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1176 Seven Dragon Knights
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Lan Xuanyu a thought flashed through the mind suddenly understood what Xu Yanmo meant.

     Bai Xiuxiu smiled and said: "The truth is nothing, I'm just a bonus, I mainly rely on my sister.

     "Xu Yanmo smiled and said:" Miss Xiuxiu doesn't need to be humble.

     We are in the same group, everyone sees your strength.

     With your support, Blue's attack will surely reach the strongest level.

     However, it cannot be used

     You still have to be careful about the dragon armor protection.

     Well, don't delay your rest.

     "As he spoke, while making a "please" gesture to Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu, they led them into the rest area together.

     Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu walked into the rest area, feeling the strong dragon aura, and sat down in an empty place.

     Although there were hundreds of god-level dragon experts on the stage of Shenglong watching the battle, it still seemed very containing.

     Later, on the huge Shenglong stage, the game will be played one after another. Just thinking about it, it makes people feel like being fired up.

     Lan Xuanyu secretly calculated: If among the remaining contestants, the two contestants with the dragon are not the finalists, then it is equivalent to a total of 29 contestants - he and Bai Xiuxiu are considered one. of.

      In other words, there will be a bye in the knockout.

     I don’t know who wants to be recognized by the dragon, there are only two ways, either to convince him or to be selected.

     In comparison between the two, it must be easier to be selected! Not to mention the rewards of the Dragon Contest, the higher the ranking, the greater the reward.Especially the top three awards have always been extremely generous.

     At this moment, in the silver light gate, a tall figure walked out.

     The senior dragon clan who was sitting on the beam of dragon power almost at the same time got up.

      Walking out of the light gate at this time, only the Dragon Knight has such qualifications.

     Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu didn't know the dragon knight who came out first. It was the first time I saw it.

     He was a young man, and it was about 20 years.

     He has a plain appearance, a cold temperament, and a simple gray loose casual outfit that looks ordinary.

     However, when he was time of arrival, all the strong dragons in the room lowered their noble heads and showed admiration.

     It can be seen how high this person is in the dragon clan.

     After him, the second dragon knight, Lan Shuyu, came to know, it was the dark Demon Dragon Knight Luo Yayuan, followed by the sixth-ranked Heavenly Dragon Knight dragon tide category, the ranked seventh-ranked ink dinosaur knight Luo Tong, and The eleventh ranked holy light dragon knight Huang Liangwei.

     These four heads have appeared before.

     It was a beautiful middle-aged woman with a faint smile on her face.

     Female dragon knight.

     According to Huang Yuen Long, of the 18 dragon knights, only two are women.

     This should be one of them.

     A total of seven dragon knights came to watch the finals of this year's Dragon Contest.

     This is undoubtedly a great thing for him.Although he has undergone the change of sky and the earth turning upside down, the treasure hunter also said that even if he meets again, it will be difficult to recognize him in the first constellation of the dragon star, but the two sides are enemies after all, and the first constellation of the dragon star is. Those who have seen him, if the Dragon Star comes first, he will definitely be nervous.

     It is naturally best if the first constellation of Draco has not come.

     The arrival of the Seven Dragon Knights made the atmosphere on the Rising Dragon Stage suddenly become enthusiastic.

     At the feet of the seven dragon knights, rays of light appear simultaneously, and the huge beam of light pushes their bodies up into the air. The dragon knight who came out first is in the most central position, with a faint smile on his face, which is very amiable and approachable.

     His beam of light today is extremely exaggerated, obviously one third thicker than that of other dragon knights, and its ascent speed is extremely fast.

     Seeing this scene, Lan Xuanyu couldn't help taking a breath.

     Bathed in such dragon energy, even if they don't practice, the strength of these contestants who are not at the god level will be improved.

     The headed dragon knight glanced at all the contestants below and smiled and said: "You can enter the finals, which means that you are the best talents in the clan. In the future, our successors will be selected from among you. .

     In the next finals, we will continue our efforts and perform well.

     The finals were carried out by elimination, and then the draw began.

     There is a dragon in the queue.

     "Listening to him such a saying, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu looked at each other and walked out.

     Seeing "they" walk out hand in hand, the faces of the other contestants couldn't help changing.Lan Zaizhi’s performance in the lead in the race made every contestant remember deeply. She, who is not weak, plus the Xiuxiu who also entered the finals as a dragon, her strength as you can well imagine.

     It will be the lucky one.

     Can enter the final does not have one simple, the latter will see their luck.

     According to the news that Hwang Yuen Long brought to them, the situation in the finals of the Thang Long Contest has changed, and sometimes even the double-elimination-elimination method is adopted.

     This time the finals will take the form of elimination rounds, and they will be notified after the round robin.

     Relatively speaking, the double-loss knockout is more scientific and allows everyone to show their strength more.

     The knockouts are going to be much cruel.

     What Lan Xuanyu didn't know was that the finals were determined to be played in knockouts, which had something to do with him.

     That day, he absorbed the Dragon God energy from Shenglongtai, which really caused a lot of shock among the dragon knights.

     But the dragon knights have to wait until the end of the Rising Dragon Contest if they want to try it! Therefore, the Dragon Knights-sama decided after internal discussions in the Sky Dragon Alliance that the final stage will adopt a knockout game to end the Rising Dragon Contest as soon as possible.

      When the contestant one after another arrives, the atmosphere will deteriorate and become more tense.

     Although everyone is an elite, there are also strong and weak points who don't want to run into the strongest opponent in the elimination round.

     There is also a ranking in the final stage of the Thang Long Contest, which will be ranked according to the contestants' Battle Performance.

     Everyone hopes to have a higher ranking.

     If they can enter this stage, they will all be eligible to participate in the selection of the dragon knight.The selected ones, known as the Reserve Dragon Knight Gold, will be specially trained and will benefit from the resources of the entire alliance.

     In this process, the preparation dragon knight must obtain a dragon that fits his own attributes.

     How to get it? Naturally, it depends on strength.

     The ranking of the Dragon Rising Contest is the best embodiment of strength. For example, when introducing yourself to those dragons, the ranking of the Dragon Riders is an important reference for the dragons.

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