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1043 "Small World" Final Evaluation Settlement
    Chinese Name: 小世界其乐无穷  Author: 听日(Tīng rì, Listening Sun)
    Original: | Translator:

"The work is complete."

     "Successfully finished "Small World it's entertainment endless"-60 points;"

     "The total number of words is 3.43 million: I didn't expect you to be fooled by me for so many starting coins-5 points;"

     "Glorious two-star masterpiece: Selected into the starting point masterpiece hall, or glory two-star, beautiful-5 points;"

     "Three hundred thousand collections: If everyone gives me one yuan, I will be rich-5 points;"

     "Many leaders: local tyrants, are there any pendants on the thighs — 5 points;"

     "Blooming Silver: Tyrant, does the orthographic on the thigh have my place-5 points;"

     "Updated continuously for 492 days: Yes, I am a person who loves a car, sees a coffin in a car, and sees a model worker who opens the lid. Listening day-5 minutes;"

     "Always on the science fiction monthly ticket list: Yes, this book is not a female channel, not a city, but a science fiction-5 points;"

     "This chapter talks a lot: your complaint is the biggest recognition of Tingri-5 points."

     "The total score is 100 points and the evaluation is flawless."

     "This task score: 100 points (flawless ), the highest task score: 100 points (flawless) "

     "Because the player gets flawless evaluation and meets the hidden requirement, they will get the hidden Side Quest information of this game"

     "Side Quest: Five-star Glory. I'm thinking about fart after listening to the sun."

     "Side Quest: Monthly ticket number one. I'm thinking about fart after listening to the day."

     "Side Quest: Gold is so cute. I'm thinking about farts."

     "Side Quest: Ten million words. You guys are thinking about farts."

     "Side Quest: Book Friends. I'll talk about it in the next book.""Did you choose to upload this result as a Final Result? After uploading successfully, you can get merits and exclusive rewards that meet the evaluation level."

     "This review can only be reserved until 12:05:00 on July 6."

     "You can upload this review only once."


     "After this review is uploaded, you will get 100 starting coins, please use them properly."

     "After you have obtained this book*1, you can open it in the content repository."

     "You get exclusive rewards: during summer vacation, you can open it in the content repository."

     "The upload of "Small World it's entertainment endless" is finished, thanks to CCTV, thanks to the editor for the expedition, thanks to the reading platform!"


     Okay, now it's the more serious Ending Speech, which is very serious.

     There is something I want to say, but suddenly I feel that I have nothing to say.

     It was the same the last time I finished the book. Tingri thought I would cry, but the result was that at noon the sun shines brightly, as if nothing had happened, I typed the words ‘full text finished’.

     There is no as if relieved from a burden, no reluctant to part, but like sending away an old friend, smiling and sending a blessing to Ren Suo.

     Let's talk about books first.

     In fact, some readers hope that Small World will write Chapter 888 or Chapter 900, which looks a little neater, but I think it’s unnecessary, the main reason is lazy.

     I want to write that there must be a lot of things.

     For example, the quintile of the eldest son Xiaotian.

     For example, when Nian Rensuo's daughter had no time when she was a child, why did she initiate a gorgeous rebellion against her father when she grew up?For example, many years later, game characters were summoned to form a real fairy palace and a world tree, turning the blows of those years into awesome.

     For example, the establishment of Neisser in the future, the manufacturing process of small world game consoles.

     Such as the bottom of Biyin Space-Time Abyss

     What about why not? To put it in professional terms, it is to leave a blank space to give the reader enough imagination.

     In layman's terms, it's lazy.

     Small World is Tingri's second book, and it is also the one with the most words and the most breakthroughs.

     If you have read a book on Tingri, you must know that Tingri is also a hard-core single dog who writes about the origin of no woman.

     In fact, in the first fifty chapters of this book, Tingri never thought of letting Ren Suo fall in love, planning to let him be a virgin for a lifetime.

     But at that moment, Tingri suddenly fell into the love comic pit.

     False love, strawberry 100%, we can’t learn, the quintessential flower marriage... The chapter of Qiao Muyi’s confession [Once you can’t hear it, then I’ll say it countless times], inspired by the quintessence comic book two Nai's confession.

     That said, the girl's heart was sprouting, so "Upside Down the World" was born.

     So Tingri started the love line as an auxiliary game line, and gradually changed to the love line and the game line, and then...then it became the sand sculpture line with the most scenes.

     Many readers are here for the game line. Listening to say sorry here. In fact, it is not listening to the Japanese compression game scene, but listening to the Japanese Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent.Really, Tingri did not write about love and hi, but because of oneself is too weak to write a good game-Tingri is not a love brain!

     After talking about the small world, let's talk about new book planning.

     First of all, it has been 900 days since Tingri wrote the first book to the completion of the small world.

     900 days!

     I have to take a rest on listening day, and I also want to watch TI9, so I am going to give myself a two-month vacation, play games, read comics, and add ammunition. You can’t always write old stalks.

     As for the new writing, I haven't thought about it yet, but it will definitely continue the style of this book. As for the style, you can imagine.

     Finally, let's chat with you on the day.

     On the day Little World was launched, the 24-hour first chapter subscription was 4000.

     Tingri does not know how many of those 4000 subscribers follow the present. But whatever the case, please allow Tingri to send you the highest thanks.

      Precisely because of the support of these 4,000 readers, Tingri can keep writing until now. There are many strong-willed authors in this world, but Tingri happens to be not. Tingri is a layman. It needs some praise and encouragement to be motivated to continue creating.

      Spoke until here, I would like to thank the moderator Coriander Banchang. Tingri is actually a glass heart, and I dare not read the book review area at all. It is managed by moderators (so it has nothing to do with Tingri~).

     It’s also for this reason that I don’t open a book friend group on the day I am afraid that someone will catch me. Tingri only posted a Weibo, and was caught up with it. Now I don't dare to read private messages.

     I hope the next book can break through this psychological barrier.Speaking of breakthroughs, Tingri has made a lot of breakthroughs in the small world.

     For example, when I write about the heroine, I have emotional drama.

     Listening to the day, I still remember that when I first wrote the emotional drama, the reader said that I was very embarrassed, so I might as well write Ren Suo messing with Zhao Huo. I don’t know how you would rate it, but Tingri feels better. At least Tingri likes the interaction between Ren Suo and Zhao Huo...

     There are also readers who feel that this book has problems here and there, but I tried my best to listen to it, at least not a day during the serialization period. Even if the ability is not good, at least the attitude of Tingri is in place. If you want to point out the problems of Tingri, please leave this chapter here. If you feel that Tingri’s writing is okay, you can also compliment [Tingri Niubi] (moderator, Anything that is not said to listen to the Japanese is deleted).

      last of the last, please enjoy the last leave note of Listening Day:

     ▄█?█ See you in September.
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