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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
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at the same time.

     Near the city lord’s mansion, Futuling heard this voice, not saying anything further, turned his head and said: "Elder, go!"


     Tu Hyuk looked at him in surprise and left?

     What are you afraid of?

     Su Yu is like a turtle in a jar!

     What's so scary about?

     Could it be that our Tianjiao has been scared by Su Yu, this is not a good thing.

     Tuhe meaningfully said: "Floating soil, wherever you fall, you can get up!"

     It doesn't matter if you have been hit by Su Yu once, just get up.

     Perhaps sitting and watching Su Yu die is a good choice.

     Floating Earth Spirit also said meaningfully: "Elder, it doesn't matter if you look down on it once, it doesn't matter if you look down on it twice, you can't look down on a top ranking person repeatedly, or you will not get up if you fall!

     Futuling can't figure it out!

      One after another, Su Yu suffered a loss, so I have to keep doing it, why?


     Regardless of him, Su Yu can lock down the city for a few days and let others try it. Why does he have to take the risk?

     What is the result? It will not be over when this wave of trapped people turns out.

     Tu He frowned and said, "Aren't you afraid of being hit?"

     "Not afraid!"

     The floating earth spirit said in a dull voice: "It's not terrible to fail once or twice. It's scary to be afraid. It's always a loss in the hands of one person, and it's not a long memory!"

     When the words fell, he had already gone out.

     How many times have you lost?

     The elders still feel indifferent!

     People like Su Yu, before death, and the ancient city relying on them, it's not that there is no way to help them, why bother to fight Su Yu this day and night.Seeing this, Tu Hyuk had no choice but to follow.

     To be honest, in fact, he also thinks that Su Yu is finished.

     It's the end!

     It's a pity that Futuling feels that Su Yu can still jump, if that's the case, then he has nothing to say.


     The Floating Earth Spirit soon left the city, and there's some left people also came out in the city.

      no matter what, come out and talk about it.

     This is because Su Yu is competing with the top big clan, even if others are fine, it does not mean that the small clan is fine.

     Some people couldn't stand the lockdown for three days.

     If this is to lock down the city for seven or eight days, they will not be finished?

     Gradually, there are fewer and fewer people in the city. There's some left who don't believe in evil and feel that there is nothing wrong with them. Maybe they can pick up some cheap ones, but they will continue to stay without fear of death.

      there's some left, that's purely speculators.

     Seeing that the big clans were all there, some small clans also leaned forward, wanting to have a familiar face, and by the way, help the big clans to remember themselves.

     Su Yu didn't care about these.

     I gave you a chance, gave you time, there is no good person like me in the world!

      Tomorrow's daylight, close the city!

     This time, how many days will be sealed, and see how many days these people can last, no one will be released!

     Just enough money is enough!

     Su Yu has got a lot of resources, and he doesn't need it anymore. Now you can do whatever you want. If you have the ability, you can break in and open the city gate. Even if you can't kill Invincible, it's not bad to kill a few Invincible III bodies.

     Stone carving, Necromancer, isn't good to be messed with.


     In the blink of an eye, the next day is here!At dawn, the city gate closed with a bang!

     The city is closed!

     Su Yu, who used the command of the city lord, randomly found an ancient house and began to fight against death. As for the Hunting Pavilion, he opened the door to do business, so he would not go there, so as not to be discovered.

     In the ancient house.

     Su Yu began to fight against the death energy and began to build his body for cultivation. The Tianyuan Qi circulated in a large amount. He discovered that the death Qi and the Tianyuan Qi were neutralized, which was still helpful to the speed of his own casting.

     Stimulate yourself!

     This is a good thing!

     Therefore, it doesn't matter to have a backlash, although the backlash is indeed strong.

     Su Yu quickly accepted these dead spirits, reversed and neutralized.

     And he didn't know, at this moment, in the world of the dead, Lord Xingyue opened his eyes again, somewhat agitated, have finished or not?

     I just added the amount you did not long ago, are you coming again?

     That being the case, don't blame I am impolite!

     You asked for it yourself!

     A large amount of dead energy was once again sent to Su Yu through the special channel that was invisible. As a converter, there is actually an invisible channel between Su Yu and Xingyue. This is also an ancient rule.

     Xingyue once again increased the death energy transmission!

     Don't you like toss?

