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270 The Rejected Bilian Tianzun
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

There are hundreds of millions of miles in the eastern famine, and there are few people living in them.

     In this world of cultivating immortals, there is no problem of population overload.

     Because little fairies and monsters often appear in forested mountains, ordinary people can't multiply them.

     Leaving Human Country is to give away food to the fairy.

     Therefore, in the Eastern Wilderness, there are often cases where no one is seen for thousands of miles, and the cave mansion hidden in the wilderness also their number cannot be counted.

     It is also under this situation that the major strongholds and sub-temples of the evil spirits can be deeply hidden.

     After all, even if it is a saint, it is impossible to sweep the entire Eastern Desolation with God's Sense.

     But if you know the location in advance, it's another matter.


     The Shenxiao Feizhou traveled through the Void Channel, and there was only a slight void fluctuation where it passed, which did not attract anyone's attention.

     A few hours later, there was something unknown in Donghuang.

     The void slowly tore apart, forming a huge Space Portal.

     A huge divine sky flying boat shot out from the portal, its entire body covered by a gas mask.

     This layer of gas mask completely covered all the breath emitted by the flying boat, avoiding being sensed by nearby immortals.

     On the deck of the flying boat, there stood a strong immortal door, everyone with a serious and cautious expression.

     Encircling evil spirits is not a joke.

     Those cultists are runaways and dare to fight the holy land.

     Especially the magical instruments that many evil spirits worshipped and refined, so vicious that you can't guard against it.

     Really conspired by evil spirits, such as ghast infestation, poisoning into the body, very possibly might die in pain!Even if he is rescued back, there may be some sequelae of be too embarrassed to mention sth.

     Such as malaise, kidney failure, and irregular intercourse.

     If you are infected, it will be worse than death!

     After all, not every immortal cultivator has Samsara Paradise, the treasure of immunity to Negative Condition(s).

     They can only be as careful as possible when facing evil spirits.


     "According to reliable information, the Evil Spirit Sect's Seven Kills Sub-Hall is in the ruins of this'Infinite Ancient Kingdom'."

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao stood proudly on the bow of the Shenxiao Feizhou, overlooking the distant country shrouded in miasma, and slowly spoke.

     Blessed Ancient Country was a country before the Eastern Desolation for thousands of years. Originally, it belonged to the top power in the entire Eastern Desolation, not even weaker than many blessed lands.

     The cultivation of his royal family's strongest ancestors has reached the stage of transforming gods.

     However, thousands of years ago, in the years when evil spirits invaded, even the saints fell one after another.

     The stage of transforming the gods is only a small part, and it is only the early stage of the gods, completely uncovered.

     In that war, an evil spirit who was good at poison laws used sorcery to directly envelop the entire Boundless Nation.

     Although the evil spirit eventually died in the hands of the true immortal in the immortal world, the Boundless Kingdom was reduced to a dead zone, and the territory of thousands of miles was turned into ruins.

     As the evil spirit fell here, the highly toxic body infected the entire country, making the neighborhood extremely suitable for the survival of highly toxic things.

     In this ruin, countless highly poisonous plants multiply crazily, and countless poisonous insects and evil Gus also grow from this.

     Gradually, even those immortal gates in the Eastern Wilderness chose to abandon this country.Unexpectedly, the Evil Spirit Sect Hall of Seven Kills would actually choose this place as the base camp to hide itself.


     "The miasma pervading in the immeasurable ancient country is highly toxic, so it is best not to breathe it into your body.

     Bai Lian Tianzun took out a bottle of pill from the storage ring and distributed it to everyone on the boat: "This is a'poison-free spirit pill', which can protect you from the miasma."

     The free medicine is naturally the more the better.

     What's more, the technique of Bailian Tianzun's alchemy was recognized by Donghuang.

     In an extremely poisonous place like the Ancient Boundless Kingdom, one more elixir on your body is an extra layer of protection.

     For a time, there were all voices of gratitude and compliments to Bai Lian Tianzun.

     "Shen Tianshengzi, don't you take poison-preventing spirit pills?"

     Dan Wu Tianzun slowly walked in front of Shen Tian, and said with concern: "No need to be anxious, you only need to accumulate experience this time to encircle and suppress the cult, without taking risks."

     "Holy Master of Gods, Senior Brother Chu He, Senior Sister Bai Lian, and me will all protect you and will definitely not expose you to any danger."

     Shen Tian looked at Dan Wu Tianzun who was ‘smiling loving mother’ in front of him, nodded and said: "Xie Danwu Master Shu cares, Shen Tian understands."

     Although he wanted to tell Dan Wu Tianzun that he didn't care about these poisonous miasma at all, let's forget it!

     After all, Samsara Paradise is the third existence on the Profound Earth Ranking, and the Six Paths of Samsara is a quasi-immortal tool.

     To play lip service to at every turn, leaking money is not good, and even more suspicion of pretending to be forced.

     Low-key, in this kind of big scene of gang wars, low-key mixed output, making up the knife and picking up the head is the king.Taking out a poison-preventing pill from Cangming Ring, Shen Tian slowly adjusted the shape of Longyuan Sacred Armor to the lowest key state.

     The brilliance of the five mythical beasts all converged, and even the mighty armor that originally covered the whole body was transformed into a simple concealed inner armor shape.

     Of course, this type of Dragon Abyss Sacred Armor can still protect the whole body, but it looks more ordinary.


     The powerhouses of the various immortal gates jumped off the flying boat one by one, carefully converging the whole body.

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao and the Holy Master of Jade Lake also concealed into the void. On the one hand, they supported everyone, and on the other hand formed an array to block the entire ancient country, forming a circle.

