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981 "Initiative"
    Chinese Name: ֮  Author: Զͫ(Yun tng, Pupils Afar)
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When the order was formally issued, Jin Na realized that all her nervousness and anxiety had disappeared, and the instinct of the soldiers gradually became the master. She took a breath and passed the order to the entire dragoon squadron while holding her hands. He also calmly held the joystick in front of him, feeling the power and coldness conveyed by this steel machine, and felt calm in his heart.
     One after another anti-gravity aircraft shaped like an inverted cone swiftly traversed an elegant arc between the clouds, separated from the previous cruise trajectory, and swept toward the shining battlefield on the ground.
     The wind direction and speed are calculated, the altitude and speed are within the expected value, and the angle and distance of the bomb have been confirmed several times. The bomber put his finger on a rune trigger in the center of the console and counted silently.
     "The whole crew releases the bomb insurance-release the safety lock-drop the bomb!"
     ...The Cecil peoples night offensive showed no signs of stopping, and ear-splitting artillery blasted continuously on the wall. This is a harsh test that this fortress has not experienced since the establishment of Winterwolf Castle, and even a war scene that has never been experienced since the founding of Typhon. Even the brave Empire soldiers and proud battle mages are also so powerful. I was shocked before the attack-but in any case, the line of defense was stabilized. Winterwolf Castle's sturdy shield and wall can withstand the test. At least for a short time, the Cecil people's "skyfire" can't get in.
     Palin Winterhold watched the flow of mana on the surface of the empty shield on the west wall, and breathed a sigh of relief: "The mana cycle has stabilized again... It seems that mana focus has been supported."
     "But blindly sticking to it is not the way," Adesha said, "Winterhold Earl, remember what we just talked about, we must find a way to break the current situation and regain control..."
     She suddenly stopped halfway through her words. A faint hum, almost indistinguishable in the background of the roar of artillery fire, caught her attention. She raised her head and looked a little dizzy. In the deep night sky, his face was a little weird.
     Palin Winterhold didn't react for a while: "Adesha, what's the matter?"
     "Earl, Winterhold, have you heard... what is happening from the sky?"Winterhold Earl was taken aback, and then looked up. Finally, his eyes caught some shadows that were almost impossible to detect with the naked eye between the accumulated clouds and the dim starlight.
     Those shadows flicked high in the sky, and even legendary powerhouses might find it difficult to perceive whether they have a mana or malice here. However, Winterhold Earl still has a huge sense of crisis in his heart. At that moment, he feels himself. His breathing was intermittent. In the next second, this powerful mage waved his hand to summon rune, yelling in the loudest voice: "Strike from high altitude!!!"
     "Reset the direction of mana flow-the enemy is coming from the air!" "All mages of the first to sixth echelon adjust the resonance direction and prepare to intercept air attacks!" "It's too late!"
     The order was issued as soon as possible. Although all the soldiers and battle mage were at a loss, they still responded to the command from the commander as quickly as possible. However, no matter how fast they responded, everything was too late-the entire fortress. Almost all the defensive forces and personnel energy are firmly restrained by the offensive of Cecil's ground forces, not to mention that commanders at all levels do not even have the concept of "deadly attacks from high altitude". The concept of "battlefield" is still the main one. Concentrated on the surface of the age, all of this has become the most deadly missing link in Winterwolf Castle...
     The bomb fell.Adesha's eyes were wide-open. She looked up at the sky and saw that the stacked clouds were about to obscure all the starlight. She saw the shimmering light between those shadows, and then one after another bright spots separated from them, like meteors. Like falling down.
     An explosion far more terrifying than the magical cannon bombardment exploded over Winterwolf Castle.
     The huge fiery light bloomed like fireworks, and blasted the visible shock wave on the surface of the shield. Circles of ripples continued to spread in the night sky, and the ripples were connected into pieces, and then quickly covered by pale clutter, the entire Winterwolf Castle The big shield shook violently, and the roar of ear-splitting reverberated inside the shield, as if an invisible bell rang, and in this terrible roar, Winterhold Earl heard an even more terrifying sound. sound--
     He heard howling sounds from all directions, a sign that the shield was approaching its limit.