     OK, then toss and toss!

     I originally wanted to give you a chance to die after practicing until the sun and the moon. Since you don't cherish it, then die now.


     Su Yu wouldn't care about this, secretly shocked, so deadly!

     This depends on the strength of the sky, there is no way at all.

     It can only be reversed!Originally, one and a half hours could be reversed and counteracted, but now Su Yu judged it a bit and was shocked. It would take at least two hours to reverse it!

     It seems that we still can't be too waves!

     Take a look, add half an hour at a time, it's not bad, dozens of times down, don't you want to die?

     Su Yu did not dare to be careless and quickly reversed!

     Also constantly consuming the heaven and earth Xuanguang cast body!

     50 casting is not enough. This time he has time and some heaven and earth profound light, which is enough for him to cast his body. It is still 22 casting, but there are more than 1,000 strands of heaven and earth profound light.


     The first day of closing the city.

      To live together in harmony!

     There are no dead souls in the city, and there is no increase in death. Even on weekdays, the average person can stay for three days. What's more, the sun and the moon are heavy, not to mention the sun and the moon.

     Can block!

     Not a big deal!

     Sun and Moon are happy, Su Yu is not feeling well now.


      at the same time.

     Some ancient cities have also received news.

     Su Yu has closed the city again!

     This guy is really idle.

     I'm not afraid that I will die right away, and now I struggle on whilst at death's door to live, is it good to be alive?

     Have to be so anxious to be a dead soul?

     Heaven destroys the ancient city.

     City Lord's Mansion.

     Tianhe couldn't help but shook his head, looked at the old man below, and sighed: "This guy, I'm making trouble for myself! There are so many death backlashes, and we probably know ourselves! What's more, many residents in Xinghong Ancient City have died. Now that the city is closed again, and if this continues, the death backlash his one person has endured is worse than I should be!"The old man whispered: "He should know the longevity tactic. Last time I gave it to you, he should rely on this."

     "The longevity formula is good, but according to my opinion, not to mention the consumption of a lot of vitality, at most it can only help him offset 10% of his death!"

     This is not enough!

     10% of the input, you offset 10%, then there is 90%.

     Su Yu was still converted by the Necromancer for about three to five days. Even if the Longevity Art keeps running for five or six days, he wants to kill the sun and the moon in five or six days?

     These people must be prepared for this trip, and a lot of heavenly energy is essential!

     How can Su Yu confront them!



     For the temporary anger, I have to confront these people, and I have no ability to suppress them. What can I do if I simply rely on the closure of the city?

     Tianhe sighed!

     The old man hesitated for a moment and said: "My lord, will you help him?"


     The old man whispered: "I should be able to help him?"

     Tianhe silent for a while, said: "Never can but can, thirty-six cities, if there is a city owner, in fact, the city owner can find a way to gather the ancient cities, the ancient cities gather, we can also share some backlash for him... but……"

     Shook his head.

     He sighed, and said after a long while: "No! Few people know about this, and... once the vitality is severely injured this time, then some of the next plans can't be implemented! If it is on weekdays, I can help him. One hand, but not now."

     "It's related to Palace Master Xia?"The old man whispered, Tianhe glanced at the old man, and said slowly: "Well, you have been with me for many years, you can guess something, I hope you don't let me down."

     The old man said calmly: "The adults don't need to be instructed. If it were not for the adults, the old man would have died long ago.

     After that, he said: "If the adult really can't hold it, you can transfer some of the lifelessness of the ancient city to me, and I can help the adult stop one or two.

     "No need to!"

     The castle master order can transfer some lifeless pressure, but unfortunately the guards of the ancient city of Xinghong are completely wiped out. There is no castle gate order, no Guardian General, nothing at all!

     In other words, Su Yu now has no way to transfer.

     As for the residents, the residents are the people, unless the residents have those special tokens or guard orders, otherwise, the residents will not be able to transfer pressure for the city lord.

     And if the residents are too weak, there is actually no effect.

     Tianhe was thinking, and a light flashes passed away.

     At the next moment, a silhouette appeared, glanced at the old man, and ignored him, but the old man was frightened.

     Tianhe waved his hand and motioned the old man to withdraw.

     When the old man left, Tianhe frowned and said, "Why are you here again?"

     "Is Su Yu in trouble?"

     "Death yourself!"

