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1670 A Little Hope
    Chinese Name: 史上最强炼气期  Author: 李道然(Lǐ dàorán)
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words exceede 5100But when I think about it carefully, I cannot remember who this person is and when he said such things.

     Fang Yu shook the head and brows tightly frowns, pulling his thoughts back to reality.

     If you have mastered the Law of Life and cannot resurrect a person, what is the role of Law of Life?

     "I don't mean that Law of Life didn't have any effect, or that you can't use it to resurrect a dead person... Do you remember, I told you before, the time you reversed with Time Law, sooner or later You have to return it." Lihuoyu continued, "And the life you resurrected with Law of Life, for the same also need to pay a considerable price."

     "Using the two principles of Time Law and Law of Life requires a price."

     "According to you, after becoming a true immortal, you can't resurrect people and reverse time at will?" Fang Yu asked with squinting eyes.

     "That is of course, although it can be done, but a price must be paid." Li Huoyu said.

     Fang Yu lowered his head to look at the Taoist Heavenly Ji.

     At this moment, he suddenly remembered the life and death book that Chen Qianan had mentioned before the shadow disappeared.

     The magic weapon of Life and Death Book, Tianji Taoist once said, can use Law of Life to a certain extent.

     "The Law of Life contained in that artifact, I think it shouldn't be enough to really resurrect a dead person." Li Huoyu said, "At best, it can make a living person die, or make a person who is almost dying alive. ..."

     "Whether it is a life or death book or Law of Life, it is something I have a chance to get, or give it a try." Fang Yu said.

     Fang Yu thought that he needed to bear certain responsibility for the death of the Taoist Heavenly Ji.Therefore, he still wants to retain a little hope.

     This little hope is left to the sleepy creek outside the door.

     I just went out and found that the senior brothers and senior sisters I saw through childhood, the elders... all died.

      This kind of news must be a destructive blow to Xiaoxi'er.

     Thinking of this, Fang Yu put his left hand on the chest of Taoist Tianji, releasing a light blue aura.

     This is the power of the star fruit.

     Before ascending, Fang Yu went to the back mountain to absorb a large amount of Life Power, all of which was stored in his body and mixed with Zhen Qi.

     Now, Fang Yu has released a large number of Life Power releases, forcibly repairing the left chest of the Tianji Taoist.

     Repairing the body of a dead person in this way is a waste of Life Power.

     But Fang Yu didn't care, so he poured Life Power into it.

     In this way, the pierced left chest of the Tianji Taoist was repaired at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     Of course, only flesh and blood are repaired.

     Tianji Taoist is still a cold corpse, but it has become complete.

     Fang Yu thought for a while, stood up and released his true energy to hold up the Taoist Heavenly Mystery.

     After that, he took the complete body of the Taoist Heavenly Journey to the top of the mountain and found a shady location.

     Fang Yu used the surrounding wood to make a coffin.

     Then, he placed the body of the Taoist Tianji in it, and then released a burst of the power of the wishful green lotus to wrap the Taoist Tianji's body.

      Thus, the body of Tianji Taoist will not rot for a very long time.Then Fang Yu buried the coffin underground.

     "If you are lucky, you will still have some time to meet Xiaoxi'er in the future." Fang Yu said, "But before that, you should lie down in the coffin first. Just keep your life."

     After finishing all this, Fang Yu returned to the main hall of the gate and looked at the sleepy creek leaning against the gate, scratched the head.


     at dusk.

     Xiaoxier slowly opened her eyes and sat up.

     Looking around, she found herself on the grass beside the tree-lined path of the small town to the west.

     "Woke up?"

     A voice came from above.

     Xiao Xi'er raised the head to look and found Fang Yu lying on the tree next to him.

     "Brother Fang..." Xiao Xier's eyes were dim and she didn't understand the current situation.


     Fang Yu to drop from the sky, fell to the ground.

     "Your second elder said, starting from today, you will follow me out to practice." Fang Yu said.

     "...Huh?" Xiao Xier was stunned.

     "You won't go back to the three-way profound gate in a short time." Fang Yu said, "Your second elder asked me to train you into an excellent monk."

     "Yes, but..." Xiao Xi'er's eyes widened, apparently not yet spirit slowly recovering.

     Fang Yu said, "What happened? You don't want to be a good monk?"

     "I, I think, but I haven't prepared yet. I haven't bid farewell to the second elder and senior brother and senior sister..." Xiao Xier replied blankly.

     "They already said goodbye to you, but you were too tired to fall asleep, and then I took you away." Fang Yu said.

     Xiao Xier looked at Fang Yu idiotically."Wake up and leave, let's go east first." Fang Yu said.

     "Where are we... going? Brother Fang." Xiao Xier asked.

      Fang Yu really couldn't answer this problem for the time being.

     Once the Taoist Tianji died, the entire Honghe tribe's territory was also unfamiliar to him.

     Fang Yu also had to fumble slowly before he knew the situation.

     "There is no destination, let's go ahead." Fang Yu said.

     "But I've never been to a place farther than the small town on the west..." Xiao Xier replied.

     "Precisely because of this, your second elder asked me to take you out to walk more and see the world." Fang Yu said, "Do you want to stay on the mountain all the time and don't want to see how big the outside world is?"

     Xiao Xi'er slowly nodded and said: "I want to go out and have a look, but..."

     "Let's go, follow me."

     Fang Yu walked straight forward.

     Xiaoxi'er was hesitated for a moment, but still kept up with Fang Yu.

     She followed Shang Yu, with the little sugar man in her hand.

     "I haven't had time to tell the second elder, Brother Fang, you bought me the Little Sugar Man..." Xiao Xi'er mumbled, "How come I suddenly feel so sleepy..."

     "Next, where should I go?" Fang Yu rubbed Xiao Xi'er's head while thinking about this problem.

     There is definitely no need to explore the small town in the west. This is an ordinary town, even monks are rare, and further exploration is a waste of time, completely meaningless.

     Fang Yu's current goal is still to return to the human race realm.It is impossible for ordinary mortals to know where the realm jump point is or how to get to the human realm.

     If you want to return to the human race realm, you have to go to places with many monks to get a clue.

      somewhere more monks?

     It must be the sect.

     However, in fact, Fang Yu's impression of Honghe's realm was not much different from that of Human's realm.

     At least the people I saw were all true and real human races, and it could only be said that they were in different forces.

     Fang Yu wasn't particularly anxious, maybe he could find some news about Lin Batian or Dao Kong and others here.

     "In short, first find an immortal gate with a higher level than the three-way profound gate, and then ask the leader of rank or higher's, and you will always get useful information." Fang Yu thought.
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