《I Am Not the Lucky Child》brief introduction

I Am Not the Lucky Child

author: 云中殿

Fairy Qingyue: I traveled three thousand miles west with my senior and got the Sun-Moon Golden Wheel in Kunlun Secret Territory! Linglong Diji: I once accompanied my brother to go deep into the Burial Valley of the Emperor of the East China Sea to accept the inheritance of Emperor Dan! Queen of the Immortal Phoenix: Ha ha, a bunch of chicks! Do you know how his dragon and phoenix immortal body came from? ... After crossing the realm of cultivating immortals, Shen Tian found that he could see the luck and opportunities of other people around him. Holding the big boss spear, Shen Tian started to make friends with those Child of Fate. …… Later everyone gradually discovered: no matter who, as long as you experience with Shen Tian, you will inevitably encounter great opportunities, without exception! Since that day, Shen Tian has become the most popular mascot in the world of immortality. PS: This book is also called "The Evolution of Non-Chiefs", "100 Ways to Harvest Leek", "Good Brother, Take Me", "Brother Opportunity, how can I divide me so much! 》 Fan group number: 534175450, welcome to join the discussion plot. (Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子)

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