     Xia Longwu hesitates and said lightly: "Help him, share some pressure for him..."

     "You are crazy!"

     Tianhe said angrily: "Once the 36 ancient cities are summoned now, and I still help Su Yu, then All Heavens and Myriad Clans know that I am standing on the side of the human race, helping you, or helping the human race! At that time, your plan was nothing. No, and me, what should I do then?""My grandpa, maybe I can help you out!"

     Tianhe said coldly: "King Daxia? King Daxia's sword is strong, but his sword is also ruthless! Don't cut my lifelessness, cut me off! I can trust you before I cooperate with you, you as a result, how to explain to us? Xia Longwu, I am not alone, and you have not only contacted me, isn't that so? Su Yu insists on finding death by himself, do you want us to find death for him? We cooperate, for us Can live, not all die!"

     Xia Longwu was silent for a moment, nodded slightly, "I made an arbitrary decision, then I will go to Xinghong Ancient City to take a look."

     "you want to go?"

     Tianhe frowned and said: "Now, everyone knows that you are on the battlefield of the heavens. There is the focus point. Everyone is watching. If you are discovered, there will be invincibility against you!"

     Killing Xia Longwu doesn't mean you have to wait for him to prove the truth!

     It’s just that I don’t have much chance!

     Before sending people to Daxia Mansion to kill him, he was easily defeated. In order not to lose a lot of money, everyone did not continue to send people to kill him.

     He was fine, now he is going to have a look.

     Are you looking for death?

     "It's okay, take a look away!"

     When the words fell, his figure flickered and disappeared instantly.

     Behind the main hall, the stone sculpture of Heavenly Demise opened its eyes, glanced at Xia Longwu. At this moment, the shadow of Xia Longwu in his eyes overlapped with Xia Longwu, and the sky was glanced at and silent.

     Is that the future body?

     Xia Longwu, who is integrated with the future body, may be very strong, but he who does not have the past body, once he is cut off from the past, he will be over.

     Easy to die!Unlike the previous Nether Race Invincible, even if the future body and the present body are blown up, they still live well, but their strength is weak.

     The three are not united, and the weakness is more obvious.

     I just don't know how strong the future body captured by Xia Longwu is.

     Among countless futures, it is possible to capture an extremely weak future, such as a severely injured state, such as a state of old age, such as a state of decay...

     Once captured, it is difficult to replace.

     First, it needs a load.

     Second, go to the river of time to capture the future body. It is a very dangerous thing. It is extremely dangerous. It will be accidentally killed. Many Riyuejiu does not exit the customs and do not appear. That is why.

     Xia Longwu is better, not busy catching her past body, running around all day long.

     Really ridiculous!

     None of these fellows of Human Race have stopped. Isn't it good to capture the past at home?

     Perhaps the strongest past state can be captured!

     Many people like to capture the moment they have just passed. Just now, maybe the strongest.

     But the river of time, it is difficult to choose exactly what to choose.

     In the past moment, you may also be disturbed.

     Tian Mie thought, and didn't bother, Su Yu, started to stir up trouble again. Fortunately, it wasn't me, Xinghong took it himself.

     The city is closed again!

     Now, I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. If Su Yu hangs up, it will happen for a while. If Xinghong doesn't have the city master to choose, he will endure more lifelessness, enough for him to drink a pot.The good thing is that Su Yu may not be able to withstand much lifelessness now, and changing to a city lord may be more powerful and can help Xinghong relieve the pressure.


     Tian Mian was thinking about this.

     Xinghong is Motionless as a Mountain.

     No pressure at all!

     That guy Su Yu was very resistant. Xinghong who resisted was trembling. This guy was fine. How much lifeless energy Xingyue input, how much he digested, did not spill out.

     This city lord was...For Xinghong, this is the only one, Su Yu considered as have met the standard required!

     not bad!

     Unlike the black demon, there is often some dead energy spilled out, Xinghong has to help bear it.

     Su Yu, totally no need to be worried.

     And Su Yu, it seems that he is not in a state of overflowing, every time you feel that he has reached the limit, I am sorry to tell you that he has not reached the limit, he is okay, and he can do it!

     Just say that now, the death energy is going back one after another, and Su Yu is doing well, as if nothing is wrong, continue to practice.

     Keep doing your own thing!