     Immediately afterwards, more bombs began to fall from high altitude, covering the entire shield from south to north like a carpet. The shield nodes in Winterwolf Castle burst one after another, and many buildings in the city were turbulent due to mana. When it burned, the blazing fire light illuminates the high wall and tower, and under the light of the fire, Adesha saw that the shield above her head was quickly disappearing.An aerial bomb finally penetrated the thin large shield of Winterwolf Castle. It fell like a meteorite and fell between the outer city and the inner city. The monstrous fire pierced Adeshas eyes, and she felt a crash in her ears, terrifying. The heat hit from the left side, and she didn't even feel the sharp pain in time, so she only saw darkness.
     "All bombs have been dropped. Confirm that the target shield has been extinguished." "Visually confirm that the barracks area and the weapon depot have been destroyed..." "The core castle area is still intact...The shield still exists."
     Jin Na looked through the observation window at Winterwolf Castle, which had fallen into a sea of flames, and the results of the air raid were converging in front of her.
     The Winterwolf Castle shield was destroyed as planned, but the castle area as the core of the fortress seemed to have survived the bombing. This sturdy fortress is worthy of its reputation. It obviously has two independent shields at the same time. The shield system, even if the outer city and the big shield are all destroyed, this fortress seems to still be able to rely on the core castle to resist.
     But Jin Na did not feel regretful because of this-all this was in the judgment of the staff. An air strike could not completely destroy the Typhon's fortress. Today's heavy damage is already in line with the expected result.With the loss of the large shield and half of the city defense facilities, coupled with the huge blow to morale and the casualties in terms of personnel, it was only a matter of time before this fortress was taken down-and in a very short time.
     "Return to sail, reload," Jin Na gave the order, "Perhaps we have to do it again tonight."
     The roar, the heat, the bloody breath, the feeling of being constantly unbalanced and falling... Adesha felt like she was being swept up and down by an invisible storm in a dark abyss. For a while, she even felt that she had been completely lost. Perception of the body, but in the last strong sense of weightlessness, she suddenly returned to this world.
     The pain as if the body fell apart fiercely fluctuated in all the nerves. She felt that she was lying in a soft place, but her body was soaked in the cold, and her mind was roaring like thunder. She could vaguely hear people around. The voice of speaking, but a louder noise buzzed in her ears, making her unable to hear anything at all.
     A fierce irritability surged up, and she angrily wanted to dispel those noises, and she didn't know if this anger had an effect-she heard the noise in her ears really weakened a bit, and at the same time she vaguely saw A light appeared before his eyes.
     "The general is awake! The general is awake!" "Water, get water!" "Go and notify Winterhold Earl!"Excited shouts of soldiers came from the side, and it sounded more than one.
     Adesha opened her eyelids with difficulty (she never thought that her eyelids were such a heavy thing), and after a few attempts, she turned the faint chaotic light in front of her eyes into a shaky scene-left eye She seemed to be blurred by something, only her right eye barely opened a little, and through this vague sight, she saw several familiar figures standing beside herself, and above it seemed to be the ceiling of a certain room in the castle. .
     "General," a familiar voice came from the side, "how do you feel? Can you hear me?"
     Adesha barely turned her eyes away, and she saw her adjutant standing nearby.
     Her gaze stayed on the adjutant for a long time. It was not until ten seconds later that she withdrew her gaze with difficulty, and asked in a hoarse voice that surprised herself: "How long have I been in a coma?"
     I felt like a fire in my throat, but I felt it carefully, and it seemed that there was no fatal visceral bleeding and tracheal tear. This is a blessing in misfortune-it is a pity that it is difficult to do it with a more careful perception, and I can only determine my physical condition. It must be bad.
     "You have only been in a coma for half an hour..." the adjutant said, "The large dose of the alchemy potion and the healing magic spell worked...""Half an hour... I thought a century had passed," Adesha twitched, "Tell me about the damage."
     The adjutant hesitated for a second or two before whispering: "The fortress shield was completely destroyed and extinguished permanently. The inner and outer city areas were severely damaged. There were fires everywhere. We lost the barracks and the weapons depot, and the magical weapons fell. When I arrived, I passed through the shield and hit the place where the 22nd Regiment was stationed. The 22nd Regiment...has been removed."
