you will receive it."Ling Yun flew forward, came to Miao Xiaomiao's side, dragged her from the ground with a smile, and leaned into Miao Xiaomiao's ear and whispered, "Tell you, this willow branch is a real baby, the ordinary sword is chopped constantly , Fire is not burning, blisters are not rot, and it specifically restrains the Spiritual Consciousness of cultivating true cultivator. Used with Supreme Azure Emperor Secret Arts, it is absolutely endless."


      Miao Xiaomiao did not wait for Ling Yun to finish his speech, and quickly bent over, picked up the three willow branches himself, and immediately received his own Universe Ring.

     "You can store them for the time being, but I suggest that you can try to put them into the body for warm and nourish, and then use them when you need to fight."

     Seeing this, Ling Yun quickly gave instructions again.

     Of course, he knew that Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree were inherited by the Ling family. People without the Ling family blood and the Yellow and Black mantra could not communicate with the Gods and Ghosts Willow Tree, but these three willow branches are Gods and Ghosts. What Willow Tree personally gave to Miao Xiaomiao, naturally has something special, so it is said that Miao Xiaomiao will try.

      Miao Xiaomiao nodded one after another, and then looked around the peak of this dangerous peak. She suddenly waved her hands, performing the Azure Emperor Secret Arts, releasing a lot of spiritual energy.

     The effect is amazing!

      Miao Xiaomiao smiled and grabbed Ling Yun's arm.

     "We have been out for so long, my grandparents must be worried, let's go!"