     Not only that, he actually still has time to read books. Yes, Su Yu is also reading books recently to see if he can outline some divine writings. He has only 25 divine writings, which is too few. Most of them are auxiliary functions.

     Gone is the time when a hammer stunned the opponent!

     At the beginning, Su Yu relied on willpower.

     A hammer stuns you, and a knife slaps you.

     Now, he can smash the mountain and sea in the early stage, surely no problem, but...what's the use of smashing the mountain and sea in the early stage?

     Of course, there are more divine writings, and there are benefits.Quiet, robbery, yin, change...

     These divine texts are very helpful to him. Without these divine texts, it would be difficult for Su Yu to kill opponents of similar strength. When the strength is equal, using divine texts will take advantage!

     The fire god text of the inheritance that hadn't been opened for a long time began to open.

     And Su Yu, at this moment, began to study a divine prose outlined in the ancient city. He has rarely used the "Death" character divine prose.

     After sketching this divine text, Su Yu has never used it.

     At this moment, Su Yu tried to use it.

     Once I used it, I had to feel that I still missed something good.

     This divine text is pretty good!

     Can actually help myself absorb some lifelessness to outline the divine text!

     What am I missing?

     I lack everything, that is, I don’t lack lifelessness. There is an ancient city in which I am immeasurably lifeless. This divine text grows so powerful that it absorbs lifelessness. You are so kind!

     Shenwen began to absorb death energy, and Su Yu's conversion speed became faster.

     The divine text also began to grow.

     Not long after, a second-order divine text appeared, and the dead word was promoted!

     And Su Yu, the speed of transforming death energy has also been slowed down a little, deliberately slowed down, must provide enough death energy for the divine text to absorb, good thing!

     Su Yu sighed!

     This divine text is very good, even if it is not reversed into a necromancer, it can explode into a deadly attack, and with this divine text, there are some excuses for disguising yourself as a necromancer.

     Yes, it's okay, try to strengthen to Tier 4!

     And there is a newly sketched divine text, the second-order "forbearance" character, the divine text of the old tortoise Dazhou king, this is also good!Taking advantage of Motionless as a Mountain now, it is not bad to practice this divine text.

     Su Yu is at ease!

      Minding one's own business practice, cast body, read books, expand divine writings... he doesn't worry about the death backlash at all, he is still worried, he has to control himself, don't reverse all day long, the death spirit of the body that really wants to reverse is gone. Isn't he over?

     It was said that Su Yu was about to finish, but Su Yu suddenly appeared on the list. That's scary!

     So, you have to restrain yourself.


     The next day, the lockdown continued.

     Still To live together in harmony!

     No dead spirits appeared, only some dead spirits, there will be an inspection at night, the whole ancient city is very quiet, everyone should be doing it, only two days.


     On the third day, it was still fine.

     On this day, Su Yu completed a casting, the 51st casting!

     Now, the casting time is longer.

     It takes only three or four days to complete a casting. The speed is much slower and the consumption is much larger. After 51 castings, Su Yu only has 1240 strands of heaven and earth mysterious light. Counting the previous ones, he has a total of 1700 strands.

     Now, it consumes 460 strands, from 30 castings to 51 castings, which is not bad.

     However, the current consumption is as high as 50 strands per casting.

     How scary!

     50 rays of heaven and earth profound light, more than 250 heavenly vitality.

     And before then, Su Yu thought at the beginning that 10 days of vitality would be enough for one cast.

     It turns out that he thinks too much.

     Cast body is not constant consumption.

     While the body is strong, it consumes a lot.Moreover, Su Yu was still devouring the Heavenly Blood Fruit, strengthening his own vitality, lest the vitality and blood could not keep up, this thing was also very valuable.

     He is now a super gold swallowing beast!

     However, the growth in strength is also scary.

     Every time a casting is completed, it is a huge improvement for Su Yu.

     The blood is strong!

     The physical body has powerful strength!

     At this moment, in the world of necromancers, Xingyue continues to increase output stupidly. You are powerful, you are stronger again, okay, then continue to feed you. Really, at this moment, Xingyue’s output of death is no better than changing the sun and moon Bad, but completely equal!

     This means that Xingyue is now transforming a Sun-Moon state.

     And Su Yu... still Ling Yun!

     This guy, at what time Lingyun ends?

