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4579 Redstone Recovery
    Chinese Name: 陆鸣至尊神殿  Author: 全文免费阅读(Quánwén miǎnfèi yuèdú)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Haizong heard two screams and quickly opened his eyes, and saw that the two brawny men were already whole body covered in blood, tattered, and their eyes were full of shock and doubt. breath.


     Two masters who seemed to him to be too high to reach, just died.

     He doesn't know at all how he died.

     Not only him, Haifeng, but also the village chief and others, but also doesn't know at all how the two strong men died.

     Because from beginning to end, no one has ever shot.

     Haizong did not make a move, and Lu Ming also has not made a move.

     The moment the two strong men started their hands, they heard a sound like a drum beat, and then the two big men seemed to be hit by a mysterious and terrifying force and then died.

     "You...what demonic power did you use?"

     The village chief glared at Haizong and Lu Ming.

     Here, apart from Haizong and Lu Ming, who would kill the two strong men?

     Moreover, Hai Zong was ruled out by him. He knew the basics of Hai Zong and knew that Hai Zong absolutely no such a method, then only has one possibility, that is, Lu Ming.

     This sky cloud, unknown origin, will have any weird means, which is normal.


     At this time, Lu Ming spoke, stepped out, smiling, pointing to his heart, and said: "Just now, it was the strength of my heart beating. They are too weak. Even the generated strength of my heart can't be resisted. ."

     After speaking, Lu Ming shook his head.

     The power of the heartbeat?

     Everyone was dumbfounded.

     Just relying on the power of the heartbeat, can you kill the existence of two virtual gods?

     Who believes?"Nonsense, stir up public sentiment by false statements, want to scare us, dream, come, and take down this blasphemy."

     The village chief drank.

     This time, several elders made a move and stepped towards Lu Ming.

     "Tianyun, go away!"

     Haizong drank.

     He knew very well that these elders were the old elders of the village, and they had reached the high level of the Void God Realm, which was far from the previous two strong men can compare.

     Those two brawny men were just one or two in the virtual god realm.

     "It's okay!"

     Lu Ming has a smile on his face, very tranquil, as if he has not seen a few old men who have been killed.


     At this moment, everyone heard the sound of a drum beat.

     This time, everyone heard clearly that the voice actually came from Lu Ming's chest.

     That is, it is really the sound of his heart beating.


     Immediately afterwards, several old men screamed, their bodies flew upside down, suffered heavy injuries, and bloodstained all over.

     But he was not dead yet, but was hit hard. Of course, Lu Ming started off leniently.

     "Remember that you are also bewitched by others, and you are also poor people, so I will kill you!"

     Lu Ming said lightly.

     In fact, Lu Ming did not bother to kill these people.

     What kind of cultivation is he now, what kind of identity, these people are really too weak in his eyes, these people are not qualified to let him kill.

     Haizong, Haifeng, the village chief and others were completely stupid, agape and tongue-tied, and blankly stood there.Lu Ming, actually just relying on the sound of the heartbeat, he seriously injured several high-level existences in the Void God Realm, what is this means, what cultivation?

     Too inconceivable, too scary.

     The true god can't do it, can it be a god?

     Or is it a god king?

     However, as far as they know, among the entire Yan Clan, those who can reach the Divine King Realm are extremely rare. The entire world can be counted on one's fingers.

     Afterwards, they trembled all over, especially Haifeng, his face pale.

     Lu Ming's ability to kill him is so easy as a hand's turn.

     However, he thought too much, and Lu Ming had no interest in killing him.

     "Haizong, let's go and go to the Divinity Statue!"

     Lu Ming said, with a wave of his hand, he led Haizong towards the Divinity Statue in the village.

     "What are they going to do at the Divinity Statue?"

     "Go, go and see!"

     The village chief and others hurriedly chased Lu Ming and the others, and soon came to the Divinity Statue.

     Lu Ming took Haizong and stood under the Divinity Statue.

     "Haizong, take action and destroy this God statue."

     Lu Ming spoke.

     He wants to completely get through the knot of Haizong.


     The village chief and others turn pale with fright.

     Lu Ming actually wants to destroy the Divinity Statue. This is a great sin. Once the Divinity Statue is really destroyed, the gods will definitely be furious. By then, not only Haizong and Tianyun will die, but their village will be buried.

     "Tianyun, you can't do this, you can't..."

     The village chief cried.


     Lu Ming glanced at the village chief, bright light flashes.The village chief was immediately struck by lightning, and his body staggered back, a mouthful of blood spurted, and his heart was terrified.

      Only one's eyes hurt him. This method was so incredible that he never dared to speak again.


     Haizong hesitated, after all, the gods enter deeply into people's hearts, which makes people instinctively afraid, and Haizong is the same.

     "Shoot, what you said before is correct. The so-called gods are just creatures with a stronger cultivation base. If you are strong enough, you are also a god!"

     "It is better to believe in yourself than in gods!"

     Lu Ming said.

     Haizong's body trembled, like to anoint your head with the purest cream.

     "It's better to believe in yourself than in gods, yes, yes, yes!"

     Haizong's eyes were extremely bright, and he stepped out suddenly, took out a war sword, and slashed down towards the statue.

     The moment Haizong cut it out, Lu Ming's wordless and uncommunicative force attached a force to Haizong's war sword.

     Otherwise, with Haizong's cultivation base, this statue cannot be destroyed at all.


     The battle sword slashed on the statue, and the statue was instantly intact, and the Power of Faith on it disappeared.

     "It's over, it's over, it's all over!"

     The village chief, Haifeng and others were pale and ashen-faced.

      When the Divinity Statue is destroyed, the gods will descend dreadful fury and they will all die.

     At this moment, Haizong's eyes were bright, and his body was enveloped by a layer of brilliance. His cultivation level actually broke through.

     At the moment he broke the statue, his body and mind seemed to be baptized, and his thoughts were clear and unparalleled.It seems that the shackles that bind on his body have been cut off, become free and unconstrained, and feel relaxed.

     "Huh? This is..."

     Suddenly, Lu Ming moved his eyes and looked at Hai Zong's chest.

     There, blood red light diffused out.

     Then, a red stone flew out.

     It is that piece of redstone.

     At this moment, the red stone exudes a dazzling brilliance, and from the red stone, a red silk thread extends, covering Hai Zong in it.

     "Redstone has been revived. This is to transform Haizong and stimulate his potential."

     Lu Ming saw his eyebrows at a glance.

      This time, Redstone actually recovered. Could it be related to the change of Haizong's mood?

     Before, Haizong was inadequate in his thoughts and was bound by the gods, so he could not get the approval of Redstone?

     And Haizong's grandfather was also restrained by the gods, so after studying for a lifetime, he did not study the mystery of redstone.

     And just now, Haizong broke the Divinity Statue into pieces, completely freed from the shackles of the gods, and got the approval of Redstone by the channel of thought?

     If you think about it this way, everything will make sense, otherwise, it won't be so coincidental.
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