     If an evil spirit teaches a saint to show up, they will immediately strike.

     "There are countless poisonous insects and weeds in the immeasurable ancient country, and perhaps many of them have become ancestors. Everyone is careful by all means."

     The voice of the Holy Lord of Shenxiao sounded in everyone's ears: "If you are in danger, remember to protect yourself first."

     As early as when he was near the ancient country of Boundlessness, everyone had discovered something was wrong.

     Because their spiritual detection ability was affected, they could no longer detect the enemy freely.

     This means that a monk nearby has placed an array that shields the mind, and the array has always been effectively covered.

     If you don’t break the formation, you won’t be able to sweep away with spiritual consciousness, if you break the formation, you will beat the grass to scare the snake.

     The time to break the formation is enough for some people the cicada sheds its carapace.

     Infinite Ancient Kingdom is a barren country, why does this kind of formation exist?

     This in itself is very unreasonable!

     Everyone believed most of the news that the Palace of Seven Kills was hidden here.The twelve deities led nine deities and thirty real people respectively, and marched towards the boundless ancient kingdom.

     Each of them carries a special thunder through the clouds in the Holy Land of Gods, which can be activated after inputting mana, which can send out the thunders of the gods to blast through thousands of miles.

     This is undoubtedly the most effective method for summoning teammates in situations where the spirit of mind cannot be detected.

     A cloud-piercing thunder, magnificent army with thousands of men and horses to kill people!


     "Tian'er, go with your uncle!"

     Shen Tianzheng is planning to go with Bailian Tianzun to find a chance to paddle.

     At this moment, the voice of Li Se sounded beside him: "There is an uncle, no one can hurt you!"

     However, he saw Bilian Tianzun walking with the golden stick, and behind him was the nine sages of Shenxiao Dongtian.

     Shen Tian was stunned: "Uncle Bilian, why your group of uncles with only Yuan Ying level, there is not even a Jin Dan stage real person."

     Bilian Tianzun has a proud expression on his face: "Invincible among the same rank, reversible battle saint, a mere Jin Dan stage real person, how can he be qualified to follow the old way?"

     The venerables around Bilian Tianzun all had a drop of cold sweat on their foreheads.

     Are you serious?

     Do you need a face?

     Are you sure you are not accepting it?

     Obviously there is no golden period, and I am willing to talk to you.

     Do not!

      Strictly speaking, no one wants to talk to you!

     After all, encircling evil spirits is a desperate job. Who would dare to follow this unreliable master?

     Even the nine Venerables behind him came from the Bilian Tianzun threats and bribes.

     After all, at the same one Sect, I really refuse this product, and I may be retaliated against in the future!As for the Gold Core level's, Bilian Tianzun really couldn't help it, because the Gods Holy Land did not send the Gold Core Daoist Master.

     It's not easy for him to close other real people from Cave Heaven and Blessed Land. Let's team up with him!

     If there are any shortcomings, the responsibility is too difficult to shirk.

     After all, they are not willing to join you, they are forced to form a team by you.


     Feeling the resentful gaze of the venerables behind Bilian Tianzun, Shen Tian helpless.

     His emotional intelligence is extremely high and he has probably guessed the reason.

     Uncle Bi Lian definitely felt that ordinary Jin Dan was useless, and not only dragged it down, but also scored benefits.

     It's better to set up a highly mobile assault team without the golden oil bottle, so that you can get more opportunities.

     Tsk tsk, as expected to be Uncle Bi Lian, the abacus is also good.


     Looking at the white and black halo on Bilian Tianzun's head, Shen Tian secretly mourned for him.

     It's a pity that Master Bilian's face is too dark, and Shen Tian has seen chances on the heads of other heavenly veterans, venerables, and even golden core powerhouses.

     This represents the encirclement and suppression of evil spirits this time, they can have a lot of gains.

     But on the top of Bilian Tianzun's head, Mao Jiyuan didn't even see it, and even the nobles in his group were also bald.

     In this case, let Ben Shengzi follow you?

     Are you kidding me!

     Shen Tian wiped off his sweat: "Forget it! The disciple just turned around, and followed his uncle to drag him back."

     "I'll follow Master Bai Lian! After all, there are more Jin Danqi masters and sisters here."

     After that, Shen Tian silently moved behind Bailian Tianzun.Bailian Tianzun has a very special status in each group.

     Because their group is not only the Bailian Tianzun, but also other Tianzuns.

     Because Bailian Tianzun is good at healing wounds and poisons, he is not good at fighting and killing enemies.

     Therefore, Two Great Sacred Grounds specially arranged the Chilian Tianzun and Danwu Tianzun to travel with them.

     These three deities lead 27 Yuanying-level Yuanying-level Venerables and 120 Jindan stage real persons.

     The lineup is luxurious and the appearance is bursting.

     With long skin and long legs, it can be called a heavenly group!

     Shen Tian said that whether it's holding the thigh or rubbing the chance, even looking at the face, this is the best choice!

     Bilian Tianzun felt sad for Shen Tian, the ‘mascot’ slipping away from him.

     Watching Shen Tian leave, he seemed to see a bunch of long-footed opportunities slip away.

     This heart is just broken, blue thin, shiitake mushrooms!


     Of course, the heartache of Bilian Tianzun, others do not understand.

     Since the three Tianzuns in the Bailian Tianzun group are all women, most of the group members are also female monks.

     For Shen Tian's initiative to join, almost all members of this group are warmly welcome.

     After all, Shen Tian is not only lucky, but also recognized as Child of Fate.

      what is more important, looks handsome too!

     With him, I look seductive~

     The originally boring and dangerous encirclement and suppression activities seem to have become interesting!
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