     In fact, Su Yu only vacated the sky just by talking about the physical body, right?

     Can the seventy-two cast of food iron really reach its peak?

     Xingyue remained suspicious!

     Zhou Tianqiao Point, can 72 cast iron be completed?

     Xingyue will also settle accounts. The more the acupuncture points are opened, the more difficult it is to cast the body, and the more difficult it becomes later. Xingyue judged it. If Su Yu is casting his body now, I am afraid it will be around 50.

     He is the one who opens the Zhoutian Aperture, can he cast it?

     Is there no limit?

     Is talent really strong to this point?

     Talent determines the upper limit!

     This is not a question of resources. Everyone has a bit of resources, but it does not mean that with resources, one can open up infinitely and build oneself infinitely.

     What's going on with Su Yu?

     After the ancients are destroyed, can the human race still have so formidable talent?The ancient times are destroyed, and the human race is no longer the dynasty of ten thousand nations!

     On the Human Realm, there are no longer treasures everywhere, and Tianyuan Qi is everywhere. Today’s human realm, even the Tianyuan Holy Land, has only two extremely small places, not as good as some of the top 100 races.

     Under such an environment, can a monster like Su Yu appear in the human realm?

     The gods and demons occupy a lot of places in the hunting list, but they don’t come out of thin air. The quality of the gods and demons is much higher than that of the humans, and the heavens are not uncommon. This is also a large number of gods and demons, and their origin is higher than that of the human race the reason.

     They directly penetrated the Kaiyuanqiao acupoint, and they were born as Qianjun. Some powerful descendants are normal when they are born with ten thousand stones.

     And the human race, even the invincible descendants, almost have to experience Kaiyuan.

     Xingyue is helpless, no matter what!

     No matter how strong you are, you can't escape my conversion!

     Sooner or later, you are my necromantic general!


     The fourth day.

     Some people can't hold it anymore.

     Some strong people in the small clan have regretted it. They had known that they would not stay. It has been four days now. Why hasn't there been any movement?

     Haven't opened the gate yet?

     As for the outside world, the eyes were focused on this side again, Human Realm, Daxia Mansion, some people were very depressed!

     what's going on?

     Recently, there was a little movement. Suddenly, everyone no longer cares about the Daxia Mansion. The Polytheological Academy continues to develop, and the eyes of the ten thousand races once again converge on Su Yu's side.

     Compared with Su Yu, the Polytheological Academy hasn't produced any results after all, and there is no trace of Nan Yuan's ruins.

     Not bad these days!


     The fifth day.Some people really couldn't stand it anymore, and started to purchase Tian Yuan Qi with Hunting Tian Pavilion, and Hunting Tian Pavilion also increased the price on the ground. On weekdays, Hunting Tian ordered a copy at 10 o'clock. Now at 20 o'clock, I love to buy it or not!

     And Su Yu also disbanded the temporary workers, fearing that they would be robbed, and only five places away from the mountain did he take a head and sell the Tianyuan Qi hoarded by the Hunting Heaven Pavilion.

     Very popular!

     These were all transported by the Hunting Heaven Pavilion, and Su Yu had asked Xuan Jia to stock up before. This time he stocked up a lot.

     The price is very high!

     In five days, Su Yu suppressed his lifelessness while still having the energy to do business. He sold 500 copies of Tian Yuan Qi in the city, and that was all. Although Hunting Tian Pavilion had Tian Yuan Qi, it was not unlimited.

     500 copies, 5000 hunting points!

     This is normal, now, doubled, a full 10,000 points!

     And Su Yu, the three-year Evaluation Task is 1000 points, and he has completed the Evaluation Task for a full 30 years.

     If the commission is paid, there is only 10 points for hunting the sky.

     Very cheating!

     However, these things were all provided by Hunting Heaven Pavilion, and he didn't need to pay anything.

     And Su Yu is not unprofitable.

     For example, some people gave some blood from the mountain and sea, or the blood from the sun and the moon, and some were from the strong clan, and Su Yu was replaced by the weak clan.

     Hunting Tiange is calculated according to level.

     Regardless of whether you are strong or weak, the first price is calculated at the first price.

     Some guys only have the blood of the strong family on hand, so they have to exchange it. Su Yu is not cheap to hunt the Tiange. He has a lot of blood, so he replaced it with the weakest, such as the iron-winged bird, such as the cloud. Of the tiger clan, he also has a lot of blood.To make a difference, I still caught a lot.