     Adesha took a breath. She struggled to distinguish the sounds from all directions amidst the roaring noise in her ears. After two seconds of silence, she whispered, "What about the current situation?"
     "...Palin Winterhold Earl commanded those who were still able to move back to the castle area. The outer city could no longer be defended. He ordered us to continue to resist in the castle area and the inner city. The Black Flag Magician regiment collapsed before it evacuated. The wall has been severely damaged and a fire ignited in the outer city. Those ruins and fires have somewhat delayed the Cecil's offensive..."
     "I did hear the outside sound," Adesha said slowly, "Stop it... so, they have already entered?"
     "...Our soldiers are resisting them in the ruins and streets of the inner city. We are injured very much, but no one backs down."At this moment, Adesha heard a little commotion nearby, and a soldier was whispering: "Earl of Winterhold is here!"
     She saw the figure of Palin Winterhold appearing in the corner of her field of vision. The familiar elder was bending over to herself and seemed to be observing her injury. She saw a look on the opponent's face that was so heavy that it was almost sad.
     "Okay," Adesha said to the adjutant and the other soldiers and officers around him, "You first step back and continue to command the battle. I want to talk to Winterhold Earl."
     "General, your body..."
     "This is an order."
     "Yes, General."
     The adjutant and the soldiers left, only Winterhold Earl was left in Adesha's sight. She tugged at the corners of her mouth: "It looks like the situation can't be worse..."
     "It's really bad. We failed, Adesha," Earl of Winterhold said in a deep voice. "The Cecil people will soon take over here-they don't know why they didn't use that terrible aerial attack again. Maybe is wanting to take a A better forward base... This somewhat prolongs the time of our resistance, but it can't be extended for too long."
     After this, there was a long silence. Even Palin Winterhold began to wonder if Adesha had passed out again, but in the end Adesha spoke: "Winterhold Earl, what do you think is the duty of a soldier? "Palin Winterhold did not answer Adesha's question. He just watched the girl who had grown up almost by himself. After watching for a while, he asked: "Adesha, what do you want to do?"
     Adesha tried to open his eyes and looked at Earl's face in Winterhold: "I still have one last initiative..."
     Later, she said what she wanted to do.
     Palin Winterhold's eyes widened. For a time he couldn't believe what he heard. He couldn't believe that it was the decision Adesha would make. Then he reminded in a low voice: "This will make you lose your honor. Regardless of the truth, you will not have a glorious record in future history books. Adesha, you are not an ordinary commander, you are'Wolf General', you should know the meaning of this title and the constraints behind it... "
     "Times have changed, Uncle Palin," Adesha seemed to smile, and she shook her head slightly. "The old rules... after all, can't keep up with the times."
     "...Even if this will make you honorable?" Palin Winterhold frowned, "I can give you the order, after all, you have no ability now..."
     "I have decided.""...I understand," Palin Winterhold took a deep look at Adesha, then nodded with a serious expression, but then he asked again, "You don't think this will be contaminated by the soldiers. Do you interfere with the officer?"
     "I have probably guessed what the god wants," Adesha said calmly, "He wants war, he just wants war - and surrender is also part of war.
     "Let me be the first "Wolf General" in Typhon history to raise the flag and surrender before the castle is breached. I am ready."
     "...Okay, I will prepare."
     Winterhold Earl has left.
     Adesha was lying quietly on the bloody bed, her left eye still could not be opened, and in the other eye that was barely opened, she seemed to see some memories of the past, seeing what happened many years ago Things that have been past and have faded in memory. She remembered the first time she followed her father to "visit" this fortress when she was still very young, and she remembered that she ignorantly listened to her father telling herself about those family ancestors. The story, reading the vows engraved under the wolf's head, her lips moved lightly, as if she was still reciting those sentences with her father"...I swear by my family, and by honor, I will guard this fortress to the end of my life...even if the blood is drained...torn body and crushed bones...the Winter Wolf banner will never fall..."
     She shook her head.
     She doesn't want honor.
     She wants her motherland to be safe--
     The nation established by the ancestors cut one's way through thistles and thorns should not be crushed by this baffling disaster.
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