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982 Critical Balance
    Chinese Name: ֮  Author: Զͫ(Yun tng, Pupils Afar)
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The defenders in Winterwolf Castle surrendered? ! "
     When he heard the news, Philip stood up directly from his chair, his eyes widening.
     "Yes, General." Not far away, above the magic circuit terminal, a ground troop commander with smoke and dust on his face is standing in the holographic projection. The background behind him is a large area of ruins still with smoke and fire. The soldiers who are busy in action, under the temporary lights in the distance, you can also see disarmed Typhon soldiers being escorted. "Their top commander gave up the resistance, and now the shield of the castle area has been removed from the inside. Closed, we are taking over various areas of the castle."
     Philip frowned, just like he didn't understand why the Typhon people suddenly went to war a few days ago. At this time, he also didn't understand why the other party chose to surrender. This is completely inconsistent with the current Supreme Commander of Winterwolf Castle in the intelligence. The pre-judgment of behavior does not conform to War God's tendency to seek "a war that bleeds as much as possible and continues to scale" after losing control.
     "Relying on the strong fortifications of the castle, they could have continued to resist for a while-they could even expect to hold on until reinforcements arrive and get out of the predicament," a staff officer said confusedly next to him. Intact...the Typhon people surrendered like this? General, look at this matter...""Typhon's'Wolf General' has never had a precedent for surrendering, not to mention that this generation of Wolf General seems to be a hardliner who is quite hostile to us. To be honest, I don't believe that the other party will surrender so easily," Philip shook his head. "But they have closed the castle's shield. Under the premise that our ground forces gradually take over the entire Winterwolf Castle, I can't think of any other plans they have used to comeback... In theory, if they really want to continue to resist. , Then any plan is better than surrender."
     The staff officer asked curiously: "General, what do you mean..."
     Philip raised his head and looked in the direction of the magic circuit terminal: "Have you been in contact with the opponent's highest commander?"
     "Yes, General," the commander across the communication channel nodded immediately, "has been in contact with her-but she said'to talk to someone who is the same', I think she wants to talk to you directly."
     Philip pondered for a moment, and then nodded: "I understand, I will pass soon. You continue to take over and clean up, and set up a forward camp on the spot, ready to respond to Typhon's counterattack or continue to advance east."
     "Yes, General!"
     ...Adesha is still lying on the bed, in fact it is still very difficult for her to move. The buzzing noise in her ears has been reduced a lot, and the high-level Extraordinary's powerful physical fitness is quickly repairing the damaged parts of her body, and as her hearing is gradually restored, she can hear the noisy and busy movement outside.
     His last guard is being disarmed, and those Cecil people have completely taken over the place.
     They are right beside them.
     Adesha tried her best to move her eyes. She could see the Cecil soldiers wearing weird armor standing upright in various parts of the room, guarding this place vigilantly, while the trusted soldiers who had taken care of and looked after her here were standing upright. After being disarmed, he was "invited" to another room. In theory, he should not see them for a long time.
     I can't see them... That's finethe young Wolf General couldn't help but think so.Because she really doesnt know how to face her subordinates who get along day and night, whether its those contaminated by War God or those who remain fully awake... She knows her winter wolf Knight Corps, knows every one of them, they They must have been prepared for the deadly battle to the last minute, and even prepared to fight against Cecils war machines with flesh and blood. This castle could have continued to stand, and it might even have to wait for reinforcements from the rear... but Everything was impossible, because their top commander chose to surrender after a bombing.
     And the entire Winter Wolf Knight Corps chose to execute without complaint after receiving the order... This made Adesha feel the unspeakable pressure even more.
     As her thoughts gradually drifted away, a sudden pain came from a wound on her body, which interrupted Adesha's thoughts. She couldn't help but muttered in a low voice, and her body moved slightly-this brought something bigger. pain.
     "Try not to move, the new medicine is taking effect," a strange soldier's voice came from the side, with a little nervousness in his coldness, "Hold on again, a medical Priest is coming."Adesha followed his reputation and saw a young face. It was a Cecil soldier or a low-ranking officer. They were all ordinary people without mana fluctuations, and his sight was always dangling at this moment, Adesha I really don't know if it is a soldier or an officer standing in front of me.
     These Cecil people at least have no defenders who are embarrassed to surrender... not bad.
     Just as Adesha was thinking this way, she heard the sound of army boots stepping on the ground suddenly from the door of the room, and at the same time the young man's voice sounded in her ears: "Oh, Priest is here"
     Medical Priest? Priest?
     Adesha opened her eyelids curiously and looked in the direction of the footsteps. Then she saw a woman who looked very young. She was dressed like a nun's dress, but the nun's dress could be seen everywhere. Armor piece, metal backpack, rune drag chain-like device, this peculiarly-dressed "Miss nun" walked towards him, carrying a seemingly heavy "battle magic staff" in his hand. I wonder if it was my illusion , The magic staff seems to be stained with blood.Then the "Cecil nun" came to Adesha's bed. She put the heavy fighting magic staff on the ground with a "boom" and bent down towards Adesha. The latter saw that the opponent was wearing something on her hand. A glove with a mechanical structure-no matter how you look at it, it seems to have nothing to do with prayer and healing.
     This is Priest who is responsible for treating his injuries? How does Cecil's nun look like this?
     Adesha felt a little skeptical for an instant, even though it didn't seem to be the time to care about such details, she couldn't help but whispered: "wait a moment, I still..."
     "Don't move," the young nun said immediately, and pressed Adesha's shoulder. "Your left eye is already blind-I don't want to accidentally break your other eye."
     Adesha fell silent, then twitched the corners of her mouth, a little relieved in her bitterness: "...Is he really blind?"
