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702 The Operation Was Successful!
    Chinese Name: 科技霸权  Author: 秒速九光年(Miǎosù jiǔ guāng nián, Nine Light Years Per Second)
    Original: | Translator:

I entered the operating room at 11 o’clock noon on July 2nd, and at 8:00 P.M. came out. At 8 am on July 3rd, the drainage tube and urinary tube were removed, and I walked down the ground. Except for the painful urination, nothing else was unusual.

     After all, it was a long and time-consuming major operation. The doctor restoration speed was surprised. I pointed to my chest, implying the existence of muscles. At that moment, there was a sense of refreshment as the protagonist of yy's novel.

     Okay, I’m forced to install it here. I will work hard for two years at the most. My body is just better than my peers. Weakness is inevitable. My head is swollen like a pig’s head. I need to use a period of time to cultivate myself.

     The stubborn illness of the body is also a heart disease that has been plagued for many years.

     Please believe that in the near future, Xiao Jiu will return in a stronger state and bring you more excitement.

     Nine light years per second.

     In the evening of July 4th, No. 6 on the ninth floor of the hospital.

     "Technology Hegemony" operation succeeded!

     It’s in hand, just a moment please. After the content is updated, please refresh the page again to get the latest update!

     "Technology Hegemony" is updated in full text, keep in mind the URL: www.
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