     Not only that, Su Yu also came up with an opportunity to make a difference. For example, at this moment, he calmly and unhurriedly communicated with Xuan Jia.

     "Elder, I have collected a lot of essence and blood recently, but the vitality of the sky is gone. There is a strong man in the city who wants to sell the vitality to me and needs to be exchanged with the essence and blood. The price is a bit high, and the cost price is about 19:00. But with Tian Yuanqi, you can sell for 20 points and earn 1 point. Can we do this business?"


     Xuan Jia cursed secretly!

     Is that strong one you?

     He has taken it!

     Isn't Su Yu closing the city?

     There is still energy to make money, and energy to do business, what the hell, tell me, I'm dreaming!

     Xuan Jiu is actually not Su Yu!

     In other words, the city owner is not Su Yu.

     In the past few days, Su Yu came out of Mission Completion and completed the transaction, which was enough for him to be shocked. In his imagination, this guy was surrounded by lifelessness and was unable to move a single step at all.

     It's good now, absolutely no one suspects that Xuan Jiu is Su Yu!

     Without him, Su Yu is closing the city, Xuan Jiu is buying and selling!

     Su Yu, who had closed the city, had no time, energy, and motivation to do business, while Xuan Jiu was doing it.

     Whoever said Xuan Jiu was Su Yu, Hunting Tian Pavilion was the first to kill them!

     Don't bring such wronged people!

     This guy is really good. Now he still has the heart to squeeze his wool. He sells it to Hunting Pavilion at 19:00, and then sells it to the residents of the city at 20. Thus, Su Yu can not only complete the performance, but also make a lot of money.

     On weekdays, Hunting Heaven Pavilion is so pitted, it sells for 10 points.

     And Thus, there is no doubt.Otherwise, you can sell it by yourself, and others may not dare to buy it. The Hunting Pavilion is still reputable. At this moment, the Hunting Pavilion also needs someone to complete the transaction in the city, and many people buy and sell with them!

     But Hunting Tiange knew that the vitality of the sky was used up, and now it can't be sent in, and is worried that it can't meet customer needs!

     Now Xuan Jiu is dealing with people, the price is a bit expensive, in fact, it doesn’t make a profit at all. After all, you have to be responsible for communicating with customers and consuming energy. However, in times of trouble, the Hunting Pavilion can provide enough supplies at any time. Let the powerful from all sides must be looked at with new eyes!

     So even if you don't make a profit, you can do this transaction!

     Soon, Xuan Jia said: "You can do it. Talk to Huang Bu and say that you have encountered Mysterious Expert. Please note that you won't get any problems!"


     Su Yu smiled and quickly said: "My lord, I have completed a lot of transactions, will I have some bonus rewards?"

     "Yes, much has been done, and in the future, it will be easier for you to upgrade to elders!"

      "Really? I hope to reach the elder's standard as soon as possible!"

     Su Yu smiled, and Xuan Jia didn't care. Su Yu had accomplished a lot of achievements and he had a lot of commissions, but he actually made a lot of money.

     And this time, Su Yu completed the transaction, it was two-way!

     He bought a part of Tian Yuan Qi and counted the transaction volume. He sold Tian Yuan Qi and calculated the transaction volume. Su Yu could get two commissions, and as his supervisor, Xuan Jia did the same.

     So under the premise of not violating the rules, Xuan Jia also let him go!

     If you have the patience, complete more transactions!

     ...Starting from this day, the name of Hunting Heaven Pavilion spread again in the ancient city.

     Tian Qi is scarce, so come to Hunting Heaven Pavilion!

     20 points, no more price increase!

     Enough pipe!

     Hunting Pavilion, omnipotent!

     And Su Yu, who constantly began to swallow the essence and blood, extract the vitality of the sky, isn't that a joy busy.

     How much does a drop of vitality cost?

     He withdraws one drop, which is about 1,000 points of human merit, which is 1 point of hunting point. He sold 19 points of hunting point and earned 18 points, with a profit margin of 1800%!

     It's not considered a commission!

     Of course, this is him, provided by Hunting Pavilion. The cost price is actually not low. It is probably more than three times that of him, and more than 3 points. In addition, you have to pay commissions, pay for the difference between communicating with customers, and transportation... , The Hunting Pavilion costs about 5 o’clock.