     "If you cooperate enough, you may be able to grow back someday in the future-after all, Cecil technology is the world's first." The nun seemed to say happily, with a confident tone of as it should be by rights in her tone.
     Adesha listened to the other person, but was silent and didn't speak any more.
     ...Pedinan feels like he has fallen into a long, weird, gloomy and depressing nightmare. In this nightmare, he seems to be replaced by another person, doing terrible things in a muddy state, but in the nightmare, he But he always feels that he is sober-some kind of power has distorted his perception of the whole world, what he sees is no longer what he really sees, what he does is no longer what he really wants to do, he just Like a clown puppet swaying before shaking the candlelight, desperately doing seemingly normal movements-but casting a shadow on the ground that is twisted and weird to be unrecognizable.
     And at a certain moment afterwards, he suddenly woke up, everything in the nightmare faded from the disguise, and blood was presented in front of him. He found that the things in the nightmare... seemed to have happened.
     Roseta Augustus looked at Pedinan, who suddenly sat up from the middle of the magic formation. There seemed to be a smile on his gloomy face: "Qing Pedinan, you are finally awake."Pedinan gasped heavily, as if he was about to clean out all the dirty things in his body with rapid breathing. He finally felt that his heart and spirit were restored to stability, so he had spare time to observe the surrounding situation-this is A closed room that looks a lot like the Magic Laboratory, without windows, only a small door, bright magic crystal lights illuminate the entire room, and all nearby walls are carved with twists and turns of rune.
     Pedinan found that there seemed to be no other furnishings in this room except rune. Even the place where he lay was a circular magic formation engraved with rune.
     "Your Majesty," Old Duke finally recovered. The repressed memories and correct cognitions in his mind were all crazily "backlashing", making him realize the terrible things that happened in the previous few days in just a few seconds. The old Wolf General, who has experienced countless winds and rains, can't help feeling a chill at this moment, "I may be contaminated! Before I..."
     "I know, I know, Qing Pedinan, things have happened-you need to calm down further," Roseta Augustus said calmly, "It's really bad, but it's not too bad."
     Pedinan took a deep breath and stood up from the magic formation. His tone was quick: "We and Cecil...""We have entered a state of war-the war that we declared first, or the war that War God declared for us," Roseta looked into Pedinan's eyes, "Qing Pedinan, Malm Dunit is blinded by the power of mental intervention. And distorted your perception. The explanation we sent to Cecil was tampered with into a declaration of war, but this is not your fault.
     At this moment, Pedinan felt his heart stop for a beat, but he stopped the tendency to fall into dizziness. After realizing that the incident was irreversible, he seemed to suddenly notice the abnormality in this room
     It seems to be a Magic Laboratory here, and you can see rune-like things everywhere, but after a closer look, he discovered that those magic runes are not actually the magic runes he knows. The twists and turns lines are complex and exquisite, but the style is not like any race on the land. When looking at them, Pedinan felt that his depressed mood quickly calmed down and became clear. There were still some muddy thoughts. It quickly became extremely clear.
     Old Duke asked subconsciously: "Your Majesty, this is...""This is still in the Obsidian Palace, this room is a laboratory of Ms. Windsor Mapel. If you are referring to those runes-they come from the deep sea, originally brought to Cecil by Siren, and then given by Cecil as a gift Give it to us. I think you should have seen a few samples of these runes, but it is indeed the first time you have seen a large-scale, completely spliced "barrier house" like this one."
     "The rune from the deep sea..." Pedinan finally came up with some relevant information in his mind. He remembered that there was indeed such a thing, "Then these runes are used for..."
     "Clean up your pollution," Roseta said lightly, "and make sure that you won't be affected by the will of the gods again for some time to come-it seems to work well now."
     Pedinan felt the rapid improvement in his mental state, and realized that the "effect" that the other party said was really good, but in the next second, he thought of another thing.
     "Your Majesty, don't you know me...""No, I dont have the power to predict the prophet," Roseta waved her hand to interrupt Pedinans words, "but Im sure that the pollution of the gods will spread to the upper echelons of Empire I just didnt expect the first to be contaminated The person who is completely undetected will be you, someone who has been consciously alienating from the church many years ago. In this regard, I underestimated the power of the will of the gods to penetrate the minds of mortals, but from another On the one hand, we have now further determined the law of infiltration and spread of'pollution', and determined the range of people affected. These are very meaningful."
     Roseta said very indifferently, and Pedinan quickly heard another meaning from the attitude and words of the Empire ruler
     The emperor was indeed surprised, but it was only the "details" that surprised him. As for the direction of the whole thing... it seems that until now, he still has not deviated from his judgment.
     Does this include this war?
     "Your Majesty," Pedinan whispered after a few seconds of silence, "what are we going to do next?"
     "War broke out," Roseta said as if talking to himself, his gaze did not fall on Pedinan, "...Empire should enter a state of emergency."
     "Are you going to activate the emperor's supreme ruling power?""Ten years ago, we tried to change this country into a new situation. We did so, and we did achieve many feats that we could not have imagined, but now looking back, we still have a lot of things we haven't done. Finish," Roseta said calmly, "Some people who shouldn't survive are alive, and some things that shouldn't be preserved are still preserved... Don't you think this makes people regretful?"
     "It's really regrettable," Pedinan Wender said. "It seems we can finish what we didn't do in the past-but there is one more thing, Your Majesty, we are in full-scale war with the Cecil people."
     "It's the crazy god at war with Cecil," Roseta looked into Pedinan's eyes. "The out-of-control god is the common enemy of all mankind-this time, we are actually on the same side as Cecil."
     (End of this chapter)
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