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295 The New Book Has Just Been Reviewed, "Why Am I On Fire", Old Vest
    Chinese Name: 捡到个女帝  Author: 我爱恰柠檬(Wǒ ài qià níngméng, I Love Cha Lemon)
    Original: | Translator:

Those who come to Parallel World just want to live a normal life.

     Until the day when his 50th blind date failed, he picked up a female high school student.

     As the second generation of the runaway rich, she dreams of becoming a big star.

     So Fangbie accompanied her to Hengdian.

     Originally, he just wanted to break her star dream with two bad movies at will, so that she could go back and inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes, so that she could eat along with her.

     Until he found out...

     The owner of the nail shop at the door said his name was Kira Yoshikage.

     The little film policeman who patrols Hengdian who has the dream of an actor, his name is Chen Yongren, and he also has a buddy named Liu Jianming.

     The bodyguard sent by the eldest lady and her father to secretly protect her, named Yan Shuangying...

     Then... Don't get angry.

     The godfather of postmodern films? What the hell is that...

     PS: It's an alternative entertainment. If you like it, everyone can like it. I really don't want to write the same thing this time.

     The old vest of Wangchuan is used.

     The new book "I Picked Up a Female Emperor" has just been reviewed, "Why am I on Fire", old vest

     It’s in hand, just a moment please. After the content is updated, please refresh the page again to get the latest update!

     "I found a female emperor" is updated in full text, remember the URL: www.
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