     Usually sold for 10 points, and doubled the profit.

     And Su Yu, that's not doubling!

     That is really huge profits!

     At this moment, closing the city also gave him this opportunity. Everyone is in high demand, and those small clans in the city have come to buy.

     Every day, there is a transaction volume of around 500 points.

     For three consecutive days, until the eighth day of the lockdown, even the strong men who blocked the door began to purchase with Su Yu.

     And Su Yu, while continuing to seal the city, while doing their business, ready to empty them!

     It's actually a good thing for these people to consume lifeless energy in the city, and can help Su Yu consume a lot of lifeless energy.

     Living people in the city can help consume the dead spirit.

     With the depletion of the vitality of the sky, the dead energy is more offset.

     Now... the stone carvings were all stunned.He found that he was less deadly.

     Originally, the residents of the city should bear about 20%, Su Yu bears 10%, and he bears 70%. Now, the city residents bear 30%, and Su Yu still bears 10%, and he... only needs to bear 60%!

     Stone carving fell into contemplation, then look at Su Yu from leap and frisk about, and he is still thinking about making money. At this brief moment, Stone carving secretly made a decision!

     He instantly changed Su Yu's pressure!

     He bears half, the residents of the city bear 30%, and Su Yu... bear 20%!

     Since you can jump so much, I believe you, you, the city lord, are very useful, I support you, you continue to jump, continue to close the city, continue to consume, this lifelessness, he bears so little for the first time!

     At this moment, Xinghong Stone Carving is very satisfied!

     He felt that such a city lord was much better than the dozens of city lords he had experienced before, great!

     Su Yu, who bears 20% of the lifeless spirit, has won two!

     As for the stone sculpture, he was originally under 70% of the pressure, but now... half is enough. All of a sudden, it liberated him a lot and made him feel happy!

     Sure enough, Tian Mian was right!

     Su Yu can cause trouble, but he can do it!

     Look, how awesome!

     The stone carving is also worried that 20% will overwhelm Su Yu. Facts have proved that there is no problem!


     But Su Yu is somewhat heart alarmed, trembling in fear!

     What's up?

     When he was counting the money, his lifelessness suddenly broke out. Because of the backlash, he had to spend two hours a day to reverse the lifelessness, but at this moment, suddenly it took another hour to suppress it!In other words, Su Yu now has to reverse for three hours a day without interruption to reverse his lifelessness, which is equivalent to the increase, so that he will not be eroded.

     "Three hours!"

     Su Yu tremble with fear, what's up?

     What did I do?

     It’s been a long time since the city has been locked down. Am I suffering a stronger backlash?

     too terrifying!

     Su Yu is heart alarmed, trembling in fear. It’s been three hours. If so, after 10 hours, he will almost be unable to practice. It takes 24 hours to reverse. Then from then on, he has to Just like everyone else, practicing all day long will counteract the lifelessness!

     Su Yu is afraid!

     Three hours later, I finished polishing the increased lifelessness today.

     And Xinghong Stone Carving, glanced at him again, looking thoughtful, amazing!

     Solved so quickly?

     This means that if I transfer it to you, what percentage can you hold it?

     Xinghong felt that he had met Bao!

     This is too cool, or... I will give you another 10%?

     "It's too obvious, no..."

     Xinghong thought in his heart, forget it, wait a minute, what big thing this kid is doing, I will give him another 10%, he thought it was caused by backlash, it turns out that it’s not, but, anyhow, find a cause isn’t that so?

     Xinghong is extremely satisfied!

     This city lord, I am going to make it!

     No one is allowed to change!

     Very good, Su Yu is not dead. He feels that he doesn't need to change the city lord anymore. It's so sweet!

     Will Tian Mie regret it?He wanted to tell Tian Mie very much, I met Bao, and when you were still entangled in death, a new city lord on my side can already help me bear a lot of death!



     Xinghong is comfortable, and Su Yu is really somewhat scared!

     Am I still closing the city?


     The death backlash suddenly increased so much, he was really scared, no, he really had to increase to more than 5 hours, or I would reverse it all, and run away!

     I always feel that I'm very dangerous. The Jie Zi Shenwen just throbbed, it seems there is a crisis!
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